Do the spirits of those who died tragically in the 2013 tsunami in Japan, still visit the residents of Ishinomaki?


waves crash into rocks

Teruo Konno struggled to stay afloat for two hours.

On March 11, 2011, a powerful 9.0 magnitude earthquake sends a 120-foot-high tsunami crashing into the coast of northeast Japan. It is the most powerful earthquake and the most-deadly tsunami ever recorded in the country. Once the sea retreats, nearly 20,000 people have been crushed, burned to death, or drowned. It is Japan’s greatest single loss of life since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in 1945.

The city of Ishinomaki is one of the hardest hit areas of the tsunami. Six thousand lives are lost in that city alone. Teruo Konno is working in his office when the tsunami wave comes crashing through his building, throwing him into the freezing waters. He struggles to stay afloat for more than two hours, suffering severe hypothermia, before miraculously being rescued by a friend.

Man driving taxi

Taxi drivers had passengers vanish from the backseat.

In the weeks and months following the tsunami, rumors of “ghosts of the dead” start to circulate and people speak of unusual events; mysterious knocks on doors from soaking wet figures who don’t speak, spirits wandering through the streets unsure if they are dead or alive, and curious eyes peering out from puddles in the road. Journalist Shuji Okuno recounts haunting stories of taxi drivers who believe they were picking up human passengers, only to have them vanish from the backseat, mid-ride. Kiyoshi Kanebishi, a professor at a local university, has collected accounts from 71 survivors, many with compelling ghost stories and hauntings of their own.

Woman in purple shawl looks to the right

Kansho Aizawa sees the spirits of a group of deceased boys.

Buddhist priest and spiritual medium, Kansho Aizawa, survives the earthquake but barely escapes the tsunami. Weeks later, she sees the spirits of a group of deceased boys, aimlessly trying to find their way home. Today, she works with survivors to help them cope with the tragedy and connect them with the departed.

Buddhist reverend looks to the left

Reverend Taio Kaneta feels a calling to help the victims.

Many suffered unimaginable loss, such as Kazuya Sasaki, who loses his wife and two daughters in the tsunami. He discovers his older daughter hanging from a tree; his infant daughter is found days later, in a pile of rubble. It takes weeks before he is able to give them a proper burial.

Just outside the tsunami zone, Buddhist monk, Reverend Taio Kaneta, who lives 30 miles from the coast, performs funeral services for over two hundred people within one month. He says he feels a calling to help the victims. He performs spiritual cleansings during this time, but none are more memorable than “Ami”, a 25-year-old nurse from Sendai, whose body is assailed by various spirits. Over several weeks, Reverend Kaneta expels more than two dozen spirits from her body.


  1. Adri

    My favorite episode of the reboot so far. Maybe my favorite, period.


  2. a real ghost

    im a real ghost


  3. Cloudy

    Ghosts, some believe others don’t, and if you don’t that’s completely okay there’s nothing wrong with that, personally I do believe ghosts or other entities exist within our world, humans and animals can’t be the only thing on this earth, even if it can’t be seen by human eyes, I follow what Taio says within the show, he moved me to a degree I thought couldn’t happen, Kaneto is such a saint and he’s just an amazing person, we need more people like him but sadly the world today will take years upon years to change and still may never, idk I’m rambling at this point, basically Kaneto is just amazing and ghosts exist to some it up, bye



  4. Truth

    Ghosts exist. It’s just difficult to show actual proof.


    • Samantha

      There has been a little…. something in my basement forever sometimes when I wake up I can hear her or even see her. ghosts are real and yes it is very hard to prove they are real


    • Jason Griffith

      Yes ghosts exist. One morning my wife had a dream about a yellow dog passing all these doors with numbers. The dog passed door 141 and stopped at 142 and my wife said. Is this the door? So she opened the door and suddenly woke up. An hour later we went to look for our missing dog and found her dead in a ditch 1 block north of hwy 141 which would be door 142 she had just died and passed away her eyes were not white yet so the death was about an hour before we found her. So she visited my wife as she was passing.


    • Mari

      People don’t believe what they don’t experience themselves and sometimes because they are afraid. I know spirit’s are real without a doubt.


    • Dude



  5. Thomas Marx

    “Ghost sightings” are easy to explain:
    We live in a 3-dimensional environment.
    Projecting 3-D-objects renders 2-D-Objects (shadows).
    Projecting 2-D-Objects (areas) in certain ways leads to one-d-objects (lines) which themselves can be projected into 0-D-objects (points).
    It is generally assumed at least 4 dimensions to exist.
    Projections from fourth dimension or above lose one dimension per projection, becoming visible to us.
    Its so easy.


  6. LmN8nM

    This is one of the most heart-wrenching, but beautiful stories I have ever heard.


  7. dctom

    this one was very weak, just a bunch of psycho-babble.


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