A psychic investigator uses her abilities to find the killers of 12-year-old Jennifer Odom.

Smiling Jennifer Odom

Jennifer Odom

Smiling Nancy Myer with in glasses with silver hair

Nancy Myer


Nancy Myer is a psychic who has been working with police around the country for decades. According to Nancy, she’s consulted on more than 300 criminal investigations and has turned up critical clues more than 80% of the time:

“It’s like the ultimate challenge, because most of my cases are murders. Only two people know what happened, the victim and the killer. The only way to find out is telepathy.”

A red and gray town home

Nancy found where the rape suspect lived

Irvin B. Smith, a retired colonel with the Delaware State Police, says Nancy has more than proved herself to him. He considers her ability a vital crime solving tool:

“When you find someone like her, then you have yourself a tool. It’s not going to solve your crimes, in a lot of cases, but it’s gonna give you that extra bit of information where your investigators have the opportunity of going out and continuing the case.”

In the winter of 1993, the Brooksville, Florida, Sheriff’s Department was investigating a difficult murder case. On February 19th, a 12 year-old girl named Jennifer Odom had gotten off her school bus just 200 yards from her home, then vanished. For nearly a week, hundreds of friends and neighbors searched the woods. Finally, Jennifer’s body was found six days after she disappeared. She had been viciously murdered.

Nancy on a country road pointing at something

Nancy came up with some new clues

Sixteen months later, Nancy Myer was brought in to work with local detectives. The crime scene photographs in the case were classified, so Nancy was not allowed to see them. With the photographs turned face down on the table, Nancy was able to visualize not one, but two killers, in detail:

“I want to say almost wiry looking in the arms. His arms are not like powerful in the sense of muscle building, but powerful in the sense of someone who works and lifts or has lifted heavy things.”

The next day, Nancy visited the scene of the abduction: Jennifer’s school bus stop. Nancy pointed out where the killers had stopped and told how they asked young Jennifer for directions. The detectives listened, but did not comment. Nancy Myer:

“It’s like being in a movie in my head, and I stand beside the victim and I try to describe everything that I’m seeing as it unfolds. And a lot of times that’s really helpful to the police officers because sometimes they have odd pieces of evidence at the scene that they don’t understand the significance of, and when I describe this sequence of events, it sometimes makes sense out of odd little pieces that they couldn’t make any sense out of.”

The spot where Jennifer’s body was found is marked by flowers and a cross. Nancy asked if they had found some small metal jewelry belonging to the girl in an area nearby. According to Homicide Detective Carlos Douglas of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, they had:

“She was extremely accurate on some things that led us to look in other areas that we hadn’t thought of, so we obtained a lot of information from what she had to offer.”

Det Rodney J. Bishop was also on scene with Nancy:

“I was impressed with Nancy. Some things she said were so darn accurate, it’s scary.”

Nancy also talked about seeing a carrying case with lettering on it. The sheriff’s department has since revealed that Jennifer Odom had her cousin’s clarinet case with her when she was abducted. It had the letters “L.O.” on it. Two years later, the case was found, along with Jennifer’s book bag. The FBI lifted prints from the bag, but have not been able to match them to a suspect.

Nancy believes there are two killers. Both are mechanics and both are muscular. They work as a team. One of the men may be a smoker with a bad cough.

UPDATE: Jeffrey Norman Crum, Sr. been charged with the kidnapping, murder and sexual assault of Jennifer Odom. Crum was previously convicted of sexual assault and kidnapping in 1987, and police have been developing him as a suspect in Jennifer’s case since 2015. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office now is looking into his other potential victims.

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  1. Tammy

    The people who did this are going to pay for what they did to that young girl, i feel SORRY for her. RIP- Rest in peace Jennifer Odom.


    • Maddie

      She was my mom’s best friend my mom said she always stayed over if she was with her the time she went missing her and my mom would’ve been gone as well I thank the lord. And she is resting in peace my mom described her as a great smart country girl.


  2. Donny

    I was in the 7th grade and the same age as Jennifer I also live in Pasco county but went to another middle school but I remember my school talking about this case nonstop they even did a reward fund for her. I’m still in disbelief that her case is still unsolved but I still haven’t given up hope that justice will come to her and her family. John Walsh who started America’s Most Wanted knows exactly what Jennifer’s family is going through because his own son was kidnapped and murdered and had waited 27 years to find out what happened to his son Adam so I still believe someone knows something and this case will be solved and if I had any information that would help towards soling this case I would gladly pass it along


  3. Sinbadx13

    RIP to Jennifier, I hope they find who did this to you. You were so young, rest easy hun. Karma will get them.


  4. Marisol

    This is not right I hope he gets what he deserves this is seriously not right r.i.p Jennifer and I love her hair and especially her eyes


  5. Jen

    Its so sad that this man has been free all these years. I am from this area N who knows how many other little girls and young woman hes done this too. I mean hes done it now 2 or 3 times so what stopped him there. I hope he gets everything he deserves. To the 17yr old at the time i hope you are doing well. And to Jenny Godspeed Sweetheart Rest Easy.


  6. Anonymous

    Bryan, could you elaborate on your suspicion of crums guilt, I would also be interested in the two in the other state. Thank you in advance.


  7. Anonymous

    Jennifer rode my school bus, and that event changed St Joe forever. Hard to believe after all these years, and all the new technology, they haven’t found anything. Rest in Peace Jenny.


  8. Anonymous

    This is horrible, rest in peace sweetheart. On someday, in someway, justice will be served for you and your family.


  9. Anonymous

    If they have fingerprints, WHY not rerun them? They should do it everyday or at least once a week. Odds are they will be arrested at some point and then they will get a hit on the fingerprint search! Reminds me of all the rape kits where the DNA hasn’t been run in years. Sad for the women and men and children not to get justice!


    • Kay Kay Crilly

      Right all the tech. That’s come to their disposal after 30 yrs pull that baby up & re-test everything. If they’ve done this b4 their prints/DNA will be in the system. They should make a Jenny’s law. All these beautiful Innocent babies need justice & then when these sub-human’s are 100% no doubt Guilty death row & no sitting there for this 20-40 yr. Shit put them in the center of town & firing squad or hanging in 30 days. Them babies didn’t get no chance to live an extra second WTF are they getting all these “extra” trials & ALL the time on Death Row.God says send them to me so since the only we can beam them up Scottie lol is a bullet, we should listen to Father God & send them to him asap. They didn’t give them Sweet Innocent babies appeals, or just to be sure trials so why are we giving these sub-human’s All this time court date after court date is NOT fair or Right. Let’s pass a law in these babies honor & when we know 1 million % they did it let’s send them up within 30 day’s. Thx for commenting hopefully they’ll exhume her an test and maybe find new evidence I was a young lady & this case always haunted me I’m 5p now & jenny still has NO JUSTICE it’s Pathetic I bet if that was a cop or cops child this case would of been solved SAD. May Jenny Rest n Peace Run free & Fly High with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ she’s probably someone’s Angel. Brooksville is Hernando county not Pasco county geeze if they can’t get that right how they gonna solve this case ? Sorry to talk so much I just really feel for jenny , a nurse killed out 4 yr old & got away with it yep good old Florida the no fault state. God Bless you and your family thx for listening


  10. Bryan Burnette

    There was no DNA hit connected to Jennifer. It was a hit from a 92′ attempted murder and rape of a young girl. The cases are alarmist completely the same but as of yet there is nothing concrete to charge Crum. That is why he is only a POI. I assure you though, he is responsible. I also believe he has committed two other murders in another state.


  11. Waterstorm

    Looks like they finally got a DNA hit. Thank God RIP


  12. RIP

    I hope they find them. It’s horrible this happened, and that this case still remains unsolved.


  13. Jasmine

    I am from the area. It’s sad aftrer ALL this time, the SOBs are still free-hopefully dead! I paid my respects at the memorial off Blanton Rd while I was home visiting. My prayers continues to go out for family & friends!B


  14. alyssa

    Everything will come to light .. Been wanting this solved for years .. Rest in peace jenny


  15. Mulder

    Just saw this case. RIP Little Girl. We’ll find the SOB(s) sooner or later. Just rest. Prayers for you and your family.


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