An Indiana woman vanishes three weeks before her wedding.

An African American young woman with shoulder length brown hair, Marilyn 'Niqui' McCown.

Marilyn “Niqui” McCown


Gender: Female
DOB: 1/6/73
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Defining Characteristics: Small scar on right side of face, small scar over left eye


On July 22, 2001, 28-year-old Marilyn “Niqui” McCown of Richmond, Indiana, stormed into her mother’s kitchen. She was upset over two “creepy” men who had harassed her at the laundromat. Niqui’s mother, Barbara McCown:

“I laughed at first, because she was such a pretty girl, I just thought that some man was making a play. I said, ‘Niqui just calm down,’ because she really was really upset.”

The back of a black Chevrolet SUV with a tire attached to the back.

Detectives discovered her abandoned SUV

Niqui may have been upset, but police believe she returned to the Laundromat anyway. No one knows for sure, because on that day, Niqui disappeared. Police had trouble believing that Niqui would take off when her wedding was just three weeks away. They suspected foul play, but without a body and with no apparent motive, they had nothing to go on.

The day she disappeared, Niqui set off to do the laundry, while her fiancé, Bobby Webster, met his best man to be fitted for their tuxedos. Michelle McCown-Luster is Niqui’s sister:

“She spent so much money on this wedding. She wanted it to be the perfect wedding. She wanted her face to be perfect, her hair to be perfect, her body to be perfect.”

Two white baskets filled with folded laundry in the back seat of the SUV.

Her folded laundry was found in her car

But Niqui’s wedding was not to be. Police believed that if Niqui returned to the laundromat, she may have been confronted, if not abducted, by the two strangers.

On Monday, July 23, the day after Niqui’s disappearance, Bobby Webster contacted Richmond Police to report that his fiancé was missing:

“Filling out all the information on that missing person’s report was very difficult. You never really think in your wildest imagination you’ll be in such a situation until it really happens. It was very confusing.”

Shortly after Niqui disappeared, Bobby began acting very strangely. Instead of postponing the wedding, he cancelled it entirely, demanding a full refund from the reception hall. Next, Bobby tried to return his wedding band for cash. But the manager refused. Niqui had paid for the ring and her name was on the receipt. Allegedly, the argument nearly turned violent and Bobby had to be escorted from the store. Bobby says the reason for his behavior was that he needed the money to help pay for Niqui’s search:

“I was to the point where it was like, this wedding doesn’t matter. Niqui’s wellbeing is what matters right now.”

But detectives weren’t convinced. They asked Bobby to take a polygraph. At first, he refused, but later he agreed. According to Richmond, Indiana, Police Sergeant Bradley Berner:

“One of the questions that was asked to Mr. Webster was, ‘Did you have anything to do with the disappearance of Niqui McCown?’ He says, ‘No,’ and the needle about jumped off the chart. So not only did he fail, he failed miserably.”

Niqui is posing with her fiance, a African American man wearing a black shirt and dark pants.

Niqui and her fiancé

Bobby denies that he failed the test. He claims neither he nor his lawyer ever saw the results.

Niqui was gone for three months before detectives got their first break in the case. On November 5, 2001, her SUV was found at a large apartment complex in Dayton, Ohio, 45 minutes east of her home in Indiana. Police believed it had been there for weeks. The door lock was punched-out, the ignition had been hot-wired, and the stereo was missing. Michelle had hopes that the car would lead to her sister:

“We kept being told by the police, ‘We’ve got to locate this truck. It’s a big piece of the puzzle.’ And when they located it, it was a little relief that now they can find Niqui.”

Sergeant Berner believed an important clue was left in Niqui’s SUV: her neatly folded laundry:

“The clothes looked like they had come just from the laundromat. They were neatly folded and did not have the appearance that someone had gone through any of the items.”

If Niqui had been abducted from the laundromat, why would her clothes be neatly folded in the back seat of her SUV? And who drove her car from Richmond to Dayton? Then police were surprised to discover that Niqui had an ex-boyfriend who lived in the same apartment complex where her SUV was found. But after further investigation, he passed a lie detector test and had a solid alibi. It was another dead-end.

However, police later discovered that Niqui made a phone call to a co-worker who lived about a mile from where her SUV was found in Dayton. They talked about beauty products and the friend told Niqui she could purchase the items she was looking for in Dayton.

Police began to wonder if something had happened to Niqui in Richmond, Indiana, in Ohio, or somewhere in-between. Police believed her SUV might have been left in Ohio to distract attention from Richmond. That theory lead police back to Bobby Webster and his strange behavior after Niqui disappeared. Niqui’s sister, Tammie Hughes, has trouble believing Bobby had anything to do with her Niqui’s disappearance:

“I love Bobby to death. And there’s no way he could do this. He’d have to be the devil himself to be able to walk around here and still see us face to face. I mean, everybody has their limits.”

Niqui’s mother, however, isn’t so sure:

“As a wise old woman once told me, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.’ So I stuck with him like glue because I figured if Bobby did do this, or if he knew anybody did do it, he would come to me.”

Police continue to follow up on other possible leads, while also keeping a close eye on Bobby Webster.

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  1. Jenny from the Block

    Scenario: She talks to a friend who recommends beauty supplies in the same town where her ex-boyfriend lives. Bobby knows where the ex lives, naturally. She tells him she is going to that town for beauty supplies, and he doesn’t believe her (pure insecure jealousy, of course). He kills her. Disposes of her body. Parks her vehicle at the apartment complex where her ex lives (which Bobby would know the location of). This is all staged to make attention fall on the ex. (Why the punched out door locks and hot-wiring? Because when the idiot disposed of her body, her car keys were still in her pocket.)


  2. Monica

    I remember this very vividly. I was just arriving to college as a freshman. Meeting many pl from all over the state of Indiana. I met some girls who knew her. at the time it was all over the news and stuff but I didnt dwell on it bc I was from East Chicago In . But in my dorm hall some girls came from Richmond and they knew her. Its very sad. I am much older now and much wiser. They know Bobby did it and he hid her well. They cant prove it so, No case. Her ex passed the lie detector. I think Bobby had an issue of some sort. She was a beautiful woman , her car was left by her ex’s home to throw off suspicion. I didnt know she had a child either, I see him down below in the comments. What did Bobby do with her? She wouldn’t have left her child,for what? Those men at the laudromat just made her angry and I get it . Men most likely always bothered her. Its annoying and insulting. I agree, if she were attacked at the laudro mat her clothing wouldve been a mess. Its like she simply walked away and we know she didnt just walk away. No female is running away with no car and no money… Id have to do something to Mr Bobby. He failed the lie detector test come on now. Then returning stuff for money , for what? Search? what you putting up billboards? search lights? Was he paying for air search? yea ok.. I mustve missed the part where they shared his alibi? I do remember his face still today from UM and like MANY other guests on the show, he is a liar and he is guilty.


  3. Lashan

    So sad I wonder if they ever found her


  4. UM slacking

    Yes unsolved: you should provide updates instead of commenters


  5. Wayne

    Was there ever any connection between Webster Swint & the father of the daughter?.Was Niqui ever threatened by a former inmate?. Did she know the owner of the laundry , or were camera `s placed in the laundry area in case of vandalism to the machine `s , and could also pick up the area in which the client `s were sitting?. How long was Webster away in California , between the time that Niqui & Webster met and his return , why did he return , and is there a Californian connection , why did Niqui not go with him in the first place , if they were engaged shortly after he returned.?



  6. HW

    Still unsolved?


  7. Payton Johnston

    My mother was NOT seeing Tommy Swint I wish you people would please stop saying that.


  8. thinkingoutloud

    clearly the fiance had something to do with it. why be so concerned with having money to find Niqui? Why go otu of your way to refund everything for a wedding instead of being out and searching for her? i wonder if she had a scret will or something where if she would to disappear or die, her fiance would get all the money. seems fishy the same day she disappeared is the same day she was getting weird looks at the laundromat.

    i think the fiance set her up… only three weeks before their wedding is suspicious. hope she is found eventually


  9. S. Moon

    There’s a lot of cases on this website that omit important information. This case is one of them. Please check Marilyn McCown’s case on the Charley Project website. They provide much more information including the man Marilyn McCown was seeing without her fiance’s knowledge around the time of her disappearance. He was sworn in as a police office, but forced to resign because he didn’t tell the police department about him being investigated in Marilyn McCown’s disappearance. He later murdered a prostitute, but before he could be arrested he committed suicide. Unsolved should really include more information, especially when it’s this important. I’ve noticed it with numerous cases on this website.


    • The Stumped Muffins

      I love Unsolved Mysteries, it’s helped so many people. But this is very important! Don’t take everything on the show at face value! Look at government websites and news articles! As someone who used to work in law enforcement, I think it’s irresponsible to cast suspicion on people when there is no real evidence against them. If you want to help solve cases, PROVIDE ALL THE INFORMATION AVAILABLE! UPDATES THESE PAGES!


    • Monica

      There are several episodes on this case and I saw this one as well. Which brings me back to BOBBY still. Im sure knowing that guy was police and murdered a prostitute , the police department was all over that. He didnt do it. Wasnt her vehicle found near his home?? theyre just saying it was an ex on this website, but i couldve sworn the ex boyfriend was the police . Bobby did it. I wont believe otherwise until its proven. bc the cop would be so easy to charge so why isnt he charged?? Bc he didnt do it lol you can look into his face on the segment and just watch him, its so clear TO ME that he is guilty .