A biker gang leader is wanted by police.

Randy Yager with goatee, wearing a bandanna glasses and riding a chopper motorcycle

Randy Yager


Gender: Male
DOB: 8/7/56
Height: 5’11”
Weight: More than 200 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Remarks: Has gone by the nickname “Mad”


When Nadine Jelovcic of Gary, Indiana, hadn’t heard from her sister, Margie, for several days, she went to her house. Nadine was concerned to find many personal items that Margie always took when traveling. Margie’s car was also left abandoned in the driveway.

Randy Yager in a home video titled "OUTLAWS"

Randy Yager as seen in video

Why did Margie Jelovcic suddenly leave? Was it of her own free will? Or was there something more sinister going on?

Six months earlier, Margie’s life seemed ideal. She was a happy newlywed, planning for a bright future with her husband, Nasser, in Detroit. But just six months after their wedding, Nassar was killed in a traffic accident. Shattered, Margie decided to move back to Gary, Indiana.

Margie immersed herself in her new job. She managed the night shift at the tavern owned by her mother. It’s where she first encountered a biker named Randy Yager.

Margie Jelovcic in a purple sweater holding a violin

Margie Jelovcic

Yager was a high-ranking member of a notorious biker gang, the Outlaws. He had an outgoing, scruffy charm, an air of danger, which was attractive to the vulnerable young widow. Margie’s sister, Nadine, had met him:

“I think that he complimented her in ways that she needed to be complimented. And she needed perhaps those accolades that made her feel good. He knew how to say the right things to charm her, and she, in turn, was charmed by him.”

But Yager’s charisma covered up a darker side to his personality. Margie had no idea he was an ex-convict with a long criminal record. He and other members of the Outlaws were under investigation for racketeering, drug dealing, and murder.

Soon after they met, Margie began dating Yager. Her family is not sure if or when Margie found out about his criminal past. The only thing they know for certain was that she began to change, according to Nadine:

“She became extremely distant. She became distant with me and my children and distant with the customers. And I don’t know whether she was told to be distant and not to speak or she just totally started to remove herself from society.”

Margie's sister Nadine

Margie’s sister Nadine

Three months later, Margie left with Yager on a trip to Las Vegas. At that very moment, United States Marshals had already begun an operation to arrest Yager and several members of the Outlaws. Seventeen members of the gang were indicted for a Midwest crime spree that included bombings, robberies, and six murders. But U.S. Marshals had been unable to locate Randy Yager. Margie’s mother was worried:

“I saw the pictures and I said, Oh my God, my daughter went with that man? What’s going to happen to her now?”

Meanwhile, 1,500 miles away, in Nevada, Federal agents traced Yager to Las Vegas, but it was too late. He and Margie had apparently fled the city. Two weeks passed, then Margie returned to Gary. Her family was relieved. But Nadine says Margie remained distant:

“She felt that they would try and find him through her. She was led to believe that her apartment was bugged, that people were following her in her parking lot. She had an extreme paranoia. And I said, “Marge, what should you be paranoid about? Nobody’s after you. You’ve not done a thing.”

Three months after her return, Margie disappeared again. Patrick Amerson, of the United States Marshal Service was involved in the investigation:

“At first, it just seemed like that she had run off and joined Yager wherever he was at. But upon investigation, we found out that she had taken none of her clothes, her car or anything else. We’re really not sure what happened there.”

It’s been several years since Margie disappeared. Nadine says that her family believes that even if she is with Yager, that she is no longer his girlfriend, but his victim:

“I feel that he is holding her back and he won’t let her communicate to her family and, at this point, he’s brainwashed her, because this is so out of character for Margie not to make a phone call to us.”

Over the years, several mysterious phone calls have been made during the morning to the tavern. The caller never speaks, and only after a long pause, hangs up. For her mother, these calls offer the slender hope that they will one day see Margie again:

“I want Margie to come home. Whatever she did, she did, but come home. My heart and my door is always opened for her. I’m waiting for her.”

Margie Jelovcic is not wanted for any crime. She is classified only as a missing person.


Randy Yager and Margie Jelovcic were discovered living together in a Mexican Beach town called Rosarita. When Mexican authorities arrested Yager and found him in possession of a gun, Margie fled in their car, leading police on a high speed chase. She lost control of her car, flipped it three times, and was found dead beside her vehicle.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season eleven with Robert Stack and in season one with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.



  1. Paul Zyburski

    I have the privilege to call. Randy Yeager, AKA mad, a true friend. He is a man of honor, and loved Margie with all his heart. I understand that Margie’s picture is in every outlaw clubhouse throughout the world, as a legacy of their unconditional love.


  2. Snickers

    I’ve been to there house for Holliday dinners,My son knew there names and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them for 13 years and they worked hard and enjoyed their time together.They we’re always in a great mood and would brighten your day with the smiles that they shared.Margie was so talented with her ear for music she blew people away if you were lucky to see her play.Like many people living in Rosorito , they we’re our friends and they are still very much missed even today.


  3. Jordan Powell

    So just of curiosity who became the Outlaws MC Gary, Indiana Chapter Sergeant-at-Arms under Yager after Donald Fogg was murdered?


  4. Jeb Bush

    He sounds like a great man. NOT! Stop trying to BS people. He was an Outlaw and a criminal.


  5. herfathersdaughter

    sounds like they were truly in love. musta been really difficult emotionally for randy to learn she was killed while after his arrest… bet he felt like he wasn’t there to protect her. so sad


  6. Jennifer

    What is the name of the actress who played her on unsolved mysteries?


  7. Tired of idiots

    What a loser


  8. Victoria Michelle Watkins

    May Love guide you to love in Yaweh.


  9. Cheryl Szarke

    I’ve known Mad for many years. To the idiot’s that say Margie was held against her will etc, Bullshit! Those small minded imbocils don’t and can’t accept that they loved each other. Mad and Margie are both good people. Her being distant means she was just trying to protect those around her. Obviously there’s a lot of uninformed, stupid sheeple out there.


  10. Tosha Mckinney

    I happen to know Randy very well.Margie loved him she choose loving him over anything and anyone else and was very happy.He happens to be a very loyal good man. Any loser can get behind a keyboard and talk a bunch of s*** about bikers being scumbags or about doing the time and paying the price she didn’t wreck and die the Mexican Police gun her down in the street it was a tragedy something horrible that happened to them and Randy Yeager is paying the price he is doing his time and paying his debt to society if you call that being a scumbag well you continue hiding behind the keyboard because I guarantee you you wouldn’t hold a candle to half the man that he is.


  11. Am I right

    That’s whatchu get.


  12. Becky Wrobel

    Randy has always and will be a man and a good one of that. I grow up with him and has always been outstanding in my book. What he chooses in life didn’t change his comparison and goodness he had in his heart. Margie was well loved and was very happy with him. People need to stop putting labels on people of there looks and back ground. All I have to say it was a perfect love story. Very sad she was killed and lose her life but will guarantee she was loved and takin care of. Stop with the stupid bashing. Life is bad enough for more negativity. God bless Randy (Mad) and RIP Margie.


  13. anonymous

    my sympathies


  14. Anonymous

    Poor girl, Margie. RIP


  15. Anonymous

    Do the crime, pay the price


  16. IIII

    “Randy and seventeen other Outlaws members were being indicted for a Midwest crime spree that included bombings, robberies, and six murders.”
    “Randy, however, is wanted for six counts of murder, racketeering, terrorism, and robbery.”

    No you idiot, they were not cool people… they were low life biker sucmbags!


  17. caprice robinson

    Im so sorrry it ended that way for her i hope randy was good to her while she was living


  18. Anonymous

    Randy’s soulmate Margie was loved by all in Rosarito, MX. Tragically, she died at the time of Randy’s arrest a few days ago. Her car overturned and a bullet was in her head. We don’t know if she shot herself or if she was shot by police.


    • Anonymous

      Yes they were indeed soulmates and Margie was never kidnapped by Steve or Randy. They were cool people and good friends of my fathers. I hope Margie gets a proper burial surrounded by those who knew her and loved her.


  19. Anonymous

    The Mexican police shot Margie. She is dead. She was not being held against her will and was very much in love with Randy. For what it’s worth, they were great people.


  20. Frank

  21. ginger

    i think he sent me a pic. of himself, i asked who he was ,, he said sent it to me by mistake.