A young girl sees dead people… quite literally.

Heidi sees Con’s ghost

Con’s bloody hand


Dr. Roll meets with Heidi

Is it possible to bridge the gap between the living and the dead?  In the small town of Ellerslie, Georgia, eight-year-old Heidi Wyrick apparently demonstrated the astounding ability to speak with the dead.  It all began in February of 1989, just after Heidi’s family had moved to Ellerslie.  According to Heidi, a man named “Con” appeared at the front door:

“He had white hair and he had a t-shirt on with blood all over it.  And he had a bandage on his hand with blood on it.”

Lisa Wyrick, Heidi’s mother, thought someone was trying to kidnap her daughter:

“So I brought Heidi in and I locked all the doors and I got the butcher knife out of the… drawer and I called my husband to come home.”

James S. Gordy, died in 1974

When Andy Wyrick arrived home, he and Lisa searched the entire neighborhood for someone who fit Con’s description.  However, they came up empty handed.   Then shortly after her visit from Con, Heidi told her mother about meeting another man.  According to Lisa, this time the man’s name was Mr. Gordy:

“I thought that Con and Gordy was the same person, so I thought his name was Con Gordy.  And that’s when I started asking everybody.  Did they, have they ever heard of a name Con Gordy?”

Lisa happened to mention Con and Mr. Gordy to her sister who had just bought the house next door.  As it turned out, a man named James S. Gordy was the former owner of her sister’s house.  Lisa was shocked:

“When I saw Mr. Gordy’s name on the deed, I was terrified.  Because I knew that the previous owners were there years ago… So I knew that Mister Gordy… had to have been dead.”

Catherine Ledford’s family had owned the house next to the Wyricks.  When Lisa got in touch with her, Catherine verified that James Gordy had died in 1974:

“I knew Mister Gordy when I was a small child. And Mister Gordy owned a real estate company in Columbus and for many, many years he was a Sunday school superintendent at our church up here, Ellison Methodist Church.”

Catherine Ledford had no photographs of Mr. Gordy, but she corroborated Heidi’s description.  Mr. Gordy had gray hair, always wore a suit and tie, and shiny black shoes.  She brought over photographs of her family.  Heidi began looking through the photos:

“I had never seen any of those people. And when I got to the bottom, there was this little bitty picture.”

Lon “Con” Batchelor

In the picture, Heidi recognized a man with a bandage on his arm and blood on his shirt.  According to Catherine Ledford, Heidi had identified Catherine’s Uncle Lon:

“Lon lived here when he was a young man.  He died in 1957 of cancer.  And he lost his hand, I would say before he was 20-years-old in a cotton gin up here in Ellerslie.”

Heidi’s mother Lisa was now convinced that Heidi’s friends were not just figments of her imagination… they were actual dead people:

“When I found out… his name really wasn’t Con it was Lon, it scared me to death because I knew Heidi was really seeing something…”

For the next four years, Heidi continued to encounter the benevolent spirits of the two men—James Gordy and Lon Batchelor—both of whom had long been dead.  Then in 1993, Heidi’s mother became pregnant.  Not long after, an evil spirit came to visit.  Lisa Wyrick remembered Heidi’s change in behavior:

“Heidi had never been scared of anything.  She had never been scared of Con. She had never been scared of Mister Gordy.  But when she saw the dark figure in our hallway, she was hysterical.”

According to Lisa, the new spirit became a frequent and sometimes violent guest:

“At first we had… talked about moving.  But like I told him I said I don’t think it would be so good to move.  Because wherever we go, she’s just got that gift… she’s going to see people from the past, or people that have been dead.”

On February 3, 1994, Heidi’s baby sister, Jordan, was born.  Two weeks later, Lisa noticed that Heidi’s other-wordly visitations took a horrifying turn:

“She had just deep gashes down her face. And it terrified me.  I didn’t know what it was. And I couldn’t imagine what could’ve scratched her that bad.”

Heidi’s father Andy never gave his daughter’s scratches much thought.  He just assumed she inadvertently scratched herself during the night.  Then, two nights later, he too woke up with a searing pain:

“I had three claw marks going around my side.  The next night I went to sleep and I woke up and I had three claw marks down my back. And then it happened again the next night and I woke up and had three claw marks down my chest.”

The Wyrick’s called up a noted parapsychologist, Dr. William Roll, to investigate the unusual occurrences:

“She came up with physical descriptions and with names that she apparently could not have obtained in any ordinary way.  So that immediately made me interested in the case.  A couple of pictures had been found of Mister Gordy.  The hope was that Heidi would be able to… identify… Mister Gordy’s picture if they were presented to her with a number of other photographs.”

Incredibly, Heidi had chosen the photograph of James Gordy.  For the second time, Heidi Wyrick had correctly identified her spirits from a photo line-up. Dr. Roll was now certain that Heidi’s experiences were genuine:

“Having spoken to… Heidi and… her parents I’m even more convinced that we are dealing with genuine para-psychological experiences.  Then the question comes up, why are these things happening to this little girl?”

Why indeed?  Was it all just coincidence?  Did Heidi simply make two lucky guesses?  Or does Heidi Wyrick possess some mysterious power to communicate with the dead?

Heidi is now a young woman and no longer lives in the old family home.  She reports that she has not seen Mr. Gordy for years.  However, she continues to see the mysterious dark figure, as well as numerous other spirits.  The sightings are so frequent that Heidi now takes them in stride.  Not even the dark figure can scare her.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season seven with Robert Stack and in season three with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.



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    When the scratches appeared to both father and daughter, that was indeed a demonic attack.

    If Lon and Mr. Gordy were both decent, Christian men, why were they ghosts on the property and not resting in peace, in Heaven?

    I believe what Heidi saw, but I wonder if Mr Gordy and Lon (Con) were ghosts or “demons, pretending to be ghosts”. That house was a hot spot for activity, and was possibly a portal. I believe that some demons are more evil than others and there are some that just like to pull naughty pranks on vulnerable people, because they can. Some seem hell bent on wanting to tell present residents of people that used to live on their property, years before. That’s usually what hauntings are about: someone or something is telling the present living people about others who had been there before.

    Heidi’s father, Andy died back in 2012. He died very young; in his mid forties. Being stressed out and scared over these things happening probably took a toll on that poor man’s life.

    I hope Heidi and the rest of her family has found peace and are able to move on and be happy.


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    lawanda blake



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    Dany Mercury

    I am almost certain that I found Lon Batchelor.

    He was Alonzo Nathan “Lon” Batchelor, who was born in Georgia in 1884, married Clara Bell in 1911 and died in 1957, aged 73. He also lived for a while in Alabama.


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    Well I saw this episode and she is a sidekick she can contact the dead and see them or most kids can see the dead like a seven year old boy that can see a girl that was murdered and it has unfinished business and it can contact the other side of the living to finish her work that kid has a gift


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    Dan Mercury

    I have always been interested in knowing more about Lon Batchelor, but nobody seems to care about him. I cannot find him on findagrave or in newspapers, and I am unsure if I ever saw him on ancestry.

    Details are scarce. He had a hand injury before he was 20 years old, and he died in 1957.

    His niece was Catherine Kelley, which therefore probably means that they were related through marriage, and that makes it harder for me to connect them.

    I believe that Catherine died in 2016.

    Does anyone have exact dates for his birth and death, at the very least? Anything else, like a wife’s name?


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    Her she is correct! She was 4 in 1989 when it started. This segment was filmed in 1993 which would make Heidi 8 years old. Male sure you are resting the story correctly before commenting.


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    Kuturar Holmes

    I remember as a little girl my grandmother took me to one of her friends house in Ellersile Ga to pick Collards Greens. And the lady saying Glorann you know we got a hank (ghost) around here and they sat on the porch talking abort mr gordon as little girl i was scared sh*@less


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    I found Heidi a superheroin.Nothing can scare her?Impossible!


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    Melanie Camacho

    Can anyone explain to me what Connecticut has to do with anything if this all took place in Georgia? I’m frustrated trying to do research about this. I live in the middle of three cemeteries in CT so I’m hardly a skeptic, but I am a writer and I prefer the facts. Having trouble making sense of this connection. Somebody please help me because my research has hit a dead end. Terrible pun, I know, but every respect intended to those surviving their gifts. God bless and thank you in advance.


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    Crissy B

    I found the story very interesting, I was trying to find the episode in which a girl/woman by the name of Kathie was possessed by a demonic spirit. An exorcism was performed and she was last quoted as saying she could now obtain and retained employment and was much better. If anyone knows the season and episode, please let me know. I have searched Google and YouTube but to no avail.
    Please Help! Didn’t get to see the full episode but my husband talks highly of it. Thank you,


    • Unsolved Mysteries

      Unsolved Mysteries Post author

      Hi Crissy – that sounds like the segment about HOPE, which is streaming in S10:E8 with Robert Stack and in S1:E2 with Dennis Farina. It is also in SP002 on Lifetime and Escape.


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    steve bull

    I have watched this episode many times. it is a very interesting story. I think it is one of the most known ghost stories. I have talked to other people and they knew of ‘mr. gordy’.


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    this is not the rile store heidi it not 8 years old she is 4 years old … She meat gordy first not con …. gordy was not the owner of of Lisa’s sister house he was the caretaker of the owner …. this store is so messed up … i am sorry but this dome


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    So excited that Unsolved mysteries returned to lifetime today! July 5th!


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    I have the real srory, and another one in Connecticut. I understand the connection its hard not to be afraid but having control over your fear is the most important thing, once that is accomplished nothing can frighten you. to Heidi, god bless.


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    The channel Destination America has the story as told by the family. It’s called a haunting in Georgia. You might find it online


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    I wish they would talk more about the little girl ghost


  17. Avatar


    my last name is wyrick……


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    Black Bieber

    This Ghost Story was very interesting to me, as a Christian. This (comparatively modern) story pretty much confirms the biblical statements that there are good spirits & evil spirits. Mr. James S. Gordy (who was also a Sunday School superintendent) & Lon “Con” Batchelor were apparently good, Christian men who went to heaven, as they were very kind to Heidi. However, I could see right away that the 3rd spirit was demonic, as he had “darkness” surrounding him (in contrast to the first 2 ghosts’ “light” surrounding them) and would use violence to hurt & scare Heidi & her family.


  19. Avatar


    I love this Haunting. I was born in July of 1989. I’m so interested in ghost I even talk to them sometimes


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    Wow i saw the movie but i did not Know the Movie was true


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    There’s a small independent station in my home town who would love to air the Bob Stack narratives. Who shall they contact?


  22. Avatar

    Colleen Buck Guillot

    I saw the movie.it was good.does anyone live in the house now? my group and i would love to investigate the whole property if possible.where is the family now and how are they doing?i wonder if they would let us interview them?if so ,we can be reached on our FB group page ”Guillot Paranormal Investigations”.we’re based here in New Orleans.


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    Otis A

    The Mr. Gordy story made into a movie. I think it’s a great story,but I hate dark evil spirts


    • Avatar


      i hate that the movie isn’t true to the original story . I didn’t dislike the movie , it was quite tragic , but the original happenings are far more interesting . Could have done without the theatrics Hollywood ….. Thanks for ruining an amazing story !


  24. Avatar


    Can you go back to using the Bob Stack naratives please?


  25. Avatar


    Have all the videos of this story been removed from the internet for some reason? I am trying to find the video because I saw it years ago and wanted to show my Brothers the story. P


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