Missing for nearly 30 years: Charles Horvath

Charles Horvath answered to no one. In the spring of 1989, the Britton was hitchhiking his way across British Columbia, Canada. He planned to fly to Hong Kong in a few months to celebrate his 21st birthday with his mother, Denise. But Denise said that before she could make final arrangements for the trip, Charles disappeared.

His last couple of interactions included speaking with a friend outside of her apartment as well as leaving a campsite in haste along with all of his belongings.

Many promising leads were followed during the investigation but all lead to twists, turns, and ultimately dead ends.

The most promising tip came in the form of an anonymous note sent to Charles’s mother. It read:

“I seen your ad in the paper looking for your son. I seen him May 26. We were partying and two people knocked him out. But he died. His body is in the lake by the bridge.”

When volunteering divers searched the lake and came up with nothing a second note appeared. The note said that they were looking on the wrong side of the bridge. Sure enough, when divers searched the other side of the bridge they found a body. Unfortunately, the body found was identified as being that of a 64-year-old Kelowna Resident, a probable suicide.

Almost 30 years have gone by and no trace of Charles Horvath has been found.

Update: Leeds Beckett University will begin its own investigation into the missing person case of Charles Horvath. LBU has recently opened a cold case unit as part of its school of social sciences. LBU’s cold case unit will be working alongside Locate International in its deep dive of the case. They are hoping that the young minds at LBU alongside the expertise at Locate International can make headway in the case. Charles’ mother, Denise Allan, is extremely grateful for the support she is receiving from the local university.


  1. Chele

    I will pray that he is found alive and well.
    God bless you.


  2. Denise Horvath Allan

    thirty three years without answers
    Denise Horvath-Allan Charles’ mum continues to SEARCH for the truth
    Please HELP me to Bring My Boy Home
    SEARCH for Charles Kj Horvath Allan foundation


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