A young beauty queen mysteriously vanishes.

Tami Lynn Leppert


Gender: Female
DOB: 2/5/65
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 103 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Remarks: Last seen 7/6/83


Tami Lynn Leppert was an uncommonly beautiful child.   She entered her first beauty contest when she was just four years old.   By the age of 16, she had already competed in more than 300 beauty contests and had taken home 280 crowns.   Her mother, Linda Curtis, a theatrical and modeling agent, guided Tami’s career:

“I was constantly busy running her around to where she had to go and what she had to do.   And I enjoyed it.   I enjoyed watching her excel because she always went for the best that she could go for, the highest level.”

At 16, Tami had won 280 beauty contests

Wing Flannagan was a close family friend.   He and Tami were like brother and sister:

“She would bend over and kiss me on the cheek and I couldn’t quite ever get it completely off.   It was rather embarrassing to walk around with this mark.   I think actually I learned to wear it proudly after a while because it was almost a status symbol.”

In July of 1982, Tami landed a part in the teen exploitation film, “Spring Break”.   When the movie completed filming, Tami went un-chaperoned to a weekend party.   She came back a different person.   According to Wing, Tami’s behavior began to take on paranoid overtones:

“Sometimes I’d ask her, what was on her mind, if anything was bothering her.   And she’d usually change the subject or she’d say oh, nothing you know and then try to laugh it off.”

After filming Spring Break, Tami changed

According to her mother, Linda, she even thought someone was trying to kill her:

“Then she said Mom, what would you say if I told you somebody was trying to kill me. I just took a deep breath, and I said, do you think somebody’s trying to kill you, Tami? She said, yes.”

Tami feared for her life

A steady retreat into isolation soon followed for Tami.   Linda and Wing had no way of ascertaining which of Tami’s fears were real and which were paranoid delusions.   After two weeks of virtual seclusion, Tami Lynn was offered a small part in the big budget Al Pacino film, “Scarface,” which began shooting in Miami in March of 1983.   She stayed with a family friend, Walter Liebowitz.   According to Walter, all went well until the fourth day of filming:

“I received a call from the casting director to tell me that Tami had a breakdown on the set.   They said that it was a scene where someone was supposed to be shot and had artificial blood spurt out.   And they said when Tami was watching the scene, she started crying hysterically and it got so bad that they had to take her to a trailer.   She was in a tremendous state of fear, anxiety… What it was that caused this great fear in her I don’t know.   When I spoke with Tami’s mother, I told her that she should take Tami to a doctor and also take her to the police to find out of the problem was psychological or if there was some basis in fact that someone was actually trying to kill her and get to the bottom of it.”

Tami smashed a window in her home

Tami Lynn quit the film and went back home.   At her mother’s insistence, Tami did talk to the local sheriff, but apparently never mentioned that she felt her life was in danger.   Even with her family, Tami’s paranoia ran rampant.   According to Wing, Tami was now convinced that someone was trying to poison her:

“There were good days and there were bad days.   There were days when she was almost normal. And there were other days when she was real edgy.”

Then on July 1 st , Tami finally snapped.   She began smashing all the windows in her house and started attacking Wing.   It was at that moment that Linda knew something was seriously wrong with her daughter:

“I handled that incident, but I didn’t know if I was going to be able to handle the next one.”

She was last seen in Cocoa Beach, FL

Tami’s mother checked her into a mental health center for a complete physical and psychiatric evaluation.   Doctors found no evidence of drug or alcohol use.   After 72 hours of observation, Tami was released.   The following day, Tami and a friend drove to the local beach, when according to Detective Jim Skragg of the Cocoa Beach, Florida Police Department, they started to argue:

“This friend picked her up at her home and they drove to the beach. And we talked to him.   And he basically stated that they’d become involved in a verbal argument.   She had requested that he let her out near the glass bank in Cocoa Beach and he complied.”

Tami’s friend said he dropped her off about five miles from her house. She was barefoot and carried no purse. According to Detective Skragg, it was the last time Tami Lynn would be seen alive:

“She disappeared without a trace.   We talked to some of her close friends.   They felt strongly that Tami was having problems at home and… she wanted to leave home.”

Tami Lynn Leppert is five feet four inches tall, and at the time of her disappearance, weighed 103 pounds.   She has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season five with Robert Stack and in season five with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis FarinaVarious seasons available now on Hulu.




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    I think Tammy had a thing for her manager in her acting career and He tried to turn her away. Because she wasn’t getting what she wanted, they got into an arguement and He dropped her off. During the arguement, she threatened to accuse him of raping her so He hired someone to murder her deep in the woods.


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    Just a Hunch

    Tammy said something about money laundering while filming Scarface, said she had seen something she wasn’t supposed to see, lived in and disappeared from the Broward-Palm Beach-Miami-Dade area, and had been to a weekend party that changed her.

    Given the recent news on Epstein, is anyone else wondering if that party was somewhere in the Caribbean? Who was the ‘friend’ that dumped her in the bank parking lot? I am wondering if bank surveillance cameras show an older man? Too old for a 17-18 yo…


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    Just a theory, is it a possibility that Tami felt like her mom was living her life through her with the modeling & beauty pageants? If so, maybe she couldn’t take the pressure & didn’t have the heart to tell her mom so she staged her disappearance to escape?


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    I just heard of this case today, and have been reading essentially the same article over and over about it. These are a few things I am finding quite strange… Tammy was a very successful pageant winner and model. So why am I only seeing the same few photos again and again? Shouldn’t there be dozens of pictures showing Tammy with an array of different looks?
    Beautiful, popular, 18 years old… going to a weekend party ALONE?? The 18 year old girls I knew (I am the same age as Tammy), would not ever have done that. Not out of fear, but because 18 year old girls were attached at the hip with their pals… and it seems a girl like Tammy would have had a bit of an entourage of friends around her, supporting her and good god!! ON THE PHONE WITH HER CONSTANTLY!! Where are Tammy’s girlfriends in all this? She’d have had at least one friend that would have known anything and everything that was going on with her. This girl was NOT a loner!
    Accounts say that the young man who was last with her and last saw her spoke to police twice on the telephone and did not show up for two separate in person interviews with police… yet is not considered a suspect… When he didn’t show for a scheduled interview, it seems police would have seen it as a huge red flag and hauled him in! Yet it seems there was little interest in this guy that she was supposedly “scared of”. Have investigators ever seriously interrogated this person?
    I realize it was a different world back then, but this girl was not a hooker, not a delinquent, she was heading for success and was well known! Yet it seems it was treated very casually…. anybody else think this seems very strange?


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    No guy will just tell a hot girl to get out of his car no matter how annoying she is being…….amazing they to my knowledge have never looked hard at him….after all he was the last to see her…….and normally the last person to see the victim is the person who did something.


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    It seems very obvious to me that Tammy was sliding into a schizophrenic-like mental illness. Persecutory delusions (delusions where the person believes that they are being hunted/harassed/stalked) are the most common type of delusion experienced by the people suffering from this ailment. In this situation, the person can never actually explain who is targeting them because it’s a confabulation that never completely materializes. It is always simply a mysterious “them”. “They” are everywhere – an ever-present threat looming above and lurking in every shadow. “They” have done something (fraud, money laundering, murder) – something that the person somehow has knowledge of (despite NEVER explaining where, when, and how that knowledge came to be). People in this state do not usually know that they are experiencing anything unreal. They believe completely in the thoughts they’re having, and are driven by terror. People can experience this in manic and depressed states (and even mixed states), which explains why some days Tammy “almost seemed normal/happy” and was otherwise “withdrawn and isolated”.

    One of my best friends experienced this kind of mental break. He suddenly began to talk about property fraud being committed by businessmen who were targeting him because he knew about it. When I pressed him for details on who these people were or what they had done, he would never say. He felt certain that if “they” could not get to him directly, they would break into his house and poison his food. He kept a storage unit but would not tell anyone where it was or what was inside; he wanted to live there to hide from his tormentors, but obviously could not.

    After a 3am incident not too unlike Tammy’s window-smashing, my friend was committed to a hospital for observation and showed me the list of medications that he was being asked to take – all neuroleptics/antipsychotics. I always had to schedule my visits with him so that he would know when to expect me. One day I was 15 minutes late and when I got there he hugged me and would not let go. He was absolutely certain that “they” had gotten to me so as to “punish” him and “silence” him.

    I think that after the 72 hour observation period, Tammy may have realized something was very wrong (especially if she had taken drugs that would bring her back to a more stable state of mind). I think that she may have taken her own life to escape the grief and terror of her own delusions. That is what happened to my friend. These kinds of illnesses are heartbreaking because the person is suffering so greatly. They live in fear 24 hours a day; fear of things they do not understand and cannot explain. Things that never leave them alone – that live inside their heads.


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    Did the police check the friends car who supposedly dropped her off? Check for blood spatter or for the scent of a dead body? Are they sure the friend really dropped her off? Wouldn’t the bank have a camera back then? Could have been some footage of him dropping her off. If he is telling the truth.He said they got into an argument. He could have stabbed her or choked her and killed her in the car. Sounds suspicious. That’s a likely story that most of the time is a cover up amfkr a murder. Since he knew the mom saw his car and him pick her up, he knew he would have to come up with a believable story. Chances are, he killed her. Unless there is some other info they aren’t telling viewers.


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    This is a strange case mostly because the UM segment appears to be leaving out way more details than usual. They don’t name the friend who dropped off the day she disappeared which is somewhat unusual but not completely unheard of. They also say nothing about what the doctors who observed Tami for 72 hours thought other than “there were no signs of drug or alcohol use/” Ok, that’s great but were there any signs that she had a psychological disorder that she may need help for. And this party she went to…..why didn’t anybody (police, private investigator) try to find out who else was at the party and what happened there, if anything. The Liebowitz guy suggested her mother have Tami talk to the police – did this happen? Is there any indication, in other words, whether she was delusional or whether someone was after her or what? In fact, the only people UM talked to in that segment is her mother, that Wing Flanagan guy and the Liebowitz dude. There’s no indication that any authorities are even involved in the case. It’s very strange and indicates there’s a lot more to this story than was told in this segment


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    There is a reason that she wanted to leave home so desperately. She thought someone in her own home was trying to kill her. She was afraid of her step father and the family made up the story of money laundering. Her mother had her committed to an institution once. She ran away to be free. I don’t know if she survived.


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    I just saw this on Amazon video.. I was hoping that when I searched for her I would find an update. To my dismay there is none. I hope they find what happened to her.
    Everyone keeps forgetting the money laundering..she was afraid to be killed because she knew about someone laundering money..so when she saw that scene at the set ..she most likley freaked out because all she could think of was someone killing her..


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    She faked her disappearance so she could restart her life as a man. 🙂


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    What a beauty, good to know Hollywood actually used real born women in their films and not just the male to female trannies we are exposed to and become accustomed with.


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    Check your math before calling someone am idiot. She disappeared at 18 yrs old in July of 1983… That was 34 years ago, so she wouldn’t be 20 or 30 something.


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    It’s obvious something terrible happened at the party for Spring Break…. the question that so many have asked and I concur Knowing she was in this mental state why would a “friend” drop her off 5 miles from home? Even though there’s a possibility their argument could’ve made her want to get out of the car, it doesn’t justify a reason in leaving her that far away from home just doesn’t sound right.


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      Bonita Jordan

      I agree. And she was barefoot. No I don’t think so


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      How does that have Anything to do with someone’s mental state or capacity? You’re reaching way too far. We don’t even know if that’s what really happened without more witnesses.


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      Idk, I think her Mom knows more than she lets on. She was put into a mental institute for 72 hrs and she possibly wanted to run away from home. BUT, I think someone gone this long, especially a celebrity, she was probably killed. She was barefoot, penniless, 17 yrs old and gorgeous, dropped off somewhere in Florida. A very easy target. I hope she is happy and peaceful wherever she is.


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    luke james

    i dont know where to take this but ive been researching tammy and i have no clue about her heritage or body marks but ive also been researching my state jane does and one of them in my county has almost everything matching to her. the westchester county jane doe pretty much matches everything. hopefully this will be solved


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    Leonardo Di'Marco

    I think when I first saw this story about Tammy, they were referring her to Tammy Lyn Lebowitz,and kept l Iooking up for that name and I couldnt find any results.I remember they kept saying she was in 300 beauty pagents since she was a baby. So I find it kind of hard that they would let her in a movie “Scarface” when they can easily see she is way too young to be in such a violent movie.Like if you were Tami’s mother you would worry so much about her. I read that Scarface was actully rated x, because there were so many super violent sceenes, that eventually had to be cut out ,because they wouldnt let it be in the movie theatres.Plus Tami was only in the movie for abou 1-2 minutes. Plus every scene was super violent and there were no children in the movie,nobody was actually younger then Tami. Maybe one of the stagehands kidnapped Tami, perhaps they are really addicted to cocaine,and got her addicted ,too. For exampl the movie is three hours long and there isnt one teenager ,besides Tami in the whole movie,maybe the actors are really giving Tami lots of cocaine ,thats probably why she went beserk Alot of young women who are addicted to drugs , run away to Hollywood ,back in the 80’s. Maybe she was really convinced that she was a famous movie star all ready ,perhaps she was an alcoholic ,too,and she thought that she was going to have the lead role as Tony’s wife instead of Michele Pfeiffer. Maybe she was scared because in “Spring break” the actors are really her own age, in ” Scarface” they are around 40 years old and they have Rolls Royces and banks in Switzerland ?


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    Did anyone check the photos that convicted murder/rapist William Richard Bradford had taken? They released photos of 54 women he took pictures of (some who were murdered, some raped, most unidentified.) I think that #4 looks a lot like Tami, only with brown hair.
    Here’s the link if anyone wants to take a look. He was arrested in 1984.



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    And what if she just left the country somehow


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    Maybe the killer was the same person who admitted to the Jon Bennet Ramsey murder in 2006. They said , Tami was in 300 beauty contests as a child” and so was Jon Bennet. Maybe he was on vacation in Florida and was watching her and became very jealous. Lots of people go there for spring break also. John Mark Karr could easily afford to go to Florida .if he could afford to go to central America and Thailand. Why would he admit to killing Jon Bennet, then as soon as he goes to court he denies everything? Maybe he wanted to go to college in Florida and somehow met Tami on the beach?


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    Petaa motex

    Sad story and likely a sad ending knowing how long ago this was.


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    it was the friend and the family should think that to or are they involved


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      Something happened to her at the party, bad enough to change her, she could have been gang raped and the friend who dropped her off barefoot should be interrogated sternly! The friend dropping her off was probably a lie! They all say we/I dropped them off! I have heard of people who were partying and someone put LSD in their drink, and they were never the same! She could have been drugged then raped!


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    Anybody think this person is still alive i think it’s very possible


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    Have they found her yet


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    There really are only two theories here. One is a suicide, which is unlikely, since she cared so much about her appearance I doubt she would harm herself. The other and most probably is that she was a vicitm of the “Speed Freak” serial killers who killed dozens of women looking like Tammy in California around the time. They often lured vicitms with promises of modeling jobs or taking photos, etc. This for me is the most probable outcome, they hit the bones way out in the mountains so Im sure no remains will be found. Tracing her final steps and badgering the guy who let her out of the car are useless, since you are looking at the probable victim of a serial killer


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      Nothing in the case points to it being the work of a serial killer as of yet. As for “badgerring” Keith Roberts. He failed to show up for 2 face to face Police meetings. Can you spell RAT? 😉


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    Julie celona

    I think that Tami may be my biological mother. I was born on October 14th 1982 in south Carolina however my birth mother listed a woman by the name diane w davis with a florida number as her emergency contact and under father she put down unknown. Maybe her mood swings we’re pregnancy related. Under mother it says Tami l hope however there is a chance that she lied about her last name on my birth certificate, well by using a fake last name if she was in fear for her life would make sense . If she was terrified for her life that would also explain why she listed my father as unknown and also for why she put me up for adoption. I’ve been searching for my mother for most of my life. If any of this information rings any bells for any of you guys…..please email me at celonajulie@gmail.com.


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    Maybe she just disappeared on her own I mean being famous puts a lot of stress on people so she probably just wanted to get away


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      Idk how famous she was. She was in just a few movies and a TINY role in Scarface as an extra, basically. I think she was taken before her career could take off. She’d surface somewhere by now. Especially someone that won almoat 300 beauty pageants


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    K'leigh Barrett

    I am finding her information and information on others who were around her around the time she disappeared. I am looking into getting her actual case File to try and find her. It has been 32 years since she has been with her family and that needs to change. If I spent 32 years away from my family I don’t know what I would do. So me and a few of my friends are going to look into her file find out what happened to her. I’m terribly sorry for her family and close friends.


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    Tony Zenken

    Something bad happened at that party.


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    John Stedman

    I am currently researching the case of Natalee Holloway, which has some similarities to the Tammy Lynn Leppert story. Both were 18-year-old attractive blonde women who have disappeared without trace. Natalee went missing more recently, in Aruba in 2005, but in both cases the possibilities of involvement of organised crime are quite high, either involving human trafficking (probably to satisfy the lucrative Middle East market) or the adult film industry (primarily based near Los Angeles). In both cases these women had recently been involved in ‘Spring Break’ activities, which as well as being relatively harmless fun are also prime stalking grounds for the ‘spotters’ who try to solicit ‘talent’ into short-term vice-related opportunities. For many young women who have been brought up in a high-pressure performance-orientated but fundamentally conservative family environment, the idea of ‘going off the reservation’ is a very attractive experiment, and they are thus ripe for exploitation by some highly dangerous people who have little regard for human life. It is quite possible that Tammy and Natalee were seduced into the dark world of this kind of organised crime. If they were, and they survived, they would probably have resurfaced into normal society within two or three years in a ‘Prodigal Daughter’ scenario, sadder, emotionally scarred but hopefully wiser. The fact that they have not, after 33 and 11 years respectively, sadly strongly suggests that both are no longer alive. US Law Enforcement will never close such ‘Cold Cases’ until the victims would have passed their 100th birthdays, but the fact is that unless a perpetrator makes a credible deathbed confession, or the victims’ names come up in a Plea Bargain or other case, leading to the recovery of identifiable physical evidence, resolution of either case is highly unlikely. My sympathies to the families involved, but one must accept that many unsolved mysteries do remain unsolved for ever.


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    Maybe she wanted to disappear. She could be out there still.


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    I believe she was schizophrenic. ..not properly diagnosed or treated. Back in those days it was more difficult to treat mental illness. She more then likely committed suicide. End of story…her remains were left in the ocean and never found due to a never ending sea of water.


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    If she thought someone was trying to kill her she would NOT have gotten out alone. Especially if she suffered from paranoia and anxiety.


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    Thalia Müller

    I think this case was most definitely not investigated thoroughly enough. There are so many different theories on what could have happened and not one authority has made efforts to look into it. I think that because of new technology, the case should be reopened.


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    This is my theory and of course, it’s a theory. Ok, Tammy Leppert was feeling like a star and wanted to live like a star so she goes to this party after “Spring Break” filming and does a good bit of blow and ends up getting rapped by some scum bags there. they tell her that if she says anything they’ll kill her. So of course she’s going to be acting different because she was just rapped and she’s paranoid because I’m sure that these goes were watching her and waiting for her to slip up. Maybe the guys wanted more of her so they kidnapped her, maybe they were scared that she would snitch or maybe they just wanted to kill her. Either way, I think she met the people that murdered her at this weekend party or someone that was bad news and maybe the “friend” that dropped her off 5 miles from her home was part of the murder. Is there even evidence that this guys story is true?


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    I think she was being stalked, women who are stalked for long periods of time are known to get ptsd. She may have met this stalker at the shooting of her first movie i mean she was beautiful and this shoot would of brought attention, lots of it. He also may of raped her and afraid she would fess up he killed her. Gruesome stuff makes me sick but in my opinion that’s what this.


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    Anonymous SA

    If it was confirmed that she was dropped off and still had time to go to the bank and hitch a ride back home then the friend has nothing to do with her dissapearence. Its been a very long time now, I doubt there is still evidence of anything, investigations are useless unless someone comes with a confession.


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    Scareface was a good movie. Hope you find her soon.


  38. Avatar


    You know I read so many crazy stories of missing people, murders, and other violent crimes acted upon innocent people that happened during the 80’s and it quite disgusts me how none of the cases got justice, were ever solved, or police not investigating thoroughly or at all period. It’s just crazy to me. Considering the fact that police technology and skills weren’t that great back than either compared to now still doesn’t help because you always hear of them losing evidence on file or not remembering or there being none at all. I’d say the last resort would be to get a psychic involved that’s known for solving cases like this that can’t be solved by police or anyone for that matter, they actually take the time investigating and get work done the right away. It seems to me the cops didn’t care or pay much attention to tammys case and the fact they have no reports on her reporting to them what she knew, have no evidence or barely any rememberance about this case is just pathetic. Why wasn’t anything kept in file? Why isn’t there a name of the man who last seen with her and why wasn’t he interrogated long enough and let go? He obviously knows something or did something with having being the last one to see her. You can’t tell me there were no witnesses at all either, what bout the bank or gas station? Did they have any videos on tape of her if she was nearby the gas station or bank? Makes no type of sense. I pray for this woman and her family that has to suffer not knowing or being able to lay her to rest. I hope one day she is found and her family can officially be at ease. I’d say the last best resort is to really look into finding a psychic to help find Tammy might have a good chance.


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    Doug Masters

    The facts and my personal opinion regarding the case is as follows:
    1) I believe she may have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance.
    2)According to my research UM didn’t get some of the things correct. From what I understand she DID have shoes on as well as had her purse. And the color of the car she was last in was white not black. (Not entirely a big deal from the reenactment aspect)
    3) She apparently went from where she was dropped off to a bank. And that’s where she was last seen. If I remember correctly she cashed a check.
    4) I DO NOT believe by any stretch of the imagination that the family had ANYTHING to do with her disappearance. Despite what a lot of lunatics have spread all over the Internet. There was NO KNOWN MOTIVE for her mother or family to want to do harm to her.
    5) Now considering the fact that she was terrified to go out of her house. And the fact she from what we are lead to believe was terrified of being poisoned etc. And the fact that she may have been pregnant. One could speculate that it had something to do with the person who may have been the father of the child. Now this is speculation and I have yet to corroborate this with anyone related to the case. I have read forums that are out of date and other web threads. And I believe Suzanne has a Facebook page dedicated to Tammy. Who turned 51 in Feb. She disappeared a few months before I was born to give you an idea of how old I am. Yet this case is fascinating to me. It’s unfortunate that so many crazies can spread such BS about this case. One more note. I have read in a few threads that the family believed that Kevin was not investigated properly and he seemed to take his time trying to assist with the investigation. And I also read somewhere that he refused a polygraph. Now as I said. It’s hard to decipher a lot of the nonsense people have spread about this case. So that particular aspect may not be correct. Regarding Kevin. However personally I do believe he knows MORE than he let on. And I was not impressed by the interview he had for the UM segment. But thats me.


  40. Avatar

    Doug Masters

    I think of this case pretty often. I am a WebSleuth and I have tried contacting Suzanne and Wing Flanagan and anyone else I can find to see if I can help with the case. I can never seem to get a response. However I have noticed there is a lot of loonies that say they “know” things. I don’t understand why either. Some are on this page too. I have looked into and investigated many cases. I haven’t solved any or been involved in solving any. But I’ve yet to see the amount of loons posting crazy crap like I have with this case. So strange. The wild accusations. The people who say the “knew” her. I feel really bad for the actual family and friends who loved her and have to deal with the idiots spreading nonsense. Now I understand why I cannot get a response. If I were them. I wouldn’t either.


    • Avatar


      You didn’t even know she has siblings and admit that you have been involved in many investigations and have solved NONE…yet you insist on harassing this poor family with your subpar detective “skills.” They wont respond to you because they, unlike you, can tell you are no good at investigating. Again, you’ve been involved in many cases and haven’t been able to solve any, and two, she’s been dead over 30 years and in all this time you didn’t know she had a sibling. And again…you continue to harass these poor people. It’s weird. Please stop contacting her family.


  41. Avatar


    This was 1 of the most mysterious cases. A Young Woman who has beauty and success suddenly goes missing. Could be two theories. She disappeared into the mental health wards psych worlds somebody without any ID or knowing who she was. Or she was killed early on by a serial killer predator as she tried to start a new life. Heat wrenching story. Hope Tami is found alive.


  42. Avatar


    Are their any new developments in this case


  43. Avatar


    Here are the facts of her age progression and the remains of Jane Does.



  44. Avatar


    I’ve always wondered if the reason she changed and went missing was because she saw a murder take place related to powerful gangs or organized crime. She changed and thought someone would kill her its mysterious I think she knew something she shouldn’t of.


  45. Avatar

    It Don't matter

    It is uncommon for child actors/actresses to make the transition to adult actor/actress. Tammy was one of the common who fail.
    It is common practice for those going into the sex industry professional to change their name. This is generally a security and privacy measure for one past and family and friends. This particular case had the additional specific incentive regarding the fact Tammy’s mother had a child talent scout business
    It is a fact Tammy’s mother was once a beauty queen herself, see history of miss have-a-tampa, she knew the business and as anyone with that many years in the business would have contacts or know who to contact with the dark side of the business. Walter Lebowitz was a friend of those involved, it was Walter’s place Tammy went to upon leaving the set of Scarface. Walter was/is a disbarred Florida Lawyer, busted for child trafficking. Hence the related advice on what to in this transition.
    To change ones name requires a legal process before a judge and should the judge so chose, the judge may require evidence of sound mind and adult age, hence the 72 hr. psychiatric evaluation. Upon meeting the legal requirements of professional evaluation immediately went to the court house to finalize the identity change, which was walking distance from the glass bank.

    Of course given the purpose of the identity change, there had to be a cover story and backup plan should it be publicly found out. That backup plan was that she would claim not remembering who she was.

    In effort to build an illusion and in need of an explanation regarding Tammy’s mother’s position, with Tammy’s mother contacts and persistence her mother managed to get Unsolved Mysteries to do not one but two episodes.

    Tammy’s mother was at one time under psychiatric observation where she became pregnant with twins. It was because of this the twins were adopted out at age one.
    Suzanne is one of the twins. The other has and may still work in law enforcement.

    Due to the adult choice Tammy made through legal means, law enforcement is bound to keep quiet about this. There is a statute of limitation as to how long law enforcement must keep the information locked away. its 50 years after the last person involved has passed away.

    Tammy’s mother passed away due complications resulting from being Diabetic an d having Hepatitis C. It is possible and probable the Hepatitis contributed to an event upon which Tammy came to have a fear of blood, if such is actually true.

    The supposed death threat was nothing more than a comment Tammy over heard regarding her failure to hang her cloths up on returning from California on a closet rod no more then three feet away, instead of just dumping them on some boxes.

    In the identity transition she played on family and friends to generate the cover story support in the way of reactions by those she played. Publicity.


    • Avatar

      Doug Masters

      I cannot confirm that Walter Lebowitz was disbarred for Child Trafficking. I was able confirm he was disbarred though. NOT for Child Trafficking. If I am wrong. Please shoot me a link. Otherwise I am assuming by your wild accusations that you’re a Loon. It is comments like this that make investigations more difficult.


  46. Avatar


    Her behavior sounds like paranoid schizophrenia. The help available to family for an adult with this disease is close to none. Often they end up living on the streets or worse. This is a very sad story with no ending yet. Would love to see a happy ending.


  47. Avatar


    The thing about her being dropped off 5 miles is way off. It is nearly 15 miles and two inter-coastal waterway bridges away from Rockledge. I’m from Orlando and was at the Beach that day. I actually spoke with Tammy and the guy she was with on the beach near Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. There were 4 or five others there and we chatted a bit about how poor the waves were that day. They said they were leaving and walked off toward where I assumed they parked. About a half hour later, I decided to leave and fueled up at the Exxon Station right by the Glass Bank Building and saw her hitching north, which would be the way for her to get home. When I went in to pay she was right in front of the station on A1A. When I came out less than 2 minutes later a Blue Maverick 4 door was pulling off of the side of the road heading north and she was gone. It was close but not close enough to see a passenger in the car. I thought nothing of it until I saw the report on the local news a few days later. I called the Cocoa beach police to inform them. A detective asked me a few questions, took my name and contact information and never heard back from them. In the fall of 1984 I enlisted in the Air Force and ended up stationed at Patrick AFB just south of Cocoa Beach in January of 1985. That summer there was a story in the Florida Today about Tammy near the 2 year anniversary of her going missing and I again contacted the police. I spoke to the same detective and he barely remembered my first call to him. It shows you how much interest the cops had in this matter.


  48. Avatar


    Is your name Lisa Geiger posting about Tammy ? If so, my name is Mary and you and I were high school Chums. You dated the brother Greg of my puppy love Rusty. Would love to hear from you. I’m in Suntree # 3216107319. Lisa I hope you get this posting. I know you and Tammy were great friends. Just so sad. Please no other contacts other than Lisa Geiger please. Just trying to reconnect with a friend and talk about whatever you know about whatever happened to Tammy. She was such a nice girl and I know how sad this was for you. Mama loves you and asks about you too. Hope to hear from you


  49. Avatar


    This case haunts me I been doing research since I’ve seen it an nothings adding up.. from wing, to this mystery Tim guy an even this so called sister who belives her mom killed her an buried her in backyard in backyard!! I believe wing an linda know what happen.. an if Tammy was pregnant I believe it was wings child.I believe Tammy was abused in her own home.. either way I pray it all comes to light some day


    • Avatar


      Is your name Lisa Geiger ? If so , I was a high school friend of yours. You dated the brother of my puppy love , Rusty. I would like to be in touch with you. I have thought of you often and know you and Tammy were close. It’s such a sad thing what happened to this beautiful girl. Contact me please. My Mother still asks about you from time to time and loved so much how you shared a relaCtionship with God. We saw your husband Greg at a garden walk on River Dr in Cocoa. You can contact me anytime. 3216107319. I live in Suntree now. Moved back to In 2005. God bless you Lisa. Hope to hear from you : )


  50. Avatar


    She saw something she was not supposed to see, prob a drug deal or someone getting hurt. If she’s not dead then she eather left on her own with out seeking help or someone took her and is hidding her. She would be 50 year’s old by now. So I hope someone finds her soon.


  51. Avatar


    True. Her reaction to blood on the set could suggest that she had witnessed something traumatic like a murder at the party, if so her life could have been threatened in order to keep her silent. She could of had some off the wall sick n twisted stalker harassing her or she could have been raped at this party, hell it could be all three. I think she saw too much, knew too much or something terrible happened to her and some lowlife piece of crap killed her. I wonder if the police took a look, a real good look at this “friend” that just left her stranded five miles from home, shoeless with no purse. Apparently she wasn’t happy at home and was planning to leave according to close friends. Any one else find Wing the family friend creepy and what’s up with the whole starting beauty pageants thing at four and entering more than three hundred by the time she was sixteen. Did she love doing it or did her mother love her doing it. So many different variables to this case, so many unanswered questions. A part of me hopes that she just ran away and started a new life somewhere , happy and safe. I hope her loved ones one day find answers n have some kind of closure someday.


  52. Avatar


    It sounds like she witnessed something at the party, like a murder, if the sight of blood is what freaked her out on set.


    • Avatar


      I agree with you. The story said that she saw something, not that something happened that she didn’t want to talk about …


  53. Avatar


    I think she was raped at the party and then her life threatened if she told anyone. That would explain why she wouldn’t speak up and why she acted crazy. Anyone who had been raped and then their life threatened would act that way. I wonder if the “friend” that had picked Tami up was guilty for what had happened to her? I think he has something to do with her disappearance.


    • Avatar


      I think you’re right. Maybe she was raped at the weekend party. Which explains why she came back home as a different person and why she was having a breakdown. Her rapist must’ve threatened her that he would kill her if she says one word. When she refused to talk to someone on the phone, she must’ve thought it was her rapist on the phone.
      What if it was her agent on the phone? When she disappeared, she could’ve been kidnapped or murdered. Or maybe ranaway from home. Which explains why she never went back home. What if her rapist had found her, took her away or killed her? She must be dead. Which explains why she’s nowhere to be found alive and well.
      She should’ve gone back home. And she also could’ve reported a rape to the police.


  54. Avatar


    I think you’re right. Something must’ve happened to her at the party. Maybe she was raped. Or maybe someone was stalking her. Which is why she thought that someone was going to kill her. She must’ve been kidnapped, or got lost, or ran away, or wondered off. Or maybe she’s dead. Which is why she’s no where to be found. Has anybody seen Tami wondering around the states? She would be 49 or 50 years old by now.


    • Avatar


      First time I have read this. First thought I had was that she saw something happen really horrific at that party and she was scared to death. Maybe she was threatened if she told she would be killed. Or she was viciously raped and threatened. And I agree the friend who dropped her off with no shoes and no purse seems rather weird. I would never leave a friend 5 miles from home something isn’t right with this story.


    • Avatar


      Many an obviously fruitcake psychopath garden variety sexual predator (societal termite), will stalk and threaten his victims so as to scare his victims to not call the police. These misogynists who are crazy beyond any repair and redemption threaten to rape sisters, mothers, grandmothers and kill them and dispose of their bodies where nobody would find them.


    • Avatar


      She would be 30 something or 20 something you idiot


  55. Avatar


    Always the last person to see you alive. And why hasn’t anyone answered the real questions. Who was at the party with her? Did anything happen? What was she and the guy who picked her up arguing about? I heard she was pregnant 3 myths was that true? Not enough questions were asked


  56. Avatar


    Sad story this family need closure. Her friend picked her up at her house, why didn’t he drop her off at her house, instead of dropping her 5 blocks from her house, knowing she had no shoes or her purse also seeing she was upset some friend he is. I wonder what could have happened to her? Has anyone else seen any other sightings of her since her friend dropped her off.


    • Avatar


      [corrected] Not 5 blocks: 5 miles. And that (see info elsewhere on this page) is roughly a third of the actual distance (15 miles, 2 bridges).

      I don’t recall who it was, but quite a while back, someone I was giving a ride got kinda nutso-paranoid and wanted out; I stopped and let that person out, then withdrew a short distance (but stayed in visual range) and kept an eye out while I notified LE and awaited arrival of a marked unit.

      Of course, in 1983, I didn’t have a cell phone (or even a CB radio, for that matter), but I had a pretty good idea of how to get in touch with LE by phone, either directly or indirectly (stop someone and have them call the cops), plus I would have been armed and would have taken any necessary risk to ensure the safety of someone that had trusted me.

      What freaks me out is when a cop or other official ends up being the perp.: those are supposed to be the people you can count on even when you neither have friends nor can buy any. They’re supposed to be utterly reliable helpers, the champions of the weak and the defenseless.

      You don’t simply drop-off someone at an improper destination five miles from his or her residence, and then drive away. Examples of an improper destination include, but are not necessarily limited to: a business not frequented by the passenger, that isn’t either a hospital, police or fire station; a residence in which is not apparently sober and alert one or more of the passenger’s friends — or at least the adult nuclear-family member of such friend.


  57. Avatar


    Why did her friend drop her off 5 miles from her house; with no purse and shoes?? I know they where arguing but if your their friend leaving someone stranded seems extreme. What happend during that long weekend? For her to change her behavior. Did she get a ride from a stranger and something horrible happen? Did someone see something after her friend dropped her off? I feel that the friend knows more then they are telling. What where they arguing about? Something bad happend to this poor girl.someone saw something or knows something. Someone at that party she went saw something. The police should have looked in that direction.. Where was the party? Who did she go with?? Why not ask the people who where doing the film spring break. What cause her break down?? If it wasnt drugs then what? People don’t change their behavior overnight. What happend to that poor girl???? Somewhere someone out there knows something…. I am still supicous toward her friend that dropped her off before she disappeared. I pray for answers expeically for her family


    • Avatar


      This person is definitely correct


    • Avatar


      He dropped her off while they were on a trip to the beach. As someone who has been born and raised in Florida, it’s not uncommon at all for people to forgo shoes, and definitely a purse, when going to a beach – especially if you are a local and live close. No one brings a purse to the beach; if you do, you usually keep it locked up in your car or trunk, and that’s only for long day trips, which are usually planned. Most teenagers and young people go barefoot when at the beach or traveling there and back. With local beaches and causeways, you are parking either directly on or very close to the sand, and it’s very common to not have shoes on so you don’t trail sand and sea water in and out of your car/home.

      There is nothing extreme or weird about what the friend describes. If she was having a paranoid fit, or even just an argument, she could have demanded to be let out of the car and refused to come in; being only five miles from home, the friend probably assumed she’d call someone for a ride (gas stations always have payphones) or just walk home, which, again, is not uncommon. Kids down here sometimes hang out again gas stations near the beach; many of them have little kitchens with food and places to sit. Maybe it seems weird to you, but for young Florida natives, there is nothing strange or curious about this part of the story. If she was so paranoid already, I seriously doubt she’d hitch a ride from a stranger – most women know this is incredibly dangerous. WHERE she decided to walk after the gas station is probably key to figuring out what could have happened to her next.


    • Avatar


      Exactly. Sounds like she had ptsd. The friend that dropped her off was probably at the party and knew what happened and killed her


    • Avatar

      The Dude

      Actually people do change over night, its cslled schizophrenia.


    • Avatar


      I totally Agree With You. Something happen during that Spring Break Film. Something she witness. And her friend that droped her off, he knows more. Like maybe he came back a few seconds later and tried to convince her to go back with him and lead to an argument and that argument went from bad to worse and well you know he probably didnt mean to do what he probably did. Something like could have happened. But cmon no witnesses to anything. Im pretty sure someone knows something. Someone saw something. And they dont or cant talk. A lot of time has passed is time to stop and think. How about the cops? Dont they seem a lil useless? Like didnt they ask for the right questions to the right people. Like the ones from that weekend…


    • Avatar


      You guys have to realize this was the 80s. No video cameras on every block. I’m sure people didn’t pay attention to things like people do now since we’re more paranoid now a days. I’m sure if there were more evidence to this story, it has already been destroyed. All we can hope is she’s in a better place.


    • Avatar

      Donncha macbride

      What’s to say the friend didn’t hand her over to someone in exchange for money or safety or perhaps it was all him


    • Avatar


      She probably did a bunch of cocaine and acid and lost her shit


    • Avatar


      I am suspicious of the friend who dropped her off as well.


  58. Avatar


    I often wondered two things about this case. One is the possibility she disappeared on her own. The other is, did she check into a mental hospital due to her issues with the belief that someone was trying to kill her. Just wondering


  59. Avatar

    Margaret Rodriguez

    We are still so needing answers to what Happen to my Aunt Tammy. I have lived my whole life with this and our family just need some kind of closure. Not knowing what has happen gives us no peace. We all still look for her still today…..


    • Avatar


      Why does everyone try and pretend they know the person? Where do you loons come from?? Cuckoo, cuckoo!


    • Avatar

      Child of God

      Matthew 11:28
      Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”


    • Avatar

      K'leigh Barrett

      I am looking into her case with a couple of my friends. I am not a police officer but I do want to see her come home to you. I promise I will do as much as I can but for right now i need to look at everything she did at around the time she disappeared. I understand that she means very much to you and I’m very sorry that you had to grow up without her. But me and my friends are going to try our hardest to find her. I will let you know if I find anything. Here is my Gmail. hellokleigh24@gmail.com


  60. Avatar

    Robert Duffy

    I went to elementary school with Tammy. I feel terrible for her family and hope her case is solved soon!


    • Avatar

      K'leigh barrett

      I am trying to solve her case with a few of my friends and I am looking into getting her file sent to my home. I will see what I can find. I will get into contact with the people she knew best. I have most of what I need. I promise I will try my hardest.


    • Avatar


      I too went to Audubon elementary on Merrit Island. Last I saw Tammy her and her mother lived on river rd in Cocoa.


    • Avatar


      I too went to Audubon elementary on Merritt Island. Last I saw Tammy her and her mother lived on river rd in Cocoa.


  61. Avatar


    There was a series murderer around that time killing girls that looked just like Tamil , ssso sad . X


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Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is fully secure. Accordingly, and despite our reasonable efforts to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure, CMP cannot guarantee or warrant the security of the Personal Data you transmit to us, or to or from our online Sites. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.


Certain areas of the Sites require the use of a user ID, email address, or password as an additional security measure that helps protect your Personal Data.  To help you protect your privacy, these Sites have tools to help you log in and log out.


We rely on you to update and correct your Personal Data.  If you are a user of our Sites, subscriber to [CMP product], purchaser of CMP products and services, you can review, update and correct your information directly on CMP’s website or by contacting us using the information in the “Contact Information” section below.


Typically, we retain your Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.  This may include retaining your Personal Data indefinitely, even after you are no longer a CMP member, in order to provide you with future marketing opportunities and other purposes, as well as to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce any of our agreements.  


Please note that you can request, at any time, that we delete your Personal Data.  All requests must be directed to the contact in the “Contact Information” section below.  We can decide to delete your Personal Data if we believe that the data is incomplete, inaccurate, or that our continued use and storage are contrary to our obligations to other members, individuals, or third parties.  When we delete your Personal Data, it will be removed from our active databases or anonymized so that the data is no longer identified with you, but the data may remain in our archives if CMP determines that it is not practical or possible to delete it.

Your Personal Data is processed in the United States, where privacy laws may be less stringent than the laws in your country and where the government, courts, or law enforcement may be able to access your data.  By submitting your Personal Data to us, you agree to the transfer, storage and processing of your Personal Data in the United States.

You, as the data subject, have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State of your habitual residence, place of work, or place of the alleged infringement, if you believe that the processing of your personal data does not comply with legal requirements.

In the event we determine the occurrence of a data security incident, we will notify you by email, US mail, telephone, or other means as permitted by law.

If you have questions, comments, or complaints concerning our privacy practices or if you wish to change, access, or remove your Personal Data, please contact us as indicated below.  We will attempt, where practical, to respond to your requests and to provide you with additional privacy related information.

Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. is the owner of this Website and retains all ownership rights to the information collected at this Website. Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove provisions of this Privacy Statement. Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted here, and we encourage you to check back from time to time. In addition, Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. will notify registered users of changes as they occur.

We allow third-party companies to serve ads and/or collect certain anonymous information when you visit our web site. These companies may use non-personally identifiable information (e.g., click stream information, browser type, time and date, subject of advertisements clicked or scrolled over) during your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you. These companies typically use a cookie or third party web beacon to collect this information. To learn more about this behavioral advertising practice or to opt-out of this type of advertising, you can visit networkadvertising.org. Your use of the site constitutes your agreement to accept cookies, beacons and third-party advertising. Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. assumes no responsibility for third-party ads.

ARTICLE 1. Personalization
1.1 We may use the contact information you give us to better tailor your Website experience to your interests, and to send you information about Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. and its services as well as promotional material on behalf of some of our partners. We may use other information that you provide to us to show you content in which you may be interested and to display the content according to your preferences. We will also share this information within Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. in order to enhance your experience on this and other Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. Websites.
1.2 In addition, we may share this information with advertisers or other third parties that are not part of the Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. family on an aggregate or other basis that does not disclose your identity or contact information.

ARTICLE 2. Online Surveys/Contests
2.1 From time to time, we may conduct online surveys and contests. These may ask you for contact information (like name or email address) and demographic information (like zip code or age).
2.2 We may use this contact information from our surveys and contests to provide you with information about our company and promotional material on behalf of some of our partners, and to contact you when necessary.

ARTICLE 3. Shopping/Commercial Services
3.1 This Website may offer shopping services, which may be offered by us or by a firm that operates a store under contract with us. If our Website offers shopping or other commercial services, you will use a customer order form to request information, products, and services. The order form will ask you to give us contact information (like name or email address), financial information (like account or credit card numbers), and demographic information (like zip code or age).

3.2 We will use the financial information that you provide to bill you for products and services. By giving our Website your credit card and related personal information, you are authorizing our store to give that information to the merchant and credit card company in order to confirm and fulfill your order.

3.3 We will use contact information from the order form to fulfill your orders. We may also use contact data to get in touch with you when necessary. We will not otherwise use or distribute your financial information without your prior approval.

ARTICLE 4. Public forums
4.1 This Website may make available chat rooms, blogs, forums, message boards, and news groups. Please remember that any information that you disclose in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information. Information disclosed by you or by others enters the public domain and may be freely used by any other persons or entities using the site.

ARTICLE 5. Information Sharing With Third Parties
5.1 From time to time we may enter into a special relationship with another company that is not owned by Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. to provide additional features at this Website. These special relationships may include “powered by” partners, business partners, sponsors, and co-branded sites (referred to here as “co-branded pages”). These might include, for example, pages that share our name and that of another entity. You should look for a specific privacy statement on any such co-branded page. Any personal information that you provide when signing up at one of those co-branded pages may be shared with our third party partner. You should also check our partner’s website for information regarding its privacy policies.

5.2 Also, the nature of some features of our Website may require that we share personal information about you with persons or companies outside of Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. For example, this may occur at a feature that enables you, via our Website, to ask questions of persons or entities that are not part of Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. By responding to those features of the site, whether by email or direct entry of information on our Website, you are consenting to our transferring that information to such persons or entities.

5.3 With respect to specific registration modules, like contests, we may disclose personal information collected, and we may post a conspicuous statement on the registration module to the effect that we will be disclosing the information collected with third parties.

5.4 Finally, we may share any of the information collected from you with these other non- Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc companies in an aggregate basis. The aggregated information is not linked to any information that can identify you.

ARTICLE 6. IP Address and Log Files
6.1 We may use your IP address to administer our Website, to help diagnose problems with our server, to analyze trends, to track users’ webpage movements, to help identify you and your shopping cart, and to gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.

ARTICLE 7. Cookies
7.1 This Website may use a standard technology called a “cookie” to collect information about how you use the Website. Cookies reside on your computer and help our Website to recognize your computer’s browser as a previous visitor. This information allows us to customize delivery of information. For example, our Website may use cookies to save and remember registration information or preferences that you may have set while browsing the Website, to keep track of your shopping cart, to ensure you don’t see the same ad content repeatedly, to deliver content specific to your interests, and to save your password so you do not have to re-enter it each time you visit our site. We use cookies only to gather information as indicated in this policy.

7.2 In addition, on occasion our site may also set a “session cookie” which helps us administer the Website. The session cookie expires when you close your browser and does not retain any information about you after it expires.

7.3 Finally, we may also use an ad network provider to help present advertisements on this and other Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. websites. This ad network provider, like other advertising service vendors, uses cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies on the hard drive of your computer to serve you advertisements tailored to interests you have shown by browsing on this and other sites you have visited, and to determine whether you have seen a particular advertisement before and to avoid sending you duplicate advertisements. In doing so, the provider collects non-personal data such as your browser type, your operating system, web pages visited, time of visits, content viewed, ads viewed, and other clickstream data. The use of cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies by these ad network providers is subject to their own privacy policies, not ours, and Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the collection or use of such information.

ARTICLE 8. Banner Advertising
8.1 We have contracted with an ad-service to place banner advertising on our Website. All of the data provided and generated by the ad-server software remains in our possession. This feature of our Website may, on occasion, set “cookies” on your computer. Any information collected or stored by the ad-service or the cookies is treated in the same manner as other information described in this statement.

ARTICLE 9. Children’s Personal Information
9.1 Consistent with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act:

9.1.1 This site does NOT collect, use, or disclose personal information (including online contact information) of children under the age of thirteen (13).

9.1.2 In the event that a child under the age of 13 attempts to register on our site, we will NOT accept the registration and will delete information received from the child.

9.1.3 In the event that a child posts personal information in a public forum such as a chat room, we will attempt to delete that information once we become aware of it.

ARTICLE 10. Security of Your Personal Information
10.1 Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. employs reasonable security measures consistent with standard industry practice, for information collected through this Website. We believe that we have adequate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of the information we collect on our Website. We also use internal protections to limit access to users’ personal information to only those employees who need the information to perform a specific job.

ARTICLE 11. Sale or Merger
11.1 If this Website is sold to, or merges with, another company not owned by Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc., you should expect that some or all of the information collected from this Website may be transferred to the buyer/surviving company. If so, CMP will seek to obligate the acquiring company to use any personal information transferred by this Website in a manner consistent with this statement, but cannot guarantee that it will be able to impose that requirement or that the acquiring company will comply.

ARTICLE 12. Legal Process
12.1 You should be aware that Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. may be required to disclose your personal information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances, such as in court or regulatory proceedings.

ARTICLE 13.  Contacting the Website

13.1        If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, the practices of this Website, or your dealings with this Website, please contact us at: unsolved@unsolved.com.

ARTICLE 14.  general information

14.1        Choice of Law:  This Agreement and the Additional Terms shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California , as it is applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within such state, without regard to conflict of law principles.

14.2        Choice of Forum:  You agree that any cause of action you or Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. brings to enforce this Agreement and/or the Additional Terms, or in connection with any matters related to this Website and/or the Privacy Statement, shall be submitted to arbitration in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, United States of America in accordance with the commercial rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association then in effect (as amended herein), provided that said arbitration shall be heard before a single arbitrator, who shall be a retired judge, selected pursuant to such rules and regulations, and shall be conducted on an expedited basis and in confidence. The arbitrator’s decision shall be controlled by the terms and conditions of this agreement and any other agreements I may enter into with you, and shall be final and binding, and shall provide for each party to bear its own costs of arbitration and attorneys’ fees.  Each party expressly waives any right to a jury.  Judgment upon the award of the arbitrator may be entered or enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction. 

14.4        If any provision of this Agreement, or the application thereof to any person or circumstances, is held invalid or for any reason unenforceable then such provision shall be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that matches, as closely as possible, the original provision, and the other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.  The failure of either party to insist upon strict performance of any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right.  Unless expressly provided otherwise, this Agreement is the entire agreement between you and Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. with respect to the use of this Website and shall not be modified except in writing, signed by an authorized representative of Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc.

ARTICLE 15.  European Union and Other Foreign Nations

15.1        This Website is governed by and operated in accordance with the laws of United States of America and is intended for enjoyment of residents of the United States.  Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. makes no representation that this Website is governed by or operated in accordance with the laws of other nations.  By using this Website and submitting any personal information, visitors from outside of the United States acknowledge this Website is subject to U.S. law, consent to the transfer of personal data to the U.S., and waive any claims that may arise under their own national laws.