How did a man fall to his death from the roof of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore?


Newlywed Rey Rivera disappears while his wife, Allison, is on a business trip.

In May 2006, Rey and Allison Rivera have been married for six months and have been living in Baltimore for 18 months, after re-locating from Los Angeles when Rey was offered a job. Now, they’re making plans to move back to California.

Six days later, Rey’s car is found in a parking lot next to the Belvedere Hotel.

On the evening of May 16, 2006, Allison Rivera is out of town on a business trip when she tries to call Rey, but he doesn’t answer. At 9:30pm, Allison phones her co-worker, Claudia, who is staying at the couple’s home. Claudia tells her that at 6pm, she heard Rey answer a phone call, respond, “Oh,” then rush out of the house. At 5am the next morning, Claudia calls Allison to say Rey is still not home. Knowing this is out of character for him, Allison immediately drives back to Baltimore, calling hospitals, police, friends, and family looking for Rey, and she files a missing person report with police. Family and friends fly in to aid in the search which doesn’t turn up a single clue or witness. Six days later, Rey’s SUV is found in a parking lot next to the Belvedere Hotel in downtown Baltimore. The parking ticket shows it has been there since the 16th.

Rey’s body was found in the conference room of the Belvedere.

On May 24th, three of Rey’s co-workers from Stansberry and Associates, the publishing company where he works, decide to search for clues in a parking structure adjacent to the Belvedere. From the 5th floor of the parking structure, they look down on the roof of a lower annex of the Belvedere, and see two large flip-flops, a cell phone, and glasses. Next to these items, is a hole in the roof, about 40” in diameter. Overcome by a sense of dread, they call the police. When hotel concierge Gary Shivers opens the door to the conference room that is under the hole, they discover Rey’s severely decomposed body.

Allison and Rey’s family are devastated by the news, and even more baffled when the Baltimore Police declare the death a suicide. Rey had no psychological issues and had exhibited no signs of stress or depression. And what was Rey doing at the Belvedere?

Homicide detective Mike Baier is first on the scene, and when he sees Rey’s belongings on the roof, his gut instinct tells him the scene looks staged. Rey’s cell phone is still working and his glasses are unscratched—after falling 13 floors? And no one can understand exactly what part of the roof Rey would have had to jump from to land where he did. Another troubling aspect to this case: no one at the hotel remembers seeing the 6’5” man anywhere in the hotel the evening of May 16th and it would have been extremely difficult for Rey to find his way to the roof.

The medical examiner has declared the cause of Rey’s death as “unexplained”.

Allison believes Rey was murdered and wonders if his death is somehow connected to his work writing financial newsletters for Stansberry and Associates. The “Rebound Report” provided financial advice to subscribers who paid upwards of $1,000 for each newsletter. In years past, the company had been cited by the Securities and Exchange Commission for producing “false” leads. The call Rey received around 6pm on May 16th was from those offices, yet no one came forward to admit they made that call.

The medical examiner has declared the cause of Rey’s death as “unexplained” because there are too many unanswered questions, therefore the case must remain open with the Baltimore Police Department. Allison Rivera still holds out hope that someone will come forward with a clue or a lead to the mysterious death of her husband.




  1. Erin

    I feel like that everyone is concentrating on one specific thing and not looking at everything as a whole. Everyone keeps talking about the letter. well If you watched that episode, you would’ve seen some of the stuff that was in the note and they showed a lot of horror movies such as signs, the village, the others. The other thing is in that same list he also had a lot of computer references, such as Wi-Fi Internet ethernet, Bluetooth if you actually look at the note, everything that is written is in categories. He has written medical stuff down and then the next few are computer stuff so no I don’t think it is cryptic. I think he wrote stuff down so he wouldn’t forget. I do that all the time in the notes on my phone I will write things in shorthand so when I refer back to them later, I can recall that thought. I mean he was a writer. So he was into very dark things and what I mean by that is if you look at the movies, they are all a horror or psychological thriller, fight club. For instance is about a guy who is schizophrenic so that would be a mental issue. He also had eternal sunshine of the spotless mind on there, which is about two people getting their mind erased. You also have in there some movies that might be on the border of alchemy such as da Vinci‘s code, and national treasure so if you look at these things as a whole he liked secret societies. He liked puzzles and games and decoding things and psychological thrillers. Is it a huge possibility that he was looking into a secret society or some thing else and this could’ve been an initiation gone wrong and then someone tried to cover it up?


  2. Ms unhurd

    Where is the debris from the roof material and where is the blood, hair, skin evidence from that ?


  3. Anonym

    It CLEARLY wasn’t a suicide.

    1) He left a note under his table. But not a suicide goodbye note. It’s more like a coded message. A person whom (according to his wife) have always been interested in secret societies leaves a hidden message in a note which has connection to secret societies? It’s either a great and useful clue, a hidden message or a mislead for the investigators and the family.
    2)The cameras of the hotel were off, cut down EXACTLY that night when this case took place. If you taking your own life you won’t just ask the hotel owners to shut down all the cameras.
    3)He got a call from his workplace but police couldn’t figure out from which device or who exactly called him that night. Then he got surprised and ran away. Means he got into a huge problem.
    4)His stuff like his phone WERE NOT DAMAGED means he didn’t jump off. Someone was trying to create fake evidences.
    5)But his body was crashed and bruised everywhere. Means most likely he was BEATED (or tortured) TO DEATH by someone. As the hole was too small for a human especially for a man to get through and his body was not even under the hole. So it clearly means someone who had access to the hotel’s old conference room did it. And it’s most likely connected to the message he left under his table.
    6)He was a businessman and people in business working with huge amount of money every day have high rank enemies.
    7)The investigator was the only one who thought about homicide and suicide and got fired also the police tried to end the case saying it was suicide when it was clearly a murder.

    So my hypotesis is, this case remained “unsolved” not because the police is unable to solve it but because the police plays a role in it. They know who or whom exactly killed him, they are just trying to undercover them because they are someone higher than them.

    Yes, I’m talking about 3 possibilities.

    First) Someone from the government

    Second) Mafia/gang action

    Third) Secret societies (most possible) and maybe the letter is a code to find them.
    Two possible reasons to kill him:
    *He investigated them, gathered many informations about them, dangerous ones which might have been a danger to their lives so he was silenced.
    *He tried to join them but failed the “entrance exam” so they killed (or more like sacrificed) him.

    But as most of the world’s governments work under these so called “secret societies” whenever they kill someone they will remain undercover and the cases will remain opened or unsolved (or ended with fake reason).


    • Lolie

      Concernant les manipulations policières, je suis tout à fait d’accord avec vous. Ils savent mais ne peuvent pas. C’est dramatique pour son épouse.


    • Lolie

      Concernant les manipulations policières, je suis tout à fait d’accord avec vous. Ils savent mais ne peuvent pas. C’est dramatique pour son épouse. P.S. Je ne vois pas comment j’aurais pu l’avoir déjà dit je viens de découvrir cette malheureusement histoire et je découvre le site suite à ce documentaire.


    • Anon

      You basically wrote a transcript of the episode lol.


  4. Kadence

    I’m only 13, and I think I might know why he committed suicide, mayeb on the phone call, someone was threatening him and his family if he doesn’t give a certain amount of money, or do something, so he couldn’t and didn’t want to put his family in any danger, so he killed him self. My other option is maybe he was a witness to a crime and didn’t tell anyone, and then got threatened,so killed him self, but I have to do research to figure out how he got so far out when he jumped.
    If anyone knows more theory’s then I’d love to hear them.


    • Mahira

      Are u dumb? Its CLEARLY not a suicide. The hole is too small for a mans body to get in, his phone was undamaged. Someone murdered him and tried to put fake evidence that he killed himself.Someone made that hole on the roof. And the cameras were cut off exactly that night so DUH someone cut the cameras.


      • taylor

        Rude. This person is 13 years old. They don’t sound dumb in their writing technique but maybe they just don’t understand the entire concept because they are 13. Stop being a bully and focus on yourself because you’ve obviously got some issues you need to face.


  5. Marian Stepka

    If one looks from the roof towards the conference room, there are two chimneys. One on the left has some pipe structures inside. Another is evident. It has to be entered from the bottom of the chimney because I cannot see any access from the outside or the roof. The conference hall roof’s hole is closer to the left vent. If there is a possibility of climbing a chimney on the right from the inside, I would consider calculating if one jumps from the edge of the vent on the right can hit the roof on the questioned spot. It also would be regarded as investigating if the entrance to the chimney can be accessed without being seen. It looks like it is the closest point requiring the slowest velocity to reach the spot. Of course, it has to be calculated and verified.


  6. Simone

    Could have been hit by a car at speed on the parking garage roof?


    • J05

      That would be unlikely because of how small the hole in the roof is.


    • Happy

      That would make sense because the force could send the body off at an angle that sent him in a hard head first angle. This theory could be simulated using physics and math. His weight, hight, and then determine at what angle and distance from the end of the roof would send him into a head first dive. When entered accurately it would help one calculate where he would have had to be standing at the point of impact. If this is what happened the skull, collar bones, and shoulders would show damages. Being hit by a car and forced off the roof would fit with the leg bone damages. Js


  7. Sara

    I wonder if the note on his computer might be a way for him to keep track of passwords. My husband, who had not watched the episode with me, informed me recently of a similar method he uses. The varied subject matter and the rambling way it’s written might be a way for him to embed a password with context clues that only he can understand. It may be helpful to the case if the meaning of the note can be “cracked” in this manner either by a. eliminating it as important and so it does not generate false leads; or b. allow access to sites he may have used that could provide other clues.


  8. Sherlock

    Smells like a Russian hit, involving his finance “friend”. The cops all say suicide because they are afraid of the Russian mob working in that area (close to DC) and don’t want to dig too deeply. Made to look like a suicide. They threw a heavy weight (bowling ball?) far enough out to make the hole in the roof and then placed his tortured body in the conference room. But I think someone with knowledge of that conference room structure was involved. How did they know the roof was flimsy enough for a body (or object) to penetrate the roof? Was the hole ever examined for any clothing, hair, blood, skin, etc. samples to see if he had gone through the roof? Someone on the hotel staff was paid or threatened to turn off the camera and let them gain access to various parts of the hotel.
    Need to check the hotel registry on that date to see if any Russian (or east European) or finance people had rented a room on that side where the hole is to enable them to throw an object onto and through the roof.
    The alarm at the house suggests he was to be hit in his house but the alarm scared off the assassin. So his finance friend was instructed to get him to the hotel area for the hit. Rey was never in the hotel but was met, subdued, then attacked nearby and his body placed in the conference room where they knew it was not in use and would not be found immediately.
    The note is key of course. Written in some code, hidden where it would be eventually found but not in a cursory search. Curious that he trimmed it into a particular shape.
    The last phone call he received came from work but he didn’t go to the office. He must have been instructed to meet at the hotel on the pretense of calming an upset client that was staying at the hotel? Why would he leave in such a hurry as to not even put on shoes? He didn’t say anything to the woman roommate as he left suggesting something he couldn’t discuss with her. Must have been a serious ruse. Maybe his “friend” claimed he was in extreme immediate trouble and needed his assistance.
    This whole thing sells of premeditation. Why would his friend want to hire him, having no financial acumen, and have him move across the country? His friend needed him to take the fall for something corrupt, or wanted to involve Rey. Rey somehow acquired information (given or discovered) of a (financial?) crime and decided to back out and he was silenced.


  9. Nikki

    If I could see the note I’d try and figure it out because I think it’s definitely written in some sort of special code even though his wife said he wrote random stuff all the time because of the fact it was sort of hid behind the computer and had some names missing.I also believe his supposed to be best friend knows something if not caused it because of how he silenced the whole company and refused to talk after the body was found ont top of the fact he refused an interview.Not to mention someone was interested in his computers as they kept calling the department about it.

    On top of that there is the fact that important parts of any investigation were not done;diagram of the room where his body was found,crime scene photos,and statements by those who found the hole in the roof,the garage security tape doesn’t seem to be looked at if it was even retrieved AND the fact his injuries weren’t persistent with that of a fall from a great height as he mostly had damage on one side of his body from what I’ve read.


    • Elizabeth Colley

      Hi, I’m in England and just watched this episode for the first time. Just wondered if you ever got a reply from your request for the note. I too would like to see it.

      Kind regards



  10. Sars

    Why someone who wants to suicide goes to a garage or a rooftop when there are easier ways to do so? Let alone someone who has a happy life…
    Something doesn’t add up to his death and certainly, I have many questions that indicate more research and, in my opinion, the investigation was a botched job.
    If indeed he got to the rooftop of the hotel, then someone who knows exactly how to navigate brought him secretly plus he knew how to turn off the camera. Background history of people living there and checking if one of them had a connection to the company Rey worked for.
    They knew where his car was so a CCTV check from places around would be an indicator of what he was doing, if he was alone or whatsoever. The ticket they found in his car why no one investigated it?
    Had Rey got some information or found out something in his workplace and someone tried to break into his house two times?
    Why was the detective who was the only one that believed it wasn’t a suicide suddenly removed from the case in a different spot?
    Why his co-workers who found his belongings weren’t investigated thoroughly?
    Why the company Rey was working wasn’t investigated especially when the last phone came from their location? Why his best friend didn’t help by cooperating with the police and providing info?


  11. Albert

    I think Rey was forced to walk on board and jumped


  12. Eskarleth

    The note clearly is a key to what information he had. I barely saw the note and some of the names he wrote and something popped. If you noticed the moves and the names some of them match to the actors. Like meet Joe black with Brad Pitt. And if I had information in case something happened I would write the key to the code and how it’s connected and leave also the message. So that’s why some names of important people are missing because it wouldn’t fit with the code. I just wished I could see it all.


    • Kevin J

      Le papier à t-il été analysé . Comme il sort d une imprimante il doit avoir un numéro caché dessus . Le format de papier utilisé est t il seul lui de la maison . Les voisins aurai t il vu quelque chose . 2 alarme dans la même semaine sa doit attirer les regarde. Serait il possible qui aurai été battu mis sur un auto qui est rouler jusqu’au toit et l auto aurait freiner . Bien sûr il aurai fallu savoir que la caméra ne marchait pas cette journée la


  13. Kartavya

    People here have suggested the helicopter /aircraft theory for throwing him to that block near the parking lot but first of all of the helicopter was involved and had to drop him from there the head must have got fucking smeared from the drop but in the autopsy the medical examiner said the skull was broken, if you are throwing a person from that height there is no way the head wouldn’t splatter like a bowl of blood it had to drown in blood and 2nd point being is if he is been dropped from a lower height there is no way no one heard the sound of it, clearly a helicopter even at a enough height create so much noise. So, I think helicopter theory should be ruled out.


  14. Lightning

    i think i cry a lot in here because non of the evidence make sense it was suicide i believe to he was killed

    and to all one thing still hit me , why if you have a best friend and it was your corp. and you don’t want to say a thing that would make me think

    and with every evidence i can say it was him or he paid someone to do it but it was him i truely believe that !!!!!!

    everyday i live with the pain of those families god bless you all !!!


    • Mark Borrmann

      Someone hit him with their car on top of that parking garage, broke his shins and sent him flying off the top of that parking garage! How can no one see that? Who does he know that had damage to the front end of their car at that time frame? He got the call clearly from someone that knew him and lured him there and ran him down! They tried getting him in his house a few times hence the alarm going off, and did no one see the brick sitting on the house window ledge? Clearly it hit the wood decoration and broke it and landed on the ledge, so I bet that set the alarm off the first time.. someone was testing to see if they could get in quietly.. the ball was dropped on this case big time.. I seen like 5 things that weren’t covered I seen in the pictures.. the only way he could have gotten thru that roof was 1 being hit by a car on the parking garage or he was dropped out of a helicopter or pushed out of one! No other way! That alone narrows things down! Why did everyone keep thinking the hotel roof? I seen that impossible just from the video of the place! Get a private detective.. someone at that company with allot to lose lured that man! And if it was something he was investigating it will be in that office someplace! Cops in that city are stupid!


      • Mark Borrmann

        And the guy with access to where his body was found stole his money and left his body to rot..


      • Slient

        If there was another car involved they would have mentioned that evidence. Don’t you think there would be skid marks In the parking lot? and if a car did hit him he wouldn’t have gone that far because the car wouldn’t have enough space to move that fast without the car also going off with the body, and also for possibly someone to take the time to put his belongings next to the hole that he fell through wouldn’t make sense at all.


  15. Mutty

    Acabo de ver el documental y mi percepcion es que la victima tenia una relacion sentimental con su amigo. Porque el incluso al casarse se mudo para estar cerca de el. El hizo la carta para despedirse porque pensaba abandonar a su esposa no para suicidarse. Recibio una llamada de la empresa donde era dueño el amigo. Fue tan amenazante la llamada que el se fue corriendo. Creo que el amigo es el responsable de su partida. Tal vez se arrepintio de lo que hacia y el amigo hizo el acto. Y lurgo uso su poder para que los policias no investigaran las llamadas porque sabia que alli estan las respuestas


  16. Randy

    The helicopter/aircraft theory doesn’t make sense. Why lift somebody up and drop him through a building right next to where his car is parked, and where he is guaranteed to be found? Why risk anybody seeing the act?
    I’m leaning more toward an act of misadventure or a random murder, although neither of these are strongly supported by reason. A premeditated murder does not make sense because that’s just a terrible place to carry out a planned murder.
    The cameras were off. When were they turned off? By who? Why?
    The fact that his friend lawyered up is not indicative of a crime or guilt. He runs a business and he has assets to protect. He started feeling the heat and he did what he could to mitigate it. There could be something there, but the evidence is purely circumstantial. Pointing fingers before we even know exactly how Rey died does not help.
    The same goes for the note. It gives no information about how Rey died. It only gives a confusing view into his mind at the time he wrote it, which is a time not known. We do know he was a writer, which means he had a creative passion. Anybody with a creative passion experiments with their craft in unconventional ways, hence his weird writings. I could be wrong, but even if the note is evidence of why Rey died, it still doesn’t explain how he died.
    The most interesting thing is that he got a call and ran out of the house. Did they even find out where the call came from? My next question is where did he go, and for what purpose? Everything is missing between the moment he left the house and the moment he is found in a conference room by The Belvedere under a hole in the roof, except the fact that his car had parking tickets placing it there on at least the 16th. It is 100% necessary to discern those facts before we know what happened to him.


  17. Xeren

    Any family history of psychosis?? It appears to me he had cluster A personality traits as evident in his interests. The letter he wrote, the formation, the idiosyncratic content seems close to a person with psychosis.


  18. MJ

    The Belvedere Hotel is a huge hotel with cameras everywhere. Were there cameras in the room that holds the phone equipment???? I’ve managed hotels over 20 years and it is true that you can not tell what room or office the call came from but when some one is using the phone a light will come on on the phone card that is assigned to it. For example on phone card may control 15 rooms and each of those rooms are clearly labeled. So while there is no report there is a way to see the what lights where on at the time re received the call.


    • Alexa

      Dead weight.Someone threw him off that building. He was already dead when HE WAS dropped.


    • Mark Borrmann

      Clearly you didn’t watch the video. The call never came from the hotel! It came from the place he worked but they couldn’t trace it to a certain office.. watch the video and pay attention


  19. He

    honestly bruv the note, got me thinking alot like very, all i could see is Help from it now ive been seeing it more its just a note that connects with him


  20. janice

    might sound absurd but check:
    helicopter flights timetable & corresponding route.

    “literally dropped from the sky” — that’s also the first thought that came into mind as soon as i saw the Bellevedre “rooftop hole”.

    he was deluded that a trusted colleague is in trouble; instructed to meet up there.. was picked up & driven somewhere; boarded on a heli & so on…


  21. Katrin

    I can’t understand how his work colleague and best friend or their supervisor isn’t obviously the main suspect. Obviously the police doesn’t want to dog deeper. Why? The person who did it must’ve been someone important and also influenced. Easier even if HIGHLY unlikely to call that a suicide. The police would’ve to be investigated! And the work place! But if the police doesn’t have an interest in solving that case, who will have the power to investigate further. Very upsetting !


  22. Alex

    The shin breaks make me think that he was hit by a car plus all of the brutal damage to his body that can’t be attributed to the fall. I’m not sure how the wall would factor in but if he was hit by a car hard enough on the parking structure he could’ve sailed that 20 feet to where the hole is. He probably lost his shoes, phone, and glasses in the process and the person who killed him just tossed them to the hole to make it look like suicide.


  23. SD M

    Why is the episode gone on Netflix? The other volume one episodes are there.

    As a theory…
    I think he was thrown from the roof by the force of something.
    Perhaps an intake or hazing ritual gone wrong.
    The hole had to be there before he “fell.”
    A human could not create that hole by jumping.

    This story is beyond suspicious. I hope the answers come one day.


  24. =/

    I’ve analysed that letter so many times and I think I’m starting to understand it. Right, first of all, Rey talks about a game, which I think the game he refers to is his life. He mentions people gaining membership of the game which could symbolise new people in his life (new friends he met, etc) and we know that Rey was born in 1973 and he wrote”our land of attachments has seen many ideas become new innovations since my game began:” and then lists a bunch of things. If I’m correct most of these things were invented or first introduced into America after 1973(if anyone can correct me pls do) which makes sense since( if I’m correct) that’s when HIS game began. I read a comment saying that both porter and Rey were freemasons and I agree. If you search the Latin quote Rey wrote”Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separabit” you get results of the freemasons. why would Rey include that for no reason unless they were involved in some way? The note in general really gives off vibes that he knew he was going to die. Like for example, he writes”It’s time for some shut-eye” or”that was a well-played game” going back to the first theory doesn’t it sound like he knew his life was ending, or is it just me??? Also, I’m really questioning what Rey means by this whole line “I’d also like to single out Keith Richards. You had a great run buddy. But, what’s mine is mine. The game is up. The deed’s been done. It’s time for some shut-eye.” ?????? Is Keith Richards involved somehow???????? What deed??? but the most important question of all: When did Rey write this?


  25. AL

    The company itself and the friend needs to be thoroughly investigated if they haven’t been. The last phone call coming from that office building should be more than enough to turn the place upside down.


  26. A

    In the show they say that three co-workers go to the top of the parking garage, see the hole and call the police. This seems strange. Why would you call the police because there is a hole in the roof. Wouldn’t you tell maintenance? Seems suspicious to me to immediately call the police.


    • john arnold

      They called cops because they saw the hole and his glasses, phone, and flip-flops. I am wondering what led these guys to go up to the top level of the parking garage in the first place.


  27. ~a

    Is it out ruled that he wasn’t hit by a speeding car on the roof of the garage and flew because of the impact? That could explain the fractures to his legs maybe?
    Just thinking, because the autopsy report wasn’t clearly showing that.


  28. Tor

    This one was hard to find first. Season one of this serie is gone from the Netflix overview on this page, while the arcive have it.

    I still believe it was an helicopter or other aircraft. And even when they say the world most silent helicopter are impossible to not hear, because in short distanse, it would still be some noise from it. But if the jump was so impossible from the roof, an aircraft would be more possible. It could even been an air balloon. But in less time, like an minute, it could still be a helicopter, because if it wasn’t another noises in the same time, that could deafening that one moment, people have still overlooked other moments in their time. It happen before, where people either didn’t see or hear that one moment in a event.

    It is after all more plausible, than an impossible jump.
    Still wish they find the actuall story behind this, and what truly happen with Rey Rivera.


  29. B

    Has anyone ever considered that the hole in the roof may have been there before the day Rey ever went to the hotel? The concierge said the space hadn’t been used in years. Granted, the room was locked but who’s to say someone unknown didn’t have access to it just like the camera feeds. I believe he was assaulted or hit by a vehicle and placed in the room. I don’t think they’re going to get any answers from people living. I think they should consult with some sort of medium.


  30. Lisa Lambert

    Is there a chance Rey Rivera Was killed in the building, and his items thrown up through the hole onto the roof? That could explain no damage to the glasses and phone. He had a fear of heights so, I can not see him going to the roof.


  31. Mary

    I would suggest to check during the time of his death, who worked at that hotel.. I thought that someone must know that the camera was off at the roof and felt save enough to put the body/murder him there. Check who were on the control/security at the hotel during that time.
    Also, his flip fop was ripped which it was an indication that he must had a fight or struggle to be able for his flip flop to rip. Who had the keys for that room which was found dead?


  32. Iggy G

    Porter Stansberry has a lot to hide and has lawyered up! The call was made to Rey’s phone from Stanberry & Assoc. right before he left and disappeared. Phone records will show which phone or office made that call. It was that call that Instructed Rey to go to the Belvedere Hotel. Subpoena the phone records! It’s your Best Lead!!


  33. Junior

    I think the note is a transcript of a meeting that was taking place notice if you read it in paragraphs it sounds like individual announcements starting with a introduction. Maybe the computer has the original taped recording and that’s why the letter was tape behind the computer


  34. Orfeas Anagnostou

    Okay, I don’t actually know anything or have a connection to Rey’s death but what do I think is that it’s gotta go something with Mr.Porter Stanberry, because hey if your friend like, dies why would you immediately put a lawyer so the police could not talk to you?Oh and also why would he reject talking to the documentary? Okay, I think that Mr,Porter called Rey to go meet him at the hotel, when they go to meet each other Mr.Porter kidnaps Rey, then He takes Rey Into the top of the hotel and It’s like he Has a gun with him or like has a bad crew that would kill him? But anyways they Blackmail Rey and he has to suicide. So My advice is to go talk and investigate Mr.Porter Stanberry. Sorry again to Rey’s parents, his brother and most importantly his wife Allison.God bless you All.

    Orfeas Anagnostou


  35. Jess

    @Harm: There really isn’t a need to do the math calculations due to the fact that if he was hit by a car, his flip flops and glasses would have been found around the parking garage. It doesn’t make sense on how his glasses and flip flops and phone ended up where they did. It might explain some of the damage to his shoes but the lack of damage on every other article doesnt fit. Additionally, most of the force has to be in a downward motion in order for his body to break through the roof. I could attempt to sit and do the math but I can guarantee that a car would not have the speed to propel someone at the speed required nor is the trajectory a match for the hole. My only thought is either a crane or an aircraft was present in order for the math to make sense.


  36. terry

    wathcing carefully everything i have to agree with brenda.Rey was beaten to deat and thrown out of propably a helicopter.i beliece that his….close friend irdered the hit.propably he was messing with the russians….got paid and being affraid of losing the money or…..getting what rey got he ordered the hit once he found out that rey was on to him/them.there is no way nobody saw him enter thar guess is that he never entered…got snatched….was beaten to death and then got thrown out of the for cell and flippers…they were placed there to look like a suicide…dumb killers because the hole was far away…and there was no way he could have a vertical drop…


  37. Gary

    After watching the Unsolved Mysteries episode on Netflix, I needed to answer many of the questions I had. Searching the internet, I found the book of the latest investigation that has been made of the case, Rey Rivera, suicide or homicide ?. Amazing what the author, Miryam Moya writes. This book clears up all doubts, you can’t stop reading it. I would love to see this book in a new chapter on Netflix, it puts a radical turn on the case of Rey Rivera. I love it!


  38. KG

    Acabo de ver el documental, ciertamente el dichoso amiguito es el primer sospechoso al cual deberían de interrogar no entiendo porque no lo hicieron ??si casi siempre son los principales responsables, si es masson obviamente está aliado con gente muy poderosa por eso es q no quiso participar pero q raro ?? Si la policía siempre indaga hasta en lo más minimo? Principal sospechoso el amiguito a leguas se veía q estaba muy enamorado de él, no era feo él Chavalo! Pero mayor principal de sospecha es el amiguito.


  39. D

    Does anybody know how to access the note in full?


  40. Brenda

    I am not declaring that I am correct here but I will state the following. Yes helicopters do make a loud noise but when people don’t really give a flip about what’s going on around them it’s very easy to not hear what is going on outside.

    I am ex-military and I have jumped out of airplanes as well as helicopters. As a child I also fell 4 stories (40 ft) down from a building through a fire escape and landed on gravel and grass so I think this kind of makes me a little bit of an expert here. I firmly believe that he was thrown out of some kind of aircraft. I believe that he was partially beaten up because he discovered something and was about to blow the whistle. I also believe that his so-called best friend used him as a pawn and as an escape goat. The fact that he was hounding Mr. Rivera to come and work for him sets the tone for suspicion.

    This so-called best friend gets his friend to move to Baltimore with his newlywed wife, gives him a job that may be somewhat beneath him but nonetheless gives him a job and probably pays him good. His job was to rewrite this man’s image in the finance industry and probably was going to be the one designated to take the punishment for everything that went wrong.

    Rey Rivera disappears and this idiot offers only a $1000 reward? Seriously? He has his own business, has money supposedly, is his best friend and all he can offer is 1K?

    The three guys that found him were probably tipped off of the location as this was well coordinated. These surfer dudes split the 1K evenly three ways. Man did these guys really get ripped off. If these guys know anything they need to man up and spill the beans.

    For the person that said that that roof was made out of concrete… Man are you somewhat wrong. Most roofs will have some metal and they will have many other materials but they must be made in such a fashion that in case of a fire the fire department can break through that ceiling, at least in most areas. This was a low lying ceiling which means that the materials were lighter than the structure on the actual rooftop of the parking deck as well as the hotel which is now a condo. I fell 40 feet and survived! Now, jumping or being thrown out of an aircraft is different. When you were Wideawake and know what’s going on you can control how you are going to fall and land (with a chute of course). Falling or being thrown out of an aircraft while unconscious or dead already simply makes you heavier in weight. I believe that he was thrown from an aircraft and that he went straight through that soft roof top. Again, the buildings top roof top is harder and stronger than the lower roof. So they cannot be compared in any way shape or form.

    No let’s talk about the famous note. I’m actually deciphered one part of the note because I understood it immediately. But everything else that was redacted makes it difficult for me to complete the remaining 3/4 of the note. What a shame. I believe that this may be public record but with that being said I’m pretty sure thousands of people have already been digging up & coming up with theories and what not. So my believes and theory on this case will probably be overlooked. I feel so bad for Allison and my heart goes out to her as well as his immediate family. I can tell that he was truly the love of her life.


    • Rai

      A primeira coisa que pensei depois de assistir o episódio foi o fato dele ter sido jogado de algo mais alto que o hotel e inconsciente/morto. Nao tem como tu ser jogado de uma determinada altura estando consciente e não se debater ou tentar cair de uma forma “menos pior”. A única coisa que faz sentido é justamente ele ter sido jogado inconsciente ou já morto de um helicóptero ou até mesmo de um guindaste (quem sabe?). Não faz o menor sentido o “ponto de partida” para a queda ser um dos prédios, a pessoa teria que correr e dar um puta salto e ficar ereto pra cair exatamente no ponto em que ele caiu. Sem contar os pertences colocados no telhado…e não vou nem comentar do cretino que se dizia amigo. Ah! Outra coisa, as câmeras do hotel não pegaram imagens dele, certo? Mas os chinelos estavam no telhado. Quem quer que tenha sido a pessoa que plantou os chinelos no telhado, era algum funcionário desse hotel pq só quem trabalhava lá conehcido o caminho pro telhado e tinha acesso a ele.


    • Randy

      The problem I have with the helicopter/aircraft theory is his car was in the parking lot near where he was found. The facts of this case already paint a murky picture, but it makes even less sense to me that somebody would take him up in an aircraft and then drop him through a building next to where his car is — whether on purpose or by accident. Further, an elaborate murder scheme would likely not be executed so sloppy. His car and his body were going to be found eventually. It would be much easier to just shoot somebody, or stab them. The one thing that seems fishy is that the video cameras on the roof were disconnected. I’d like to know more about that. When were they disconnected, how, and why?
      Whatever happened to Rey happened in such a way that it is difficult to reconstruct using reason.
      The two things that are the biggest curve balls are his manner of death and the note. Is the note connected to his death, or did he just write weird things as a creative outlet because he was a writer? Why was it taped behind a computer? It seems to me that the note should almost be ignored because it offers really no information about his death besides inconclusive suggestions about his state of mind. I would say that it could provide information about a motive, but we still don’t know how he died.


  41. Harm

    Okay. I’m not great at math but I am wondering: If Rey was on the parking garage, the top floor, and a SUV or car hit him would the trajectory of the impact throw his body over the wall and across the rooftop? If someone is good at math (trajectory) and could get the crime scene measurements it would be great to double check this theory. Could the vehicle, if it was going fast enough and the angle of the vehicles hood and windshield, throw Rey over the wall and across the roof? For example, if you throw a football and it rises to a peak and then falls. The hole, to me, looks like he went through at a slight angle, not straight down. In cases of people getting hit by vehicles I’ve noticed that their legs (his shins) sustain similar damage. Would this theory explain a lot of the other damage done to him? I’m hoping someone can do the calculations.


  42. Huib

    I would focus on the size and shape of the hole in the roof. In what possible ways would the body get through if pushed or jumped or accidental? Trajectory could help a lot in this case.


  43. Julia Stansel

    I would like to see the entire note found. I saw code written in what they showed. I know some would say it was sent to a lab, That lab was looking at it to try and determine if it was a suicide note-not to break a code.. Their report that it was just a weird note. UUGH! It should have gone to a cryptology lab. Not every coded message needs a key when you know enough about the person who wrote it. The note should be posted on the chance someone can get the answers the family needs from it!


  44. A

    This case has “Illuminati” involvement written all over it! Clearly he discovered some information he was silenced for. I think this guy Porter was involved in the Illuminati cult, which most likely has ties to the firm in which he worked. I feel that he may have been trying to recruit Rey into this secret group. Once he was given enough information, maybe Rey fully realized the nefarious nature of these secret societies (elite cults) and decided he didn’t want to venture further in and he was murdered for it. The note that was attached to the back of the computer listed a bunch of movies that all have a link to known conspiracies. Each and EVERY one of the movies listed are well known in the “conspiracy theorist” community as movies that are exposing some version of the truth. They all have story lines that expose some real conspiracy regarding who runs this world and how we are all living an elaborate lie. The other things on the note such as Cloning, Genetic Engineering, Sudoku, even Wifi….can all be linked to these secret nefarious group’s dark agenda for humanity. It sounds crazy but these elite societies are very very real. These people are above the law and above the government…they have control over what our society teaches us to believe. They own the narrative. They are high society in positions of power and wealth all over the world. They own the media, the law enforcement, the government, the major corporations, the judicial system, the education system, the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical industry, and especially the financial and banking systems. It seems very likely that Porter and the company he worked for were involved at some level with the Illuminati. It’s clear that the Baltimore PD knew this was not a suicide, but “someone” who holds power over them made them rule it as such. That’s how it works….that’s how these people get away with the things they do. These secret societies are placed in leadership roles in every major city and every district of every country in the entire world. They have so much money and power that their will is always done somehow. The pyramid of power is so vast and well ordered that they are nearly impossible to expose. See how easy it was for them to have his murder ruled as a suicide and then take the lead detective off of the case?…how easy it was to shut everyone’s mouth who worked at Rey and Porter’s company? Sadly this kind of thing is common place amongst these groups…its the trick of their trade. They are masters at cover-ups because they OWN every system that matters.


  45. anonymous

    What if Porter and Rey were both part of the freemasons, because in the note below the list of names it says: “Porter Stansberry [if he didn’t do it himself]. This might suggest that they are both part of the freemasons. Then when something bad happened to Rey, Porter lawyered up so that he didn’t have to talk about the freemasons, since it is a secret. Maybe Porter lawyered up, because he is scared to tell anything because what happened to Rey might happen to him too.


  46. Karla Johnson

    I don’t understand why Porter has not been questioned by the police. I feel he is involved somehow or he knows who could have possibly murdered Rey. There has to be around the gag order. I know someone in Rey’s workplace has some information about his death. They need to come forward and give his family some closure. It’s been 14 years now since his death.


  47. Allen Kirkland

    I’ve never been to Baltimore. I only know what the episode showed.
    The report from the M.E on his shins caught my attention. I’m 6’4 and it said he was 6’5.
    My shins are roughly bumper height on most standard midsize vehicles. A vehicle on the parking garage could have hit him and caused him to fly off the top floor onto the lower roof. I’ve seen a few pedestrians struck and have actually been hit myself it can throw people seriously unbelievable distances. Fifteen feet up and twenty feet out is really not unreasonable. If you add the fifteen feet to the already roughly 20 feet that becomes a thirty-five foot fall from an individual weighing 260lbs. Those roofs are not as sturdy as you would be led to believe. The drag mark she mentioned on the flip-flop the strap broken at that point could be consistent with being hit.
    I’d really like to see the note. There has to definitely be a code in there.
    As for his possessions a 20 foot fall for a phone like that would probably not cause too much damage and the same with his glasses. People think phones and imagine our all glass phones of today.
    He had to have left a key to the code somewhere whether the number 7 for his parking spot or on something else.
    The people investigating obviously were not concerned with the case.


  48. CM

    Is there any way they could get that guy Porter to face the detectives? It’s very clear that he was highly involved. There has to be a way. It is completely unfair for Rey and his family, even more so without getting any justice at all. There are no words, the
    people who are accountable for this are cruel and must must must face the charges they deserved long ago. It is still an open case, there has to be other ways to get to Porter.
    People who may have clues or know something should speak up.


  49. Jana

    I just watched this on Netflix. I dont know any of these people but Every time Porter his good friends photo was shown on screen I had a sick feeling in my stomach and my first thought that came to my mind was, he’s evil, and maybe had something to do with it..Just my immediate feeling. He should be investigated for sure! Im an empath which means we can feel others emotions very strongly, good, bad, sad and other emotions. Sometimes not just being in the same room with someone, but just by looking at different pictures of a person. You get a certain feeling inside, I cant explain it, but he just seems and looks like he did or had something to do with his friends death. Hollywood, Money, and all that goes along with that ???. You just never know what was going on. May he RIP……Such a sad story, I feel for his wife and family, they need closure on this. I hope one day they can find out the truth of what really happened to him. 🙁


  50. James M

    Also, Masons like threes. How do we know if the three that found him and helping weren’t still pkaying …the game or scavenger hunt to find him. And lastly, how do how do if Rey wasn’t recruited to work there to be the game’s main character.


  51. James M

    The fact that Rey rushed out suddenly has to do with being a mason. I was told by one that he was called in the middle of the night and immediately left and could not tell anyone where he was going. The letter seems like a letter he would read at initiation to become a mason. The list about human genetics with sodoku and the invisalign and davinci robotics is cryptic. It seems as though he was presenting a puzzle to solve. They are all investments except for sodoku. First off, invisalign is owned by align on the stock market and Davinci is owned by Intuitive. Fuel cell refers to hydrogen cars. Overnight express shipping could be FedEx. The computer related items could be him giving tips about where he may have left clues. AIFF is a movie making program. On the motley fool, an old article talks about how investing is like playing sodoku. There are some that use the ticker to play it. The strange thing is Rey left his invisaligns at home and that seems to be the only personal item to him on the list. As for most of the items except the computer related, they all seem controversial. Davinci had many failed surgeries. Hydrogen cars were not safe back then. Don’t know about now. The genetics related and cloning can be perceived as man playing God. The internet can be used for good and bad. Viagra…depending on who you are…can cause heart attacks in high blood pressure cases. Finally, his shin injuries point to being hit by a car or maybe by a bat. The way to tell if he fell from such a height is to pull up the carpet and look at concrete for cracks. For all we know, it could have been a bowling ball that made the hole and he was placed in the room and all was staged like the flip flops, glasses and phone. Has anyone questioned those that found him?


  52. Ian G

    is there a way to download the message he left behind? I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a code. I would like to take a look at this.


  53. Jackson

    For anybody that says it was a helicopter, it couldn’t be. A helicopter is big and loud. Someone would’ve heard it. He couldn’t get hit by a car, because it would’ve showed he got hit by a car in the autopsy. Porter stansberry most likely had something to do with it, but there’s no evidence,so people should stop harassing Porter online for it. One theory is he was going through a mental breakdown. It explains the note,and why he would jump off a high place to kill himself. I believe that Porter might’ve pushed Rey off the building from the parking area,and that would explain how he fell so far to the right.


  54. Arni

    What Ace said (in some comments below) is probably the most acceptable. Evidence of the crime must have been inside one of those rooms that gave access to the ledge. He was probably thrown from that place. There is probably the involvement of someone important, powerful and with good contacts that made investigations difficult (camera off, detective transferred, little interest in investigating…). But it is clearly a murder case.


  55. John

    -its strange that his car was seen and given a ticket, but no follow up or any more tickets issued as they would have had a plate number and discription of a missing vehicle. and the hole was visible to anyone who parked there car and looked around.
    -But staff members who worked for his friend discoverd the hole.
    -surprised that such a landmark would not have claening staff and maintenace checking the building. it did rain that week and with a hole in the roof would have put the air balance out of wack.


  56. Lahiri

    Have anyone noticed the consistent appearance of one woman with short black hair in the background of every still photographs? Secondly, the ceiling from which he supposedly came through is a concrete metal ceiling, no amount of height can let human body break rods. Cameras were disabled for placing evidence there, not for murdering him. Moreover, if the organisation is related to this somehow why would they kill someone just next door considering they called him all the way from home to that block? The company angle is a misfit, his friend Porter realised that somehow someone is trying to give the whole situation a “killed by corporate” look and hence lawyered up. Lastly, but most importantly…the whole leaving house on a phone call aspect is based on a verdict of the wife’s colleague who stayed at there place. This is some fact which requires cross verification and a background history of the lady guest too assuming the couple didn’t know of anyone accept Porter when they arrived to Baltimore.


  57. Bill

    For sure thrown from a plane! Check back to that night flight document s out of Baltimore airports for small planes. Freemasons, are a cult and are bad news. Porter is a Freemason and has very very high up friends. I will say no more.


  58. JayThugs

    I think he had an unusual affair with his supposedly best friend or his brother was in regards to it having to do with someone losing money.
    1.) Rey tried to end the relationship and the best friend didn’t want thus made the best friend do what Rey suffered.
    2.) It may have something to do with what his brother said regarding someone losing a lot of money and blamed Rey for it. That could be why 2 weeks before his death, his wife noticed something has been troubling him. Could it be that this ” Someone ” gave Rey a timeline as to when he needs to be paid back? If this said person is blaming Rey for losing money from the financial article he wrote and released.

    Still, a mystery with a lot of questions that is left unanswered.


  59. jejemon

    I’ve been reading the comments (not all of it) yet I can’t seem to find some of the comments that include Rey’s wife finding a letter at the back of the cabinet on Rey’s office, Now here’s the thing when I saw that I was for sure creeped out for the fact that inside the letter it says some of Rey’s favorite movies, some name of the people that he cared about (but his wife isn’t there), some songs, name of some Artist etc., See you would wonder why would he do that?, what’s in it for him?, does it have something to do with him on his case?. See you yourself watching would really have the interest of knowing what it is. It sounds like a Iluminati kinda type of thing going on over there, whatever it is I know it isn’t good at all. And I know Rey’s close friend denied to go to a interview after what happened, He got lawyered up, he might have something to do with this, he might now, who knows. However it is that had the idea on what exactly happened I hope he/she talks cause you should think about her wife, will be confused forever…


  60. Ace

    I don’t understand why they dismissed the possibility of the jumping off the ledge theory (#3) just because he would have had to go through a room to get there. That’s exactly the clue, the rooms.

    They should check everyone who were inside those said rooms that same night. Check the cctv on that floor. It is quite too late now but they should have checked the rooms thoroughly at the time for signs of blood or someone getting beat up/killed.

    I know they also mentioned the windows only partially opening or not opening at all, but that is quite easy to tamper with. They could have just put the window back in place after removing it.

    I also don’t understand why the lady said you’d have to be very nimble to navigate those ledges. The footage of the ledge looks like it’s wide enough to walk on it easily.


  61. Thiago Martinelli

    In the episode it states that his body showed no indication of a beating or anything of that type. I see some people commenting something about a car hitting him, this theory was not put into the episode because that’s not quite possible. The car would have to going a pretty high speed to throw him that distance & not only that a 20ft drop would not cause that hole in the ceiling (look at the episode again, that ceiling is NOT weak), also this would cause the car to either crash into the protective cement “rail” or there would be some indication of tire marks. I see other people commenting that it was a helicopter & that the killer placed his belongings next to the hole, this is hard to believe because NOBODY in the hotel heard/saw anything & a helicopter is VERY loud & BIG. This case caught my attention because its such a mystery, but most of the theories I see on these commets are so unthoughtful. I agree with the episode that for answers to come out, someone that has clues needs to speak up !


  62. Tom75

    After first picture of this netflix document my gay radar went of and I was like: ok this wedding was big mistake. So I belive in suicide. Wife on a bussines trip and someone call him and invated him into a hotel that is right next to his job. So he probably had affair with a coworker. My guess is he was gay(bi) and had affair with his best friend – Porter Stanbery.
    So he went into a hotel after a booty call. Best friend brakes up with him, and he jump of the ledge, only possible place he could jump off.


  63. ESG

    La carta tiene un mensaje oculto, solo es saber cómo descifrarlo


  64. wen

    agree with being hit by a car


  65. Louis

    A bit more science would help: The hole in the roof should have been more examined. If you calculate the force of impact that would have caused the hole, with the density of the material you could probably figure out the velocity and the height by which a body of X pounds would have fallen from. The only calculation they have done is the number of foot the hole was from then distance of the roof. The distance was too far for a jump. He must have fallen strait down from the sky.
    My scenario is: He gets a phone call. He meets someone close to air field. But it’s in ambush and after violent discussion he is killed about something that he knows. Information that could put serious consequences on the reputation of a group of people. His body is transport on a helicopter and trowed out. The vehicle is transported back to a nearby parking lot (Check the tires for any traces of mud or sand that is foreign to any places that he might have gone prior to his disappearance). The cell phone and glasses are carefully placed in the murder scene by the person who brought back the vehicle in the parking lot.


  66. Casey

    What if? The medical examiner commented how Rey’s fractures in his legs were strange and didn’t fit the fall. Could he have been hit by a vehicle (which would hit at about shin height ie tibia and fibula) on top of the parking garage and thrown? Leading to his extensive injuries and the distance across the roof?


  67. Marcel

    Rey was a smart guy and a writer. I think the note found on his computer may be the breadcrumbs left by him. They should compare the list of written names with the contact list on their cell phone, or check if there is a folder with movie files on the computer and see if there is something hidden in that directory.


  68. EminM

    Somebody help him jump not from hotel, i think that was a helicopter, because he maybe seeking some clues for his case about freemasons or hi friend help him to jump from thst helicopter – not from roof


  69. Anuj

    This is definitely a case of murder! Also, it is impossible fr him to jump off the roof and fall down at such a large distance.
    The cell phone and the spectacles were not damaged at all which means that he did not jump down the roof , he was beaten to death and the cell phone and spectacles were just placed on the roof , trying to claim his death as suicide. The case also seems to be high profile coz the lead detective was transferred from the case because he was trying to get on to something with the riverra case , so someone just used their influence and moved him away from the case. His friend for whom he moved to Baltimore seems to be involved in the foul play. What kind of friend is he?! Not wanting to give any comments for his childhood friends death? Police just can’t let him get away with his silence , he is 100% involved in this case and he is the lead suspect and he should be thoroughly interrogated!


  70. PAULI



  71. Steph Jones

    I’m sure someone has, but the Documentary didn’t mention it, but has anyone considered that Rey Rivera was hit by a car on the car park roof. It would account for his broken shin bones in the autopsy and how his phone were found beside the hole in the roof (his entrance point). At speed, he would have been propelled through the air and could have then crashed through the roof of the Belvedere Hotel 2nd floor. A hit and run or deliberate, I don’t know ? – but you could certainly hit someone travelling at a relatively low speed and still make them fly through the air. No one seemed to propose this.


  72. Rodrigo

    It was Ray’s friend, Porter Stanberry.
    Who makes you lose millions for a publication and a lawsuit from Russian investors? How do you solve it?

    The call Ray received was:
    “Ray, the Russians have me, help.”

    This scared Ray, as he and his family could suffer the same fate as his friend.

    Ray arrives at the hotel, the Russians gag him and take him to the highest part of the building to give them explanations. When they found out what had happened (a scam), they blamed him for everything and killed him by throwing him off the roof.

    The cell phone and glasses may have been in his shirt pocket when he fell backwards with his feet up (unconscious), this fall cushioned the blow with his own body, making the cell phone and the lenses remain intact a few centimeters from the Body.

    Porter handed Ray over to the Russians to save his company and himself. That is why he does not want to give statements and does not want to help in the case, because he knows that all the clues and data that he can give will point to him, only worrying about the closing of the case “in a suicide.”


    • Anit

      -> Rodrigo; I agree with you, don’t know if it’s the Russians, but I do believe that Porter got his friend killed.


  73. Saf

    I think the friend has something to do with it, it’s very strange that he hired lawyers so the cops didn’t talk to him or the people who work at the company.Rey was working to clean his friend’s bar, he discovered something bad about his friend, and he killed him and forged the crime scene


  74. bailee

    i reckon that he was trying to be apart of a secret society like mafia or something and he just got tangled up with the wrong people and they staged his death at the hotel. i suggest you check for any similar cases or see if there was any secret society groups in the town at the time of the ‘suicide’


  75. O Marajh

    I think this was a game that Rey and someone else played, and that the items retrieved were staged. I suggest to check the note thoroughly again and decode it in anyway possible. His alarm went off twice at 1am that was definitely a sign to warn Rey that his days are numbered. I think when someone called him they told him “Rey you had an appointment at the Belvedere today and you are late, meet me in the parking lot” He said “Oh.” and hurried out. They murdered him on top of the parking lot (with cameras disabled), walked over made a hole and threw his body in vertically. staged the items and left. I think the suspect should be the woman who stayed in the house, his friend who he worked with or colleagues who didn’t like him.


  76. James Taylor

    The reason this is not a suicide is so obvious. The person who called Rey that day from his office has not spoken to police. That’s where the answers lie.


  77. Kris

    The note certainly does look like some sort of code, maybe a null cipher? Something about subtracting 5 years could mean read backwards every 5th letter/word? Could it be significant that he spelled Shyamalan wrong? Wish I could have seen the whole note. Maybe he got the FreeMason for Dummies book for instructions on how to write in code. I don’t suppose there were dog-eared pages?


  78. Jose Miguel

    Esta claro que no fue un suicidio, El amigo de Rey el tal Porter es claro sospechoso de asesinato, Deberían de investigar a esta persona y sus tres compañeros de trabajo que por casualidad suben al hotel para tener una mejor vista, cosa que es poco probable que alguien haga, Pienso que lo pudieron atacar y luego simular dicha caída. ( no tiene sentido que la cámara que justo da hacia la parte de atrás se encuentre desconectada).

    ¿Por que la policía para la investigación? : ¿Hay a caso una fuerza mayor por encima que hagan que den el caso como cerrado?. Tarde o temprano se sabrá, y dicha o dichas personas que realizaron tal acto saldrá a la luz .

    Mucho animo y luz a los familiares y fe en dios. Que pronto todo saldrá a la luz


  79. Nicol

    Yo pienso que fue su amigo en primer lugar por que antes de que encontraran el cuerpo de rey el le prohibió a todos sus empleados hablar con la policia y ademas les pusi un abogado se enego a la entrevista y todo esto es muy raro por que hasta los policias insisten que fue suicidio y no el tuvo que haberles pagado a todos para que cayaran o los amenzo o los compro es tan obvio devieron arrestarlo por ser el primer sospechozo en el caso a demas la llamada que recibio vino desde el telefono de su compañia todos estan comprados y me inmagino que hasta el que cuidaba el hotel por que que increible que nadie tiene acceso y ese dia ni las camaras de la asotea servian


  80. S

    Upon hearing the bodily destruction incurred, and after eliminating the possibilities of a suicidal jump, did no one consider an airplane or helicopter? Forensics showed that Rey Rivera suffered injuries consistent with a fall from a great height. From there, what specific height and velocity would be required to create those injuries? Possibly the top of the hotel (according to the episode), but that would have required a great horizontal force to get the body to where it was found.


  81. Kevin Estrada

    Rey received a phone call the night he left his home. Have you investigated the call history? Where did that call come from? The phone company should provide that information.


    • E

      I’m sorry, but if you watch the episode, it says that the call was trace back to the place he worked, but they couldn’t figure out the extension


  82. J

    The note gives more than what meets the eye. Look into the names on the note, there will be a connection but not one easily found. “Whom virtue unites…” Rey found a connection, one that connects to a secret group. This group does not function in the open but has ties to the firm where he worked. He will have been approached to join this group and initial conversations may have gone well, until further understanding of this group’s functions was revealed to him. “I stand before you a man who understands the purpose and value of our secrets.” — the list of movies have a shared theme of conspiracy and greater forces working against a single person. Yet, Rey, understanding some of these secrets and the heft of people involved, knew he could not simply reveal them, their influence too great. The alarms. Someone wanted him to know he was suspected. Someone tried to enter the home. His fear of having been found lead to him writing the note before receiving the call. It was a last way to tell his family what he could in a way that once placed in the hands of the authorities, they would not be in immediate danger.
    The death is not a suicide, those who insist it is know the truth. They silenced him.
    But they will lose.


  83. Exequiel pozo

    1_ hay que intentar hablar con la compañía del mejor amigo eso es lo primero y principal
    2_ rey desapareció entre las 6 y 7 p.m.
    3_ desapareció antes de que su esposa llamara a rey
    4_ si fue un crimen el asesino puede que trabaje en el hotel o se quedara hay porque? Pues porque la puerta de la terraza siempre estaba cerrada y justamente ese día no estaba cerrada la había abierto alguien y no le dan la llave a cualquier civil
    5_ las cámaras estaban desactivadas en especial las de la terraza por eso no vieron a nadie alguien las desactivó no pudo ser un civil no tiene acceso entonces alguien revisó el cuarto de las cámaras? Creo que no
    6_ el agujero era en caída vertical cosa que si saltas de tan algo nose si puedes caer en caída vertical y era prácticamente imposible llegar
    7_ su teléfono y sus lentes estaban sano y salvo pero rey tenía heridas muy graves
    8_ si uviera sigo un suicidio porque su teléfono y lentes estarían bien porque se preocuparía por eso no tiene lógica obviamente no fue suicidio
    9_ no fue un suicidio
    10_ para mi unas de las teorías que saque es que lo asesinaran antes de que estuviera el agujero
    11_ otra teoría es que lo matarán y después de eso lo llevarían a la terraza y lo tirarán sus sandalias estaban en la terraza y además si cayo vertical no puede tener una lesión tan grave en el cerebro
    12_ asesinaron a rey deben intentar hablar con su amigo y revisar el cuarto de cámaras del hotel
    13_ el amigo tenía compañías donde les debía dinero en algo estaba metido su amigo
    14_ dos dias antes de su desaparición sono la alarma y rey estaba como en guardia estaba asustado el sabía que alguien lo estaba siguiendo para hacerle daño
    15_ rey sabia que algo le hiba a pasar nose porque dejaron de investigar esto es un caso de homicidio reintegren el caso
    16_ espero que esto les haya servido muchas gracias por esta oportunidad de enviar mis comentarios de este caso


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