A San Francisco vice cop is found murdered in his car and witnesses report seeing him with two women just before his death.

Police sketch of a caucasian woman with light features

Composite of a woman seen in the parking lot


Gender: Female
DOB: Approx 1961
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Remarks: The mayor’s office in San Francisco is offering $250,000 reward


Smiling Lester Garnier in police uniform

Vice cop Lester Garnier was murdered

Walnut Creek, California, is an affluent suburb of San Francisco. On the morning of July 11 th , 1988, a shopping center groundskeeper noticed a Corvette sitting alone in the parking lot. A man seemed to be napping behind the wheel. But the man wasn’t asleep, he was dead.

The victim was identified as Lester Garnier, an undercover vice officer with the San Francisco Police Department, who lived in nearby Concord. Detective Jerry Whiting of the Walnut Creek Police Department:

“The cause of death was determined to be two bullet wounds. This was an extremely cold-blooded, deliberate killing. The sort of person that would do something like this is extremely dangerous. There was very little evidence left at the crime scene that would give us much help in identifying the criminal. We’ve been unable to find any motive at all for the killing of Les Garnier.”

If he was off duty, Lester was usually behind the wheel of his prized 1984 Corvette. He enjoyed the good life, but was also devoted to his parents. Jean Garnier is Lester’s mother:

“Lester was a wonderful son. He always was there for us. He gave us security, knowing that if anything happens, he’s always there for us.”

Two women walking towards a car in a parking lot

A witness saw 2 women in the parking lot

Those who knew him said Lester had a reputation as a ladies man. His natural charm with women also came in handy on the job. His beat was San Francisco’s Mission District, the neighborhood he was born and raised in and an area with its share of streetwalkers. According to Detective George R. Willis of the Walnut Creek Police Department, Lester often duped prostitutes by posing as a customer:

“We found that he had made numerous arrests for prostitution. We certainly examined that aspect of his life and we weren’t able to find any connection with our case. We interviewed several of the prostitutes that Lester had arrested and found that many of them spoke highly of him, even though he had arrested them.”

Before his murder, one of Lester’s final assignments was to stake out a San Francisco brothel said to be patronized by civic leaders and police officers. After it was raided, Roger Boas, a local mayoral candidate, pleaded guilty to charges of having sex there with underage prostitutes. Several police officers were also investigated, but only one was charged and later fired. Rumors circulated that corrupt members of the police force had Lester murdered in retaliation for his work in busting the ring. According to Det. Whiting, that theory was investigated:

“We did address those issues, but we found no connection at all between Mr. Garnier’s death and the Roger Boas case, or any other case, for that matter.”

On the evening of his death, Lester left his home to meet a friend for a movie in San Francisco. Less than 20 minutes later, according to Det. Whiting, he called from his car with a message:

“During this conversation, he cancelled a meeting with his friend saying it was getting late. After that, we don’t know what happened to him until his vehicle showed up in the parking lot shortly before 11:30 P.M.. That time period is very critical.”

Det. George Willis:

“As a portion of our investigation, naturally, we searched for witnesses and we discovered that there was a carpet layer working in one of the stores late that evening. As he went out to his truck, he heard what sounded to him like firecrackers. It was around the Fourth of July, so he discounted those sounds as firecrackers. Shortly after, he looked up and saw two women walking across the parking lot. The women entered two different vehicles and left.”

The witness described one of the women as being in her late 20s, about 5’6″ and said she weighed about 110 pounds. The other was described as being in her mid 30s, tall, with a slender build. Det. Whiting:

“We also located one witness who was actually driving through the lot. As he drove past the Corvette, he saw a woman open the passenger door and exit the vehicle. He saw her walk around the vehicle and appear to look in the driver’s side of the Corvette. It’s possible that these were just two separate sightings, not associated with each other. However, it’s also possible that they are somehow related.”

Under hypnosis, the second witness helped police create a composite drawing of the blond-haired woman. Her appearance was similar to the other eyewitness description.

Det. Whiting showed the composite to the carpet layer:

“He felt that this sketch closely resembled the shorter of the two women that he saw walking across the parking lot.”

There is one other clue suggesting this woman might be involved in the murder. Police used a fingerprint found in Lester’s car to identify the blonde-haired woman seen by the witness. She is a Scottish national who’s lived in the United States since 1985. Although she’s been named as a suspect, authorities don’t have enough evidence to file charges.

The mayor’s office in San Francisco is offering $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season one with Robert Stack and season eight with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Sean

    Apparently, since they thank that his coworkers were involved also they may have wanted to start there. apparently he picked up two prostitutes and that’s the only reason why there been two females in his car what did he do to them to make them act violently for them to shoot him. Apparently this isn’t a homicide the needs to be looked into but the fact that she did something and they need to look into that not what he was shot for but why he was shot by whoever it was


    • Hannah

      So what do women do to men to make them kill or r8pe them.. according to you people must do something right… or only when its men being killed?


  2. Kat

    • Irving Babbitt

      If you look at the composite picture of the blonde hair women seen at the scene and review a picture of Catherine Kuntz there is striking similarities between the two. Mainly the nose and eyes. Extradite Catherine Kuntz and interview her and questions investigators have will finally be answered in this case…


  3. Anonymous

    In Shelby Township Michigan, there is an unsolved case similar to this.

    A man was shot and killed in his Corvette In a shopping center (Walmart) that was under construction.

    Perhaps there is a connection.


  4. JB

    Just watched this on amazon was very intrigued since it happened right in Walnut Creek where I live. It is odd they finally got a match on that woman’s fingerprints and still there was no other leads, or anything else to help solve the case. I think it is a fact that cop killers get some extra thorough attention from investigators… I wonder how much was turned up that could not be publicized due to his under cover activities or other reasons perhaps?


  5. Sharon

    It seems strange that after all the trouble the police went to find out who these women were…..As soon as they did it became a cold case. I hope they interrogated her to find out who the other woman was and why they were meeting with officer Garnier. It seems they would have investigated her to find out what she does and who she associated with to thoroughly validate her story and exhaust all angles to their theories of what happened to this young man. In fact they seem to think he sat alone in the parking lot after meeting with these women until someone else came along and shot him and then he was found the next morning. Does anyone from the area remember this story and know details about that part of the investigation……Why these women were not pursued more aggressively?


    • Paul Kersey

      This case remains unsolved because the Chief of the Walnut Creek Police Department at that time, Karel Swanson, refused to allow expert homicide detectives from San Francisco PD to assist. A Chief with almost no patrol/investigative experience making decisions based on ego instead of doing the right thing.


  6. Dave

    I suppose the police would like to talk to these women, right?


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