Do you recognize this voice?

More than 30 years ago Gary Grant, Jr. never returned home and was found bludgeoned to death.

In recent years, his father, Gary Grant Sr., came across a tape that contained a recording that may include the voice of Gary Jr.’s killer.

There was an additional recording, in which a 911 caller tells the operator the name of a man who the caller says confessed to murdering Gary Jr. The name of the man cannot be released as he has not been charged with a crime.

Gary Grant Sr. is hoping that someone will recognize one of the voices on the tape, and help bring his son’s killer to justice.

Listen to the tape at the Press of Atlantic City here.

Read more about this case:


  1. Keith Bowers

    Looking at all the facts, especially the messages. I believe a police officer Killed the little boy. What normal citizen would be brave enough to put a message on a police car? The last message seems like the guy worked with the father or was jealous of him for some odd reason? That’s the direction I would take. Maybe he was arrested some time before by the dad?


  2. Geoff

    I’m pretty sure that was just an episode of Law and Order…


  3. Noelle

    I think the police should look at this case again with new eyes there was this private investigator on TV he was given seemly unsolvable cases guess what he solved them one was where he victim was in the suitcase on video as the perp walked non chalantle to his car outside of hotel he murdered her


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