UPDATE: Lisa Ziegert

25 years after the murder of beloved teacher’s aide Lisa Ziegert, a suspect has been arrested. 48-year-old Gary Schara has been charged with murder, aggravated rape and kidnapping.

In 2016 the Hampden County District Attorney’s office released a computer generated composite of the suspect based on DNA recovered at the scene. With that new profile, detectives honed in on a few people who had been of interest during the investigation, but who did not have DNA samples on file. Schara was one of those people.

While trying to locate Schara, a tipster contacted authorities and presented them with documents supposedly written by Schara that detailed the abduction, rape and murder of Lisa Ziegert. Investigators then obtained samples of Schara’s DNA, which matched the profile taken from Ziegert’s body.

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/we-got-you-arrest-in-1992-cold-case-slaying-of-mass-teachers-aide-lisa-ziegert/

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