Update: New clues in the Molly Bish case

In June 2017, investigators used ground penetrating radar in the West Brookfield area of Massachusetts. The search was a result of a tip the family received in 2014. The area searched is only approximately three miles away from where Molly worked.

Their search resulted in “compelling anomalies” in multiple areas as they searched for a car they believe is connected to the case. The data from the search will be extracted and analyzed.

Read more about the case: https://unsolved.com/gallery/molly-bish/



  1. anonymous

    I hope whoever did this s caught


  2. Emily

    Molly Bish body was found in 2003. Not far from the area she was last seen at. She was a lifeguard and believe a man in a white car may have murdered her. Rip Molly.


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