UPDATE: Shane Stewart & Sally McNelly

The cold case double murder of Texas teenagers Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly is heating up.

In June of 2017, officers pulled over John Cyrus Gilbreath on suspicion of possession of marijuana. A female passenger in the car with Gilbreath told police that Gilbreath was a drug distributor, prompting police to search Gilbreath’s home.

During the search, investigators found writings, audio tapes, and biological evidence that they believe are connected to Shane and Sally’s murders.

Gilbreath has not been charged in connection with the murders, but has been named as a person of interest.

We will bring you more information as this story develops.

See the case on Amazon Prime in season four with Robert Stack and in season three with Dennis FarinaAlso available on YouTube with Dennis Farina.


  1. Kailey

    Gilbert killed Sally and Shane


  2. Mike

    Went to buy pot, as teenagers do, and some scuffle..maybe drug dealer came onto sally provoked shane, three way fight, or tried to steal weed from “dude man” and being texas and everyone has a gun AND ALSO being texas stayed in the 1600’s style punishment serves 20 to life for a joint..mmm shoot one you caught stealing, shoot one while in scuffle, or kill one for wanting to send you for the Texas “do over” in the penal system…well you have to kill the other. The “show”, cops say, of the girl pulled over w/him throwing possible CI style info and go at vomitting confessions to a local drug dealer is base of my theory, also marijuana the narco of subject goes that way i hypothesized BUT style of info leaked takes me for two more cents debunking what i say bout pot deal taking turn, 1) so cops fabricated girl,omission, or pulling over a vehicle at all for other reasons out of scope for here, you take it from there. 2) local law wants a legit drug dealer and being cocaine, meth, MDMA..etc has common traits whe siezed, well promotions, pictures w/death to drugs qoutes or likes, and on the news and papers..hence we tend to give credit to legit busts BC we know those drugs. Throw marijuana being so misunderstood, borderlined, socially not batted eyes to as much..gives us sense “o those dang potheads..” and dont hear big pot busts with pictures or blasted were picking up teens with weed.. But take texas doing everything but excuting you and more time than murder half the time makes perfect scape goat to throw local away bc you suspect or hate drugs as a cop.. Eh?


  3. Ashley P.

    This was a truly bizarre case. My heart goes out to the family of these two young people. Hopefully something will be resolved and justice will be served.


  4. Brittany Howard

    This is one I’ve been following for years. I’m glad that they’re is somewhat of an update. I hope that this will be the end result the family has been looking for.