Missing Teen Tammy Mahoney’s Case Reopens after Forty Years

On May 8th, 1981, 19-year-old Tammy Mahoney was hitchhiking on Route 46 on her way to Hamilton, New York. Sometime that night, she was picked up and brought to a party on the Oneida Nation Indian Territory. While it is believed she was gang raped and murdered, her body has never been found.

Tammy Mahoney was a shy, kind girl with a love for animals. Classmates recall Tammy taking a final with a kitten that she had rescued before class sitting in her purse. She was a Long Island native and a student at SUNY Morrisville. Though her mother passed this summer, she is survived by two sisters looking for answers.

Since Tammy’s disappearance, several law enforcement agencies have been on the case. At the time, they said they had identified ten to fifteen suspects, yet no arrests were made. After a series of dead ends, the case went cold.

When the case was revisited, numerous digs searching for remains were conducted, yet there was no evidence of Tammy Mahoney. The special agent on the case, Thomas Relford, does say they have four persons of interest, but declined to give any further information.

Then on October 27th, 2020, the FBI released previously classified information to the public that could possibly break the case. A week after Tammy was reported missing, someone anonymously turned in a wallet. Law enforcement believes that the owner of this wallet was with Tammy the night she disappeared. They’ve spoken to this person before, but are now searching for whoever who brought the wallet forward. They believe the submitter may know what happened that night, even if they don’t think they do. Whoever turned in the wallet could have circumstantial knowledge that would help the case.

Previously, there was a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the discovery of Tammy’s body. However, in 2019, that reward went up to $20,000 by the FBI. Additionally, the Oneida Nation matched another $20,000 for information regarding Tammy Mahoney. The $40,000 reward currently stands.

If you have any information about what happened that night, or have any tips about the wallet, please contact the investigators at (315) 731-1781.

You can watch the original Unsolved Mysteries web video, done by a friend and classmate of Tammy’s, on the Unsolved Mysteries YouTube Channel.