Did a devoted mother of two simply abandon her family?

Charlotte Pollis


Gender: Female
DOB: 7/4/65
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Remarks: Last seen 3/12/94


On March 12, 1994, Paul Pollis’s wife, Charlotte, vanished from their home in Girard, Ohio.   Paul maintained his innocence throughout, but Charlotte’s mother, Charlotte Nagi, was convinced that Paul knew exactly what happened to her daughter:

“I think Paul got angry and he struck her and he couldn’t stop himself.   I think Paul killed my daughter.”

Charlotte’s husband found her purse

Did Paul Pollis get away with murder?   Police cannot say because there is a lack of evidence to prove a crime was even committed.   Until solid leads develop, Paul Pollis will very likely remain locked in an ugly dispute with his wife’s family, over just what happened to Charlotte the day she vanished.

About the only thing everyone agreed on was that Charlotte was sick the day before she disappeared. That night, Paul’s parents looked after the couple’s two children while Paul took Charlotte to the hospital.   She had an acute ear infection marked by pain and dizziness.   After Paul’s parents left, Charlotte phoned her mother:

“She said, I’ll talk to you in the morning and at 1:25 AM. I had hung up the phone from her.   That’s the last I ever spoke to her. At ten to 9:00 on Saturday morning, I called the house to check on my daughter… and Paul answered the phone.”

According to Paul, the last time he saw Charlotte was shortly after that phone call:

“I think it was about 11:00 o’clock.   I took the kids out to do errands for the afternoon and I told her just stay in bed and relax, I’ll bring the medication that you need back, just stay in bed, take it easy.”

A neighbor saw him without his kids

According to Paul, he buckled the kids into their car seats and headed off for a day of errands.   There were stops at the pharmacy, the laundromat, and a scrap yard, then burgers at a fast food restaurant, and finally a couple of hours spent looking at houses for sale.   However, Paul’s account of that day is disputed by several people.   One of those people was Charlotte’s mother.   She claimed that she called the house several times before 11:00, when Paul said he was still at home:

“I called at 10:00, I called at 10 after 10:00, I called at 20 after 10:00.   I just kept calling… I thought something’s not right.   No answering machine, nobody answering the phone, nothing.   And I thought… why is nobody answering?”

Paul said he returned home with the children at around 4:00 PM, but Charlotte wasn’t there.   At that time, he had no concerns for her safety:

“I figured that she was feeling better and had gone out.   Put the kids up to finish their nap in bed and just watched TV and finished cleaning the house.   About 7:30 I noticed her purse up on the cabinets and my wife doesn’t go anywhere without her purse.   I can’t believe that she would’ve left without it.   So I started calling around to see if she’d gone out with anybody.”

A small bloodstain was found in his trunk

When Charlotte’s family learned that she was missing, they rushed to the house.   After talking to Paul, Charlotte’s sister, Amriah Nagi, decided to take a look outside.   She noticed two sets of footprints in the snow that stretched from a side door towards a small shed:

“The doors were bulging pretty much out of the shed.   They just had like a regular padlock on it and it kind of bothered me the way the shed was because the doors weren’t flush against it.   So I’d gone into the house and I had asked Paul for the keys.”

According to Charlotte’s mother, Paul then became very angry:

“He said the shed has nothing to do with Charlotte and I’m not giving you the keys and she’d asked him repeatedly for these keys to the shed and he got angrier and angrier.”

Amriah believed the pair of footprints in the snow suggested that Paul had help:

“I looked at Paul’s shoe prints and they were the same footprints that were in the snow.   And the other footprints were fairly large with a shoe boot who I can suspect would’ve been his father’s but they you know, I can’t be definite on that.”

2 sets of footprints headed towards a shed

To prove his innocence, Paul agreed to take a polygraph test.   He made an appointment for Tuesday, three days after his wife disappeared.   But Paul did not show up.   He wasn’t at home either and left a note on his dresser which read, “I love my wife and would never do anything to harm her intentionally.”   For three months, Paul stayed out of sight.   Then one day, he reappeared with an explanation:

“I had a lot of mental anguish I was going through.   And I wanted some time alone.   People were driving in front of the house non-stop.   They didn’t come by to give me a hug or pat on the back and say we’re with you.   They just came by to look.”

Charlotte Nagi Pollis was last seen in March of 1994.   According to the police, Paul Pollis remains the only suspect in the case.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season eight with Robert Stack and in season one with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Steven McFly

    So tell me this: why did the cops not say a THING about the shed? They can always get a warrant to inspect the shed. Of course, they could just BREAK INTO IT. Warant or not, finding a dead body or bloodied tools in there, DNA & murder does not run out of the statue of limitations as far as I know. Nor does it matter at that point if they jimmy the lock or cut it off.

    This whole case is wrapped in BS. The fact Robert Stack is so good at what he does & didn’t reaise an eyebrow to this is something. He was & always will be a great host. However, there have to be some of these cases he says “ok, what the f**k?!”.


  2. Sheila

    The husband had guilt written all over his face and the investigators did a lousy job in this case, there was two sets of footprints going to the shed why didn’t they open the shed? And then there’s blood in the trunk that’s not normal for someone’s blood to be in the trunk but I bet if the husband was a different race oh they would have been on it, in my opinion.


  3. True Crime Junkie

    Nobody seems to think it is weird that he would be gone all day with two little kids who get cranky and need naps? Beside the fact his wife is I’ll and he doesn’t seem to be concerned about being home to care for her? Who goes to pick up meds for a sick person and not bring it straight home to the sick loved one? I think he looks like a cold blooded emotionless human in that interview. He has that “if looks could kill” stare.


    • PsychLover

      Exactly! I hope the memories of what he did to Charlotte haunt him daily!


    • 420 girl

      I was raised in the city. This happened as you could guys can notice from the pictures there was a lot of snow that day that woman weighed approximately 300 pounds however, there is no foot prints in the snow where she left. Also, there is a well on the property that the police refuse to look into.


  4. Charles

    I think her mother was spot on. It was an unintentional homicide and his parents helped him cover it up. He seemed very defensive, almost offended that he could ever be a suspect. He also seems like he has a violent streak, which is likely what led to her death. Notice he says “intentionally.”


  5. Nicholas

    Paul and and an accomplice are guilty. It’s a matter of time. GOD is just and very real. He will not go unpunished in this life or eternity. If you cant see that He is putting off a suspicious, angry, and cocky energy you lack some serious common sense.
    I pray right now if this case isnt solved still the killer and accomplice is exposed in the the name Jesus Christ!


    • Mr. E

      Whatever you gotta type out to make yourself feel better. You do realize that evil people get away with stuff every day without ever getting caught, right? Bad things happen to good people all the time as well. The concept of karma is a childish notion. For someone who is not supposed to “judge lest ye be judged”, you are awfully judgemental….


      • Sharla

        I agree with Nicholas and you speak a lot of nonsense it’s clear you’re not even the believer, yeah evil people may get away with murder, but they will pay one way or another they’re never have peaceful sleep at night, will lose all their hair and go bald due to stress, become addicted to drugs or even become homeless because karma is very real I’ve seen it happen time and time again.


      • Swv

        So what do you think about karma now? the husband is having a life of bad luck getting arrested all the time hooked on drugs so you’re completely wrong when it comes to getting away with stuff and karma


  6. Nicholas

    Paul and and an accomplice are guilty. It’s a matter of time. GOD is just and very real. He will not go unpunished in this life or eternity. If you cant see that He is putting off a suspicious, angry, and cocky energy you lack some serious common sense.
    I pray right now if this case isnt solved still the killer and accomplice is exposed in the the name Jesus Christ!


  7. Jon Crane

    It’s definitely not the 1st time a man got away with killing his wife! What makes me revolt is when he put out a plea for his wife to come home when in fact he knows he put her in the ground somewhere.


  8. Shiela

    Looks like the fact the father was a coroner might have helped him get away with it! Guilty as hell but the cops didnt do a thorough job! Also i woulda broke that padlock off if it was my sister missing! Luminol the place up! Must be some evidence there..lying murdering dirtbag!


  9. Calum

    I find the justification of insult and “he did it” because he’s had trouble with the law AFTER this incident really disappointing. Y’all letting that colour your opinion (which is wrong).

    I studied all interviewee’s body language. The only ones setting off alarm bells were the in-laws, particularly the mother, who NEVER BLOODY BLINKS. Definitely a screw loose there.

    There was no follow up with the neighbour – I just watched this episode and Robert starts saying “there is one eyewitness” and here’s me thinking “Oh, they’re interviewing the neighbour again for more details” and start talking about the daughter? What was the relationship between that neighbour and the Pollises and that neighbour and the in-laws?

    Y’all want more information about him but don’t want any information about them? That’s not how you try to work out what happened.

    My two cents is she was either kidnapped or delirious and became amnesiac. Why weren’t there any other neighbours interviewed by the police? There surely was someone near the Pollis’ home before he left.

    And of course the people he dealt with didn’t see his children; the children are tiny and aren’t the ones handing money over.

    Definitely an intriguing case and if I’ve backed the wrong horse I will eat my words. I don’t remember any statement about the blood in the boot. That did stick out, but other than that, the in-law are the nutcases here. Nothing in Paul’s body language indicated lying or deception. I will add: neither did the in-laws; but what THEIR body language was indicating was desperation, paranoia and creating realities – I see it with my mum all the time, making up backstories for pedestrians who run in front of the car when we’re driving so she can justify insulting them. Lot’s of interesting psychology going on here.


    • Bill Blaski

      Completely disagree. Paul is guilty of this crime.


    • Robyn

      No.. I’m from the area and their toddler daughter kept saying “Mommy’s in the rug”. Why would a child say her mommy was IN a rug? There was an area rug in the bedroom that came up missing (recent pictures of the room that were shared with family – like the kids playing in there, etc. – showed the rug was there but after she disappeared, the rug was also missing), but the police/prosecutor cannot take the account of a toddler for a warrant or anything nor can they search because a family member said a rug was missing (this is documented in the case and was reported on the local Youngstown news as well as the newspapers). This does account for the bulging shed doors. Perhaps her body was rolled in the rug and stored there until it could be moved to it’s disposal site. Paul’s father was the county coroner at the time, he had access to the hospital’s “crematory” where medical waste was disposed. He (the father) also owned land nearby that is landlocked and therefore will never be developed. Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence to support a warrant. One of 2 things, Charlotte was cremated in Trumbull Memorial’s furnace or she is buried somewhere on that land. Perhaps one day the surrounding land will be sold and the whole plat will be developed and a body will be discovered; but we will never know. Paul’s father has since passed on and Paul will likely go to his grave with that secret.


    • Swv

      From your comments you must be family or a friend of, I can totally tell he’s guilty when he was questioned about opening the shed he was totally holding in his anger, even clenched his teeth, that’s guilty to me, investigators didn’t even do a good job they find blood in the trunk why would her blood even be in the trunk who the heck goes into the trunk for no reason you’re delusional lady. And that is why he’s lost all his hair now, he looks horrible and he’s all hooked on drugs getting in trouble with the law he is getting karma big time if he was innocent he wouldn’t be having such bad luck.


  10. Sieran Vale

    When you google Paul Pollis, you find numerous arrests: felony drug possession (cocaine), driving under the influence, carrying a concealed weapon and much more. He’s a bad boy whose mother and father apparently spoiled him and CONTINUED to spoil him even after he called for help in covering up his crime. Shameful.


  11. Jason

    This episode is so interesting. Just watching this guy, he seems so full of hate. His glare is pretty telling. Also his mom’s tone of voice sounds super-manipulative. Who knows? Maybe theyre pissed b/c theyre innocent and police/neighbors harass them? I don’t think he’s smart enough to kill and get away with it.

    There’s similarities about this guy and the coked-out guy who put his wife through a chipper on “Backyard Bones.” After their wives “disappeared”, they INSTANTLY had drug problems, run-ins with the law, etc. Idk, I don’t think there’s enough evidence on this episode. Maybe Forensic Files will come around and do an episode about this


  12. Connie Sinchak

    Worked on this case with crime stoppers. Knew her through work. MANY things have been left out of this story. Paul’s father was a coroner. Paul had much help to cover his tracks, not saying his father was involved. I worked with Girard detective. Many twists and turns to this story. Charlotte would never have left her children. I truly feel we all have a good idea who was responsible. I have a lot of info. I kept from all the info we uncovered. Pray this gets solved so many can rest in peace.


  13. Michael Fontaine

    Here is some additional information from the Charley Project website. This information was not in the Unsolved Mysteries segment and sheds some light on the disappearance…

    1). Charlotte’s family arrived at the couple’s home when she could not be located. She had apparently left the house without her winter coat, wearing only her nightclothes. Charlotte’s sister told authorities that she saw two sets of footprints in the snow leading from the side door of the residence to a small shed in the yard. The second set of tracks led back to the house.

    Her sister stated that the shed doors appeared to be bulging and she asked Paul for the key so she could investigate inside. Charlotte’s sister claimed Paul became angry and refused her request. Charlotte’s brother returned to their home the following day and saw that the shed doors were closed normally. He looked inside and noticed that all of the items had been shoved to one side.

    2). Authorities searched the Pollis residence and found that it had been thoroughly cleaned shortly beforehand. Charlotte’s brother claims he saw a blood-spattered blanket and two bloodstained pillows in the house, but these items were not recovered.

    3). Paul initially agreed to take a polygraph test, but never arrived as scheduled. Investigators discovered he had disappeared from his home and left a note behind. The letter stated that he loved his wife and would never intentionally harm her.

    Paul returned three months later, claiming he had been suffering from mental anguish and needed time alone. Police filed charges against him for obstructing their investigation. The charges were later dismissed, however. Paul has maintained his innocence in Charlotte’s disappearance. He remarried and moved to Howland, Ohio sometime after his wife vanished.

    He has been in trouble with the law several times. The most serious incident was in 2006, he and his second wife were charged with money laundering; they embezzled $1.6 million from a dialysis clinic. The charges against Paul were reduced in exchange for his cooperation. His wife was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. A photo of Paul is posted with this case summary. Since the embezzling incident he has been arrested several times for offenses including felony drug possession and probation violation.

    4). According to her family, Charlotte had been acting as if she felt troubled just before her disappearance. She asked her brother to take care of her children if anything happened to her. Her brother asked if Paul was abusing her and Charlotte said no. There is no known history of violence in the Pollis marriage.

    Investigating Agency
    Girard Police Department 330-545-0211


  14. Bill Blaski

    I saw recent articles about Paul and allegedly being on methamphtines, I can’t help but wonder if he killed his wife and has gotten away with it for 30yrs.


  15. Virginia

    I think he did it. Too many odd things here. Witnesses seeing him driving around without the kids, the bulging doors to the shed and the cleaning.


  16. Hector

    The statement made by Paul that”I love my wife and i would never do anything to harm her intentionally”. To me that is murder in the second degree. He probably did not mean to kill her, but he did, whether it was an accident, he did kill her.


  17. Virginia Medley

    I actually don’t think he did it at all! That’s correct I don’t think he did anything to his wife! Yes I saw cockiness yes, but deceptive behavior no he wasn’t fidgeting looking down to the left blinking alot he showed appropriate reactions of indignation.For you people who don’t know what that means that’s the correct response when you are accused of doing something you didn’t. I looked it up and there are a lot of missing women in that area ,a lot of missing brunette women from that area.That went missing around the same time as this lady . I think the neighbor saw him loading his laundry in the car he admitted as much.He also admitted to going to a scrap yard which is probably why he had backed his car up to the porch scrap metal can be quite heavy.As for the shed the police searched the house I am almost positive that they searched the shed as well . I would absolutely love for the police to use luminol in the home and shed even now. I have do extensive research on famicide ( the murdering of family) and domestic violence homicides and it doesn’t fit as far as his cocky personality he would have bragged he would have given something away so wow now he does drugs well hell wouldn’t you do something if people thought you murdered your wife the mother of your children? Especially if you didn’t but oh well his life is ruined because of it anyway.Look at how Laci Peterson’s husband Scott acted and compare it to how Mr. Pollis acted. Look at how Chris Watts acted after murdering his wife and children giddy ,excited ,dare I say guilty.It doesn’t fit just because he’s an asshole doesn’t nessarily mean he killed his wife cut her up involved his elderly parents into a conspiracy to cover it. Hopefully people have gotten smarter since this show first aired but I have my doubts about that.As far as her family let’s see, umm she’s got the same name as her mother narcissistic much mom,the shed nonsense just that nonsense drama the door wasn’t closed correctly sorry but if it was my family member I would have busted the door down. Smoke and Mirrors really,all there is to it a tiny spot of blood in the trunk of a car from all appearances both parties had access to is not enough to convince me that a 250 lb woman was cut up and put into the trunk of the car and dumbed buried ect. Considering that the ground was frozen covered in snow yeah especially hard to dig a freaking grave in December in freaking Ohio.Thank God it’s innocent until proven guilty crap like this is why there have been so many innocent people convicted and even put to death over circumstantial evidence.


  18. CAROL S



  19. CAROL



  20. David Hageman

    Oh..sorry I mean paul.


  21. David Hageman

    I can’t stand people who have to lie about everything and include other people in their lies. This jared puss can’t even be man enough to own up to what he did. His guilt will get him and whoever else he included. What a pathetic little excuse of a little boy, not worthy to be called an adult or man.


  22. Justice

    scumbag a pure scumbag


    • marge

      why doesn’t the police or the courts jail charolette polis’s scumbag of a husband (Paul) and have a jury trial..it appears the police did not do their job and tell me how they could be so inexperience….Paul’s father being a coroner certainly made it easy to get rid of a body, just saying…maybe cremated or scattered her body across the USA when he went out of town for 3 months…did they ever check where he went, stayed?? sloppy police work,,,where were the detectives? i’d give him a choice lie detector test or jail… I feel the parent were in on it and who cleanes the house the way they said. and why didn’t again the police or detectives use luminol to find the blood in the house and the spot they found in Paul’s car?? a lot of questions unanswered the police just seemed to hushed this up real fast….this sounds like a good case for someone that wants to catch a murderer or a great movie or book deal….. hope Karma gets him….


  23. Patrick

    Google this guy, he’s a coke head and been arrested a few times now. He has the perfect answer for everything with a cold calculated face. I think he was away for 3 months making sure the body was disposed and hiding in case police came to arrest him. When they didn’t he came home. He said he left for mental anguish yet he’s cockier than sin so that’s a lie.


  24. Writer on topic of Sociopaths

    I went to high school with this guy and he just wasn’t “right” back then; very cold, emotionless, hard, bully-ish. It’s usually the mothers that create sociopathic/narcissistic/psychopathic off-springs. Either the mother is a narc/socio/psycho or she abuses and/or neglects her children, or she does the opposite: spoils and entitles them; or she lacks boundaries with her children.
    Basically: Women create men that abuse women. Yep, great world that we live in.


  25. Hot mess

    I wonder why investigators never go over these cases. I’ve learned its useless to shame family members. They either could care less, or they carry the weight of the mistakes they made. Women often think they are SPECIAL when it comes to these inept, horrible men. No one can tell them anything. Not trying to victim shame but that’s the crumbled cookie.


  26. Alice

    WTF was her family doing. You didn’t do everything in your power to open that shed. You came back the next day? No way. I’m sitting my ass out on the street watching the house if Im him. If she’s in there what’s he going to do, call the police on them. He got angry! So effing what.

    Of course he did. Their actions, or in this case inactions, helped him get away with murder.


  27. Anonymous

    Firs of all, I think he did kill her, then got help from his parents to clean up the crime scene and got help from his father to carry the body to the shed. Why else would he get angry when asked for the keys to the shed? But if he did kill her, what was his motive for doing so? Second, Paul and his mother seem to show absolutely no remorse or even any emotion of any kind really, and they appear to be lying a lot. It’s almost as if he just made everything up. But this case needs to be gone over again and forensics need to search everything again with the new tech that is available now.


  28. Anonymous

    Of course, he killed her and put her in that shed. Paul Pollis is a total sleaze. You should see his photos on FB; he’s quite the druggie and thug. It’s so horrible and unjust that so many women who are missing and presumed dead have been murdered by their husbands or boyfriends. Just read through the missing women listed in The Doe Network and The Charley Project websites – the majority of these poor women were murdered by the men in their lives – including Charlotte Nagi Pollis.


    • James Jackson

      I agree I have known him since High School him and his thug friends definitely hid/disposed of her body. There was a point in time when he and his friiends harnessed me and my family for over a year even drive by my house daily in his work truck jist to harass me , they always had a saying and it was punishment in necessary and all I did was refuse to deal dope with them.. so yea and I’m sure he did do it!


      • That Guy

        The guy sounds like a real steal and stand up person. /sarcasm
        Everything about what is available publicly seems to point to him.


  29. Perla

    I think the husband killed her. I mean why did he disappeared right after she was reported missing. What did the boxes had when a neighbor saw him putting them in the trunkand inside the car; maybe those were her remains. Who knows, maybe inside the shed was the things he used to killed her and had potential evidence. Blood maybe or her body. I don’t know they should also check the phone records of Charlotte’s mom to see the times she called.


  30. UMFan1

    They can go back even now and spray luminal and find blood in the house and the shed.
    I agree. The police did a horrible job. They even went and sprayed luminal in the Lizzie Borden house in the basement below where one of her parents were killed and the blood had run down from the top of the baseboard of the ceiling down the wall and glowed after 100 years. All of the scrubbing and bleaching Paul and his parents did could never erase every molecule of blood from Charlotte. I about burst into tears when Charlotte’s mother said that her granddaughter was terrified of black garbage bags.
    Should of had a child specialist interview the little girl. It was disturbing seeing how calm Paul was while he was explaining the errands with the kids. I believe he dismembered her and put her in he trash bags because of what the neighbor lady saw when she drove by. I think the kids were in the house when he loaded her up and he took them with him, disposed of the body and did errands to establish alibi’s. I hope the children grew up and had a normal childhood despite losing their mother.


  31. Paul Anderson

    Did they check the shed?


  32. val marshall

    Its a complete botch job by the police,nobody can clean a house that well that forensics cant find anything.Doesn’t say if the shed was ever investigated but if it was it was probably too late.He could easily have been made to take the polygraph test once he had finished his mysterious jaunt for 3 months! Never judge a book by its cover we are taught but sorry.. Paul and his hard faced mother have guilt oozing from them! I’m a bit behind the times with this story as just watched in UK 6/2016 so lets hope the murdering scum has since got his just desserts!


  33. Brandy

    I believe he killed her and stuffed her body in the shed.then he asked his parents to help him clean the house of evidence.check the shed for dna or any other signs of evidence.then have him do a. Polygragh test. Check the backyard he may have buried her body there. Check this out her case needs to be solved.


    • Calum

      Why would he keep the body around? The in-laws stayed with him as well as his parents. Don’t you think the in-laws would have noticed the parents helping him put a body in the car…?


  34. Should have been solved

    Sounds to me like the police investigators messed up royally and did not perform a thorough investigation. The red spots they found in the trunk: if those were preserved, and with advances in science, a test today would reveal something. And did they check the shed? Thing don’t add up here. I know he killed her. His facial expressions say it all. And his mother? An atypical mother like some I have known – no conscience and her son inherited the “no conscience.”


  35. Absentminded Professor

    Sorry dyslexia kicked in on the previous post got the year wrong.


  36. Absentminded Professor

    Does her family have her DNA in codis? Possible match: http://doenetwork.org/cases/846ufde.html


  37. Sun dog

    I bet you a million dollars that he had her in the shed! Why would he get mad? Makes no sense. Another person to get away with murder.


  38. Tammy Thomas

    It sounds like she was really sick c a bacterial infection. She was seen in the emergency room, so why would they wait until the next day to get started on antibiotics. He said he didn’t leave until 11am with several errands to run. That would mean she wouldn’t have the medicine for a few, maybe several hours. I think she was already dead.


    • Calum

      There was nothing about waiting on antibiotics. The hospital would have given her something for that night and a script for sustained treatment at home. Have you ever been to an ER? Doesn’t sound like it.


      • Robyn

        Not all ER’s dispense meds (not all hospitals have retail pharmacies – and the inhouse one is for inpatients patient- not outpatients which an ER is outpatient. They usually give you a shot to jump start then send you home with a script and instructions to follow up with your family doctor within 48/72 hours.


  39. Anonymous

    But what did the police find in the shed?


  40. Amed

    He can take the polygraph test again