Is the “missing time” phenomenon responsible for several alien abductions?

A sketch of a humanoid figure with large cranium, big black eyes, small slits for a nose and tiny mouth. An 'Alien'

“They have very large craniums …”

Kristina Florence in a red shirt wearing a black headband

Kristina Florence describes her experience


Hundreds of people claimed they have had a bizarre experience called “missing time.” You are about to meet one of them—a member of the Air Force who disappeared for an entire hour. Under hypnosis, he described his abduction, believe it or not, by aliens.

Three lights in the night sky in a tight formation. One light is red while the two other lights are yellow

One man saw strange lights

At 8:45 PM on October 1, 1966, a bus pulled up in front of Dutra’s Market, in the small Cape Cod village of North Truro. Only one man got off the bus, nineteen-year-old Airman First Class Robert Matthews. He was reporting for his first tour of duty at a nearby Air Force base and noticed that the area was deserted:

“I got off where the bus driver told me where I was supposed to get off. And he told me to phone the base and they would send a truck down to pick me up. I told him that I was in front of Dutra’s Market and he told me to stay there and that there would be a truck there to pick me up in a minute. While I was standing there, I saw these lights you know, moving from right to left across the sky. That’s when I felt this fear.”

Matthews called the base again and informed them that something strange was happening:

“When I called the base again, they asked me where I’d been and he told me, he says, we sent a truck down there already. And I says, well I’ve been standing here waiting and no one’s been by here.”

Budd Hopkins wearing glasses

Budd Hopkins studied abduction stories

The Air Force told Bob Matthews that a driver had arrived to pick him up at 8:50 PM, just five minutes after his first phone call. The driver claimed that Matthews was nowhere in sight. Almost an hour later, at 9:45, the base had received the second call from Matthews. Yet in Bob Matthews’ mind, those two phone calls had been made less than four minutes apart.

According to Budd Hopkins, an author of several books on the phenomenon, the “missing time” Bob Matthews experienced is a mini-period of amnesia:

“It is not perceived as a break in which something happens and then a resumption. It is… remembered as continuous and… the half hour trip… turns out to be a two hour trip or whatever, and this is sometimes experienced in conjunction with a UFO sighting or something like a light, but not always.”

In 1964, Hopkins experienced a UFO sighting himself. He has since delved into the field and became an expert on the subject of missing time and alien abduction:

“I began getting phone calls from people and letters and many of their sighting reports had pieces of missing time in them. They could not account for what, why something that should’ve taken 15 minutes took two hours and a half, a drive in a car, which involved in a sighting of a UFO. And we began looking into those cases and discovered one after another of these abduction cases.”

Bob Matthews was one of the people who contacted Budd Hopkins:

“I was on vacation looking for something to read and on the shelf there in front of me, I saw this book with this creature on it you know. I read the book and I thought someone had stepped into my head and taken my innermost fears and put them in a book. It brought tears to my eyes, you know, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to someone else.”

A drawing of humanoid figure with larg head, and big black almond shaped eyes. An 'Alien'

“Their eyes are often very, very black.”

After weeks of intensive interviews, Budd Hopkins put Bob Matthews under hypnosis to explore the details about what happened to him outside of Dutra’s market. According to Bud, hypnosis is a very useful tool in retrieving lost memories:

“So I connected myself with a psychiatrist and a couple of psychologists who were doing the hypnosis. And we began looking into a number of cases. Bob Matthews’ case is… a very good missing time case because of the fact that there is an indirect witness to his having been missing…”

Bob’s recollections were so vivid that he was able to return to Cape Cod and reconstruct what he believed took place outside Dutra’s Market:

“Under hypnosis, I observed in the sky, three lights moving in this direction. They hovered over here. And the red one came at me so fast… I walked up to… the ramp and I looked inside. And I saw four beings sitting… And the place reminded me of a doctor’s office.”

There’s no question that Bob Matthews’ story of alien abduction stretches the imagination. The idea seems unbelievable, even to those who claimed it happened to them. But some take their stories even one step further than Bob’s. They say they’ve been victims of experiments… and they claim to have physical evidence to prove it.

Budd Hopkins has organized support groups for these people so they can compare their disturbing experiences of missing time and alien abduction. Kristina Florence, a New York choreographer, believed she has had multiple experiences of missing time and alien abduction. In 1974, Kristina was 17-years-old when she, her mother, and her older sister crossed the Mojave Desert on their way to San Francisco. According to Kristina, their car overheated near Barstow, California, and they took the first exit off the highway:

“Somewhere along the line we got to this park. My sister got out of the car and I heard her run around the back and all of a sudden she said, oh my God, come out here quick. And the next thing I remembered consciously was that we were lying on this blanket in the middle of the park as if we’d had a little nap, just lying there. Our mom was still not around. And we woke up and we were like, whoa, what happened. And then the next thing I remember, the three of us are just driving like hell. We never talked about it until my sister just called me up one day and we sort of began to talk about it further and realized that we’d both had this very bizarre memory of this missing time thing. And she knew about Budd and she suggested I get in touch with Budd.”

Kristina took her sister’s advice and contacted Budd Hopkins. She agreed to undergo hypnosis, hoping she could recall some details about what had happened that afternoon in Barstow:

“Under hypnosis, I started having this picture that my sister’s getting out of the car and then I get out of the car and I looked up and there was something above the car. And I was so scared, I didn’t know what it was… And I was trying to start the car and it wouldn’t start. Then the next memory that I had under the hypnosis was that I was on a table and there were some people around. There was this screen, it was about as wide as a large television screen but it was paper thin and it was just moving around the table and it wasn’t attached to anything. And I could see three-dimensional shapes of my skull and my whole body. It was just taking pictures. And it was just this huge spherical room that was just covered with dials, there wasn’t space. It was just dials. And I felt like they put like these rubber pants on me or something with things attached. And then they left the room. And I lay there and I was asking for my sister and somebody was telling me she’s okay, she’s alright… that’s the last thing I remember. Then we were back on the grass.”

If Kristina’s abduction actually happened, then the question is: why? Bob Matthews may have the answer:

“Ultimately the focus becomes reproductive and the interest seems to have to do with taking sperm and ova samples. And the whole central focus of the physical part of it seems to deal with the idea of an ongoing genetic experiment and these abductees are involuntary victims or specimen in this ongoing genetic experiment.”

The idea of abduction by aliens may seem outrageous. Yet those who have experienced missing time episodes believe that is exactly what happened to them. Of course, there is no proof either way. Perhaps someday, science will discover a reason for missing time. Until then, the rest of us should just be glad that all of our minutes have been accounted for.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season one with Robert Stack and season five with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.



  1. Michael K

    In 1972 I was in the 10th grade. I was walking around the campus with my friend and the last thing I remembered was taking a drink from the fountain. Then a few moments later we were in class which wasn’t to begin for at least 15 minutes. I asked him where I had been for the last 15 minutes and he said I was with him the entire time. I have no doubt someone had put some LSD in that drinking fountain.


    • Paul Santorin

      Jusy Physic Einstein Paradox of twins
      Gravitational time dilation Slow motion.
      Read book: Einsteins Dreams , Alan Lightman MIT, Easy novela for what time is!
      See google: Greek Merchant Mariner Recalls Bermuda Triangle UFO Sights 1978


  2. Yaro

    I, apart from the fact that I suffer from precognition, it often happens to me that I am somewhere, whether in the forest or by the lake, I have such time pauses,The best part is that when I come to the conclusion that I’m missing some time, I know the answers to many questions that later I strangely forget. even my friends noticed that sometimes I’m like turned off and then I talk and talk about various scientific topics or explain something that has a scientific context, and as a result, I’m not a scientist.


  3. Raven Ventura

    The experience I have for a fact was not a seizure. For me and my ex experience that at the same exact time. It was on November 21st of 2008, was about 6:45 p.m., we were at the fire station about 1 mile for my grandma’s farm visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday. We were at the fire station for a potluck annual meeting, but because we were not residents of the area my grandmother told us we had to leave by 7:00 so they could go on with their meeting. It takes tops five to 10 minutes to drive one mile on a dirt road, we got the property and we started to walk towards the home because there were multiple buildings on the property it was that Twilight time, you know that kind of dusk turquoise just light, all of a sudden the entire property lit up like daylight, and as I looked up to the sky I saw a bright light coming towards us quickly and fast, I looked to my right and my ex was literally yelling with his mouth open eyes wide gasping for air I kept asking him if he’s okay if he’s okay what’s wrong what’s wrong please tell me, I looked back up and I saw the white light boomerang back away from us once the light disappeared he came back to his normal position and we both started freaking out about what the hell was that, at one point my grandmother drove up behind us and got out of the car and yelled sorry for being late kids, mind you we left about 6:55 to 7:00 p.m. it was 8:45. We to this day even though we are x’s and can’t stand each other, we will always remember that experience and again to this day we still do not know where the hell our time went.


  4. Bobby Gabbard

    This may sound weird but I can recall back in 2005 I was on a city bus and I am a talker and I was talking with the driver we had pulled out from the local transit center and we got stopped by 1 of 3 lights before we got on our way with the main route and I remember the driver looking at me and saying .. What just happen we lost 5 minutes somehow from the transit center to here and there was no traffic and the third light was is like 1.5 minute from the transit center. To this day I don’t where we lost that time at.


    • Paul Santorin

      Use correct word , Gravitational Time Dilation!!

      dilation ! No lost no missing

      !read book : Einsteims dreams , Alan Lightman Mit.
      Please Make A group in Facebook
      put me Gest Star …many thanks and all


  5. Steve

    I’ve had 2 episodes of missing time

    one as a young boy (around 9 years old) and I lost a chunk of time, maybe 2 hours on my 10 minute walk from home to the beach…all I remember is waking up…I think I may have had a cut to the back of my leg and a feeling of having been knocked out.

    Later in life around 1995 my wife and I were on holiday in the US

    We had an RV and we were in Joshua Tree National Park at the Lost Horse mine

    All we remember is leaving the mine for the short walk back to the RV, it was mid afternoon…next thing we knew we were back at the was late..around 11.00 and we were totally exhausted

    Next day when I Iooked at my shoes (new a few days before) the toes of both shoes were worn through as if I had been dragged in a semi supported position

    I’ve tried many times to remember more and sometimes I get a fleeting glimpse of 2 or 3 “people” in reflective clothing then it’s like my mind shuts down the memory

    it troubles me to this day


    • John surabian

      When I was about 12 I lost a gap of time with my cousin, was talking on the way to the pool, then suddenly ended up at the pool when we weren’t even close!


  6. Jeannie Kessler

    I remember having over three hours of missing time when I went on a Contact in the Desert with Sixto Paz Wells and about ten other people. I temper UFOs showing up and it got extremely silent and everyone seemed to be dark silhouettes and I for some reason was so happy and elated and I said My friends are here. Then closed my eyes. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and everyone was getting up off the ground and getting ready to leave. We had gotten there about 9:30 pm and when we got back to the car and the couple who drove us got back in they turned on the car dnc said well it’s 1:30 am! I said what?! They said what? We were just meditating. I said no we were not! My mind seemed to me a little scrambled and it was hard to recollect what order things happened. Later months later I reached out to Sixto and some others who were out there and they can not remember the night at all!


  7. Michael Campanelli

    As to missing time. In the 80s I was fishing on Gilgo Beach LI t night. I remember packing up my gear to go home around 12. Next thing I know I wake up a mile off the beach on the side of the highway at 6 in the morning. There was no reason for me to stop if I was driving as only 15 minutes from home. I made that trip a couple of times a week. There had been blacked out choppers racing in from the ocean a lot that year.


  8. Fatboy

    Ot could be what is known as an absence seizure, its a minor seizure where a person can lose memory for an hour or so


  9. Don

    I have lost a full day of time in 1987. I left home for work and I went in they they asked me where I had been the day before and I couldn’t answer. After leaving work and going home I faced a very angry wife asking where I was the night before. I don’t have any memory of that day. I would love to know what happened to me during that time.


  10. Jason

    I live in the uintah basin home of skin walker ranch grew up on a neighboring ranch to skin walker ranch our north 40 and there southern section was only split by an water body called the gultch farm run off but my experience doesn’t start there but 20 miles away I and my 2 friends Shawn and Nat had just dropped of another friend of ours at home in a place called altona we where driving back on a very rural section of road we lost 4 hours time in a 1/2 mile section of road we all talk about it to this day we have no idea what happened in that time all we know just before it happened we had talked about having Nat home buy nine it was 8:30pm and then the car was silent Shawn said we ain’t going to make and wtf just happened I said what do you mean and he said look at ur watch so I did I confirmed the same thing the car radio displayed 12:30am I would love to know what happened to those 4 hours and why did we only travel 1/2 aile in that time


    • Candace

      This one is (so far, that I’ve read) the closest experience to mine. Why does it seem that so many of these experiences happen to take place in a vehicle? My boyfriend at the time, and I were parked in a field in Hinckley Mn. We were just sitting there talking, and I remember we were both looking at the time (on the car radio) referencing something to do with what time it was. (I can’t remember why exactly we were looking at the time but I can remember that we both were) It was like 12 something in the morning when we’re looking at it and then literally we both were like wtf?! We had literally just looked at the time a couple seconds ago and it was 12 something and now it was like 4 something!! Like, I don’t think we ever even looked away from the time! We both couldn’t understand where those few hours had just gone! To both of us at the same time?! People talk of this temporary amnesia type stuff, but to both of us at the exact same time?! It creeps me out to even think about it because it is the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to me. We aren’t together anymore, but we share kids together, so he’s still in my life. We both remember the event, but still neither of us knows, what happened to those few hours in less than 15 seconds!


  11. that dude

    dang i cant relate a whole lotta bluffing going on here


    • Rose

      I had never hesrd of this honestly but the other day i was talking conspiracies with my very mich okd school dad and he said let me tell you something … and tells me an exact story of when he was younger driving home he saw a flash of ligjt in the forest which in Maine the one way roads and nothing for miles left or right… he said the trees lit up the light moved then a flash happened and he was an hour laye getting home and cant figure out where that hour went but never said anhthing because he didnt want to be considered crazy or peoples first thoughts are crazy or drugs and then a week late a lady totallt random customer of mine had a similar experience except hers was 4 hours! She said she had just gotten to the grocery store and her kids called saying where are you its been 4 hours and she didnt understand what was going on…. She also had a flash of light but in the sky not moving etc


  12. Steve

    Hey, just seeking somewhere to ease some tensions. I disappeared from my friends house last night around 10pm and became conscious just after midnight a few blocks away in the middle of an open parking lot that was not hidden or difficult to see to anyone passing by. I remember seeing a spinning spiral of light before it opened up into me laying face down in a busy, decently populated area. I fell down 5 times in a row trying to stand up and was terrified from not knowing what was happening to me. I had like 3 beers after work and was completely conscious and alert when I disappeared. My friends all said they literally looked away and looked back to find me home and no where in sight. I cant come to believe that I was laying face down in a place where tons of people could see me, for 2 hours. Ive been taken twice before but this one left me completely confused and scared when I became conscious. Anyone have any serious feedback please


  13. Anonymous

    Driftwood, Tx 1999 – My friends and I saw a light brighter than the sun land on us. We had several hours of missing time and one of us was very sick. We never spoke of this for a year. If anyone near this area had similar experience in 1999 please contact us.


  14. Henry Wheelahan

    I remember watching the Bob Matthews story from 1966 missing time at Dutras Market in Truro Mass. I believe him. I have often recalled vividly a summer vacation night 1964 to 1966 June , July or August approximately 10:00 p.m. my dad and I on the Beach in East Sandwich Mass waiting for our bonfire to go out when a bright bobbing light appeared over the water on the horizon in alignment with Truro.
    It bobbed like it was approx 100 feet over the water but far on the horizon between Provincetown and Eastham when in an instant it was just off beach and brighter. We looked at it for a few minutes and it shot back to the horizon from where it came again in an instant. The I remember my dad and I got up and started to walk to our rental cottage when I heard a rumble like thunder and lights flashing on the water and in the sky. When I got to the top steps of the beach stairs I realized it was a jet.
    It happened, I’m not exact on the dates, I thought I may have been younger like 10, however in 1966 I was 14. It could have been a few years earlier but definitely the summer vacation months and obviously late evening .
    If you have any othet correlations, please yell back. Henry


  15. Bill Blaski

    I just watched this episode and Kristina Florence was so sexy! She owned her on dance studio. She stretched so good during that episode. I understand why the aliens would abduct her she talked about getting preggo etc.


    • Pat

      Get yourself under control. Someone tells a story about something that really messed up their life and you get horny?


      • Jason

        I think these experiences are just proof that time is an illusion. A human construct to measure our version ofreality. When something throws off that reality, it’s disturbing and confusing. People that have this experience could be considered lucky. The experience may make you FEEL like you’re different or weird, but , I see it as a valuable, life-enriching experience. Thanks for sharing!


    • Jason

      How inappropriate, thank you


  16. Gary Turrel

    1974 I left work at 4:10 pm went to my car to drive home to Rockville ct.about
    40 minutes from Hartford. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed it was dark, I then went into my apt. and noticed my roommate was watching kojak on t v and it’s 10 pm. To this day I wonder where those 6 hours went. One moment I’m getting in my car and hours later I’m getting out? I don’t even remember driving.


    • LongGoneGonzo

      Rockville seems plausible very dense woods out there. My buddy lived there.


    • Helen

      The same happened to me!


    • Bob

      I had a similar experience at 18 or 19. I was driving home at around 3or 4am, it was dark, I was driving a 66 GTO 4 speed, there was a stop sign, I made a right hand turn and within 150 feet it was bright daylight and around 6:30 am. No traffic before or after, residential area, right next to my High school. I remember saying to myself, “WOW, that was weird”. I saw nothing in the sky, (but I was looking at the road). I remember nothing happening to me during the missing time and do not remember the car stopping for more than a second at the stop sign, and this was a 4 speed with a clutch. I never associated it with flying saucers, until recently watching some Alien encounters on TV. I was a pretty good quarter miler and my times were about a second slower after that.


  17. Madhan Bhavani

    The case of Bob Mathews’ childhood dream is typical sleep paralysis. I’ve had several such encounters while sleeping. One night, i woke up and realised i couldn’t move or control any part of my body, except my breathing. Everything i saw had a white tinge to it and i saw three or four cloaked figures walking towards me and then pull my leg up. At the time, i thought i passed into a spirit realm where spirits were trying to take over my body.
    But later, after research, i realized this is a typical case of Sleep paralysis. This has happened to me many times, and it’s always scary.
    Also, the feeling of something weighing down on your chest is extremely consistent with sleep paralysis. That is what Bob Matthews must have gone through when he was a child. It probably also explains the airforce base incident too.


    • Deborah

      Matthews was not having sleep paralysis due to a childhood dream. He was a young man in the Military having a UFO and alien experience.


  18. Valentine

    These stories are hilarious!! LOL!!!


  19. Jesse Jane

    I guess this is the confessions page where nut cases can come out of the woodwork and make up stories?


  20. Alison

    I just recently experienced 2 cases of time Loss within 2 days and both times we were on car trips.. we didn’t even realize something had happened until days later I’m terrified that this will continue to happen to us. After both incidents we were both terribly ill. Also more tired than we had ever felt in our lives. Other than knowing the time was lost and seeing time had moved on people had gone and the day had changed we have no other memories. Is there a way to get answers?


    • Jeremie

      Same thing happened to my friend and me on my 30th bday last week 15 minute drive turned into almost 3 hours of missing time and I’m afraid it will happen again


  21. Anonymous

    Back in 1979, One morning I was walking in the desert near my house in Arizona, I was carrying a 22 rifle just in case I saw some jack rabbits or snakes,, I had walked about a mile when all at once everything got super bright and I felt dizzy , Like I was going to pass out,, I heard a noise like a high pitch whistle and everything got real bright and it looked like the ground was wavy and I felt dizzy, that was about 7 am and I awoke on my couch around 5:30 pm that afternoon and don’t remember where the time went and I didn’t have my rifle and I never found it. I would like to know where over 10 hours went to, I have no memory of the time in between 7 am and 5:30 pm.


  22. Anonymous


    I wanted to share something that happened to me on February 10th 2017 at around 7:15PM EST. On Friday around 6:30PM I left my house to go pickup a pizza we had ordered for dinner. I made the trip there with nothing abnormal, began the trip home and seem to have lost some time. After making a left turn onto NC RT49 in Roxboro, NC, heading back to my home about 9 miles away, I remember seeing a section of the road where after the left turn, the road has 4 lanes. About a mile or two after that the road narrows to 2 lanes and its around another 8 miles to my house. I moved here about 3 years ago, so I am usually looking around at landmarks, way points, or familiar sights to keep me aware of where I am. During this trip home I remember the part where the road changes to two lanes, but have no memory of what I saw during the trip home until I looked up, saw lights in the sky above me, and realized I had driven passed the road my house in on, and driven another 8 miles or so. I only remember seeing the lights above the road, and had to sort of hunch down in the seat to see them above the road. At that point I realized where I was, looked at the clock and it was 7:28PM. I thought maybe I had fallen asleep, but the road has some curves-twists that could not be navigated without some sort of intelligent control. I have no idea what happened, but thought I needed to tell someone about it.


  23. Angela

    I dunno if anyone will respond or be willing to help. Sorry..Just in this day and age I’m used to no one caring about anyone but themselves, but I..Need closure. One night when I was 12-13 years old my step sister and her husband stayed the night and slept in my bed, leaving me to sleep on the couch. I remember waking up with a feeling of unease, and fear..Dunno why but I could not move. I remember looking at the clock on the mantle, the time was around midnight. I kept trying to move and blank…I looked back at the clock again what I thought was a few minutes later which was actually 2-3 hours later. My time isn’t just missing is the thing..So are any memories of my childhood. I went on like normal, but…I can’t explain my loss of time and my past wiped. It was like until that night I didn’t exist.


    • Bill Nlaski

      Google sleep paralysis

      I get this quite often. At first it scared me, now I work thru it. I physically can’t move I feel like people are in my house, my chest feels weighted. People also claim they feel super natural forces.


    • Chris

      Angela, I don’t have a single, specific event like yours, but I do feel -like you- that many of my childhood memories were somehow washed away by at least two UFO incidents, one of which was connected to a famous case in Argentina back in the 70s. I’m not sure the erasing was intentional, it feels as though it was simply ‘collateral damage’ related to some kind of mind intervention on behalf of an external source [i.e., it wasn’t an accident per se that I had] Most of my childhood is simply GONE, all I have is very vague memories here and there. My UFO incidents have not stopped either, they continue at least yearly, and I have seen some things I am certain are NOT of this world or dimension. Fortunately, many of my friends and relatives have also witnessed these events with me, so I know I’m not crazy. 🙂 You may want to try to recall some memories by association, that is, look at objects, photographs, movies, anything you can find from those days, you will be surprised how things begin to stir in your mind. I’m usually quite shaken to see how much I have ‘forgotten’ about my childhood [while later events are recorded in extreme detail and realism] I have been successful in exploring my childhood simply by browsing magazines, toys, ads, pictures, anything I can find from that day and era. I don’t always spot the memory right on, but rather, it acquiesces in my mind slowly and gently, as if recognizing something dear to me that I’ve lost long ago. You are definitely NOT alone, this has happened to a lot of people, only a few of them ever open up about it. Good Luck on your quest, feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Chris.


  24. Liss Mac

    Here’s my other experience
    This happened when I returned to U.K.
    Up at 06.45 – showered, dressed, made coffee and switched on TV as liked to sit for 20mins or so catching the news and drinking my coffee before heading to work. Had just sat down, noticed it was 07.25 which was shown on the TV screen when the ‘phone rang, it was a work colleague asking if I was ok and was I coming to work !? ( I started at 08.00) puzzled, I looked at TV screen to check the time and to my disbelief it showed 08.20 ! 55mins had passed in a couple moments. Needless to say nobody at work believed my story and I was teased relentlessly. These time lapses are really odd


  25. Liss Mac

    I lived and worked in Germany for a couple of years. A friend and myself took turns in driving to work. The journey took 40 mins. We usually left at approx. 06.30 as we’d go to the canteen for breakfast before starting work at 07.45. On this particular morning, it was my friends turn to drive – mid conversation I felt, not tired exactly just sort of drained. I remember resting my head on the back of the car seat and staring out the windscreen to the right – there was an enormous unusually shaped building/construction with many lights flickering and dancing around it … forgot to mention this was Winter and it was dark in the early morning. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes, thinking I’d fallen asleep. I felt so relaxed and comfortable. It was then I noticed I didn’t recognize any of the landmarks. I said my friends name … no answer, repeated, no answer. Her head was also back against the car seat back, her eyes half closed, driving. Her face had no expression and if it hadn’t been for the fact that we were moving I’d have thought she was asleep. I spoke her name again more loudly and she ‘came to’ asking what had happened. She had no memory, like myself how we got there. We drove on and found a road that led us to our workplace pretty quickly and arrived at 07.35. We both felt a little strange all morning like being submerged underwater. I’ve another experience which is similar but happened at home. I’ll share later


  26. Richbar94928

    Mining along the Feather River when I sense someone or something watching me. Later after falling asleep in my fifth wheel trailor, I was awakened by a foul overwhelming smell. I was shaking with fear…I grabbed my pistol, which always sleeps with me, in that area, and is kept a couple of feet to my right on my mattress. When I awoke I was half laying down, and the pistol was under my buttock. The foul smell was wafting away. Something happened and I don’t know what. Anyone have a similar experience..?


  27. Chanita

    Aww How Cute! I Would Love To See One! Perhaps I Will Be Able To See One Sometime Soon!


  28. Heather

    Today i was headed in for the closing shift at work. It was early in the day and i was taking my time. I looked at the clock it was 2:39 pm. I thought id jump in the shower and get ready early so i could swing by the post office before work. I showered like normal 10 mins top. Went and sat at my vanity table grabbed my phone to play some music and looked at the time. It was 4:00pm. I thought it was wrong so i checked all the clocks in the house. I have no idea how I lost that time? I had to scramble to get ready and leave to be at work by 5pm. Ive been thinking about it all day, how or what happened that i lost that time…


  29. Amy

    My mom told me that her alarm woke her up as usual at 5am. She got up, walked down the hall and down the stairs to her kitchen. When she looked at the clock on the stove it was 6am. She had to rush getting ready, because she only had a half hour to get to her work. But she doesn’t recal any fainting or dizziness. It was just a continuos motion with nothing unusual…until she got downstairs. It was not daylight savings, and she refuses to believe it was aliens.


  30. Maria

    I don’t recall how many years ago this was – since its happened more than once in my life. I believe it may have been about 4 years ago. My sister and I were on our way to the casino – we stopped at my brothers at 5:00 a few mins – our trip from there would of been about another 2 hours….we were suppose to get to our destination at 7 pm. While driving down a long stretch of the highway (fairly busy) not overly during those hours – I looked over at my sister and she looked over at me. I said…do you feel like we just glided back on the road as if we were floating…she said yes…I noticed the sun was down already and I said – how far away are we seems like we have been driving a long time. Happen to get there at 9 pm I can not account for the missing 2 hours. (it took 4 hours to travel 75 Miles) our spend was 60 mph


  31. Aurtrell

    This was under the act of the treaty we signed with an envoy of the orion constellation quadrant 6.45587532631


  32. Mike

    1974 brother and I were raking the leaves on the side of the house after I put the last dust pan of the leaves in the trashcan in a blink of an eye my brother and I looked up felt dazed
    the trashcan was empty and all the leaves were still on the ground not been touched
    What happened?


  33. Paula Farina

    Around 2003 I was driving home on a dark road, going around a circular ramp to enter a highway from the left, when what I thought was a big truck came barreling up behind me. I thought it was a truck because the lights were so big and so bright. It was coming so fast behind me that I knew it would hit me and I couldn’t avoid it. I grabbed the wheel, terrified, and prayed frantically, shutting my eyes in expectation of the impact about to occur. A moment later, I found myself parked on the shoulder on the other side of the highway I’d been entering. I was 4 lanes away from the ramp I’d been on. I could not explain how I got there. I never did figure it out. I saw a repeat of this show recently, and now I’m very curious. It was a perfect description of what had happened. Yikes.


  34. Maria Almodovar

    I saw a big light in the sky back in 1990 in Puerto Rico. I stop to look at it it was just there hovering on top of me seconds later I was able to move and started running and banging my cousin house door so I could go in I was shaking and crying. My cousin had to get some to come and get me to take me home. What was that?


  35. John Crochet

    can any one help me find out what happen to me back in the 80s for the 9 hours I can not account for


  36. John Crochet

    I would like to know what happen to me back then but I can not afford a hypnotist.


  37. John Crochet

    Back in the 1980s I was out fishing in the bayous of Louisiana, I left the house about 7am got to my fishing spot and begun to fish I had two trout in my ice chest . I then looked at my watch it was about 735 am . then a few seconds latter I look at my watch again and to my surprise it was 430 pm. I was then shaken up and left for home as fast as I could. ever since then I can not explain what happen to me for those.
    9 hours


    • Jason

      I think these experiences are just proof that time is an illusion. A human construct to measure our version ofreality. When something throws off that reality, it’s disturbing and confusing. People that have this experience could be considered lucky. The experience may make you FEEL like you’re different or weird, but , I see it as a valuable, life-enriching experience. Thanks for sharing!


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