How Steve Ross’ mystery was solved

In 1989, Steve Ross went on Unsolved Mysteries looking for the U.S. soldier who gave him food and a small American flag as the Dachau concentration camp was being liberated in 1945.

Steve went on to become a social worker in Boston, and talk to high school students about his experience. But it took decades for him to finally be reunited with the soldier from all those years ago.

The granddaughter of Lt. Steve Sattler was able to make the connection. Steve Ross was able to meet Lt. Sattler’s family at a Veteran’s Day ceremony in 2012.

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You can see this story on Unsolved Mysteries on Amazon Prime in season two with Robert Stack, and season three with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina.



  1. Mike Ross

    Thank you all for these kind comments and thank you to Unsolved Mysteries for ultimately allowing the mystery to be solved. I also recommend Roger Lyon’s documentary – Etched in Glass – that tells the complete story.

    I am also working on a comedic screenplay about an American kid growing up with an eccentric but loving Holocaust Survivor. Hopefully it will become a movie in the future.

    Mike Ross (Steve’s son)


  2. Denial Allen

    I’ve watched many, many episodes of this awesome showed (ruined by leftism of Netflix)
    But this segment was just incredible! Amazing television!


  3. Tonya W

    This story always makes me cry when I see it, I am so glad to hear that he was able to find the soldier’s family, does anyone know more about Mr. Ross and his family?


  4. RJ

    @Kathy. From 2007-2010 new episodes aired on Spike, hosted by Dennis Farina. IMO Robert Stack is irreplaceable. Hard to find a host like that. But yeah, a lot going on, UM would be useful….they do have a Youtube page.


  5. Joyce

    I watch this story and it brought tears to my eyes, I am happy see found the soldier before he pass away in death, now he will ever be happy that the search was successful.


  6. Mary

    This is wonderful news!! However, I’m in search of a similar story of a man looking for an American Soldier from the Auschwitz. Does anyone know where I could view it because I believe I’ve made that connection. Just not sure how to go about it.


  7. Cynthia McCarl

    Beautiful Story! I like this kind of reality TV. We need to bring back more stories like this.


  8. Stefan

    This is one story that has stuck with me over the years. I’m so glad Mr. Ross was able to locate the soldier’s family.


  9. Kathy

    I agree “Unsolved Mysteris” should be brought back. I think it would help to solve unsolved “mysteries”. Also to update previous cases.


  10. Lindsey



  11. Carol B

    Jeffrey I agree with you. Unsolved Mysteries series should bring back the cold cases in reinactments. We need the public community to be the “eyes and ears” to bring resolution and escalate justice.


  12. Jeffrey

    This is great news I am a big fan of cold case files.You would think the ID cable channel and Justice channel would be interested in restarting this series where theyseries update their previous stories. I know I still watch the reruns to see if they are updated.


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