UPDATE: Shane Stewart & Sally McNelly

The cold case double murder of Texas teenagers Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly is heating up.

In June of 2017, officers pulled over John Cyrus Gilbreath on suspicion of possession of marijuana. A female passenger in the car with Gilbreath told police that Gilbreath was a drug distributor, prompting police to search Gilbreath’s home.

During the search, investigators found writings, audio tapes, and biological evidence that they believe are connected to Shane and Sally’s murders.

Gilbreath has not been charged in connection with the murders, but has been named as a person of interest.

We will bring you more information as this story develops.

See the case on Amazon Prime in season four with Robert Stack and in season three with Dennis FarinaAlso available on YouTube with Dennis Farina.


  1. Code of Silence Hater

    This question is for all San Angelo law enforcement. Who was the Texas Medical Board President on August 10, 2009 ?


  2. Code of Silence Hater

    On a post I made on February 10, 2019, I stated “Cops are criminals” (not all–just a select group). Unless the FBI has full control of the Shane and Sally evidence then the evidence is in reach of a criminal (cop) that has reasons to destroy or contaminate the evidence. I will be VAGUE for a reason. If the Shane and Sally evidence is at a certain Department you can say bye bye to the creditability of that evidence because of an individual that started working there. The person that started working at the Department is VERY good “friends” with a now known MAFIA cop. I have dealt with this crooked cop when I was practically begging for my daughter’s case to be investigated. So, we know the Ex-Chief of Police is a criminal and now his very good “friend” probably has direct access to the Shane and Sally evidence, unless the FBI has the evidence. Its like you want to pour a bucket of ice water over the heads of law enforcement and say hey wake up and be careful who has access to evidence !!!


    • Cali

      So what would it mean to you if this specific case was not actually connected to Zodiac? Asking as a party that has in depth personal information on this particular case.


  3. Code of Silence Hater

    I’m worried that our corrupt criminal justice system will be paid underneath the table to let MAFIA Chief of Police go free. I say that because look at how the MAFIA Chief of Police’s trial was postponed until February 2021 because it was “complex”. That argument does not hold water, so it appears organized crime has already set up a payment plan. I know you can not believe most of what is stated on the internet. But its interesting to look at all the news articles on the internet about the arrest of the Ex-Chief of Police in San Angelo, Tx.. Its interesting because some articles have a comment section. Its amazing how many people stated it was common knowledge that the then Chief of Police was HUGE into drug trafficking. You tend to believe it when a Deputy (years and years before the Chief was arrested) tells you “be careful the Chief of Police (he gave his name) and the SAPD are involved in drug trafficking”… And a lawyer tells you the Chief was a drug dealer in high school.
    Be careful if you live in San Angelo. I don’t want anybody to have a family member murdered because they were unaware that the cops in San Angelo are corrupt.
    Why did it take so long for the MAFIA Chief of Police to get arrested? Because he is not the only one and the SAPD is not the only agency in San Angelo that is involved in corruption.
    I have been posting on this website since at least 2014 about the MAFIA Chief of Police and FINALLY he gets arrested !!!
    Now, how about the doctor and nurse that tried to murder my daughter?
    For about 10 to 11 years I have been sending emails to news stations/ posting comments on the internet about the MAFIA Chief of Police/ the doctor/ the nurse that tried to murder my daughter and finally he gets arrested. Then, I have to wait some more because his case is “complex”? That’s a bad sign that payments have already been set up to make sure he walks free. I can think of “108 million” reasons why the MAFIA Chief of Police is involved in organized crime.


  4. Code of Silence Hater

    San Angelo, TX Chief of Police arrested on federal bribery charges.
    So, when I went to the then Chief of Police to question him about his connection/s to someone I was accusing of trying to murder my daughter he was committing a felony at that time.
    “Birds of Feather Flock Together”


  5. Code of Silence Hater

    A certain individual seems to be playing with words.
    “Funy Muny” is an up “front” joke.


  6. Code of Silence Hater

    To any law enforcement that reads this post. Lets say I’m lying about everything or anything that I have stated. Why don’t you come take a statement from me, then get me for falsifying a police report? The murders of Shane and Sally and the attempted murder of my daughter was organized by law enforcement…


  7. Code of Silence Hater

    I was told that the gun that Shane and Sally gave to Deputy Larry Counts has vanished from the evidence room (along with other evidence). The person that told me this is working for a company doing a cold case video production about the murders of Shane and Sally. If this is true, it shows how big of a cover up is going on with the Shane and Sally case and the attempted murder of my daughter. To this day—–ALL—law enforcement refuses to interview me. ALL law enforcement refuses to take ANY information from me. Think about this. I found satanic evidence while the bodies of Shane and Sally were still missing. I report it to the Tom Green County Sheriffs Office. They do nothing. Then Shane and Sally are found in the same area. I then go to someone Shane knew very well. The person invites me into his home. He has a yellow legal pad. I thought he was going to take notes about the information I was giving. Instead he draws a big star and acts VERY weird. I leave his house instantly. Oh–and by the way he has direct connections to law enforcement. Then a woman tells me that Shane and Sally were murdered by law enforcement and the same person that drew the big star. I tell NUMEROUS law enforcement agencies what happened. The Texas Rangers in Waco, Tx tell me to watch your back…. Then in 2009 my daughter almost dies in a so called accident. I file a police report and police refuse to investigate. The 2 suspects in the attempted murder of my daughter have NUMEROUS connections to people mentioned in the Shane and Sally case.
    Law enforcement is ABSOLUTELY involved in the murders of Shane and Sally—and the attempted murder of my daughter. Law enforcement is so brazen that they murder 2 teenagers and attempt to murder a baby—-they then rub it in my face by showing that—they don’t have to investigate anything….
    There is an old saying—-absolute power corrupts absolutely….
    I’m accusing the Tom Green County Sheriffs Office/ SAPD/ The Texas Rangers of covering up the murders of Shane and Sally–and the attempted murder of my daughter. This is obstruction of justice/ destroying evidence/ witness intimidation.
    Shane and Sally gave Deputy Larry Counts a gun they were told was used in a murder/ robbery. I believe the murder/ robbery that Shane and Sally mentioned is exactly what the cops are trying to keep a secret. The murder that Shane and Sally are talking about is probably the Sheila Elrod murder. That would explain multiple agencies not wanting the murders of Shane and Sally solved because it would show that the Elrod murder case was not solved. It would show that the Texas Rangers and the SAPD had either done a poor job on the Elrod case or had planted evidence and lied.
    Both of the suspects that tried to murder my daughter had husbands that were lawyers. One of my daughters suspects husband works at the same lawyers office that Sheila Elrod had gone to the day before she was murdered. Sheila Elrod goes to a lawyers office and in less than 24 hours she is killed by a lawyer according to the police. And of course the lawyer that supposedly killed Sheila Elrod is dead of natural causes when the police name him as a suspect and supposedly link his DNA.
    Both of my daughters suspects have links to the Sheila Elrod murder. One of my daughters suspects lived at a residence that a family member was named as a murder suspect in the Sheila Elrod murder. The person was named as a suspect in the book “No Reason to Kill” written by former Chief of Police….
    Its not a coincidence that Shane and Sally gave a gun to Deputy Larry Counts that they were told was used in a murder/ robbery and my daughters suspects both have connections to the Sheila Elrod murder case.


  8. Code of Silence Hater

    The Texas Rangers are helping to cover up this case. This case involves law enforcement corruption. I reported information on this case and law enforcement tried to have my daughter murdered. The Texas Rangers are doing their best to cover this case up. This case and the attempted murder of my daughter involves organized crime.
    Come try to murder me… (COWARDS)
    Again—A crime scene is supposed to be secured.


  9. Code of Silence Hater

    Read the story about Shane and Sally on this website… It should be VERY obvious who “M.S.” is… On any murder –who is the first suspect/s? Hypothetical—-Do you think it would be weird for a very close family member of a murder victim to draw a big star on a yellow notepad instead of taking notes when someone brings that family member information about their murdered family member? (I guess it would be “normal” if you were in a cult.)
    Do you think it would be odd or unusual for a family member to be allowed to walk thru a crime scene? (“Normal” if the family member has an unusually close connection to law enforcement)
    Do you think its odd or unusual for the investigators of this case to state —We thought they ran off and got married–referencing Shane and Sally while they were missing. (“Normal” if your stupid or part of the crime). Interesting considering Shane and Sally had given a deputy a gun they were told was used in a robbery/ murder. Interesting considering Shane and Sally had left town in fear for their lives..
    Whats more interesting is the news and local residents don’t question all the stupid stuff the cops claim….
    Do you think it would be odd to report “M.S.” and law enforcement as being involved in the murders of Shane and Sally—-then a suspect in my daughter’s so called accident—-lives DIRECTLY across the street from “M.S.”.. When I say across the street –I mean a 10 second walk from one front door to the next (M.S. front door)… My daughter’s other suspect had direct connections with “M.S.” and a high ranking law enforcement officer for the SAPD..
    SAPD took the picture of my daughters suspect off of their website instantly when I mentioned the suspects connection to the SAPD. The reason the picture was on the SAPD website is the person had performed a community service for the SAPD. And the SAPD was proud or grateful for the service the person (suspect) had given. So, why did they take the picture down after I made the connection?…..Also interesting is that high ranking SAPD officer went to high school with Sally.. That high ranking SAPD officer made threats to a suspect and had been investigated by the Texas Rangers.
    That same high ranking SAPD officer was a COWARD when I went to the SAPD police station to confront him about his connection to my daughters suspect. He would not talk to me. He used one of his thugs to run me off. In the SAPD parking lot a SAPD detective told me he had testified against his boss (high ranking SAPD officer).
    The Texas Rangers covered for the high ranking SAPD officer..
    A Barnhart, Tx Deputy warned me about the SAPD and the officer in question. The Deputy stated the SAPD and the high ranking officer was involved in drug trafficking…
    Do you think it would be odd for the Texas Rangers (in Waco,TX) to tell me to “watch your back”—then the situation with my daughter happens..
    Cops say they have a suspect. (Gilbreath).. Really? June 2017—–Gilbreath was named as a suspect.. Whats the current date—02/ 2019—-more non sense from the cops..
    OMG—how long is the news stations and public going to buy the garbage the cops are giving us?
    Try reporting a crooked cop in America. Cops will retaliate on you. Cops are criminals.


  10. Marie

    Code of Silence Hater Who is M.S? Why don’t you tell us who did it?


  11. Code of Silence Hater

    SAPD/ Tom Green County Sheriffs Office/ Texas Rangers/ FBI—- How can you explain not investigating the attempted murder of my daughter? The people that tried to murder her had direct connections to the same people I reported that murdered Shane and Sally…
    So a person (me) does the right thing and reports information about a double murder—then law enforcement retaliates by trying to kill my daughter?


  12. Code of Silence Hater

    Cops are fooling the public. Look how long the investigators on this case are dragging it out. They are trying to get the public thinking they are doing something.
    MAFIA COPS (Organized Crime)…
    *** Your tax money is funding organized crime ***


  13. Code of Silence Hater

    There is an article today (12-19-18) in gosanangelo stating: “Neglected dog dies, San Angelo Police investigate…
    Thats interesting because my daughter almost died because I reported information about the Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly murder case. For anybody reading this–If the Texas Rangers ever tells you to “watch your back”—-that means watch your daughter (family) because Texas has Mafia Cops….
    A dog has more value than my daughter?
    Organized Crime…
    My daughter was in intensive care for 3 days. She had an eye surgery because of the attempted murder….


  14. Code of Silence Hater

    I found satanic ritual evidence while Shane and Sally were still missing. I reported it to law enforcement. They ignored what I told them completely. From my understanding Shane and Sally were found exactly where I reported finding evidence. A girl told me who murdered Shane and Sally. Again I reported it. I was then told by the Texas Rangers to watch my back… Then in 2009 my daughter was almost killed in a so called “accident”. Police refused to investigate. The suspects in my daughter’s “accident” had DIRECT connections to who the girl told me murdered Shane and Sally.
    Police are involved in retaliation/ murder(s)/ attempted murder— if you report on the murders of Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly—police will murder.
    To all law enforcement agencies in San Angelo, Tx:
    How do you explain that I told you–“M.S.” and law enforcement murdered Shane and Sally—then my daughters suspects have DIRECT connections to “M.S.” and law enforcement?
    One of my daughters suspects lived DIRECTLY across the street from “M.S.”
    All law enforcement agencies refuse to take any report from me. Why? Because I can back up everything I’m saying.
    Law Enforcement and “M.S.” murdered Shane and Sally.
    Mafia Cops


  15. Kailey

    Gilbert killed Sally and Shane


  16. Mike

    Went to buy pot, as teenagers do, and some scuffle..maybe drug dealer came onto sally provoked shane, three way fight, or tried to steal weed from “dude man” and being texas and everyone has a gun AND ALSO being texas stayed in the 1600’s style punishment serves 20 to life for a joint..mmm shoot one you caught stealing, shoot one while in scuffle, or kill one for wanting to send you for the Texas “do over” in the penal system…well you have to kill the other. The “show”, cops say, of the girl pulled over w/him throwing possible CI style info and go at vomitting confessions to a local drug dealer is base of my theory, also marijuana the narco of subject goes that way i hypothesized BUT style of info leaked takes me for two more cents debunking what i say bout pot deal taking turn, 1) so cops fabricated girl,omission, or pulling over a vehicle at all for other reasons out of scope for here, you take it from there. 2) local law wants a legit drug dealer and being cocaine, meth, MDMA..etc has common traits whe siezed, well promotions, pictures w/death to drugs qoutes or likes, and on the news and papers..hence we tend to give credit to legit busts BC we know those drugs. Throw marijuana being so misunderstood, borderlined, socially not batted eyes to as much..gives us sense “o those dang potheads..” and dont hear big pot busts with pictures or blasted were picking up teens with weed.. But take texas doing everything but excuting you and more time than murder half the time makes perfect scape goat to throw local away bc you suspect or hate drugs as a cop.. Eh?


  17. Ashley P.

    This was a truly bizarre case. My heart goes out to the family of these two young people. Hopefully something will be resolved and justice will be served.


  18. Brittany Howard

    This is one I’ve been following for years. I’m glad that they’re is somewhat of an update. I hope that this will be the end result the family has been looking for.


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