UPDATE: Lisa Ziegert

25 years after the murder of beloved teacher’s aide Lisa Ziegert, a suspect has been arrested. 48-year-old Gary Schara has been charged with murder, aggravated rape and kidnapping.

In 2016 the Hampden County District Attorney’s office released a computer generated composite of the suspect based on DNA recovered at the scene. With that new profile, detectives honed in on a few people who had been of interest during the investigation, but who did not have DNA samples on file. Schara was one of those people.

While trying to locate Schara, a tipster contacted authorities and presented them with documents supposedly written by Schara that detailed the abduction, rape and murder of Lisa Ziegert. Investigators then obtained samples of Schara’s DNA, which matched the profile taken from Ziegert’s body.

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/we-got-you-arrest-in-1992-cold-case-slaying-of-mass-teachers-aide-lisa-ziegert/

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season six with Robert Stack and in season eight with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.


  1. Cautious Observer

    There’s more to this. There was more than one man in the Bronco. “Supposedly written by Schara.”


  2. vanessa

    Omg! What a nightmare!


  3. Boris Seukov

    They used to explain the story and what happened first, and then tell you the update.
    Wonder what ever happened to that?
    Frankly, I’m just not interested in the update at all if I have no idea what happened.


    • Patsy Conquest

      You do understand the episodes shown now are reruns. Both Robert Stack and Dennis Farina have passed away. Personally, I go to this website and search for the case. I am relived to discover crimes are solved and families have some small sense of closure even if it is many, many years later.


  4. Cliffie

    great, run but can’t hide


  5. Darnell Weeks

    I just watched this case on YouTube….I’m glad it’s solved.


  6. Chanita

    That’s Dumb Man


  7. JessicaStewart

    Glad they got him. So many more need to be solved.


  8. Bunnyhops

    Theres hope for so many other cold cases.lets pray there will be closure for so many of these victims


  9. Sharon G



  10. hg7y



  11. Tiffanie

    Praise God! I remember watching this episode when it first aired and she seemed like a really nice person! Such a shame she had to die! May she now RIP!


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