A convicted killer escapes from prison.

William Junior Jordan side by side with a police sketch of himself

Wanted: William Junior Jordan


Gender: Male
DOB: 9/18/42
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, graying
Defining Characteristics: Probably wears glasses, has several distinctive tattoos, including a spider on his right arm and a cross with the name “Sybil” on his left arm


Victim James Rouse Jr. wearing a suite and tie

The victim was shot in the woods

On March 6, 1974, James Rouse Jr. was abducted at gunpoint in his car by two fugitives–William Jordan and Anthony Prevatte.  Both men were wanted in North Carolina for a series of robberies. The car ride ended on a remote back road at the edge of a forest in Georgia. The kidnappers forced James Rouse to march barefoot into the woods. When they reached the shore of a deserted lake, they stopped. James Rouse was shot at point-blank range with a sawed-off shotgun. He died instantly. The next day, in Wadesboro, North Carolina, police received and anonymous tip that Jordan and Prevatte were back in town. According to Sheriff Tommy Allen, Jr. of the Anson County Sheriff’s Department, the two fugitives were hiding at the home of a friend:

“Prevatte and Jordan had a reputation for being predominately into property theft, housebreaking, and those types of things. We didn’t really suspect that they were involved in anything serious, other than that.”

The deputies approached the house, fully expecting to make an arrest. But according to Sheriff Allen, Jordan and Prevatte were one step ahead of them:

“Everything was happening so fast, but it seemed extreme that these guys were using this much excessive force to get away from us just because we wanted to talk to them about some house break-ins.”

Police mug shot of William Jordan and Anthony Pravatte

The suspects were convicted of murder

Prevatte and Jordan were booked on charges of breaking and entering, larceny, and assaulting officers with a firearm. But police in North Carolina still didn’t know that the two men were killers. 48 hours later, the body of James Rouse was discovered near a lake in Georgia. It was his stolen car that Jordan and Prevatte had crashed in Wadesboro. It didn’t take long to piece together the rest. A shotgun shell found at the murder scene sealed the case against Jordan and Prevatte.   Ballistics test revealed that Rouse had been killed with a blast from the same shotgun that the pair had dumped during the chase. Finally, and most chilling of all, police in North Carolina found arrogant trophies of the murder in Georgia. According to Sheriff Allen, Jordan and Prevatte took photos of themselves leaning against Rouse’s car with the same shotgun that killed him:

“They were both eventually extradited back to Georgia, both found guilty of first-degree murder, both given the death sentence.”

A pickup truck driving away from prison down a muddy road

He simply drove away from the prison

However, neither Jordan nor Prevatte stayed on death row. The Georgia Supreme Court reduced their sentences to life in prison. It wasn’t long before Prevatte was paroled. Soon after, he murdered his girlfriend and was returned to prison. Once again, he was sentenced to death. This time, the sentence stood.

The story of William Jordan, however, has yet to end. After ten years in prison, Jordan was assigned to a minimum-security work farm for good behavior. But his image as a model prisoner proved false. One day, Jordan and a fellow prisoner stole a truck near a work site and drove off. A month later, police caught the inmate who escaped with him, but Jordan has eluded capture ever since.

Decades have passed since Jordan and Prevatte murdered James Rouse Jr., but his family still feels the pain. William Jordan is 6’2″ tall, has brown graying hair, and probably wears glasses. Jordan has several distinctive tattoos, including a spider on his right arm and a cross with the name “Sybil” on his left arm.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season nine with Robert Stack and in season eight with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Matt Enos

    I remember seeing on the show the photos they took posing with the guns. We’re those edited out of the later broadcasts?


  2. Grumpy Bear

    Just watched this case on Unsolved Mysteries…so tragic that crimes like this occurred and still do. It breaks my heart to read certain comments on this comment feed about someone giving William Jordan “Kudos “ for getting away with this horrific act. Shame on you. I would like to thank the family members of William for giving their condolences to the Rouse family for what their family member has done, and I hope that if they do know where he is that they have the courage to do the right thing and turn him in…he may be living an “uneventful” life right now, but James Rouse wasn’t given a chance to finish living the type of life he wanted-nor has his family and that is so heartbreaking and unfair.


  3. Michael tarlton

    I’m sorry to related to buddy Jordan


  4. Private

    After 38 years I’m ok letting him off free! If he avoided authorities for that long kudos to him.


  5. Tiffany Echols

    This guy has not been found. There is a reward


  6. Brian Bonnell

    Has this man been found?


  7. Billy Sanders

    Really sad even though it occurred many many years ago my heart goes out the the rouse family and hope both of them animals get what that got coming if they still living


  8. El Nucleus Bey

    Thought sure I saw him in Toledo Ohio on the west-side near Sylvania Avenue & Philips at that “ostrich-bar” next to the Subway restaurant . I think he frequented many bars on that side of town as well dollar-stores & restaurants in that area. Just send me my reward-money when you catch this garbage.


  9. El Nucleus Bey

    Thought for sure I saw him in Toledo Ohio. Hmm


  10. Kasey

    I am the second cousin of William junior Jordan. My name is Kasey Tarlton and I am 27 years old. My dad is Jordan’s first cousin obviously. And I’ve only heard this story of such a tragic incident and it has always haunted me. The fact that my own blood second cousin was capable of such a disturbing crime breaks my heart. My mother always said if you looked at him he looked as if the devil was inside him. He had that evil look in his eyes. I am very sorry for the Rouse family. His mother was a wonderful woman and she was a great aunt to me. I’m sorry for the loss my second cousin has caused this family. May God bless you .
    -Kasey Tarlton


  11. Hunter

    What is his eye problem?
    And witch eye is affected?


  12. Julie Caracappa

    I am 90% sure I saw this man in Terlingua TX at the Starlight Theater in approximately 1990. I remember him because he was so rude and abrasive to people in the establishment. I saw the skull and spider tattoos and knew this man was trouble. The staff appeared to know him and even addressed him as “Spider”. I saw an episode of your show in 1995 and attempted to contact someone then but could not find the correct entity. Now with the internet it has become much easier. With such weak evidence I did not feel contacting the FBI would be appropriate at this time. This has haunted me long enough and finally decided to try again. The man is probably dead by now but if this helps the family in anyway it is worth it. The Starlight Theater is still in operation today and have a web sight, maybe someone there would remember him. The spider tattoo was in the shape of a Black Widow if that is helpful. Terlingua would be a perfect place for a fugitive to hang out. Also the physical description and photo provided look like him also. Thank you for considering this post and I hope it helps. Sincerely, Julie Caracappa


  13. Julie Caracappa

    What year was he released from prison? Is there a picture of the spider tattoo for viewing?


  14. Karen holcomb

    I first heard about this when I started dateing William Jordans cousin. My son’s grandfather is Buddies uncle. So anyway I was told that if anyone knew where Buddies was it would be his mama. I don’t believe she ever told the family anything. She definitely would never tell law enforcement where her son is. By now he’s either dead or living a very uneventful life. He can’t be getting into trouble . I’m sure those fingerprints would send up a BIG red flag. I’m so sorry for the family’s heartache and to know that William buddie Jordan didn’t finish his sentence makes me feel so horrible. TO THE ROUSSE FAMILY.. MY SON’S AND I ARE TRUELY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS. AND THE INJUSTICE THAT HAS HAPPENED.


    • Kevin Rouse

      Thank you for the kind words to our family. Unfortunately he ruined two families that day as he can never again be part of his own.


  15. Anonymous

    There a reward for this guy? Anyone find him or have more info


  16. lord rob main

    have they ever found the guy this person


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