Who Killed Jennifer Odom?

In 2017, Detectives announced a new suspect in the murder of Jennifer Odom: Jeffrey Norman Crum Sr.
It all started when investigators got a DNA hit on a similar case. On January 16, 1992, in Pasco County, an unnamed 17 year old girl was attacked and raped. She was found a few hours later, and DNA was taken from the scene. Years later, a man was convicted of armed robbery and sent to prison, which entered his DNA into CODIS. That man was Jeffrey Norman Crum Sr.’s son. But his son couldn’t have been responsible for the attack on the 17 year old girl; he was only 10 or 11 at the time. So detectives took voluntary DNA samples from other relatives, and it led them to Crum Sr., who had been previously been convicted of sexual assault and kidnapping in 1987.
Jennifer Odom was attacked and killed a little more than a year after the 17 year old. This case is ongoing.
Read more about Jennifer’s case: https://unsolved.com/archives/jennifer-odom


  1. Brad

    I can almost guarantee you that he is the one that killed Jennifer Odom. his method of operation was the same as in the other two cases. They will get him eventually.


  2. Darrell DeFord

    Thank you to Unsolved Mysteries for all you do to solve cases


  3. Gabbie

    Lindsey, no that’s not her but they found her killer some years ago around her 17 death anniversary…it was an african American guy who did it.


  4. Sarah

    I’ve been looking up Jennifer ever since I heard of it. I’m 9. I might have some evidence of who it is. But,I’m too scared to tell anyone. So, I’ll keep researching to find more evidence to this case


  5. Mike

    No, that was a different girl, cant remember the name though


  6. Shawn

    If that’s the guy that killed Jennifer Odom then he should be given the electric chair!


  7. Lindsey

    Wasn’t this the one when the girl was raped and ran into a bobed wired fence and died


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