A suspicious car wreck turns out to be a cover for murder.

Kathy Page with a smile

Kathy Page

Police and paramedics at the top of a ditch looking down at a crashed car inside of the ditch

Police felt the car accident was staged


Two phone numbers written down on a piece of paper

2 phone numbers were written down

It was early dawn on May 14, 1991, when police in Vidor, Texas, discovered a car wreck.  The woman behind the wheel was dead, her skin cool to the touch.  At first glance, it appeared to be a tragic accident.  But within minutes, puzzling details began to emerge. The dead woman had no obvious wounds and the car was barely damaged.  Soft drinks in the front seat had not even spilled.  The woman’s feet were pushed back against the seat, rather than stretched out toward the pedals.   She wasn’t wearing a seat belt, yet the crash had not thrown her forward.

Ray Moseley was a Detective Sergeant for the Vidor Police Department at the time of the crash:

“Being no damage to the interior of the vehicle and very little… damage to the exterior of the vehicle, and the deepness of the ditch… Plain to see this was a staged incident instead of an accident. So at that point, they felt they had probably a questionable death.”

The woman was identified as 34-year-old Kathy Page.  She was a wife and mother of two.  Kathy lived just a hundred yards from the crash site.  When police arrived at her home, Kathy’s husband Steve answered the door.  Upon speaking with Steve, Detective Sergeant Moseley became immediately suspicious:

“He said, well, his wife was not home and directly looked straight down the street towards where the car was.  Steve seemed to be quite upset. He began to cry, and at times, threw himself on the couch crying. But yet, he would jump right back up, and we were talking, and there would be no signs of tears in his eyes. This seemed strange to me.”

The silhouette of a man and a woman inside a house through a living room window

Kathy had been with her boyfriend earlier

From that moment on, police concentrated their attention on Kathy’s husband, Steve Page.  However, Page insisted he was innocent:

“Of course I did not kill my wife.  The evidence clearly shows that the perpetrator was someone other than Steve Page.”

Kathy and Steve Page had been married for almost 13 years.  They had two daughters, Erin and Monica.  They seemed like the perfect family.  But according to Steve, the couple had drifted apart in their marriage:

“Mainly she was uncomfortable with who she was, or at least that was what she explained to me, that she didn’t know who she was. She wanted to try to find out who Kathy was. Because of that, we talked about separating for a short period of time and allowing her to hopefully find herself.”

But Kathy’s sister Sherry Valentine disagreed.  She believed their marriage was beyond repair:

“Kathy was definitely moving on in her life at that point because the decision was made for the divorce, and that in itself… was a relief off her back. And she was making plans for that.”

Signs errected near the site of the accident to commemorate the death of Kathy Page

Kathy’s death was clouded with controversy

Steve moved out of the house, but said his relationship with Kathy remained friendly.  The next day, Kathy asked him to babysit their daughters while she went out with a friend.  According to Steve, Kathy was getting ready when he arrived:

“She said she was going to meet one of her girlfriends after work.  So I went over there. She left at approximately 11:15 to 11:30 to head to Beaumont to meet her friend.”

By 4:15 AM Kathy Page was dead.  When her body was found, she wasn’t wearing makeup or jewelry. The autopsy showed she had been strangled and her nose was broken.  There were bloodstains on her underwear and skin.  But according to Detective Sergeant Moseley, it was strange that there was no blood on her outer clothing:

“Kathy Page was not killed in her vehicle. She was killed at another location, cleaned up, redressed, and placed back in her vehicle and after the vehicle had been rolled into the ditch.”

Police reconstructed Kathy’s final hours.  They learned that she had sex shortly before she died.  Kathy did not meet her girlfriend, but instead spent the evening with a male lover.  According to Moseley, the boyfriend admitted that he and Kathy made love on the night she died:

“He came to the police station and gave us a statement, and also voluntarily… gave us a polygraph examination, which he passed with flying colors.”

The autopsy report confirmed that Kathy did have sex on the night she died.  However, the autopsy report included one more critical detail. Kathy’s sex partner had a vasectomy.  The boyfriend had not.  That meant Kathy must have had sex that night with someone else.  Could that man have been Steve Page? He had a vasectomy several months earlier. When police questioned him, he admitted having sex with Kathy, but claimed it was before she went out that night:

“She was getting ready.  She’d just got out of the shower.  I approached her about sex and we had sex before she left.”

But according to Sherry, the romance in Kathy’s marriage had long since vanished:

“I personally don’t believe that happened. She wouldn’t have been with Steve before being with another man.  She hadn’t been with Steve in a long time. He was already sleeping on the couch.”

For Kathy’s sister, there was only one possible scenario:

“I was talking to a sister-in-law of Steve’s, and she said that she knew for a fact that Steve made two phone calls. Steve called this one number and the girl answered, and he hung up. And then the second phone number was called, and they said the name of the hotel, and he hung up. And so he already knew where she might be or was.”

Kathy’s father, James Fulton, believed Steve then became physical:

“I feel like she came in that night, come in the back door, after she gone and parked the car, and he was asleep, sitting in a chair in the front room and when she went on in the bathroom and changed clothes, took her makeup off, took her jewelry and all off… And he heard her probably in the bathroom. And he got up and demanded sex with her or whatever, and got in a fight.”

Her family believed the fight escalated and Steve proceeded to rape Kathy.  They also believed that he strangled her in the process.  However, Steve Page had his own theory about the identity of Kathy’s killer:

“I received threats on the phone that the same thing that happened to my wife could happen to me. There’s a certain person here in Beaumont that… may have been involved. It’s a very prominent family… an Italian family… to let you know that they’re considered part of the Beaumont mafia.”

The murder of Kathy Page has never been solved.  However, Kathy’s family won a wrongful death civil suit against Steve Page. Police still consider him a person of interest.

As of June 2021, the reward has gone up to $50,000 through Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas. It is the largest reward ever offered by the Crime Stoppers in this area.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season ten with Robert Stack and in season three with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis FarinaVarious seasons available now on Hulu.



  1. Tim Stephens

    Very similar story, in many ways, to the Scott Hartley rapes and murder of Susan Woods from Stephenville, Texas. That story just came out in Texas monthly. Same time frame late ‘80s early ‘90s. Scott Hartley is dead now but his daughter thinks there are more victims out there. He was a truck driver and picked up women on his routes.


  2. Anonymous

    This is the most obvious murder I have ever seen. The police completely messed up the time-line of events. She did have a shower, but it was after she returned. (Not before she left.) That is why the boyfriends DNA didn’t show up, and why her makeup was removed. (A woman just can’t remove makeup with a napkin.) The only thing Steve was honest about was her taking shower before his actions.


  3. Forest

    It has been recently found that two unidentified DNA have been found from the car. Both are not Steve’s. This is why this case is gone cold. The police have no solid proof he did this. Before a person is charged the police want proof and so does the d.a.
    So until that DNA can be identified this case will stay cold. A person is innocent till proven guilty so Steve is innocent. Until proof can be provided he will remain so. So much people don’t know. My own cousin was killed in her home on Valentines Day. Remains a cold case to this day. Same thing everyone pointing fingers at the husband yet no proof. Happens more then you think. Police want proof positive before charging someone . They want to make sure they are convicted with proof! Otherwise they might walk and can never be tried again. I hope this case us solved. I hope my cousins case is also solved yet I don’t see that happening.


    • Anonymous

      The DNA is likely from the emergency responders. All they have to do is prove she returned home. With Steve seeing her return he is proven guilty.


  4. Joshua

    It is extremely obvious that it was the husband, it must be very frustrating that you know who committed the crime but you don’t have the evidence to prove it


  5. Amanda

    The husband definitely killed her!


  6. Ernie

    I’ve seen people being convicted for less evidence against them! This is a joke, clearly Steve was the murderer!


  7. Concerned Citizen

    Vidor PD needs to bypass the DA’s office and take it to the attorney general’s office. I think it’s a huge injustice and sends the message that you can get away with murder. The DA’s office should be ashamed of their decision to not move forward they have a civil suit showing he was found responsible for her death plus all the other circumstantial evidence. Take it to the grand jury and get this man where he belongs…behind bars!


  8. Hope

    Please reopen this case DA quit stalling she left the hotel with make up and Jewelry on but was found without indicating she went home that night where her soon to be ex was watching their two girls and who had been calling around looking for her in rage please please open this case and file on her ex-husband…give the family justice..


    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. I hate replaying the scene because it is inappropriate. She was dressed to look very attractive for her boyfriend. Then she returns home and takes a shower. Who else would be sexually motivated for a homicide? The husband fits the psychological profile. The youngest daughter unfortunately passed away. I feel sorry for the family members.


  9. Ann Al

    What they needed to do after getting the statement from the boyfriend who past the lie detector test was verify the same clothes where on as what he recalled when she left, if so ok if not search the married couples house for evidence of those clothes as well as her jewelry that he reported her wearing when she left, placing her at the house after going out & before the incident regardless of “shaving” & or placing someone inside the house at the scene prior to police. That’s what had to be done but wasn’t.


  10. Ed

    I’m sure the boyfriend did not ejaculate in her so they’re wouldn’t be evidence beyond the polygraph test also backing his statement of she was wearing her jewelry makeup prior to leaving his hotel, 100 yards from the house, clearly there were conflict of interests in the investigation with probable cause to search the house & the hotel room both places she was known to be prior to the incident a long with testing the kids for sleeping agents even though an incident confronted outside a home & cleaned up inside would not be necessarily heard. That being said A waiter & wife of how many years with several kids asking her husband whose shes in the process of divorcing to babysit, to go have sex with a man while her & her friend are lying about what they’re doing is not going to help win sympathy either while expecting to keep the house, kids & finances. Who do you thinks the more creditable & responsible one with a group of people instilling honesty, commitment, devotion & god we trust, that have known the husband & wife for a majority of their lives, being it’s very manipulative & deceiving you don’t need to be when your attentions are morally right, abuse comes in multiple forms other than physical. Investigators, her friend, family, everyone involved reacted & handled this case poorly esp being they all went & contaminated what they claimed & thought to be a crime scene 100 yards away from the incident you don’t need to see carpet cleaning nor clothes washing to know that.


    • Tom

      Unpopular truth, but accurate. Adultery is a common and predictable inspiration for jealousy and violence. Divorce also breeds similar trauma.


  11. Mia McConathy

    Are you serious? Are you actually Steve Page? Because that sounds like the kind of thing he would say. I have lived in South East Texas my whole life, I was 10 when this happened and have seen every billboard, no man or woman should ever for any reason be put through this! Why would you say that a woman deserved to be raped and murdered for any reason?!? Baffles me, truly! I would be proud if that had been my family trying to make sure my Mom would get justice! Her husband was not a good man. We have always prayed for her kids and her parents.


  12. Susan

    You are either a misogynist, an incel or a troll, I’m leaning towards incel. Whether separated or divorcing, people are allowed to move on from their marriage. Violence against a former or current spouse is never acceptable, murder should never be an option. You reek of someone who has, or will harmed a woman in this lifetime. Get some counseling.


  13. ET

    Your kidding right! What a heartless soul you have! Victim blaming a murdered woman!! Boy I bet your parents are real proud of you!!


  14. Mena

    That’s pretty obvious, Paul. Victim blame much?


  15. Anastasia Jackola

    You are an idiot. She didn’t “whore” around. When you are already going to divorce your husband you have the right to be with whoever you want. Therefore long after they already decided divorce she found a man who treated her right. And it was clearly her ex-husband who raped her.


  16. Mick

    3 Billboard’s in Ebbing Missouri is based on the murder of kathy page in Texas.

    Was there ever a case in Ebbing Missouri?


  17. Golden Triangle

    Southeast Texas at it’s finest. The “good ole boy” mentality is still alive and well today and they definitely have no intention to right this wrong.


  18. Ali Elghoul

    Steve was seen by Kathy’s mother washing clothes the day after the murder and the very next day he was seen removing the carpet in the house. I think these two pieces of information are beyond mere coincidence and they point to the fact that he killed her. Perhaps he was jealous that she wanted to divorce him and leave him for another man, since it was mentioned that she had another boyfriend. I personally think Steve is guilty and is getting away with murder. I don’t believe that with all the 21st century advances in technology, science, DNA, etc that they still have not been able to convict him. It really baffles my mind.


  19. mileelo

    If it were so easy to convict Steve Page they would have done it by now. We like to believe what we want to. Why wouldn’t anyone else’s names not be mentioned as a poi?? What if his name is also Steve? Well known, respected, CONNECTED….you see where I’m going with this. There is only half truths being told and that seems to be the same story everyone is telling. The boyfriend was also married. Where is the wife? What if she killed Kathy and both Steves covered it up. Steve Page is paid off and moves his girls out of the state. Hmmmm…..it’s possible.


  20. Stephen Townsend

    After watching the show I am also convicted he killed her, if the assault happened in the house & his relatives were seen cleaning a carpet by the door, cleaning the possible blood on the top of the carpet it would have soaked though the carpet onto the floorboards. If they did a luminol test there is still a chance that blood could still show up on the bare floorboards? I wondered if the case was based on he killed her inside her own home, the test is easy to do also quick & will show blood like it had been put there yesterday also the DNA that could also still be sitting under the carpet…


  21. Eli

    Does anyone know the location where the car was found?


    • Lyn

      I am not 100% sure but I think it was found about 100 yards from her house, again I am not sure so I could very easily be wrog


  22. Jessy

    Steve page was my softball coach and Monica was my teammate (rip) …. never would’ve believed him to be a murderer nor heard anything at time . Guess this is why they suddenly disappeared … my prayers to all involve and truly hope this family gets the closure they all deserve.


  23. TT

    Why doesn’t anyone mention the lawyer who has obviously cheated on his wife more than once?


  24. Melanie

    I am a little behind and just watching this episode. The “private investigator ” friend messing with the body at the funeral is odd. I know it would probably never happen, but if it were my family member I would excavate, look in her casket and see what evidence was buried with her body never to be discovered. Thank you.


  25. FRANK EDWARD McArthur

    I try to forget, but for years you still haunt my memories as if calling for justice from the grave. A stranger that just happen to drive by off the I-10 on the way home from work. The morning was foggy and it seemed as if I were the only person out that morning. I worked at the local steel mill at that time. I was supposed to work that night, but things were slow and they didn’t need me, so I got to go home early. Yes, I remember seeing your car in the ditch as I drove by on the interstate that morning. I laughed to myself that it was another drunk that missed the road. It has been many decades, but I remember it being between 1am or 2am. No one else was around at the time. I did report what I had seen when I saw it in the papers at the time to Vidor PD. I even told your father about the time, but he said what did that matter. Maybe I should have stopped. Maybe I should have turned around and checked to see if someone was hurt. Maybe things could have turned out different. As for your murder, I can see that it was a tragic accident that was caused by anger and rage.


  26. A Torres

    I watched an episode of Cold Justice last month
    which dealt with this case . I feel that Kelly
    Siegler did a fantastic job investigating this
    case , but in the end, the Orange County DA’s
    office declined to issue an arrest warrant for
    Steve Page. The episode ended with Kelly
    suggesting that the Texas Attorney General
    be contacted about this investigation .
    Was Attorney General Ken Paxton ever contacted
    about this case ? If so, is any action being taken ?


  27. Jay P.

    You can not get DNA from someone who has had a vasectomy. Seminal fluid does not have DNA in it. Sperm is what has the DNA. Her boyfriend did not have a vasectomy, her husband had one a few months before the murder.


  28. Lane Gib

    Shame they couldn’t exhume her body and see if any evidence could be found, after all this time DNA has come a long way, if they could find the husbands dan on her then that would be proof that he did something to her, considering the way she felt about him.


  29. Longwalker Jackson

    A recent “Cold Justice” episode featured this case. It was Kelly’s team that made the investigation for the show; there is no doubt that this loving young mother was killed by her abusive husband – NO doubt. The investigation’s probable cause report was presented to the county prosecutor; he passed but Kathy’s father will submit it to the Texas Attorney General. Grandfather Great Spirit sees everything.


  30. Dh

    Have they interviewed the children who were in bed to see if they heard anything after their mom came home that night?


  31. lexdesign

    I read Erin’s Blog, and there is a lot more to this story. Yes there should be justice for Kathy, but Mr. Fulton did not think what those signs would & did do to his granddaughters! There were other ways to keep the case alive, these signs did not show any love for his granddaughters, for these young girls to have to see the signs everyday. I do not think anyone here, if they were murdered would want their children to be reminded of it everyday for years. That’s why they ended up with the father’s family & he back out of their lives. As for Kathy’s grave, the Fulton’s were throwing away the father’s & girls flowers, so they did the same (from what Erin said) even the cross at the end of the street they did not like to see. Finding the killer now will not wash away all the pain that has been caused to her children, no matter who it is.


  32. C

    Hello everyone. For all of the friends and family of Kathy who are present on this page, I want to extend my deepest condolences for the loss of your loved one. I also grew up seeing these billboards on the side of IH-10 while passing through the area, and they stuck with me for all of my life. As an adult, I have become a journalist and have recently ventured into the world of podcasting. When reviewing the details of this story, I am overwhelmed with the desire to tell this story and possibly help bring justice to Kathy and her children. I am considering producing a podcast to do just that. We would tell the story, get it out to the public, and maybe even do a little investigative journalism. I am writing this to invite along anyone who would like to join me on this journey. I would like to begin talking to people who knew Kathy, knew/know Steve, and have information about the case. If you are interested, please send an email to the address listed below and I will reply as soon as possible. Thanks.



    • Jordan

      “IF” the vaginal swabs (which found semen with or without sperm) are still available then all that is needed is dna from steve! This could verify if steve did or didnt have sex with kathy. This wouldn’t clear him as a suspect but lead to checking out the two men / boyfriend mentioned in other post.


  33. Sherry Valentine

    Me too


  34. Lynne

    This article doesn’t mentioned that on that night the cop spotted a missing piece of carpet that had been cut out. Steve said he had been frying fish on the living room floor (SERIOUSLY?) and hot oil splattered out and burned the carpet, so he cut the ruined part out! The cop asked to see the swatch he removed and Steve told him he had already burned it with the trash. It was left at that and nothing else pursued. There are many suspicious acts by Steve Page, and blunders by Vidor PD not mentioned here. The on-scene investigation started with pictures being taken of the car and at her home…..there was no film in the camera! He got away with murder. He got custody of both girsl and moved out of state. One of his girls died of a drug overdose a few years later.


    • Ally

      Just passed the sign driving through on a road trip…read the whole story. This is awful. Steve Page is a murderer. Keep this case alive!


      • Suzanne Thompson

        Ally, I passed the billboard this weekend 5 years after you and also looked into this crime. Do all these guys read the same killer manual, I have been following 2 similar unsolved crimes, Nanette Krentel and Suzanne Morphew. Prayers for all unsolved cases, particularly where domestic violence was the motive.


    • SayItLikeItIs

      To be fair, Vidor PD has never known how to investigate a white male. Were there any blacks involved that they could prosecute?


    • Alaina

      Here’s what I don’t get: why wasn’t the boyfriend named and did they question him? Now, I’m playing devils advocate bc I know there are people on here that know and are related to Kathy-but I’m a lawyer and there are multiple cases where peoOle were blamed for years, and even had strong circumstantial evidence but was proven innocent later. If people are so focused on Steve, then they may miss other suspects. That’s the problem with cases like this. People become so fixated that evidence could be staring right at them. Now-if Kathy came home and he raped her then killed her-wouldn’t the kids wake up? There are noise tests around. Everything i read is that the kids were sound asleep. This, “boyfriend,” could have killed her. A possible scenario is that she did indeed have sex with Steve and when she left, she met up with this guy. Maybe she didn’t want to have sex with him bc she had just had sex with Steve. He got angry and then raped and killed her. Does semen dictate how many people had vaginal intercourse with her? No. Maybe the other guys semen wasn’t released into her. Preejaculation? Well not sure if I can trust the people doing the autopsy. Who is roger Howell? He seems a bit off too? Is it possible that maybe Steve paid him to kill her when he called her friend and realized Kathy had lied to him? Or did he already know? I read his daughter believed there had to be more than one person.. well murder for hire? Now what I hate in all cases is when they focus on peoPles reaction to death. First and foremost-of you have never seen a dead body especially a fresh one-you’re lucky. I’m a 9/11 survivor. I was in ground zero when the first plane hit. I was severely injured with debris and even more mentally injured when I watched people leap to their death. I was in shock. I was screaming and it was so painful it may have appeared I was crying but the pain in my soul wouldn’t allow tears to come out. Does this mean I’m not hurting? Years later I had another blow in my life.. the love of my life died. We were on and off for 10 years. He was very famous and I’m well known and searchable on the web as I modeled and now do finance and contractual work in the entertainment industry. When I heard the news-(I was being released from the hospital from gallbladder surgery) I was silent. I had no emotion. I was in disbelief. Paparazzi tried to take my pic.. my friends waited for a response but I gave them nothing. It wasn’t until a month later when I finally broke down and really mourned-for weeks… i didn’t want to see his body and passed on the funeral for multiple reasons. I did have private time with the casket thanks to his parents but my emotions in the immediate moment is not what you envision. So you can’t judge a person by the way they handle shocking news and grief. Secondly, the cops reiterate that he looked down the street towards the car. I see people fishing for things. If you saw cop cars and lights wouldn’t you look as well? I suggest the family exume her body, hire a private detective, dna test, call on witnesses that saw her and the man that night.. etc.


      • Sandra SantaMarina

        “Does semen dictate how many people had vaginal intercourse with her? No.”

        Are you sure you are a lawyer? because obviously they would have been able to tell they have two different blood types of DNA. DNA can still be tested today. Dna testing became available in 1986 and by 1988 they had used it to convict.
        Now on to the boyfriend, who voluntarily submitted to a lie detector test and passed, why would he be a suspect to the police, he by all accounts was very forthcoming and readily available and his story checked out, sure he could be a person of interest but we all know in criminal investigation complicated is not the result of homicide it’s always our basic interest, love, money, jealousy, the boyfriend had her, her husband did not.
        Two stories the husband told, 1. his wife cut her leg shaving in the living room so he didn’t want to have police search the house (what women or girl shaves in the living room) 2. he was frying fish and spilled oil in the same spot kathy cut her legs shaving which also happens to be where they had sex (this piece of floor gets a lot of action) and just happened to be the area the whole page family was helping clean on their hands and knees scrubbing with all their might! (now I admit I added the all their might part but its not major)
        Your question about the kids hearing, how far is their rooms from where we believe he could have murdered her? Were the doors closed, people can sleep through gun shoots couldn’t these kids had slept through whatever noise, how much noise can you make when your being strangled?
        You but forth ideas and suggestions that just don’t mesh and one of the most bizarre incidents is STEVE was caught desecrating his wife’s GRAVE! why would an innocent loving man do that, hell why would anyone do that.


      • j sett

        According to Moseley, the boyfriend admitted that he and Kathy made love on the night she died:

        “He came to the police station and gave us a statement, and also voluntarily… gave us a polygraph examination, which he passed with flying colors.”


      • HealthySkeptic

        So apparently, you have a law degree? As well as being a 9/11 survivor, the last love of a famous person, and an entertainment lawyer and model, famous in your own right? You must be the most unusual, unique, interesting person in the WORLD!!!! But you can’t spell “exhume” or use common English grammar? Not buying it. I think you’re probably a friend of the husband. And, if you can’t figure out how a man could rape and murder his wife without his soundly sleeping children hearing it, then your “law degree” didn’t include a course on critical thinking.

        Let’s not forget that the boyfriend passed a polygraph “with flying colors,” (which can be done but not easily) and that there is a lot more to recommend the husband as the killer and while he has every right to exercise his constitutional protections against search and seizure and such without it being used to presume his guilt, if he was uncooperative with searches and the like, that certainly implies he is hiding something. I mean, a fish fry on the living room floor is believable, but the boyfriend’s polygraph isn’t convincing enough? Oooookaaaaaaay, then.


  35. None

    This is sad I pray justice is served.


  36. Anonymous

    32.8843° N, 95.9291° W


  37. Anonymous

    We need justice for Kathy, any updates on this case?


  38. Kim

    Just passed the sign! Keep her case alive!


  39. Mrs Jordan

    I just passed the sign n read the story… I pray justice is served


  40. Paula Sneed

    I have passed the billboard several times in the past few months and finally got Steve’s name. I just read about Kathy’s murder. I’m a loss of words. But it looks like the police failed to do their job the night she was murdered. I hope justice is served and her murderer found. I pray for justice one day for Kathy.


  41. None

    Kathy Page and Troy Dale Wilson along with Billy Wilson were at a convenience store in Vidor on S.Main having a very heated argument on the night she was murdered. Troy Wilson said quote I will kill you , you f@$king bi#ch.


  42. DGR

    Once determined local law not capable of putting 2 and 2 together, professionals should have been called in to investigate… I feel for her daughters, her father, her family…so sad but a murder has no closure so this cold case can be an reopened


  43. Trying to help

    I wander what time that Kathy and her boyfriend Mosley had sex? And her husband Steve says that they had sex. And that she left around 11:15 -11:30


  44. TW

    What does a vasectomy have to do with the evidence and how can anyone tell?


  45. sue ross

    A very good friend of mine. R.I.P. Kathy. She may be gone and charging for her murder may have stopped but your not forgotten by me and to this day I still believe her husband Steve was the one who killed my beloved friend


  46. Eric W Bohannon

    Kathy’s sex partner had a vasectomy. The boyfriend had not. What if The Boyfriend had a vasectomy, and did not tell her.


  47. Armchair Detective

    Sure the motive and evidence revealed points at Steve… But as for why a more complete investigation did not happen, or why this never went to trial… pretty easy to deduce: Kathy was an adultress… she went to meet a “Anonymous” boyfriend at a hotel.. why a Hotel??? Because he was also maried… and comitting Adultery on his Wife and family…
    Whoever this person was has been kept fairly secret… his name does not appear in any of the reports Ive read… and it will remain a mystery… UNLESS THIS GOES TO TRIAL.
    I think the reason they never made any case was to protect the identy of the Boyfriend.. innocent maybe of her murder.. but just as guilty as she was of Abandoning Spouse and Family.
    But his case was to be kept quiet. His Social standing and any Political ties kept secured… as long as it doesnt go to trial he is safe… reputation and family life preserved.


    • Armchair Detective

      I read further… found and read the Court Documents of the Civil Trial… the Boyfriends Name does not appear there either (or has been removed)… there was a certain amount of propper investigation and recording done, but questionable is why Steve was able to deny the police entry to investigate the house… and why the police did not get a search warrant at the time of original investigation… ie same day of murder. Investigation of premesis was delayed untill after the family deep cleaned the carpet in area where Steve had admitted to having sex with Kathy the previous evening… where she was probably killed… where her nose was probably broken, and where she probably left blood evidence… conveniently cleaned up because Steve accidently spilled something there that smelled bad and needed to be gotten up out of the carpet… in the exact same place he supposedly had relations with her… wow what a coincidence… Not.

      Not to in any way exhonorate Steve… but our Country has a damnable double standard when it comes to Marital infidelity… A woman can put her husband on a shelf for years, deny him his marital rights and kill him spiritually with Contention and Marital Abuse… thats Ok… but when something like this happens, everyone screams for His Blood… and forgets Her Guilt… and potential years of mental abuse that lead up to the night when the Last Straw (She Committed Adultery on him) broke… and he (presumably) lashed out violently and killed her.
      In my oppinion He probably killed her in a fit of rage.. a crime of passion.. and is not innocent, but niether was she…
      We have a sick double standard today in our courts… this also should be addressed… but since adultery is on every television channel and marriage today is given so little value, I dont expect it to change any time soon.


      • HaveAHeart

        None of your idiotic reasons to try and find Kathy responsible for her murder are an excuse for murder. No one should be murdered because of the things you mention. No one. For you to even make those comments on a webpage about her murder, is not only disgusting, despicable and heartless, it shows you have zero empathy for her family that may read your post. Keep your judgemental comments to yourself, no one wants to hear them. You are only hurting the people who are still grieving her unsolved murder.


      • P.I.

        I completely agree with your reason why the case never went to trial. The “other man” would be revealed. But Kathy and Steve were technically separated at the time. She had a right to go out. The fact that her date is a well respected adulterer should not take precedence over prosecuting a murderer.


      • Armchair douchebag

        Totally. Women can abuse men mentally and emotionally, but when the guy kills her, he’s the “bad guy”. Whatta double standard


        • Rose

          It is so true! No more, TIMES UP!


        • JusticeShouldBeServed

          Yeah Armchair Douchebag when a man kills a woman for WHATEVER reason, he IS the bad guy! There’s no excuse for murder. And it’s scary that you think there is.


          • JusticeShouldBeSmart

            @JusticeShouldBeServed I’m guessing you didn’t pick up on his sarcasm..?? Obviously he’s trying to show @armchairdetective how ridiculous his statements are.

        • Mena

          How do you justify comparing murder to adultery? You obviously don’t know any statistics related to adultery or murder. You should learn more about life before you play detective. Victim blaming doesn’t help you look convincing in any way.


    • Trying to help

      Also they said the soft drinks. This means two.? Also they said that they were in the front seat. They didn’t say a drink holder or a concole. .


    • Monica

      How dare you… Kathy and that murderer Steve page weren’t even living together let alone having sex. Her boyfriend didn’t kill her STEVE did. Furthermore I’d forget about justice if I were the family. I’d set my sights on Steve and put him away for good. He already caused his daughter to overdose and die. It’s his turn


  48. Brad

    Too bad they couldn’t post the video of Steve Page desecrating Kathy’s grave site. He is an evil SOB that got away with murder due to an incompetent police detective that was more concerned with eating fried chicken and donuts than actually doing his job. I think the only reason he was ever promoted to detective is because he was too over weight to be a patrol officer. The guy never got out of his car unless he absolutely had to. He preferred to do his “detecting” from drive-bys, phone calls, and asking people to come to the station by phone or mail.


  49. Brad T.

    So the fact is the Vidor police showed complete incompetence with the investigation. Anyone from Vidor knows who Ray Moseley is. He has a very bad reputation for his incompetence and being crooked. The police did not search the house until 10 years after the murder. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Steve Page killed her. If the police would have done their job and searched the house and immediate surroundings, I am certain they would have found enough evidence to file charges against Steve; however, the extremely tragic truth is, they waited 10 years to get a warrant and by then, there was nothing to find. Vidor is a small town and still relies on the “good ol’ boy” system for hiring of local government and law enforcement. This is how Ray Moseley made detective and why he is now police chief. The Vidor police departments greatest expertise is covering up their own criminal acts and negligence.


  50. Johnny

    There’s evidence in this case that should lead to a prosecution. Steve Page looks like a likely suspect. Jealousy is a strong motive. It’s possible Steve followed her later or found out where she was staying. Redressing the victim shows a close relationship between offender and victim. Most criminals they just want to finish the victim quickly and get out of the area. That car was definitely staged that was good police work. The only thing in Steve’s behalf is that he had 2 young daughters. That would crush those girls to know their Mom had been murdered. I don’t think Steve could have faced them everyday if he killed Kathy. It’s tough to disguise guilt as children are quite perceptive. Interesting case. Hope they find Kathy’s killer. What do you Unsolved Mysteries watchers think?


    • Suzanne Thompson

      No way Johnny, Steve Page murdered his wife and people can and do live quite normal lives after they kill.


    • Anonymous

      I dont think Steve followed her at all. It was a crime of opportunity. Many times a lady will dress up and a gentleman will think it is for them when it is actually for someone else. And her getting nude for a shower afterwards was just extra temptation. I don’t think Steve was initially intending to kill. I just think his romantic advances where turned down and escalated into that.


  51. here we go

    Where is DNA in all this? Can the evidence not be re-examined with up to date tools of investigation?


  52. Keli

    I think this is a perfect case for cold justice!


  53. grahamclayton

    Kathy’s daughter Erin has created a blog to campaign for the arrest and trial of Steve Page:



  54. robertcharles

    Hard to believe Steve never took a lie detector test. Seems like the State should have helped in the case since the forensics needed to find the killer should have been state of the art. Why wasn’t there probable cause for a search of the house when she first was discovered. Luminal and high tech science for the time should have been used as soon as the crime was committed. Also, because such a short time passed between the actual murder and finding of the body, it would have been hard to hide all the evidence right after the crime. Hard to believe the cops did not go into the house and collect everything and do it with a fine tooth comb. Amazing. Hard to believe call records are not known for an actual fact and times of the calls and where they were placed are not completely nailed down. I would bet that if a new set of eyes from some of the cold case units around the country put there minds to it, the case could be cracked. A total stranger would just have left her where they killed her and would have just left the scene- no staging. The killer knew her and had to make it look like an accident in order to prevent the police from looking his way. Too much evidence pointing toward Steve and no other suspects. Hard to imagine her having sex with 2 men in one night and driving from city to city and then meeting up with someone else being killled in a third scene and then being dropped off in the fourth scene ( which is so close to her house ) all in about 3 five hours. Lot easier to believe she left Beaumont at 2:30 and got home about 3:00 then got into the altercation with Steve then was dumped close because he had to be back at the house to establish some alibi and clean up the scene and relax so he would look as if he might have just gotten up. The car was found at 4:30 and it must have been there a while- was the hood hot or did they not check that. So, she was killed, redressed, driven to the dump site pushed into the ditch, and the scene staged all in less than 1.5 hours by a total stranger- Not very plausible.
    Also, if Steve would not have been in the house or if he would have been more cooperative with the police by allowing them unrestricted access to the house, it would be a whole lot easier to believe his “story.” It is always hard to believe someone who is less than 100% open and cooperative. He makes himself look guilty no matter how you slice it. I would have searched everything he owned including his car and her car and every inch of the house. Without his full cooperation, he can only be looked at with great suspicion. If he did not do it, he should have been more than happy to open his premises for a complete investigation.

    I will be keeping up with this case. I hope the police will too.


    • PeggySue

      How do you know they never searched his house or his car? Also, how do you know they never got the actual phone records? Just because they don’t say so on here, doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.


    • sherry Valentine

      I think you are very accurate. I believe Kathy’s case can be solved, should have been solved long ago, and perhaps Monica might still be with us if it had been


      • Felicity

        Its the husband. For all the obvious evidence given here. Arrogant. Deceitful vibe from him. Even across television. Also when he adamantly states he did not kill her, he is nodding his head yes. Over and over. This is not always accurate but body language of a liar is that exactly. Saying no as you nod your head yes…just a thought I had to add to the already obvious evidence that he did it. This is all very sad.


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