A woman’s remains are found in a New York dumpster.

Su-Ya Kim

The main suspect in the case


New York City has always promised the hope of a new start to immigrants like Su-Young Kim and his wife, Su-Ya.  In 1981, they married in Seoul, South Korea, then moved to the United States.  Su-Young and Su-Ya worked in flea markets until they were finally able to open two stores, one in Long Island and the other in Bushwick, a section of Brooklyn known for its ethnic diversity.

Su-Ya’s nude body was found in a dumpster

As the business grew, so did the Kim family.  Su-Ya and Su-Young had two sons, and often the whole family could be found at the Brooklyn store. The Kims eventually moved to a spacious apartment in Queens.  There, on the afternoon of June 29, 1991, just five days after Su-Young and Su-Ya had celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, Su-Ya left the boys with their grandmother while she went shopping.  When Su-Young came home at 8 PM, his wife had not returned from her shopping trip.  He called all her friends, but no one knew where she was.  Su-Young’s concern mounted after he found Su-Ya’s car still parked in the garage, its engine stone cold:

“My wife had never been out that late for the 10 years of our marriage.  I was getting more and more worried. I could not stop thinking that something bad must have happened to her.  I stayed up all night waiting for her but she did not come home.”

The next day, Su-Young Kim was summoned to the medical examiner’s office to identify a body:

“I could not and did not want to believe what was going on.  As soon as I recognized my wife’s body, I felt everything was over.  The whole world seemed to crash down on me.  I could not think of anything else except my children.”

A guard caught a man in the alley at 3:00 AM

Su-Ya Kim had been stabbed nine times.  Her body was dumped in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, seven miles from the Kims’ apartment in Queens.  Although she was nude, there was no evidence of rape.  Su-Ya appeared to be the victim of random violence.  But unlike many random crimes, this one had a witness.  Joe Jones was a private security guard hired to patrol an abandoned building in Bedford Stuyvesant.  Around 3:00 AM, ten hours after Su-Ya had disappeared, Jones noticed a man behind a building:

“He hesitated a couple seconds.  And he said what if I give you $20.  So I said yeah, okay.  So at that time when I’m taking the $20, I see that he had blood on him.  So I said, how you get blood on you like that?”

The man’s demeanor made Jones suspicious.  He got a brief glimpse of the license plate before the car backed out:

“He gets in the car, drives away, but he stops at the corner. I think he thought I was going to go back and see what he put in the garbage.  And I really got suspicious when he was looking at me and I was looking at him.  So when I went back, I looked on the ground and I saw spots, spots of blood going toward the garbage can.”

An ambulance arrived, but it was too late

Joe Jones recruited a friend who happened by.  Together, they cautiously searched the contents of the dumpster.  Amidst layers of debris, they saw a woman’s hand.  It was the body of Su-Ya.  In an uncanny coincidence, the first vehicle to pass by was an ambulance, but it was too late.  Su-Ya had already been dead for hours.  Thanks to Joe Jones, however, Detective Derrick J. Parker had a description of the killer and his car:

“We ran all the Nissans that fit that description with that plate number in New York City and we tried to match registered owners by using a partial plate.  And we were able to come up with one match.”

The vehicle was registered to a Taiwanese exchange student at a Long Island college.  She said she had not driven it since about ten o’clock the night before.  There was no blood in or on the car.  And when Detective Parker checked the engine, he found it had not been driven for hours:

“There was a blue Nissan that fit the description that Mr. Jones told us, however it wasn’t the car.”

Police then began to look at their star witness, Joe Jones, as a suspect.  They requested that Jones take a lie detector test.  He passed with flying colors and police were positive he had nothing to do with Su-Ya’s murder.

For nearly two years, Su-Young Kim stayed in the United States, but the memories of his wife proved too painful to bear.  In April of 1993, he shut down his business and returned with his two little boys to South Korea:

“I could not stand being in the store anymore because everything there reminded me of my wife.  Now there are no good memories for me here in America.  Since it happened, I lost all my hopes and dreams.  I have suffered so much.  I’m still struggling hard to get over my wife’s death for the sake of our children.  I still truly love and miss her.”

Police have one particular theory which may yet help identify Su-Ya’s killer.  The dumpster in Bedford-Stuyvesant was not easily visible from the street, so police believe the killer may be a delivery man or a cab driver, someone with detailed knowledge of the neighborhood.

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  1. Alex Ayala

    I worked for this family I would just like to know if they found that person who killed ms su young Kim.. they was the nicest people I have ever met..


  2. A.H.

    Convicted serial killer Joel Rifkin bears a resemblance to the man in the composite sketch and committed his crimes in New York. http://truecrimejunkie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/rifkin_Joel_130x171-e1307383835803.jpg

    This may be a tip to pass along?


  3. Anna

    Did they ever give the husband a polygraph test ?


  4. Anonymous

    Hi UM,

    Can you let me know which law enforcement is handling this case? If they haven’t already, they need to exhume her body. I’m sure the DNA would help them catch the killer.


  5. Anonymous

    Hi Unsolved Mysteries,

    Is it possible to to advise the authorities handling this case to DNA test her body? With our technology today, that should almost certainly solve the case.


  6. AH

    I can’t find the appropriate contact for this case. The composite resembles serial killer Joel Rifkin. Perhaps if the NYPD ran a DNA profile, they’d maybe have the match?


  7. Chanita

    That Was A Dumb Thing To!He Needs To Face The Death pentley!


  8. Tanya

    I was 3yrs old when this happened and this was right up the block from me. I always wonder who , what, when, where , why and how. This case should be reopened and her DNA should be out into the fbi database. That family needs justice such a horrible way to die. I always google her name to see if they have any new leads.


  9. Blue bird

    Wow How Did He Do That? If That Was Me I Would Never Do That Especially At 3:00 In The Morning? I Feel So Bad For Both The Suspect And The victim And Her Family U know What did That Woman Do To Prevoke That Man? I Mean What Made Him So Mad ? God Forbid Note To The Killer U Had Become Satan’s Puppet And He Will Destroy Your Path Will Lead U To Destruction?


  10. Joanna L.

    I just watched the episode of this poor woman… I pray they reexamine every thing ….Her poor kids and family deserve justice….. Wow! In a dumpster!!!!


  11. J.Viper

    You have a license plate number and vehicle match. That is the key to this case. So what if the owner of the vehicle said she hadn’t driven it all night. Just baffles my mind that you have such a good lead and nothing comes of it.


    • A.H.

      Beyond me as well. Could Mr. Jones have gotten the license plate wrong? Doubt it. Did someone change the license plate number?

      Feel so bad for Mr. Jones. He must have felt great knowing he was going to solve a crime. No clue how this didn’t turn out anything.


  12. Guy

    Having problems finding the proper NYPD tip line. This guy absolutely could be Joel Rifkin and we should ask them about comparing Rifkin’s DNA to the killer of Su-Ya. Can you help, Unsolved?


  13. A Guy.

    The killer looks a LOT like New York serial killer Joel Rifkin:


    I feel like exhuming her body for DNA could be a possibility. For all we know, it could be Rifkin. Was in his early 30s at the time of the murder and looks very similar to the man in the composite sketch. This is something that should be told to the NYPD.


  14. Andrew Q

    Has anyone seen this guy with glasses who looks like that picture of a man who maybe a delivery man or a cab driver in Brooklyn? Please leave a comment if you did see him.