Rogest Cain told his sister he was going to the hardware store… He never returned.

Rogest Cain smiling at the camera, sitting on a couch in a dark blue suit

Rogest Cain


Race: African American
Gender: Male
DOB: 10/12/1924
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Defining Characteristics: May have suffered a stroke causing amnesia
Remarks: Last seen 2/19/86


A cadillac de ville is parked on the side of a street next to a sign for BBQ

Rogest’s car is found parked in the city near a mechanic shop

On the afternoon of February 19th, 1986, 61-year-old Rogest Cain told his sister that he was going to a local hardware store. His family never saw him again.

The day after Rogest disappeared, he called a neighbor and told her he didn’t feel well, and he would not be going to work.

Two days later, a private security company in an affluent neighborhood spotted a man whom they believed to be Rogest Cain. The man appeared confused and gave them a phone number belonging to Rogest’s sister. When his sister arrived, Rogest had disappeared again.

One month later, Rogest’s car was found parked on a busy street twenty-two miles from his home. Remarkably, all his papers, his G.I. bill, the deed to his property, and his insurance policies, as well as his glasses and false teeth were in the car.

At a gas station next to Rogest’s abandoned car, police learned that he had talked with a mechanic on the day after he disappeared.

Detective Doug Haskin:

“The person at the station told us that he was last seen walking away from the station, kinda of staggering, swaying, that his speech was slurred. At that time we really felt that he may have suffered a slight stroke causing some type of memory impairment. He had a telephone credit card on him when he was missing and that credit card was used on a number of occasions after he was last seen by the security company.”

The night after our broadcast, police received a call from a man in Topeka, Kansas, who believed he recognized Rogest Cain as a local resident named Elmer Jackson. Acting on the caller’s tip, police attempted to locate Elmer Jackson, only to discover he had disappeared. Within days, Rogest Cain’s son flew to Topeka and joined the police search.

The search ultimately turned up no new information and police were never able to establish if Elmer Jackson was, indeed, Rogest Cain.

In 1995, Rogest Cain was declared legally dead. His disappearance remains unsolved.

Several important documents are laid out on the back seat of a car

Important documents, even his false teeth, were found in the vehicle


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    I wish ppl would THINK before being in such haste to get the family’s hopes up. They know they have not seen this man..I believe the repairman saw him, his neighbor got a call from him but that man in kansas who claims his name was elmer jackson is hard to believe. How did he get from LA to Kansas, and Why? LA is huge. Ik they said a truck driver picked him up and named him Elmer and possibly dropped him off in Kansas but I dont think thats what happened and he was never in kansas. I truly believe he was taken care of, he passed and they buried him respectfully. These cases need to be all over the news not shows like UM. Mostly Everyone watches the news. Someone was probably taking care of him outside of a nursing home. Did they check all the nursing homes in LA? This case will be solved as well. I just hope Im alive to see it.


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    Prayers always. I pray they had found his body or him and w a buried with family. I know he is at a . age now that he may nolonger be alive or he is blessed by the lord with age and soon find his memory


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    How does he have a deceased date of Feb 19, 1993? Was he found ?


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    So sad.


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    So sad that he went missing. He is the grand-uncle of rapper Wil.I.Am


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