Workplace jealousy may be a motive in the tragic murder of a pregnant woman.

Smiling Jodie Bordeaux in a blue turtle neck

Jodie Bordeaux

Smiling Shawn and Jodie Bordeaux in an embrace

Shawn & Jodie Bordeaux


Golden Casino in Powhattan, Kansas

Golden Casino, Powhattan, Kansas

Jodie Bordeaux and her husband, Shawn, had been receiving disturbing anonymous phone calls for weeks at their house on the Kickapoo Indian reservation in Powhattan, Kansas. Jodie was also sure someone was lurking in their yard. Shawn tried to reassure her:

“One night she heard noises outside of the house, and I tried to convince her that it was probably a raccoon or a coyote or something, and that she really didn’t have nothing to be afraid of.”

Not only was the danger Jodie sensed real, it would ultimately lead to her murder.

Shawn and Jodie were part of a management team hired to run the Golden Eagle, the first Indian-owned casino in the area. The casino had huge potential for the tribe, with annual earnings in the millions and job opportunities for the local tribe’s people.

A person slipping a coin into a slot machine

Jodie was promoted to slot-machine supervisor

Shawn and Jodie were also looking forward to the birth of their first child, a girl.

Everything seemed to be going Jodie’s way, even at work. She had been promoted to staff supervisor of the slot-machine department. Shawn was thrilled for her:

“To see her in the casino, you would think she was running most things. And even that perception, it can draw jealousy and envy from some of the people who may be in the same position saying, ‘How does she get all the attention?’”

Jodie believed that some of the staff were resentful of her new position. Mary Pierpoint, a reporter for Indian Country Today, agreed:

“There’s some competitiveness when it comes to these jobs. And having two people coming from other, you know, one from another tribe and one from no tribe at all and going into high positions in the casino, I’m sure rubbed a lot of people on the Kickapoo reservation the wrong way.”

Jodie, sprawled on the floor with a blood stained napkin on her forehead

Jodie died instantly

According to Shawn, Jodie frequently reported the same employee for his bad attitude and tardiness:

“He kept coming back with more problems for her. And eventually, she had to start writing him up and holding him to the letter of the law, as our policies and procedures mandated.”

When the employee was brought before the casino management board for review, he was reprimanded and put on probation. But the problems continued and the employee was eventually fired. A few weeks later, the employee brought a grievance against Jodie to the tribal council. Shawn saw it as an act of vengeance.

The complaint cost Jodie her job. She spent the next month petitioning the tribal council to re-hire her. The anonymous phone calls began when it was rumored that Jodie might return to the casino:

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think they had anything to do with having to worry for our lives. I had no idea that we were being threatened.”

Late one November evening, Shawn and Jodie were spending a quiet night at home when a noise startled the Bordeaux’s dog:

“The next thing I hear is a popping noise kind of over and behind my head. Jodie got to the bedroom and she turned to see if I was ok. And one bullet went into the bedroom. And that one bullet struck her in the head.”

Shawn had no doubt that Jodie was dead. He quickly dialed 911, hoping to save his unborn baby. It was too late.

Despite an exhaustive investigation, Jodie Bordeaux’s killer remains at large. Kevin Hill was the County Attorney assigned to the case:

“We’ve gone from a point where just about everyone was a possible suspect, to a point where we’re focusing on an individual or a group of individuals that may have been responsible for this. These individuals were not strangers to Jodie Bordeaux. The individuals knew her, and they would have had an axe to grind with her due to employment issues.”

Nancy Bear, a Tribal Council Chairperson, has appealed to anyone with information to come forward:

“If there are members of the Kickapoo tribe that have any information that would help us solve this, they have a responsibility to their fellow tribal members, to their fellow community members, to come forward. This is an unsolved crime here on our lands. Let’s do something about it.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Vince knows he did it confess!


  2. Aggravated

    What about forensics?? Finger prints on the shell casings found?? Tire tracks?? Wow horrible investigation!! Sound political for sure since they were not from here why put forth the effort I’m sure they knew who it was or is just too much trans and drama for them in the small town podunck politics !!


  3. Anonymous

    This is really a hard case. It is only 30 miles from Leavenworth. (The toughest prison in the country, if not the world.) It could have been a possible hate crime. The casino did just open up. And even though the Kickapoo tribe may have had grudges against each other, they are very good people overall. It is just a sad story altogether.


  4. Frank

    I lived in the Hiawatha area for decades until I retired and moved to Colorado. There was always a LOT of internal politics at the Kickapoo Reservation. In my opinion the politics were driven by an extent by racism from the Indians toward white people. I noticed this going clear back to when my high school (Highland 1970’s) played Powhattan in sports. Although I didn’t have any Indian friends at the Kickapoo Reservation (because of physical distance of nearly thirty miles) I did have close friends who were Indians from the nearby Sac and Fox Reservation. The Kickapoo seemed inherently more racist than the Sac and Fox to me from my dealings both in high school and later during my career in state government. It doesn’t surprise me that an individual or two from the Kickapoo Reservation might have pushed their racism against whites to the limit which ended in taking the life of this female employee of the Casino. Keep in mind this is purely speculation on my part from decades of observation. My opinion could be influenced unfairly by my own interactions with members of the Tribal government.


  5. anonymous

    It has nothing to do with politics it is very hard to solve a case when you don’t have any eyewitness or leads past this point if they where to convict a person with out hard evidence then that would be due to politics.


  6. Gigi

    Very disappointed this case hasn’t been solved. It’s like she didn’t matter. No one cares anymore. Everyone knows who did it. But of course, some people’s lives have less value than the politics behind the crime itself. The optics on this case and hasn’t changed for me, “never work or trust what goes on, on a reservation”.


  7. James

    People are still watching these, the people aren’t forgotten and the cases aren’t going away.
    I hope many of these crimes can still be solved


  8. Nancy Reply?

    Unsolved: did you follow up on the comment to “Nancy” ? How awful this hasn’t been solved yet- you would think police would want to put a bit of a squeeze on these bums and release the list of names and turn the heat up for someone to talk or slip up. I’d love to see the/these scumbag(s) caught!


  9. Cody

    I met Sean, but not Jodie to my knowledge. I feel the Kockapoo people are getting the raw end of the deal. I don’t Believe in victim blaming. Here is what I do know. Kanawha benefits out of ZKentucky insured the tribe for health insurance. Fertility is not s covered benefit , yet ZKsnaehs was paying something astronomical related to a pregnancy for Jodie. The insurance company supposedly made a request for reimbursement. The Fertility doctor is also at fault. He would have had to alter the CPT codes to get reimbursement. If the fertility codes were specifically flagged, there is no payment made by the insurance company. Therefore, payment was made. Kanawha benefits sought to recoup their money. The practice of changing codes to payable ones would be considered UPCODING. My question is, how do you repossess an unborn child?


  10. Jade

    I hope authorities can soon give her family peace, closure, and answers.


  11. Emily

    How would cutting the baby out help? That doesn’t seem like a smart idea.

    Really hope the killer is found


  12. Anonymous

    Dear Nancy, The Person Your Looking For is Related to You, in more that one way including socially. also, when, this person was in the Hospital, You Visited them, and there is 9 people, that would fight to keep this quite, with out being pushed.The Bible is Exalted, 1 COR CH 12-14


  13. chanita

    she’s so beatiful





    • Jay

      Nothing to do with a bible or anything like that, but then again, when it comes to murder in a number of instances, you’re going to be dealing with someone who doesn’t possess a fully functioning conscience so they won’t play by any rules you or I would know. People without a conscience (Psychopaths, sociopaths, malignant narcissists – that last one being Donald Trump and a lot of destructive people like him like Kim Jong), literally can’t empathize, sympathize, hold compassion for other human beings, or feel guilt, shame or remorse, so they don’t live life caring about others on any level (Though there are some with a low to moderate level of conscience, but it would be difficult to know how much they do care, other than going by their actions), so murdering another person means as little to them as most people feel when they squash a bug. (And some of us even feel guilty for that…But people who murder in cold blood often don’t. They sleep very well at night and don’t care at all…That’s the danger of them.). So they might want to look out for people like that, who lack sincerity, who have symptoms related to such mental disorders and character flaws. If it was something WITH a conscience, then that’ll be showing up in some way, like via their anger and guilt.


  15. Woody

    Prayers to the father/husband of Jodie..also for the person responsible for this tragedy..nothing is worth this..the person responsible is slowly dying inside if not already…supernaturally…this event is unfolding in the shadows..he sees the house..pulls the trigger over and over again..same result..she’s gone..over and over…you know who you are..”did you get away with it”…hard..cause in the end you didn’t..whether it’s on this world to the next…justice will always does…peace..


  16. Annalyse

    I just wish the husband had cut the baby from the poor dead mother’s womb (I’ve heard the baby was far enough along to survive outside the mother) as there was no sense in both dying !!! I know it seems ‘gross’, but doctors do it all the time & if he was careful he might have saved the baby — it was WORTH the try !!!!! So, sad what jealousy & anger cause some humans to do !!!


  17. randy blazek

    what was the employees name and was he questioned where is he now


  18. Lula Bunz

    .honestly.i think it was the employee that she was having the problems with because these things didnt start happening until after he was fired.smh.i hope he’s a suspect


  19. allison

    i hope they catch him


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