Nearly 30 years later: Annie Laurie Hearin

Annie Laurie Hearin was kidnapped on July 26th, 1988. 72 year old Annie was the wife of Robert Hearin, one of the wealthiest men in the state of Mississippi. Robert Hearin had been president of a company called School Pictures. The company sold franchises to photographers throughout the United States to produce photo portraits of school children. Between 1981 and 1983, in an effort to collect money owed to them, School Pictures filed lawsuits against twelve franchise owners in eight states, including Florida.

A ransom note was discovered in the house, but not until Robert had already contacted the police. It demanded payment to twelve different people, all of whom had some connection to one of Robert Hearin’s companies. Witnesses noticed a white cargo van with Florida plates in the neighborhood that day. Police soon discovered that the twelve names on the kidnapper’s ransom note were the same twelve people who had been sued by School Pictures.

Robert Hearin called a press conference, and eight days later he received a letter in Annie’s handwriting. In response, Robert sent out checks totaling nearly one million dollars to the 12 people on the list. Half of the checks were returned.

An early suspect was Newton Alfred Wynn, who had returned one of the checks. Court documents reveal a strange story of how Wynn was responsible for mailing Annie’s letter to Robert, and Wynn was eventually convicted on conspiracy to kidnap, extortion and perjury. Annie’s remains have never been found.

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  1. Leela

    This is one of the saddest cases I’ve watched so far. I feel like she was murdered not long after her kidnapping.


  2. Anson

    Over 30 yrs 1988? And she was 72? God rest her soul I hope her son was able to find peace. I know he is still alive and if you see this sir I’m so sorry. That you and your dad had to deal with this.


  3. DK

    Not a prediction, but an assessment of what more than likely happened to her 30 years or so ago when she dissapeared. Get the sense of what people are saying before passing judgement. There are bigger things in life than nit-picking everything that everyone says to say something negative rather than something positive. The bigger and more importantl things, like finding people like Annie Hearins remains so her surviving family members can honor her and give her a proper burial. And also honoring others by what we do and say on an even smaller level on a day to day basis. You’re dumb witted. Get a clue. Solve the case that is your disposition..


  4. Kevin

    Wow, so 30 years after a 72 year old woman was kidnapped, you predict her death? You’re good.


  5. Anon

    My sense is Annie Hearin is most likely deceased possibly not too soon after she was taken Her husband Robert died without ever knowing his wife’s ultimate fate we can only hope that she didn’t suffer in the end and that’s she’s at peace


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