When a young mother disappears, her 3 year old son may be the only witness.

A young lady with dark brown curly hair and a striped tank top, Bonnie Haim.
Bonnie Haim


Gender: Female
DOB: 5/21/69
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


On Christmas morning, 1992, in Jacksonville, Florida, Bonnie Haim, a young wife and mother, opened presents with her son. Bonnie’s husband, Michael, captured the moment forever on video. Less than two weeks later, Bonnie Haim inexplicably vanished.

A chalky footprint on a concrete floor.

Is this the footprint of a killer?

Police began to suspect that Bonnie was dead—a victim of foul play. Their suspicions soon focused on Michael Haim. Among the most damning evidence was the extraordinary testimony of a surprising witness—Michael and Bonnie’s three-year-old son, Aaron. This case has fueled a bitter, but unusual family dispute. Bonnie’s own parents say she willfully abandoned Michael. But some of Michael’s relatives are equally convinced that he murdered Bonnie.

Michael worked as a manager in the construction supply company owned by his Aunt Eveann and her husband. Bonnie did their accounts. Eveann claimed that Michael was often abusive to Bonnie at the office and at least once, became physical:

“One day they got into an argument… in the parking lot. And she came in crying and he had slammed her hand in the door and her nails were broke and she was very upset at that point.”

A brown leather purse is found in a dumpster.

Bonnie’s purse was found in a dumpster

Bonnie eventually decided to leave her husband, and in preparation, opened a bank account in her own name. To keep her plans secret, Bonnie had the bank statements mailed to her at work. According to Eveann, Michael was enraged when he found out. Bonnie closed the account. But according to those closest to her, Bonnie never wavered in her plan to divorce Michael. She gave money to a friend for safekeeping, put down a deposit on her own apartment, and enrolled her son in a new preschool.

But all that changed on the night of January 6, 1993. That evening, Bonnie came home from work at around 7:30 PM. She intended to drop by Eveann’s later, to finalize plans for a friend’s baby shower. According to Eveann, Bonnie called her at 8:30:

“She was crying and she was upset. I asked why, she said that she and Mike had gotten into a discussion. And I asked her if she wanted me to call her back later. And she said no, that she would just talk to me in the morning.”

A police officer peering into a grey sedan abandoned in a parking lot.

Detectives found her car at the airport

The next morning, neither Bonnie nor Michael showed up at work. However, hopes for Bonnie’s safe return began to dim that same morning. Her purse turned up roughly five miles from home, buried in a motel dumpster near the Jacksonville airport. According to Detective Robert Hinson of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department, robbery was not a motive due to the amount of money and credit cards left in the purse:

“The purse was secured by a maintenance worker, and a police officer was called to the scene, along with family members.”

Michael insisted from the start that he was not involved in his wife’s disappearance. He said that on the night of January 6th, Bonnie drove off alone after an argument at around 11 PM. According to Detective Hinson, Michael stated that he called his mother, Carolyn Haim, and asked her to watch Aaron while he looked for Bonnie:

“According to Carol and Mike, he was gone approximately 45 minutes. Then after he allegedly did that, he returned to the house where he waited until the next morning and never called the police, and called in and told his employer that he was going to be sick that day.”

A man and woman, both with brown mullets and white shirts, hugging.

Bonnie and Michael Haim

Detective Hinson was less than convinced by Haim’s account. His instincts led him back to the Jacksonville Airport, near the motel. Sure enough, it was there that Detective Hinson found Bonnie’s car, abandoned in a parking lot:

“What was unusual was the positioning of the driver’s seat, which appeared to be farther back than would have been comfortable for Bonnie. It was more in relation to someone about Michael Haim’s size. After the vehicle was processed, we found a shoe print on the driver’s side floor board. It was a very pristine print.”

Police concluded that the print had been made by the last person to drive the car. The distinctive tread pattern was traced to a rare style of athletic shoe. The exact pair was owned by none other than Michael Haim. However, Bonnie’s father Robert Pasciuto did not feel the shoe print had any significance:

“If it’s his footprint, I’m not sure it means anything. My footprint is in my wife’s car, that doesn’t mean I have ever done her any harm.”

Next, in a bold attempt to uncover the truth, Detective Hinson arranged for a child psychologist to interview Bonnie and Michael’s son:

“From what Aaron told us that day, my only conclusion was that there had been a domestic fight and that Michael Haim had killed his wife and had removed her, and that their three and a half year old son Aaron Haim had witnessed this.”

However, Bonnie’s father Robert was unconvinced by his grandson’s testimony:

“The credibility of a child is something that you have to judge in perspective. He’s said a couple of things that we know were not true. Mom’s car is in the lake. We know her car wasn’t there.”

The families continue to be split about what, if anything, Michael knows about his wife’s disappearance.


A piece of a skull was found while excavating the former home of Bonnie Haim. Michael Haim, Bonnie’s husband, went on trial in April 0f 2019 and the jury took less than ninety minutes to find him guilty of her murder. On May 21, 2019, Michael Haim was sentenced to life in prison.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season eight with Robert Stack and in season six with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.



  1. Karma

    I think her parents and his parents knew he killed her. I think his parents helped him hide the body until he could bury it in the backyard. How could her mother see all the evidence and hear what her grandson said and still not believe it even after they found her in the backyard. What did they think, she buried herself back there!


  2. Hall

    I don’t understand how anyone can defend a killer. This was an act of pure evil, he should have been handed the death penalty for killing her and taking her away from her son. This one man has ruined lives.
    R.I.P to Bonnie Haim


  3. Anonymous Too

    Good: life without parole. I don’t know which is worse, though: the scumbag that murdered his wife in front of their son, or the people on here who jumped to his defense. In any case, he finally got what he deserved.


  4. B Clark

    Sue316 why do you say the Uncle did it? How was he the beneficiary? What did he get from her death? Didn’t sound like they had much at the time.


  5. B Clark

    Why have a few people said it was the Uncle and he was the only one to benefit from Bonnie’s death? What did the Uncle get and why was he the only one ?
    As others, also curious why Aaron didn’ t go with family? Why did he go to foster family and then adopted outside the family??


  6. Gorett

    Michael was such a good person, like some people say, but was not good enough to take care of his child.
    I can see the big heart he carries, many people have 2 faces, they can be a angel and devil the same time, the one who suffers most is the son, lost his mother, did not have the father support, in my point of view all member of the babe’s family should be a shame, after the tragedy, they were not able to give love and take care the babe, very selfishness.


  7. Anonymous

    A book is written by Bonnie’s mother called no justice for Bonnie by patty bickle on Amazon that states other evidence that you would have never heard in the trial. There was a lot of things never heard in court stated in this book. Some names are changed for legal purposes. It’s a story that is opposite to what is heard in court that couldn’t be talked about in court:


  8. Chuck

    This is just another horrible incident that ruined a young man’s life, along with his dear Mom and family. Its time for the father to pay for his crime, “Life without Parole”


  9. Amber

    What hurts me the most is how did this poor child end up getting adopted out? This is a very judge-y presumption (maybe the adoptive parents were the Godparents, etc.) but I don’t understand how he did not end up with grandparents at least. He lost his entire family in one swoop. How devastating.


  10. Mary

    Domestic abuse is a horrible thing. It kills the child’s soul watching one parent abuse the other parent. You feel powerless to stop it. The trauma takes years to get over, and some never do. It is my hope that Aaron Fraser begins to heal from this. It’s not easy and the road is long.


  11. Kathleen Hussey

    To everyone on this thread commenting about what a nice guy Michael Haim was and is, in their eyes, I want to let you know that every abusive man that it’s been my unfortunate position (from birth til 58 yrs. old) to have known (whether he was a father, uncle, brother-in-law, boyfriend, husband, acquaintance or the near stranger who beat the crap out of me for 6 hours when I was 15 due to his being drunk out of his mind on moon shine) most people who knew them would have thought they were great guys. None of those men would have shown a shred of evidence around their friends, neighbors, bosses or any one else outside their homes that would have warned others how they could act in private, with a woman they feel the absolute need and right to control by any means necessary, You also would have no idea what a man can act like if he drinks or take tranquilizers until he blacks out, yet still is halfway conscious. So, while, yes, it is fine to say what a helpful nice person YOU always found them to be, do not think that means you know them like their wife and children have known them. Even the most gentle sweet person can flip out and lose it and do something they may forever regret doing. No one, not even a killer, is 100% a “bad” person. Everyone has SOME good qualities. Then too, you must consider there are some people who are extremely devious, monsters who hide in human skin, it seems. They can act so sweet yet be hiding a world of horrifying behavior. Surely we all know that by now. Michael called his mother to come & watch the kids about 11 p.m. the night he claimed his wife had left in her car after they’d argued, so he could go look for her, because she hadn’t returned. He was gone 45 minutes, he (and his Mother) said. Hmmm…just about long enough to finish burying her in the backyard (although he probably did that before he called his mother)..and then time enough to go drop her car off where they found it. I bet if the police had checked all the taxi records they’d have found out he took a cab home that night. His shoe print, his EXACT FULL shoeprint, with no smudges on it , (as would be the case if anyone else had put their feet in the driver’s side floorboard) was the only one found on her driver’s side floorboard and the driver’s seat was found pushed back further than it would have been if she had driven it there. Her money and credit cards were all found in her purse in a dumpster so robbery was not the reason she couldn’t be found. The purse and car being found tells us she did not run off because NO ONE runs off and puts their money in a dumpster, leaves the car and walks away. Those facts alone should have told everyone that she had not “run off & abandoned her children”. It’s surprising that her parents didn’t publicly accuse their son in law of being guilty, but then again, the parents may have just acted like they didn’t suspect him so they could stay on good terms with him and still be in their grandchildren’s lives. (Even if they suspected him highly, that may’ve been the best thing for them to do as long as they didn’t know for sure that she was dead). It makes no sense to think someone else took her purse & car, killed her and then took her body BACK to her own backyard and buried her. Some are saying that the Uncle did it…really?? How did he not get seen burying her in that backyard? Does any of this sound like Michael Haim is innocent ?


  12. Murphy

    My heart and prayers go to her. She is with the LORD now. As far as her husband, when he tries to go thru the Pearly Gates in heaven, he will have to answer to the LORD for his inhumane and evil actions.


  13. Hurt Anonymous.

    Husband may have thought at first to eliminate his wife’s body and her car and Aaron by driving the car into the lake. Hence Aaron’s mentioning the lake. The evil one must’ve stayed there a while contemplating on how and what to do. eventually reasoned to follow a “better way”. Father is guilty, plain and simple.


  14. Gumshoe

    I always suspected that the husband did it. There where too many holes in his story. She was going to leave him. he was abusive. probably wasn’t to please to find out she had a secret bank account. He then killed her on purpose or by accident. The thing is he covered it up and then lied about for years. Its sad to say the neighbors that knew him were lied to by him. Even if he is the nicest guy you would meet. He still killed his wife. So the question is did anybody really know him or did they see only what he wanted them to see. Sad that she never got to live to see her children grow up.


  15. Anonymous

    The child, Aaron, had a father, two sets of grandparents and other family members. Why was he placed in a foster home instead of with family? We’re all of these people suspect? And how did they win a wrongful death suit against Michael?


  16. Anonymous

    For what it’s worth, I would be a character witness for Mike. Was friends with him from the time I met him in the mid 90’s at work. Hung out with him often during that time. He was one of the calmest, friendliest people I know. Met his nice family including his hanicapped sister he always treated with loving patience. Mike was kinda country and unassuming and I find it unbelievable that he was capable of this act. I pray I’m correct in that judgement of his character and for both families involved.


    • Chrisa

      That is usually how abusers appear to outsiders


    • Someone

      Just because he appeared like a kind, and caring person doesn’t mean that he was that way to his wife. Many people have described serial killers in the same manner. That they never would have harmed anyone and how shocked they are at their crimes.

      It just seems odd that a stranger would have the same rare shoe as the husband, and that they’d find her years later buried in her own yard. If a stranger killed her then why bury her in her own yard, and how would her husband not notice any disturbances?


  17. Anonymous

    Regardless of the outcome, sending love and prayers <3


  18. Anonymous

    You know what I don’t get is why her own father was defending the husband it’s pretty messed up. And the poor kid had to witness this. Hope her husbnad rots in prison he should not be let out!!


  19. Anonymous

    I do not know and con not be a judge of this mans character, although he seems to be held in high regard by those that know him. I haven’t read far enough yet to see whether a case has been heard. But just on what I have read so far I would without doubt say that he did indeed murder his wife.


  20. Dave

    Go to https://core.duvalclerk.com/CoreCms.aspx?mode=PublicAccess

    look up:


  21. anomonious

    Where is his x girlfriend Charlene from Florida but was with him in TN and NC


  22. anomonious

    Great parents knew them in Tennessee, went out with Michael very nice guy on the surface hope lady justice is served


  23. Jordan

  24. Bigbear

    We’ve known Michael for many years. I have overheard neighbor say a bad word about Michael. I’ve never seen any displays of temper or any tendency to violence. Michael goes out if his way to be helpful and friendly to the neighbors. It is impossible to believe this man could have committed such an act of violence and covered it up for more than 20 years. Where was the blood? How could he have hidden a body so well in such a short period of time? Surely the police searched the house, the cars,the yard and everywhere else. I don’t buy it.


    • Lindsey

      he was a very nice man from my interactions with him at work. He was very helpful and always was helping at work when he was supposed to be off.


  25. Sue316

    I also grew up on the same street in Waynesville. Everyone in the neighborhood loves this man and still supports him. Have you heard anything from Bonnie’s parents? No the reason is because they still believe in michaels innocence also. The person who committed this crime was the uncle he was the only person who benefitted from Bonnie’s death. I’m thankful Michael will finally have a chance to clear his name and put this behind him!


    • Teresa Tomlinson

      Are you kidding me?? They found her remains at their house what more do you need? He killed her you know he killed her! And I’d be different if she really was missing in her body never showed up but her body was turned up at their house he was mad she was going to leave him saving her money and he couldn’t take it I hope he gets what he deserves which is life in prison better yet the death penalty if y’all have it


  26. ballu

    es lady ko uske boy frend ne mara hai


  27. Littlebear

    I grew up across the street from this guy in waynesville nc. I always knew something was different and strange about him. very rude and stand off guy. not many neighbors liked him. but now I know why. prayers are with the victims family! I am glad they have him justice will be served!


    • Sue316

      Your an idiot I also was a neighbor and everyone in the neighborhood loved this man and are still standing behind him and believe he is innocent…. Have you heard anything from Bonnie parents??? No you wanna know why??? Because they still believe in his innocence also!!! This crime was committed by the uncle who was the only person to get anything from Bonnie’s death….


  28. Dianne

    I worked and was friends with Michael. I am so devastated right now. Do you know how many family gatherings we had around that pool. I left my children with this man!!!! I would never guessed in a million years he was capable of doing this. How could this have happened????? RIP Bonnie, you did not deserve this!!!


    • Lindsey

      I worked with him in NC just last year. I never would have thought he would have this hidden. Prayers for his family and Bonnie’s family.


  29. Lorine D

    I lived in Jacksonville Florida… Today the official said that the body (skull) found WAS =( Bonnie Haim AND *ARRESTED* Micheal Haim (the husband) for Murder ….. go to firstcoastnews.com (local news station) to hear/read the details …..


  30. Tammy K

    So sad to hear this.. I knew this family back when they lived in the state of Virginia.. Norfolk. Military housing before they moved to Florida. I was friends with her sister Michelle. Bonnie & our next door niegbor, Sheila would hang out. Sometimes the 4 of us. We were young pre teens back then… The good old days!! I hope this family has had some sort of closure.. Peace and prayers (Bonnie)


  31. a viewer of Un. Mysteries

    Of course someone checked out the creek or the lake for a body, right? Or wherever the creek washed into? Logical? Hopefully?


  32. Anonymous

    Any update?


  33. curious

    does anyone know if the fragment they found belong to her?


  34. Anonymous

    Just waiting for more information to come out about this story. I have been a family friend with Michael’s family for almost 20 years. I never knew Michael only seen him at his parents house a few times. Of course this subject never came up. I being a kid at the time did not think much about it. But now as an adult it is very scary to me.


  35. elj

    Gut feeling mystery solved!


    • gaynor

      I feel in my heart he did this knowing she was leaving him men like him prey on innocent woman and then once the lady has seen his true colours . All of a sudden she dissapears


  36. Steve Ferguson

    My guess is the husband will be a suicide candidate before this is all over. Poor kid will always be a huge victim in this.


  37. Anonymous

    Any parent would want to believe that their child is safe and just took off in the middle of the night rather than dead. Her parents are amazing people, my heart goes out to them. The sadness they must feel right now hurts my heart. It is a horrible situation that i as a parent hope and pray that i never know. I know both families and i just hope the truth one day (hopefully soon) comes out.


  38. Anonymous

    Any parent would want to believe that their child is safe and just took off in the middle of the night rather than dead. Her parents are amazing people, my heart goes out to them. The sadness they must feel right now hurts my heart. It is a horrible situation that i as a parent hope and pray that i never know. I know both families and i just hope the truth one day (hopefully soon) comes out.


  39. That's just Insane

    You would think that his parents believed he was innocent. And her parents guilty. I just think that no mother in her right mind would desert her child(ren). But what’s done in the dark will come to light. He took away his son life also, by murdering his mother. Justice may be late, but it won’t be denied!


  40. Christy

    How can her own mother think that she would have deserted her own little boy without knowing all the facts? It’s a good thing that the detective on this case took the investigation seriously. Otherwise someone may get away with murder.


  41. ronnie

    I used to live on this street at the time….and most people in the neighborhood believed that he did it. A purse found in a dumpster with cash and credit cards still in it? Burglary, mugging, think not. Shoe print found in car matched her husbands…shotgun found in creek pointed out by son. This guy could be getting a visit from the local authorities very soon.


  42. Sophia Pasciuto

    If that’s her I don’t want to believe that’s my aunt I’m hoping she is still living just like my family if she is dead rest in peace aunt Bonnie


  43. jennifer

    He might have meant gun in the lake from what ive researched the father threw a gun in the lake and the little boy told his foster mother as they were walking over a bridge and she notifies police and a gun was found that had been in the lake approximately two years after his mothers disappearance


  44. Jax Newspaper Reader 12-14-2014


    It was announced today that a woman’s body has been found buried in the back yard of the house that Bonnie and Michael lived when she disappeared in 1993. The body was discovered during the demolition of a backyard pool. Was the 3 year old child “mostly correct” when he said his Mom’s “car” was “in the lake”, when in reality he meant the Mom’s “body” “by the pool ?” lake and pool are the same to a 3 year old. Too late for prison for Michael ?


    • u jumped the gun

      No such announcement was made on Sunday. The news did report pieces of bone, possibly part of a skull. How did you hear that it was a woman’s body?


    • Anonymous

      Part of a skull fragment was found. we are still waiting for it to be verified as human. We do not know anything else at this time.


  45. Diana

    Looks like they found her. Skeletal remains have been found on the property on Dolphin Ave. where Bonnie lived.


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