Young girl, text: Case of the Week

Michaela Garecht

In 1988, 9-year-old Michaela Garecht was kidnapped from a neighborhood market in Northern California. Michaela was riding her scooter with a friend and went into the Rainbow Grocery in Hayward to buy some snacks on the

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Jodi, a young blonde woman, at a news desk

Missing Anchorwoman

Small Town Anchorwoman Gone Without A Trace Jodi Huisentruit moved to Mason City, Iowa, in late 1993, and quickly became an active member of the community. As the anchor of a morning news show, Jodi was a local

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Rachel Runyon, young girl with curly blonde hair

Who killed Rachel Runyon?

Update: Close to 40 years after the abduction of Rachel Runyan, a change to the case is made and a new possible person of interest is identified. On August 26, 1982 three-year-old Rachel Runyan was abducted from a

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