A bitter feud between two families may have led to the disappearance of three women.

Three pictures of different woman, Wendy Camp (a young woman), Cynthia Britto (a child), and Lisa Kregear (a young woman).

Wendy, Cynthia and Lisa

Missing: Wendy Camp

Gender: Female
DOB: 3/1/69
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Defining Characteristics: Walks with a limp

Missing: Cynthia Britto

Gender: Female
DOB: 1/17/86
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Missing: Lisa Renee Kregear

Gender: Female
DOB: 10/18/68
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


In the spring of 1987, Wendy Britto of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was a divorced mother with a young daughter when she fell in love with a co-worker named Chad Noe. According to Wendy’s mother, Jackie Taylor:

“They hit it off fairly quickly and started a relationship. And then she got pregnant with her second child. And he convinced her to marry him. And they got married about three or four weeks before Jonathan was born.”

A middle aged man with short brown hair and a blue plaid shirt holding a baby boy.

Chad got custody of Jonathan

Just one month after Jonathan’s birth, Wendy developed a crippling case of multiple sclerosis. She was hospitalized for nearly a year. Chad filed for divorce and was awarded primary custody of Jonathan. Chad felt he should raise Jonathan alone:

“Of course, along with the MS, I didn’t think that she would be able to help me raise my child. And instead of having two people, or two children to deal with, I just decided that it was best if we got a divorce and I help raise the child on my own.”

Wendy Camp was too sick to fight the divorce or the custody decision. For two years, she went through physical therapy just to regain simple skills like eating and walking. Then, her life took a positive turn, at least for a while. During this time, friends introduced Wendy to Leon Camp. They fell in love and were married. Wendy’s first child, Cynthia, lived with them. Wendy’s condition improved. So she asked her ex-husband, Chad, for visits with Jonathan.

At first, everything went smoothly. Jonathan spent a few weekends with Wendy and Leon. Then, according to Wendy’s mother, Chad’s family began to sabotage the visits:

“She would call and make an appointment with them, set up a time and everything for her to see him. And she would go there and they would not be at home. And then they kept moving and getting unlisted phone numbers, this type of thing. So it was almost impossible to keep track of them.”

Chad Noe remembers it differently:

“She was allowed to visit him whenever she wanted. And there was never any real hard feelings up until my mother informed me that he was being sexually molested and then that’s whenever the visitations were cut off.”

A dark sedan parked on the grass infront of a suburban home.

Beverly brought Wendy for a visitation

Wendy’s husband, Leon Camp:

“There was no molestation. Not once. And the idea of them thinking it just tore me up inside. I was mad.”

The charges of sexual abuse against Leon couldn’t be proved or disproved. The court ordered that Wendy and Leon’s visits resume and cited Chad for contempt. For more than six months, Chad refused to allow Jonathan to visit. Then on May 29, 1992, he had a sudden change of heart. Chad even offered to have his mother, Beverly Noe, pick up Wendy, since she was unable to drive. Leon said that he didn’t want Wendy to go alone:

“I didn’t trust these people and me and Chad didn’t get along. And I was just, something inside of me I just felt like she better not go by herself.”

A dark sedan driving down a street.

The 115-mile trip took just over two hours

By the time Beverly arrived, Leon had convinced his sister, Lisa Renee Kregear, to go with Wendy and Cynthia. According to Leon:

“I kissed Wendy good-bye first and they got in the car and took off and I waved at ‘em and that was the last time I saw them.”

The 115-mile drive to Chad’s home in Shamrock, Oklahoma, took just over two hours. When the group arrived, Wendy called Leon:

“The first time she called me that day was to let me know that she’d made it alright.

Chad Noe:

“She and Jonathan and Cynthia played for awhile. But she mostly sat there and drank coffee with me out on the porch and talked.”

Two women and a child are getting out of a dark sedan.

Beverly says that she dropped them off

When it was time for Wendy to say good-bye to Jonathan, she, Cynthia and Lisa Renee climbed back into Beverly’s car. Chad’s grandmother, Ida Prewitt, joined them for the ride. Before leaving Shamrock, Wendy called Leon again:

“About 4:30, 4:45 she called me to let me know how the visit went. She said that Beverly was in a hurry and she had to get off the phone. And that was the last I talked to her.”

According to Chad’s grandmother Ida, Wendy was unpleasant from the very beginning:

“And all this time, all the way to town she’s just griping and bitchin’ and that’s all she could do. So after they got back in the car and everything, I told them, just take me back home. I said, you gotta put up with this but I don’t. So she brought me back home and then she went on.”

Ida says Chad’s mother later reported that the bickering continued for the next half hour:

“She said by the time she got to Chandler she’d had just about all she could stand. And she pulled into Wal-Mart and told them to get out.”

A newspaper clipping with the headline 'Woman missing with two others needs medication police say'

People in the community were stunned

Beverly told police that she pulled into a shopping center parking lot 45 miles from Wendy’s home. She then ordered Wendy, Cynthia, and Lisa Renee out of the car. They never returned home. They never called. They never asked anyone for help. It was as though they had dropped off the face of the earth. According to Jackie Johnson with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation:

“We did an aerial search which involved four and five airplanes searching a five county area. It also involved several search teams. And nothing was discovered at that time.”

Jackie Taylor suspected foul play:

“Wendy was very, very dependent upon Leon. And she’d already called twice. She would’ve immediately gone in and called her husband. Or if she wasn’t able to get a hold of him, she would have called me. I feel that my daughter and my granddaughter and the sister-in-law were murdered that Friday night. I feel that Ida, Beverly, and Chad, all three of them are involved. I feel that they pretty well had the plans laid out on what they were going to do when they made the phone call to ask Wendy if she wanted to see Jonathan. And I figure whoever got in that car, they were going to do what they had planned to do.”

Ida Prewitt denies the accusations:

“Beverly and I did not have anything to do with their disappearances. And I know this. I don’t care whether they know it or not, or believe it. But I know it.”

Chad Noe:

“There is no way that I or my grandma or my mother could kill them. Or ship them off somewhere.”

In spite of Chad’s denials, two residents of Shamrock have told authorities they overhead him boasting that he had killed Wendy, Cynthia, and Lisa Renee, and that no one would ever find their bodies. Chad Noe:

“Maybe in one of my drunker stupors I might’ve popped off, ’Oh yeah, yeah I did it.’ But there ain’t no way I could’ve done something like that. I’m not a violent person.”


21 years after they disappeared, a man named Grover Prewitt alerted investigators that he suspected that the bodies of Wendy Camp, Cynthia Britto, and Lisa Renee Kregear were located on his property. Prewitt is the brother of Beverly Noe, and he believed the victims were buried in a septic tank hold he had dug. All three victims were found there. Beverly Noe was arrested for the 1992 killings. Noe pleaded no contest to the murder charge and was sentenced to 30 years in prison, with 15 years suspended as part of a plea bargain. Ida Prewitt, Beverly’s mother, was also a suspect but she is now deceased.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season six with Robert Stack and in season four with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.



  1. Anonymous

    Beverly Noe finally passed away in October 2023. Hopefully now Wendy’s family can have some sort of peace knowing Beverly is no longer alive.


  2. Arrest Chad Now

    Chad should be in prison too. He knew exactly what happened. He slipped up in the interview:

    “ There is no way that I or my grandma or my mother could kill them”

    He knew they were already dead and slipped up


  3. nobody

    to serve half of a prison term for killing three people is not right,


    • Dave

      Jackie Taylor is my best friends sister. A week after this happened they both told me exactly what went down but couldn’t prove anything without a body. Omg were they ever right. 22 years went by and poor Jackie was never the same. For Beverly Noe to only serve a few years for a triple murder and blame her dead mother…. Wow!! She’ll have to answer for her sins some day.
      It’s a good thing this family is as tough as it is.


  4. JR23

    What a terrible thing to do to these three people after watching this case it’s more prevalent than ever that the American justice system is messed up there should have never been a suspended sentence all involved should have been sentenced to lethal injections this is cold-blooded murder and this went on for 22 years almost to do something like this you don’t get any more evil


  5. Tom

    I’ve studied this case and Ida prewitt, she was a tremendously dangerous woman and anyone who was around her was badly affected, tainted, her daughter and grandson were mentally ruined before they were in double digits, thus a psychopath and sociopath that are probably the worst liars I have ever seen on television. And if you google Jonathan, one of the first stories you’ll find is of a ‘Jonathan Noe’ threatening then attacking a police officer in a Tulsa bus station. And the picture that goes with it, if it is the same dude, has the look of hollowness and defeat that is reminiscent of a crack/meth user. I would be curious to witness the deathbed of both Chad and Beverley. But being brought/dragged up by Ida, the odds of them expressing true remorse to a man or woman of the cloth would be a bet that would deliver its own remorse if taken. If Ida Prewitt did indeed end up in Hell, chances are that Satan is now working for her!!


    • Dave

      I’m a family friend and everything you said is spot on. Sad day in our judicial system.


      • Tom

        Thanks Dave. Do you know Wendy (from the post below this one)? If you do, all i can say is “unlucky!!”. Enjoy your life Dave. Tom


      • KB

        I am Canadian and our judicial system doesn’t have the death penalty and rarely have sentences above 25 years…and I can’t believe the sentences in this case! But even before that, it’s clear that Ida and her family were rotten : Arson, suspected of another murder, Childs with underage girls…how were they able to get permanent custody of Jonathan? And keep it after Cynthia was remaried and Beverly wasn’t respecting visitation and making false claims? It stink of corruption.


    • Wendy

      You can study all you want. But you don’t know the truth. I’m a family member and I will tell you now my aunt Beverly did not kill them ppl let anyone having anything to doi with harming a little girl. And no Jonathan is not on any kind of drugs. He is taking care of his grandma and working a full time job. So unless you know the whole story beside what you read online don’t pass judgment.


      • Holly

        Lol, I can see you’ve inherited the family genes. Are you as sick as Ida, Beverly and Chad? They killed two women and an innocent girl, if you are actually related to them, I feel for you, I really do, however please use some critical thinking. The only people with something to gain was Ida, Beverly and Chad. What kind of man divorces his sick wife? What kind of family lies about CSA? What kind of family murders 3 innocent people? They’re scum.


      • Roberto Ciccone

        They were ALL in on it.
        Ida couldn’t even pretend not to come across as a hateful bitter old woman on TV so you know she was even worse in person.
        Whoever the judge was that dismissed the case against the uncle should’ve lost re election and NEVER been allowed to serve on the bench again! Its a miscarriage of justice for Beverly gets 30 yrs (10 years for each murder) then to have that slap on the hand further reduced to 15 yrs is absolutely crazy to me. Not a good look for Oklahoma.


      • Jamie

        Sure, Jan!


  6. Elizabeth

    Such a sad story. Beverly was released in January of this year. Can’t believe she only served 5 years for killing three people. Still believe the ex-husband was involved.


  7. Kelly Thornton

    Would not surprise me if this was planned . I mean she gets sick after giving birth. That’s strange.. And for Chad I believe he is the one that done it..
    Why was he not charged? And there was a family member that reported it.. Chad is pure evil.


  8. Tara

    If you’re sociopathic enough to divorce a hospitalized woman because of her disability and your unwillingness to “take care of two children,” you’re absolutely capable of anything.


  9. Velvet

    It’s the dynamics of families they were considered disposable property. The child was in the way and could identify granny. Why would they say disappeared ? They were missing. That fcker chad and his posse knew they disappeared. Duh. Because they were responsible. Congrats killed 3 humans your officially a serial killer.


  10. Marie

    Interesting because the last line before the update was – “Maybe in one of my drunker stupors I might’ve popped off, ’Oh yeah, yeah I did it.’ But there ain’t no way I could’ve done something like that. I’m not a violent person.”
    And you say Annie that he said “bad things happen when you drink” do you think maybe he’s referring to accidentally letting people know he did it? What year was it?


  11. Amie Harrell

    I actually used to work with Chad Noe at Cici’s Pizza in Norman,Ok. Many years back. I didnt know who he was or anything at all about him. Until a year or so later I saw this case on Unsolved mysteries. I could not freaking believe it! I always got a bad,creepy vibe off this dude and now I knew why! I’ll never forget one day at work we were both on break sitting at a table waiting to clock in and he asked what i was doing after work. It was Friday so my answer was,geting real drunk,vecause that was the truth! Lol. Anyway,i jokingly said,what about you? You gonna get all wild&drunk tonight? And he looked at me with such a deathly scary look,that this convo with him has been burned in my memory since,and he says,”No.No I don’t drink anymore. Bad things happen when I drink. Real bad things.” That really freaked me out. I avoided him like the plague after that. Last time I saw him he was working at a restaurant called Vans Pig stand in Norman,OK.


  12. Rain Storm

    Actually,they did get away with murder….the grandmother died warm and safe in her bed and Chad (the f-ck-up jerk) was never charged with ANYTHING ’cause his mother took the whole wrap. After, of course, first trying to blame the whole thing on a dead EVIL old woman (the grandmother). I still can’t wrap my head around how the Great State of Oklahoma could give the murderer of 3 innocent human beings, one being just a baby, a mere 30yrs. That’s only 10yrs per victim!! She could, very realisticlly, serve only 10-12yrs and be out on parole. That’s not a murder sentence that’s a GIFT…what really chills me to the bone is how they all three could look straight into the camera tell such blatten lies and be cool as a cucumber…just like a psychopath. I wonder what happened to the son.


    • Annoymous

      Ida may have died warm & safe in her bed but she’s suffering now because she’s burning in Hell for what she did. God does not let evil deeds like that go unpunished, Beverly & Chad are going to have to stand before God one day as well.


  13. Rachel Romo

    They are aholes who basically got a way with murder, and don’t get me started with the justice system they are in the craps over there how dare they deny giving Wendy her child back if not in this world then after they will get theres.


  14. Moe

    The grandmother looks like the devil. She showed no comparison for the missing at the time. Why because they were all in on it . I knew the son was a pos when he left here when she got ms. Hope they die a slow death.


  15. Indonesian viewer 001

    Anyone know how she killed the victims? Just out of curiosity, not going to disrespect them at all.


  16. Chads a pig

    How was Chad off the hook? Dirty little greaseball that he is, I have no doubt he was involved. And a great guy to let his mother take the fall for him.


  17. Valentina

    Any murder makes me upset especially when a child is involved. What made me mad was that Ida Prewitt and Beverly Noe KNEW where the victims were during the taping of the show anD acted lIke an ino cent party. Ida sat there and lied to the “Unsolved Mysteries” crew. These murders never have had to happen. I always believed she and Beverly had a hand in this. Wendy’s son had to grow up without a mom and now he is taking his grandma’s side. It’s disheartening and sad because he too, is a victim in this.


  18. guilty

    Chad looked guilty from the start. But to offer a ride to your sick ex wife by his mother seemed like a set up to me. Then they just left her the sister in law and young daughter at a walmart? They def thought the whole thing through. Its sickening.


    • Annoymous

      NOT victim blaming, considering the situation that was a major RED FLAG. Since it was a 2 hour drive, why didn’t they bring the child to see her? I understand she wanted to see her son but getting into a car with them was a huge mistake. She should have said something like “it’s a 2 hour drive, bring him here” or another solution. The only thing poor Wendy got to do was live to regret the day she met Chad.


  19. Mulder

    This entire ending tho predictable. Is beyond tragic. How can the guilty NOT deserve a bullet to her head? This case (Among very many others) is the reason why I cannot become a policeman. May the old hag that died in 2011 burn in hell. As well as all the accomplices. And the EX had to have known.


  20. anonymous

    Her getting so sick right after giving birth, then getting well when she was away from the first husband makes me wonder if he poisoned her so he could get the son.


  21. Sky

    The whole family needs to be locked away. Sick freaks!


  22. Anonymous

    When I first heard about this story. I had a strange feeling in stomach. It was so sad first that wendy developed MS then when her ex husband divorced her and took custody of their baby. I was happy see that she found someone truly supportive. It only got sadder when her ex husband and his family made it difficult for her see her own son. The false accusations about the child molesations. They lies they must told that poor little boy about his mother. I knew it in my heart that they never got dropped off at walmart. I knew that this sick family did something to them. That chad and his very sick family lurked Wendy; her sister in law and her daughter under false pretenses. They killed an innocent child…shame…..I am relieved to know that they didnt get away with it. Thank you solved mysteries for the update. May god be with them in heaven and they are at peace. My heart goes to the family and wendy’s husband leon may god ease your suffering. P.s. I hope Jonathan is well and realizes how much his mom loved him.


    • Rain Storm

      Actually,they did get away with murder….the grandmother died warm and safe in her bed and Chad (the f-ck-up jerk) was never charged with ANYTHING ’cause his mother took the whole wrap. After, of course, first trying to blame the whole thing on a dead EVIL old woman (the grandmother). I still can’t wrap my head around how the Great State of Oklahoma could give the murderer of 3 innocent human beings, one being just a baby, a mere 30yrs.


  23. oliva

    wow chad killed them why


  24. Sharon Pinner

    Why was the ex husband not charged?? I thought from the time I saw this that these 2 women and little girl had been killed!1 What kind of person kills a child??


  25. Michael

    Not that I condone any of these killings,but, really she had to kill the little girl?