New Information Surfaces in the Alonzo Brooks Case

On the evening of April 2, 2004, Alonzo Brooks rode with his friend Justin to a party at a farmhouse in LaCygne, Kansas. This small, rural town is about 45 miles away from Gardner, Kansas where Alonzo was living with his mother. The party turned out to be a festive night, where Alonzo was said to have been having a great time by his friends. As the night went on, Alonzo’s friends started to leave the party and assumed that someone would give Alonzo a ride back home. However, Alonzo never made it back home and his mother noticed that he was not home the next morning, which was not in his character.  

Alonzo’s mother followed up with his friends, questioning why they left him at a party with people he didn’t know, considering he was one of the few Black people at the party. Thereafter, Alonzo’s friends and family raced to La Cygne to search for him, but found only his boots and hat in the weeds across the road from the long driveway to the farmhouse. Nobody at the farmhouse or in the small-town claimed to have seen Alonzo. Rumors quickly surfaced that racial slurs and threats were tossed around at the party after Alonzo’s friends left…that Alonzo was flirting with a white girl and was dragged or chased down the driveway and murdered…that he was beaten to death…that he went swimming in the nearby creek and drowned. 

The search for Alonzo did not immediately provide results. Law enforcement searched multiple areas, but Alonzo did not turn up. It wasn’t until a month after law enforcement searches died down that Alonzo’s family decided to put on their own search. They found Alonzo within 30 minutes of starting their search. He was in a creek, which law enforcement said they had thoroughly searched previously. Even though Alonzo had been missing for a month, his family and friends noticed that there was not much decomposition to his body, thus fueling rumors that maybe his body had been previously frozen. The coroner who assessed Alonzo’s body was not able to confirm a cause or manner of death at the time.  

The last update came in July of 2020, when Alonzo’s body was exhumed from his grave. Now, on November 13th 2020, the FBI has released another update. Through new interviews and eyewitness accounts, the FBI has learned that there was a second party happening that night, not far from the party Alonzo had attended. Party goers say an altercation took place at the second party, and many people from that event later attended the farmhouse gathering, where Alonzo Brooks was last seen alive. The FBI is now asking for information from anybody who attended either party, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. They are offering a $100,000 reward for tips that lead to the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for Alonzo’s death. 

If you have any information regarding the death of Alonzo Brooks, please contact the FBI at 816-512-8200 or Or submit a tip to If you’d like to familiarize yourself with Alonzo’s case, the episode is now streaming on Netflix at 


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    i wondering Why were not descriptions of the person who quarreled with Alonzo during party and his friend stand between them so ask him about his descriptions.


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    Can’t believe its been this long with a viable suspect(s).


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