The Unexplained Death of Blair Adams

On July 11, 1996 the half-naked body of Blair Adams was found in a parking lot in Knoxville, Tennessee. The 31-year-old Surrey, British Columbia native didn’t appear to be robbed; scattered around his body was German, Canadian, and U.S. currency totaling nearly $4,000. But Blair had been badly beaten and killed … why?

In the days leading up to his death, Blair had been acting strangely. He was having mood swings, and had withdrawn his savings and emptied his safe deposit box. He showed up at work, asked his boss for his check, and then quit. Then he bought a plane ticket to Germany, but later shoed up at a friend’s house in a panic, terrified that someone was trying to kill him.

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  1. Denise Williams

    What a very strange and eery case!
    It definitely sounds like a mental illness and I read elsewhere that it runs in his family… he must have gotten into some sort of sexual altercation with someone – male or female or both? Hard to know…. but he wasn’t mentally well or all there …. suffering from extreme paranoia and edgy, irritable, and his mom said he had been having mood swings and wasn’t sleeping before he left for Tennesee … and why would he go there iof all places? He didn’t know a soul there … very very strange and sad…


  2. Bill Blaski

    I’d love to see the new unsolved mysteries show broadcast this story first! Blair’s case has perplexed me for years. An extra set of eyes would be warranted in this case. We can say he was having delusional thoughts etc…. but the fact is he was murdered. He didn’t commit suicide, so someone knows something.

    My next two cases I’d love to see on the new show would be. Dale Kerstetter and Chad Langford.


  3. Monica

    I believe that he was indeed involved with underaged girls like the info stated. He went to his family and friends and said that someone was spreading rumors about him ie, that he was involved sexually with underaged girls.
    He had to get out of there. That’s some serious enough to want to disappear. I believe thats why he had all of his money coins and gold.
    I also don’t believe that he was killed in the middle of an act . I believe that he was found the way he was as a statement. He performed sexual acts with underaged girls , couldn’t it had been a message to leave him disrobed like they did? Idk either way ,He looks like a perv and so did the actor who played him.
    US has the tendency to make things look soooooo strange and mysterious, like they’re supposed to do. I also have discovered that US episodes does not tell the entire story all of the time . This fool was trying to get out of the country Bc he knew he was about to be ruined for being a perv.
    Oh, Lol at the teen investigator up top , A? what are you, from Pretty little Liars? Girl BYE,you’re on the wrong track .

    Now , let’s solve the case of Mario Vincent Amado.


  4. Chanita

    I Know He Wasn’t Himself!


  5. Hillary Matchen

    I only have one problem with the woman killer theory: he died from a punch to the stomach didn’t he? Not saying it isn’t possible just… not many women can generate that kind of force.

    He was found half naked. It would make more sense that he was trying to rape some woman (thus the scream), someone stopped him, and thus he died in the fight. It would explain the hair being ripped out (by said woman) and the punch that killed him. Also explains the money being left if the killer was busy trying to comfort the rape victim and the two just left….

    Just my thoughts on it. No proof just been following this case a while.


  6. Samantha D

    Hello teen investigator A you are half right about the Blair case however upon my research some year’s back I’ve came across the same thing that a woman was involved but a different forum stated
    He was with under age girl’s and the under age girl’s father had a hand in the killing and a woman was present. Verbatim I’ve read this year’s ago I’m not sure if it was on Reddit or which forum it was on but it was awhile ago that I stumbled came across this information.


  7. A

    Hi, I am an online teen investigator. I go by the name A. I gathered some clues that might be valuable in my investigation. The motive for killing Blair is unclear but I might know why he was fleeing to Germany. My first suspicion was that he was ordered to do those things before he died but when he failed to report back and was trying to escape he was found and killed. Of course that would make sense of his odd behavior days prior to his death, but I don’t think that’s the case here. I think, no I’m pretty sure that he was trying to escape from someone…who? I don’t know right now but what made me think that was that he cleaned his bank account, got his last check from his job, then quit and gathered all his gold and silver jewelry and headed out. On top of that his behavior was highly suspicious says people that know him. Days before his death he told his mom that people were spreading rumors about him and went to his friend’s house in a panic, terrified that someone was out to kill him, he then left and before he got very far he was killed. He was severely beaten with a gash in his head and stomach trauma, leading me to think that he bled out. Pieces of his hair had been pulled out which means he went out fighting. Early in the morning when his death was taking place witnesses said they heard a scream, but not the scream of a guy but a woman. I might be far fetched on this one but I believe that a woman killed Blair, which makes sense judging by the fact that there was another piece of hair at the crime scene. This is all I have so far, what are you guys thoughts on this?


    • RR1

      I think you could be right about the fact that it could be a female killer. Although I find some difficulties in the fact that he was a construction foreman and known, by co-workers, as a man that could fight/fought. Thereby not saying that a female with a deadly weapon could have killed him. But I don’t think a female with no weapon could have done what this killer did.
      I too lack the motivation for the killing, but I also agree on the fact that he might have been paranoid by being chased by someone.

      My first guess was that the motivation had to be found in the gay-community or something with his girlfriend.. it’s a strange case.


      • A

        maybe it was a duo who killed him? Maybe a female and a male duo? and i was thinking the same thing. maybe his parents did it, they’ve been suspects ever sice ive started this case. the motive, blair being gay…


  8. Mike

    Ah no this is unsolved


  9. Ala

    Why was he killed?


  10. Jason smith

    Robert Smith killed him


    • Steve

      Why did Robert Smith kill him?


    • Donavan S.Delvecchio

      Hi Jason Smith so they found Blair’s killer? Robert Smith are you sure I followed this case for year’s I had no idea they would find his killer.


      • fard

        They haven’t found anything, “Jason Smith” is just some random crank, there’s a lot of them posting here unfortunately. He couldn’t even be arsed to think up a new last name for his supposed suspect so he just used his own.

        That is, unless you’d like to tell us or the authorities investigating the case where you got your supposed information from, “Jason?” The bowl of a well-stacked bong perhaps?


    • Adam

      …The guy from The Cure?


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