Two teenage girls are missing after bodies are found in a burned out trailer.

Lauria Bible


Gender: Female
DOB: 12/29/83
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark blonde
Defining Characteristics: Has a scar on the upper left side of her forehead
Remarks: Last seen 12/29/99

Ashley Freeman


Gender: Female
DOB: 4/18/83
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Defining Characteristics: Has a mole under her nose and a scar on the top of her head
Remarks: Last seen 12/29/99


Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible

Vinita, Oklahoma, is a small rural town in Craig County. On December 29, 1999, local teenager Ashley Freeman turned 16. It was a night of celebration for her parents and for her best friend Lauria Bible. Lauria’s father, Jay, recalled the last time he saw his daughter:

“Lauria, she said to me, ‘Daddy, is it all right if I spend the night with Ashley in the Freemans’ home?’ I said, ‘Well, just make sure you’re home by noon tomorrow.’ And, noon tomorrow didn’t happen the way it should’ve.”

The Freeman’s home was an inferno

Sometime during the night, the Freemans’ home became an inferno. By the time Lauria’s parents arrived the fire was out, but the home had been reduced to ashes. Lauria’s car was still there, but there was no sign of their daughter. Lorene Bible talked to the coroner:

“The county coroner told me that there was only one body, is all they found. I said, ‘Have they found anybody else?’ And she said no. They’ve looked, but there’s no other bodies there.”

The body was Kathy Freeman’s, the mother of Lauria’s friend Ashley. But where were Ashley, her father Danny, and Lauria Bible? According to Captain Jim Herman of the Craig County Sheriff’s Department, even the authorities were stumped:

“We only had one body accounted for. Could find no others. Yet we had all the cars there at the house. That was a little bit bizarre. No one could quite piece two and two together on that. It didn’t make any sense.”

Two bodies were found in the ashes

Then the case became even more baffling when the coroner determined Kathy Freeman did not die in the fire, but from a shotgun wound to the head. The arson squad concluded that the blaze was deliberately set.

According to Lorene Bible, her daughter Lauria and Ashley had been best friends since kindergarten:

“Lauria and Ashley would call each other at least once a week. What one was thinking, the other was thinking. It’s kind of like when two people, one can finish the sentence when the other one starts one.”

Sheriff’s deputies took polygraph tests

The day after the fire, Lauria’s parents returned to the crime scene. They hoped to find a clue the investigators had missed. After only 5 minutes, they made a shocking discovery: another body, almost burned beyond recognition. But it wasn’t Lauria or Ashley. According to Lorene, it was an adult male, and he, too, had been shot:

“He did not have anything from the upper teeth; all the way to the top of his head, was totally gone, like he’d been shot in the face.”

The body was identified as Danny Freeman, Kathy’s husband. And like Kathy, he had also been shot at close range with a shotgun. Investigators re-examined the crime scene and found no other bodies. However, they did find one important clue: Lauria’s purse. In it were her driver’s license and nearly $200 in cash. Lorene wondered why her daughter would leave her purse, unless she had been abducted:

“I felt that somebody had gone in there, and for whatever reason, murdered Danny and Kathy and took the girls.”

The Craig County Sheriff’s Department tried to piece together what happened the night of Ashley’s birthday. If it had been a robbery, the purse would have been taken. And if murder was the motive, who had reason to kill Danny and Kathy Freeman, Ashley’s parents? Danny himself may have had the answer, which he revealed to his brother, Dwayne Vancil:

“He put his finger in my face and he said, ‘If anything ever happens to me, look at the sheriff’s department.’ And he was serious. He was in my face to drive it home with me.”

The girls weren’t found after the fire

For months, it had been rumored that the Craig County Sheriff’s Department was feuding with the Freemans. It all began when Danny’s son, Shane, was shot and killed by a deputy after he had stolen a truck and a neighbor’s gun. Shane’s killing was ruled justifiable, but the Freemans threatened to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the sheriff’s department. According to Dwayne, his brother told him the deputies were trying to intimidate him and his family:

“He was basically told, according to Danny, that they could do anything they wanted to him and his family, and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.”

When Danny and Kathy Freeman were found dead, the Craig County Sheriff’s Department voluntarily turned the case over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. They also consented to polygraph tests. Special Agent Steve Nutter, of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, said the polygraphs were conclusive:

“All cleared themselves as a result of those examinations. The overall conclusion of our efforts was that the sheriff’s office had nothing to do with the murders of Danny and Kathy and did not know the whereabouts of the two missing girls.”

There was another possibility. Some people said that Danny was a small-time drug trafficker and wondered if a drug deal gone bad had led to the double murder. Agent Nutter discounted that theory:

“If you wanted to consider that it was drug related, nothing fits correctly. The very last thing that the people who committed the murder would want to do would be to abduct the children.”

There was yet another theory: Ashley Freeman murdered her own parents and then fled with Lauria. Captain Jim Herman of the Craig County Sheriff’s Department said he had to consider the possibility:

“There was a great deal of friction in the Freeman household. Danny and his daughter did not get along well at all and hadn’t for some time. That’s something we can’t overlook.”

Agent Nutter doesn’t think the girls were capable of murder:

“I find it difficult to believe that the girls, by themselves, could hide out that long and not be found.”

Jay and Lorene Bible were left with only unanswered questions. Where were Lauria and Ashley and why had they left?

Lorene Bible:

“We have come to the conclusion that Lauria was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel that she’s still alive, but whether she’s alive or dead, I want to know.”

Jay Bible:

“We love her dearly and wish we could have her back, wish we could have both girls back, because at this point, I’d take and raise ’em both and never let ’em go.”

In a bizarre twist no one saw coming, a death row inmate, Jeremy B. Jones, confessed to killing Danny and Kathy Freeman. He said he did it as a favor to a friend over a drug debt. Jones claimed that he took the two girls to Kansas, shot them, and threw their bodies into an abandoned mine. A search of the mine, however, turned up nothing. Jones then recanted his confession and denied he killed the girls. He said he lied to authorities to get better food and extra phone privileges in prison.

Investigators are now back to square one.

UPDATE: An arrest has been made in this case. Ronnie Dean Busick, 66, has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of kidnapping and one count of arson. Two other suspects have been named, but both are deceased: Warren Phillip Welch II and David A. Pennington. We will bring you more information as this story develops.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season eleven with Robert Stack and in season two with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.

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    Mystery Man

    Finally, an arrest was made after all these years after “…authorities recovered a crate containing reports and files about the original investigator from the office of a former sheriff. Some documents were recovered from a private investigator who had also worked on the case, but investigative materials produced by a different private investigator were destroyed…”.

    Someone in authority knew or highly suspicioned who did the killings and didn’t try to solve the case. It’s sad that it’s taken so long to finally make an arrest but hopefully this will lead to the conviction of the the guilty party and the girls’ remains will be recovered so they can receive a proper burial.


  2. Avatar


    There’s an arrest and update today.


  3. Avatar


    I’m intrigued as to what the new information is.


  4. Avatar


    I thank it was the girls. There “body’s” we’re never found till this day. It was the girls who set the fire !!!!


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      Well I think you need to stand in a shower and wet your brain ,your talking about two teenage girls killing and never been found ,get real it was a drug deal gone bad and they was in the wrong place at the wrong time . They more than likely will never be found . I know and met and talked with Laura’s mother man what a woman.


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    Why take the girls I remember this case I was around the same age and the girls when this tragic event happen and I hope one day the truth will reveal finally be solved. It has to be someone who is a local and someone the parents knew…


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    Plain and simple it was the Craig county sheriffs department. Then D.A. Clint Ward was in on it too I’m sure of it. They were so crooked and behind the deaths of more of my friends. Also my brother committed suicide 1 month after they went missing. The same police worked my brothers scene. They took the note before any of us could read it and it wasn’t even on the crime scene or within feet enough to have the authority to take it. When I asked Clint Ward about weeks later, he said I would never read it and did not give a reason. When he finally left as D.A. I asked the new D.A. And he said no problem but called back to say that my brothers file had no record of there ever being a suicide note. So WTF?! I called Clint Ward a couple years ago to confront him again and he said he had no idea what I was talking about…yeah right! There isn’t a whole lot of suicides in that small town where a girl is constantly calling you, crying and asking why she can’t have her brothers final words. There is something that some of you need to understand. This is a very small country town. I graduated with 28 people. Everyone knows everyone and most everyone is poor. So those saying why didn’t the other family try to find them…you have to ask with what resources? Also it was a little scary to go after them since everyone knew they were capable of burning your house down and killing you and your family. Also Im sure I waited on those girls and their family the night all of this happened. I may have been one of the last people to see them Alive. I was never interviewed and they never even came to our restaurant even though articles stated it was the last place they were. Why, because the cops knew what happened. Why do extensive investigating? I mean, one of the bodies had foot prints on it for christs sake. And it was no longer a crime scene the next freakin day! 2 missing and 2 dead, 1 day investigation. It wasn’t like they were busy. Nothing goes on in that town. Most of us don’t even lock our doors at night. I feel like if any investigating had been done this would have been solved but it seemed like no one in the sheriffs department gave a shit. Just like about my brother and my other friends they murdered. I was told when I turned 16 to never pull over for a cop on the back roads and to pull into someone’s home that was well lit. Who tells a 16 year old white girl that unless you live in a town that everyone knows the cops were criminals. They tormented my family for years. I moved away right after graduation in 99 and it had a whole lot to do with that sheriffs department. After 20 years Im scared to say who I am because I still have family there.


    • Avatar


      After watching the show & before I read your thoughts I had concluded the police definitely were involved. This took place just shortly before a case was going to be filed.Coincidence? No.
      Then to overlook a body after searching in the debris, how does that happen? Give me a break!
      Since then the cops seem to jump on any confession to anyone who says ” l did it”.
      Directing their attention to any outsider.Too bad they weren’ that aggressive looking in their own backyard , the truth is obvious.
      My heart goes out to you & the Bible family..


  7. Avatar


    I don’t live in USA. Has anyone ever visited the site where the trailer was? If so what is there now? Are there other trailers? How isolated is the area?


  8. Avatar

    Mystery Man

    WOW! Some of these comments and mind blowing and totally out there… in deep space!
    I’m no detective but my understanding of the case is that the Freeman’s weren’t big time drug dealers – supposedly they only found evidence of small growing of marijuana. To me, that rules out any drug cartel involvement and that the girls were taken and sold into the sex industry – but could be some local small timers doing away with the competition or maybe the dad owed some local dealer for something he had bought from them. (Pardon me… the “maybe” part of my previous statement is a bit out there, too.) The theory that the girls were lesbian lovers, killed the Freeman parents and hitchhiked out of the area is beyond belief. True, they were life long friends and it wasn’t unusual for them to stay overnight at each other’s homes – so, to me, that only means friendship and nothing more! The local cops… I won’t accuse them but they sure did some shoddy or shady investigation. How could they have overlooked a body that Mr.Bible so easily discovered, not to mention the purse? I wish that a NEW investigation would be started with investigators who had no ax to grind with the Freeman family. Unfortunately I think that the girls were killed shortly after they were abducted and their bodies hidden locally. Maybe someday there will be a resolution to this case and the Bibles and the extended Freeman families can find peace. This is a haunting case – and the girl’s faces are etched indelibly in my memory.


  9. Avatar


    what a terrible thing. our world is so sick


  10. Avatar


    Some of the people commenting on here, need to go play! And get out of grown folks’ business. It’s insulting to the victims and their families.


  11. Avatar

    Sharissa king

    I was 9 or 10 when this happend. Well my father and grandfather knew Danny Freeman and Bible girls dad . I was watching YouTube and Freeman and Bible vanishing was the first story in the video I paused the video and texted him if him or grandpa knew the Freeman’s or Bibles . He texted this in his own words. Yes Danny Freeman and Bible guy worked for me and grandpa . Danny was in Naomi’s class in school. Danny had been a druggie since the 70’s he was pretty worthless his family were good people his daughter was good friends with the Dorsey girl. She would have been with the girls but she was grounded god wasn’t ready for her Diane Dorsey was killed because. She had come up with information the killer.
    Ithats what he told me. I hope they might be alive


  12. Avatar


    I have heard some gruesome stories about drug deals done bad in the mining area. My aunt herself was believed to be murdered and the police did nothing about it. My mother almost in the wrong place at the wrong time. I remember being a little girl and my mom telling me about these two girls. I don’t believe they had anything to do with this! I do feel it’s odd how the boyfriends were never questioned either? But I know of many people who have been murdered in this area over owing money to drug dealers. Most likely that is what happened. They are taught not to leave any witnesses behind! Therefor that’s why the girls are still missing. Why they were not in the house? Only God himself can answer that. I pray they find the girls!


  13. Avatar


    This is just a sad event that I just cannot understand why kill the parents and take the girls if so why haven’t we heard anything about the girls someone who does crimes like that will kill again. It has to be someone who knows the area so maybe the killer still living in the town hiding a dark sercet. I hope one day the truth about what really happen comes to light.


  14. Avatar


    whoever that go out in the night time to murder and kidnapped other and try to destroyed the evidences is highly training peoples like soldier….


  15. Avatar


    It may be handiwork of some very intelligent serial killer like Dennis Radar.


  16. Avatar


    Too clean for my good…


  17. Avatar


    What had happened? Did anybody consider This A Quadruple murder? It just comes to show you Whoever is looking at this reinforce the Buddy system parents be aware make sure your children hangs Around The Right Group And when they use the Internet please make Sure that you are in the same Room As They Are because Some Sick People out There will Take Advantage other people?


  18. Avatar


    What in the heck is going on here? I mean come on its all simple the two girls had committed those murders and they had ran off together that’s my answer!


    • Avatar


      Highly doubtful. Girls were 16, would need false identities and money. Highly publicized case and would probably be recognized. The show has a lead investigator stating he doubted they were responsible. One girls wallet was found with $200, in a house that was burnt down. It was a fluke It was not burned as well, so it was not left as a decoy. The father was the most likely target and the girls were taken because they were young teens and the scum that murdered the parents wanted to use them. Sadly, the chances of them being alive are nil.


  19. Avatar


    One possible answer to this Case: If those details that drug dealer told to police really wasnt available for public its really good chance he was involved. My thoughts would Be that ashleys father paid freezer money to dealer to get shotgun, drugs and some mouth shutting and then he completed some murders, lets Just hope that girls went to afterlife without huge pain. After the girls were dealt with he killed his wife and made suicide after starting the fire. This is the easiest conclusion available and probably the only one that really makes sense. Investigators should have had a conclusion to this Case already, too much pain for the families and friends.


  20. Avatar

    Jane doe

    Craig county sheriff department is pretty shady, i lived in vinita from 1990 (birth) to july 2016. I could see something like that happening and being covered up. Whether or not that is truth is heresay. I have a suspission they are burried in the graveyard next to the old mental hispital that was closed down. There is a graveyard that is closed to the public for patients who had no relatives or anyone to claim them.


  21. Avatar


    Seems more like a case of lesbians being caught in the act by the father- heated arguments taking over and the girls decided to kill the father and had to kill the mother too because she has seen everything. And then, girls setting the house on fire and fled away so far and taking on a new identity in their newer destination.


  22. Avatar


    Good Lord! Some of you have no common sense commenting on this situation. In the future read you comments 10 x’s before you post them.. To everyone else that has genuine concern for these young ladies… The truth will come to light eventually…..


  23. Avatar


    Ashley did murder her parents and burn they’re house, but not without the support of her friend Lauria. They then panicked leaving laurias purse forgotten. They decided to not use a vehicle, because they knew that they wouldn’t be driving for long before they’re license plate was recognized by the police, so they walked, and finally by changing they’re identities, dissapeared into the unsolved cases, section of history. I ha e just solved this case, so it is NOT an unsolved case anymore, but the justice that this case deserves has not been served. With some hands on inspection, I could find Lauria and Ashley, and bring them to justice.
    You can find me at


    • Avatar


      This is by far the most absurd explanation of the evidence in this case I’ve heard yet! These two 16 year old young ladies were so obviously victims of this horrific crime, that I find it hard to believe that we were commenting on the same case. They most certainly didn’t ‘walk away’ from this inferno and go off on their merry way, only to change their identity and start a new life. What kind of life would that be at 16 years old, with no financial means and no evidence of a third party assisting them?
      In my opinion, they were the actual targets of this crime. This perpetrator possibly felt he couldn’t control both of them while sexually assaulting one at a time. So he killed the parents, set the fire to destroy physical and forensic evidence, then kidnapped the girls at gunpoint, (who had to be fully traumatized by this point), and took them somewhere where he would have time and total control, not to mention a much lower risk of being discovered. I believe he killed them after he played out his sick fantasies with them.
      Unfortunately, there are some very evil sexually sadistic psychopaths walking this earth alongside of alot of us.
      My thoughts and prayers are still with their families.


    • Avatar

      J Smith

      You should probably look at a map. ‘Walking off’ would have taken considerable effort, since the driveway itself is more than half mile long and the house is about as rural as it gets.


  24. Avatar

    Garrett davis

    Im sorry this happened I shall pray that god will restore the faith in you horribly distraut people its terrible …


  25. Avatar

    Sienna Sunshine

    Please stop talking down on the Freeman family. The family has suffered a great loss and maybe that tragedy has traumatized the family especially that they loss Shane before the rest of the families demise. I really feel for the family deeply and feel deeply for the Bible family. I really hope this case gets solved in Jesus name I do.


  26. Avatar


    I am always bothered by the sloppiness of the investigators involved in this case , totally missing Danny Freeman’s body should make everyone question whether the officials involved really did nothing more than a cursory search of the scene , what if the girls were there buried in the rubble the entire time ? Did they ever find the gun ? Why was $200 found in Laura’s purse but over $4000 missing from the freezer { personally I would place my bet on an official pocketing the cash unless the guilty party is known to the victims and had info on the cash }

    While the theory that Laura & Ashley could have killed the parents and ran away might seem initially plausible one must consider these facts including was there even a car missing ? If they were walking or hitchhiking someone would have spotted them so I would rule that out unless there was a 3rd person involved who aided in their escape .

    Drug dealer theory is flawed because most small time drug dealers don’t usually murder and kidnap to exact revenge for a debt so unless the Freemans were confidential informants and a threat to local dealers I would rule that out unless there was a cartel connection involved ?

    Serial killers usually like to leave personal calling cards to mark their kills , it’s like bragging for them and they follow patterns in selecting victims so killing the parents and abducting two girls only to kill them a few miles away usually are not a trait of most serial killers , once the killer would have disposed of the parents he would have most likely sexually assaulted the girls and then murdered them in the trailer.

    This leaves the most concerning of the theories and that is the wrongful death lawsuit against the county and sadly the most likely reality of what transpired in this case .Who better to set up a scene of dead parents and missing potential suspects to draw the suspicion away from the real culprits , even passing a polygraph holds no real value because they are considered inadmissible in our court systems for a reason , they are in fact unreliable .This theory would explain several crucial points that remain a mystery today including the WHY …..


  27. Avatar

    Eric W Bohannon

    Ashley Freeman murdered her own parents and then fled with Lauria. Captain Jim Herman of the Craig County Sheriff’s Department said he had to consider the possibility:
    I see money, tied to 23 and21yo maybe 26yo boy friends, I see one of the males, killing the parents, with a shotgun, new ids were done, the G of the parents, took on the name of he grand mother 4 or 4, grand moms back, and I see them made a hand full ids, for them self’s, I Tropical, arroba, one had a pilots li, I see a white carted plane, with that movie that had david Swimmer in it and his-Hope this helps
    “There was a great deal of friction in the Freeman household. Danny and his daughter did not get along well at all and hadn’t for some time. That’s something we can’t overlook.”


    • Avatar


      What? Your message is pretty incoherent.


    • Avatar


      Is that some psychic prediction or a statement from police? Could you clarify? I’m sure the families read these and I cant imagine the frustration when unable to understand the information being provided. Thanks


  28. Avatar


    What kind of sadistic sack of crap would let these poor families agonize for years like this, send an anonymous letter, and at least let these families have some closure,
    there is a special place in hell for the sack that did this.


  29. Avatar


    Have still not found them my prayers are with there mama and dad


  30. Avatar


    These comments about the Freemen family is sick ! Danny’s brother has done everything he can to find Ashley and Laura. Unless you do know the whole story of this terrible tragedy and what happened please don’t start blaming the families. None of them were involved, I can say that because I know them and they are good people. Don’t you think the law checked both families out and where they were when this took place. I’m asking for both families, they’ve been threw enough don’t accuse any of them. All they want is the girls back if anyone could help with that it would be a blessing then the families could finally rest themselves or at least know what really took place. God Bless….


  31. Avatar

    alicia tullison

    im sorry for hearing a sad story


  32. Avatar


    Anyone considering that this whole thing could be 3 murders and a suicide, Danny Freeman being the culprit? He could’ve killed the girls and buried them, since its known he had issues w Ashley. Maybe Lauria was just in the wronglacr at the wrong time. Then he had to kill his wife so she couldn’t turn Jim in. Of course then when he realized what he’d done, he put the shotgun in his mouth based on his injuries. Since authorities didn’t find his body it’s possible they missed his gun. I really don’t think there’s anyone else except maybe Danny’s brother who could have killed them all then blamed the police dept. in order to file his OWN wrongful death lawsuit for a LOT more money…


    • Avatar


      So…. Did he set fire to the house after he killed the girls, his wife, then himself? That makes NO SENSE AT ALL. These people are desperately looking for TWO MISSING GIRLS. Posting stupid comments like this is THE OPPOSITE OF HELPFUL!!!


  33. Avatar


    I believe that it was the serial killer, Jeremy B. Jones who killed the Freeman Parents and abducted their daughter and Lauria Bible, killed the two girls and dumped their remains so they could never be found. Jones knew information that was not released to the public, including how the parents were killed, and Jones was only 10 km from the Freeman’s home when he was picked up and thrown in the drunk tank for the night. Jones was very detailed in how the events at the Freeman home was unfolded.

    It is well known that a killer, at times, can be successful in hiding a body. I’m a private investigator and am working on a project (Highway of Tears – Highway 16 in BC, Canada)….where at least 5 Highway of Tears victims are missing…..the killer in each of the missing person cases successfully hid the victim’s remains…….


    • Avatar


      Yes..interesting. I live in the area of “The Highway of Tears” and think that it is not just one serial killer, as it has been going on now for so many years. The area is so central in BC it could be someone just passing through.


  34. Avatar

    Niki H.

    I just wish they would release more DVDs of the original series, the reboot was..lacking. Robert Stack made it seem more pertinent, and his voice was soothing in the midst of evil doings. Let me buy the 90% of episodes not on dvd already!


  35. Avatar


    The girls them selves had something to do with it prob, I mean come one there bodies still haven’t been found? Shouldn’t the been alittle worried, That there bodies have not been found till this day? They prob had something to do with it , u need to look into the girls them selves.


    • Avatar


      It’s rather hard to look into the girls to get their side of the story when they have been able to find them for 16 years!!


    • Avatar


      Interesting why would you say something like that unless you know something about them. You are trying to get people to manipulate people. I’m forwarding this to the state police just to be safe they will look up your IP address btw


  36. Avatar


    how come i have never seen that much concern on the part of the freeman family, the bible family is the only one that have been spoken from the get go, don’t you think it is weird?. could it be that the freeman did this in order to implicate the police department and doing so getting even


  37. Avatar


    I remember hearing about this case on New Years Eve 1999 and never forgot about it. Living in southwest Missouri at the time, it really was close to home. Still wonder what happened to them.


  38. Avatar


    I watched this on a show called disappeared investigation ID for some Reason somethings telling me that it the freeman girls boyfriend… he might have know about the money she was saving for a car… just a thought…


  39. Avatar


    Actually the drug dealer theory makes scence. Cartels would take the girls to sell into the sex trafficking. It satisfies the debt.


    • Avatar


      I agree that makes alot of sense because the sex trafficking of young american girls in particular seems to be a huge business and sold into slavery to these foreign countries and has gone on for years I sure hope that family finds some closure.


  40. Avatar

    Suzan Carr

    I hope Laura found for her parents sake not knowing what happen and not being able to see her daughter. Pass away or alive please who is out there help this family put closure. Would you want to be that family not knowing where your child is? It doesn’t matter who’s involved please help.


  41. Avatar


    I noticed while researching this case that on an “Unsolved Crimes” web page a reader posted a message in Spanish claiming that some children saw these two in Peru in May of 2014. Although it seems likely to be a hoax, I was wondering if anyone ever followed up on it just in case.


    • Avatar


      Do you remember what site you saw this on? I know the family and am not aware of anyone ever seeing this information. I’d love to be able to see the comment!


  42. Avatar


    This is so confusing…..


  43. Avatar


    When I first saw this story on disappeared it really & still does creep me out. The most logical explanation I can think of is maybe the sheriff’s office. Whenever people say things like “if something happens to me, it’s the..” It usually is the case. Clearly, there’s alot to this that hasn’t been made public with in the investigation with their son and this case. I hope and pray they find those girls.


  44. Avatar

    This is just evil

    I am just appalled by the fact that the sheriffs department did not find the father’s body or Lauria’s purse. What did the sheriffs department say to these parents when they came back to investigate the second time? I sure hope that they combed every area of that site and the area around it thoroughly. Hunting at the site and to find a dead father with the top of his head blown off and to find that purse must have been horrific. I feel for these families and will pray that those girls with be found.


    • Avatar


      I agree I’Ll bet those girls were. In the ashes. Poor police work. Volunteer fire dept.and family looked for bodies? And why did BIbles let their daughter go to the trailer? Why did girls want to be at that trailer?


      • Avatar


        They let Lauria go to that trailer because that’s where the Freeman’s lived and Lauria and Ashley had been best friends since Kindergarten.


    • Avatar


      Something doesn’t click that the parents were allowed to come back to a crime scene by themselves. That doesn’t make sense. Unless the police were completely done with it, that wouldn’t be allowed!


    • Avatar


      Absolutely agree.


  45. Avatar


    This story is so bizzare and very creepy.. Its so heartbreaking… My heart goes out to the family. This is so haunting…. It must have been very calulated.. Both parents where shot. both girls are gone.the house was set on fire to hide evidence. Unfortunately the girls taken and I don’t want to think about the rest. I feel the brother is right about looking into sheriff’s office. The family already had a grievence with for killing their son. It come on they gave the case away willingly. Out of their hair. Case closed. No more law suits… Poof…up in smoke. Giving the department a polygraph test. Well they know their business. It would be easy to manulate that. No drug deal gone wrong would take to young girls. It was well thought out and calulated.


    • Avatar


      you have no idea what a drug dealer is capable of if he is owed money, not only they will take those girls they will even take a baby if they have to, they are ruthless


    • Avatar


      I’ve spent time in the unlawful side of things in craig County and the rumor I always heard that the drug trafficking was being done for some of the county deputies there is a lot more that goes with the story like the fact that the crime scene was released the same night as the first body was found the nurse that was in the er the night the son was killed was shoot and killed by some random person who was supposedly unhinged and he was shot dead as he left the emergency room that there was a call out to the residence and nothing was found and a few hours later another law enforcement agency was dispatched when the house was burning and the deputy that handled the original call before the house burnt contaminated the crime scene when the second body was discovered just too many things for it all to be a coincidence


    • Avatar


      I think this to be the case as well. I find it extremely hard to believe that these girls just vanished into thin air. And the murder of the parents was BRUTAL! Someone didn’t want them talking. I just don’t understand why the girls weren’t murdered also. Maybe to confuse everyone???


    • Avatar


      true that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. check out dept. sherrif cozart who is dead now and check out his brother who was in prison but was in craig county that night for a hearing the next day. this person is a bad bad person.


    • Avatar


      Absolutely . Isn’t it a lucky coincidence that the case against the dept was dropped? Hmm are we all idiots?


  46. Avatar


    This event actually happened and if any of you begin to say that it’s not real then you’re wrong. I used to work for Lorene and I have much respect for her. She is a very strong woman and the fact that she is still looking for her child is amazing. I too, am reading up on this to find any facts that can help me get further into this investigation myself. She is the strongest woman I have ever met.


  47. Avatar

    Tameka stakens

    this is so crazy a lot of people is like her


  48. Avatar


    This is ridiculous…


  49. Avatar


    This is so creepy!


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ARTICLE 12. Legal Process
12.1 You should be aware that Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. may be required to disclose your personal information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances, such as in court or regulatory proceedings.

ARTICLE 13.  Contacting the Website

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ARTICLE 14.  general information

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