How did a man fall to his death from the roof of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore?


Newlywed Rey Rivera disappears while his wife, Allison, is on a business trip.

In May 2006, Rey and Allison Rivera have been married for six months and have been living in Baltimore for 18 months, after re-locating from Los Angeles when Rey was offered a job. Now, they’re making plans to move back to California.

Six days later, Rey’s car is found in a parking lot next to the Belvedere Hotel.

On the evening of May 16, 2006, Allison Rivera is out of town on a business trip when she tries to call Rey, but he doesn’t answer. At 9:30pm, Allison phones her co-worker, Claudia, who is staying at the couple’s home. Claudia tells her that at 6pm, she heard Rey answer a phone call, respond, “Oh,” then rush out of the house. At 5am the next morning, Claudia calls Allison to say Rey is still not home. Knowing this is out of character for him, Allison immediately drives back to Baltimore, calling hospitals, police, friends, and family looking for Rey, and she files a missing person report with police. Family and friends fly in to aid in the search which doesn’t turn up a single clue or witness. Six days later, Rey’s SUV is found in a parking lot next to the Belvedere Hotel in downtown Baltimore. The parking ticket shows it has been there since the 16th.

Rey’s body was found in the conference room of the Belvedere.

On May 24th, three of Rey’s co-workers from Stansberry and Associates, the publishing company where he works, decide to search for clues in a parking structure adjacent to the Belvedere. From the 5th floor of the parking structure, they look down on the roof of a lower annex of the Belvedere, and see two large flip-flops, a cell phone, and glasses. Next to these items, is a hole in the roof, about 40” in diameter. Overcome by a sense of dread, they call the police. When hotel concierge Gary Shivers opens the door to the conference room that is under the hole, they discover Rey’s severely decomposed body.

Allison and Rey’s family are devastated by the news, and even more baffled when the Baltimore Police declare the death a suicide. Rey had no psychological issues and had exhibited no signs of stress or depression. And what was Rey doing at the Belvedere?

Homicide detective Mike Baier is first on the scene, and when he sees Rey’s belongings on the roof, his gut instinct tells him the scene looks staged. Rey’s cell phone is still working and his glasses are unscratched—after falling 13 floors? And no one can understand exactly what part of the roof Rey would have had to jump from to land where he did. Another troubling aspect to this case: no one at the hotel remembers seeing the 6’5” man anywhere in the hotel the evening of May 16th and it would have been extremely difficult for Rey to find his way to the roof.

The medical examiner has declared the cause of Rey’s death as “unexplained”.

Allison believes Rey was murdered and wonders if his death is somehow connected to his work writing financial newsletters for Stansberry and Associates. The “Rebound Report” provided financial advice to subscribers who paid upwards of $1,000 for each newsletter. In years past, the company had been cited by the Securities and Exchange Commission for producing “false” leads. The call Rey received around 6pm on May 16th was from those offices, yet no one came forward to admit they made that call.

The medical examiner has declared the cause of Rey’s death as “unexplained” because there are too many unanswered questions, therefore the case must remain open with the Baltimore Police Department. Allison Rivera still holds out hope that someone will come forward with a clue or a lead to the mysterious death of her husband.




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    Yo pienso que fue su amigo en primer lugar por que antes de que encontraran el cuerpo de rey el le prohibió a todos sus empleados hablar con la policia y ademas les pusi un abogado se enego a la entrevista y todo esto es muy raro por que hasta los policias insisten que fue suicidio y no el tuvo que haberles pagado a todos para que cayaran o los amenzo o los compro es tan obvio devieron arrestarlo por ser el primer sospechozo en el caso a demas la llamada que recibio vino desde el telefono de su compañia todos estan comprados y me inmagino que hasta el que cuidaba el hotel por que que increible que nadie tiene acceso y ese dia ni las camaras de la asotea servian


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    Upon hearing the bodily destruction incurred, and after eliminating the possibilities of a suicidal jump, did no one consider an airplane or helicopter? Forensics showed that Rey Rivera suffered injuries consistent with a fall from a great height. From there, what specific height and velocity would be required to create those injuries? Possibly the top of the hotel (according to the episode), but that would have required a great horizontal force to get the body to where it was found.


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    Kevin Estrada

    Rey received a phone call the night he left his home. Have you investigated the call history? Where did that call come from? The phone company should provide that information.


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    The note gives more than what meets the eye. Look into the names on the note, there will be a connection but not one easily found. “Whom virtue unites…” Rey found a connection, one that connects to a secret group. This group does not function in the open but has ties to the firm where he worked. He will have been approached to join this group and initial conversations may have gone well, until further understanding of this group’s functions was revealed to him. “I stand before you a man who understands the purpose and value of our secrets.” — the list of movies have a shared theme of conspiracy and greater forces working against a single person. Yet, Rey, understanding some of these secrets and the heft of people involved, knew he could not simply reveal them, their influence too great. The alarms. Someone wanted him to know he was suspected. Someone tried to enter the home. His fear of having been found lead to him writing the note before receiving the call. It was a last way to tell his family what he could in a way that once placed in the hands of the authorities, they would not be in immediate danger.
    The death is not a suicide, those who insist it is know the truth. They silenced him.
    But they will lose.


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    Exequiel pozo

    1_ hay que intentar hablar con la compañía del mejor amigo eso es lo primero y principal
    2_ rey desapareció entre las 6 y 7 p.m.
    3_ desapareció antes de que su esposa llamara a rey
    4_ si fue un crimen el asesino puede que trabaje en el hotel o se quedara hay porque? Pues porque la puerta de la terraza siempre estaba cerrada y justamente ese día no estaba cerrada la había abierto alguien y no le dan la llave a cualquier civil
    5_ las cámaras estaban desactivadas en especial las de la terraza por eso no vieron a nadie alguien las desactivó no pudo ser un civil no tiene acceso entonces alguien revisó el cuarto de las cámaras? Creo que no
    6_ el agujero era en caída vertical cosa que si saltas de tan algo nose si puedes caer en caída vertical y era prácticamente imposible llegar
    7_ su teléfono y sus lentes estaban sano y salvo pero rey tenía heridas muy graves
    8_ si uviera sigo un suicidio porque su teléfono y lentes estarían bien porque se preocuparía por eso no tiene lógica obviamente no fue suicidio
    9_ no fue un suicidio
    10_ para mi unas de las teorías que saque es que lo asesinaran antes de que estuviera el agujero
    11_ otra teoría es que lo matarán y después de eso lo llevarían a la terraza y lo tirarán sus sandalias estaban en la terraza y además si cayo vertical no puede tener una lesión tan grave en el cerebro
    12_ asesinaron a rey deben intentar hablar con su amigo y revisar el cuarto de cámaras del hotel
    13_ el amigo tenía compañías donde les debía dinero en algo estaba metido su amigo
    14_ dos dias antes de su desaparición sono la alarma y rey estaba como en guardia estaba asustado el sabía que alguien lo estaba siguiendo para hacerle daño
    15_ rey sabia que algo le hiba a pasar nose porque dejaron de investigar esto es un caso de homicidio reintegren el caso
    16_ espero que esto les haya servido muchas gracias por esta oportunidad de enviar mis comentarios de este caso


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