Is a house in Florida haunted by a female ghost?

A white one story house with a front yard and an old style street lamp.

Is this house haunted?

A man in a white tee shirt and glasses looking at a partially translucent woman in an orange top and jeans is walking away.

Alan Mann claimed he saw a ghostly woman


Smoke in the shape of a human being sitting on a coach, there is a lamp that can be seen through the smoke figure.

She said a smoky figure sat on the sofa

If you happen to be in Lake Wales, Florida, there’s a house you might want to avoid. It’s a very ordinary looking house, but as you can probably guess, appearances can be deceiving. In the fall of 1991, 19-year old Alan Mann lived in the house with his parents. Alan worked nights, and during the day, he was often home alone—or so he thought:

“I had the afternoon off. I’d come home and I guess it was about 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, I’d finally gotten some sleep.”

Then, suddenly the image of a mysterious woman appeared before him:

“The figure turned away from the door like it was leaving. And by the time I got up and walked three paces to the door, I don’t know what happened, it just turned the corner and disappeared.”

Alan Mann said he looked high and low for the mysterious woman. But even though the doors were locked from the inside, she was nowhere to be found. He told his mother he thought he’d seen a ghost, but his mother refused to believe him. That was that, until Alan got married, and his 16-year-old bride Linda moved into the house. Shortly after the wedding, Alan’s mother, Sandra, was watching TV with her new daughter-in-law. Sandra, the skeptic, was about to change her tune:

“I had my little dog Prince beside me. And he was on a pillow. And I looked down at the end of the couch and I saw this white smoky thing. And the first thing I thought was fire, and by that time, the dog had gotten up on his feet and then it just disappeared. And when Prince came back I said Prince… we’ve got company.”

A gas latern on a table shooting out a pillar of fire.

Their lamp mysteriously shot out flames

Even though Linda hadn’t seen the apparition, she was convinced the house was haunted. Determined to get the scoop, Linda enlisted a friend with a Ouija Board:

“The board talked real good with me. I believed in it. I’ve believed in that kind of stuff for a while. But I never come across it until then.”

According to Linda and Alan, the board spelled out the name “Kramer.” That was all the proof they needed. They had a ghost and her name was Kramer. Alan’s father David, however, wasn’t convinced:

“I thought I was living with a bunch of flakes. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. If it was a paranormal experience or something like that, I didn’t want to have to worry about that, I didn’t want to admit it.”

Linda and Alan, however, knew there was a ghost. But they weren’t prepared for what happened next. According to Alan, Linda suddenly attacked him in their bedroom:

“All of a sudden she just snapped. And she got this weird look. She pretty much attacked me. She was laughing. She had some weird laugh I had never heard. It didn’t even sound like her. She has this squeaky little giggle. And this was, almost an evil laugh.”

Linda had become, seemingly possessed and was holding down Alan. Alan remembers how forceful his wife became:

“I tried to get away and it made her get more violent. And she started putting more force on my arms. So I pushed against her. And I slammed her against the wall three times. And she released me. And she put her head on my shoulder again and started talking and picked up the conversation exactly where she left off before she snapped.”

Six hands on the planchette on a oujia board.

The Mann family tried to contact spirits

Even stranger was the fact that Linda had no recollection of the events that took place:

“That’s not me. I don’t have an evil laugh. I don’t do the things that he says I do, that’s just not my type. I’m not that type of person. I just don’t remember.”

Suddenly, the harmless ghost had taken on a whole new personality that was difficult to ignore. Even David Mann took notice:

“I really got concerned. At that point I said look, I’m going to get some help. Somebody somewhere can tell me what the heck is going on.”

A spiritualist told the Manns to pour salt all around the house. The Manns kept bags of salt under their beds and even tried a homegrown exorcism. But according to Sandra, nothing helped:

“Every time we tried something… it would settle down and then it would be stronger, you know there’d be more happenings.”

Two hands holding various paranormal electronic equipment

Professionals were called in to investigate

Then, the house began to smell and everyone in the family suffered from bad headaches. Some of the rooms even took on a deathly chill. And then, according to Sandra, the voices began:

“What we heard was like a whole mass of voices, dull, muttering. And one woman’s voice over the top of them. But yet you could not distinguish anything they were saying.

David and Sandra tried to act blasé. But according to David, the ghost was not about to let them off the hook:

“I stopped right in the middle of the hall. I caught the smell again. And I didn’t have any explanation for, it’s like you get an idea, little voice inside your head, like your conscience or whatever it is. That little voice that you listen to. It said, ‘This is Isabella.’”

The Manns were spooked, especially Linda. She and Alan decided it was time to move out. Before long, word of the Manns’ plight reached “The Center for Paranormal Studies,” in Silver Springs, Florida. Armed with a truckload of electronic equipment, the Center’s three founders showed up at the Manns’ house. Andrew Nichols was one of the parapsychologists sent to study the Manns’ house:

“It definitely had an oppressive ambience to it, almost a depressive type of feeling. After being in the house for several hours, we all began to experience headaches.”

According to Andrew, Linda and Alan’s old bedroom received the highest amount of paranormal activity:

“It was very, very high. So I thought it would be a good idea to start taking a series of photographs at that point.”

Andrew Nichols took two Polaroid shots, one during and one after the flux in paranormal activity. The second photograph was normal. But Andrew noticed something strange in the first:

“There was a vague humanoid shape in the forefront of the picture. It may be a reflection of some unusual environmental effect. It may be a strange artifact of the human psyche, or it may be a contact with a dimension of existence that’s beyond our imagination.”

Two months later, after a visit from a local minister, the haunting appeared to stop. But David and Sandra decided they to move out soon after. Was the house in Lake Wales haunted by the spirit of someone named Isabella Kramer? Although there are no records that such a person ever lived in that area, the Manns had all the proof they needed.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season six with Robert Stack and in season one with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.



  1. Christopher

    I can guarantee that black magic was at work at this house. You see what happens when you play with quija board and meddle with satanic energy.


  2. Pastor John

    This was definitely a demonic haunting, I have experience with this house, I live 2 streets over. This entire area is filled with old spirits. The old orange groves are filled with old energy.


  3. Anonymous

    Most of those hauntings were instigated. A minister kept them away. But if you call out to them, you are opening the door for them. And if you don’t know what you are doing, you could be in for an unexpected venture.


  4. marcus marcelius parks

    My Mom live about a mile from that house when I was younger I had friends who lived on that street
    It was always a weird house one of my high school teachers stayed one street over she was like it’s definitely haunted I was just in the area last week


  5. Mike

    I’d love 2 visit that house!!!


  6. Mike Young

    A great and very spooky episode.


  7. Brandy

    I believe in ghost, and I believe that the house had bad energy before anyone stepped in to that house. It’s better to get to know the spirit or ghost and to know what its want’s from us here among the living; at least to get to the woman. I have to say I would like to have a conversation with the ghost how knows you might find out what time frame there from. I’m not afraid of ghost who walk among the living.


  8. Jason

    As of 1/20/21, it looks as if the parents and Alan have sinced passed away. I was wondering if they’d update us on the house-if there’s still hauntings? Maybe Linda has something to say after all these yrs?


  9. Nathaniel Fincher

    They more than likely were all suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Surprised no one in the comment section you brought that up. But hey ghosts!!!


    • E

      Yes that’s what I thought too…maybe the smell was an animal got caught in the gas furnace, causing a furnace malfunction, which raised co levels causing headache and auditory and visual hallucinations along with the dead animal burning smell. Maybe some black mold issues as well.


  10. jack c

    The best part of the whole show is when Alan’s dad says “Aren’t they a bit more active than usual” lol


  11. Jeannie Geer

    Hi I have lived in lake wales all my life I was born in barrow and its true about the woman in yellow one of my best friends lived there and I seen her all the time so she’s real this house is not the only one or place


  12. Charles Smith

    I am not afraid of that stuff I will stay in any house if I can on it after I stay there


  13. Leslie Worthington

    I think it’s weird how people keep fixating on the fact that Alan Mann married someone 16 and he was 19. If her parents approved of it then it’s legal. It’s only a 3 year age difference really. Besides, that is not what the story is about. It’s about their haunted house. Some people would rather hang on the drama of part of the story instead of the main point of the story.


  14. Mike

    Wow, just read on here that Alan recently passed away. I went to high school with him in Knoxville, TN. He was only there our senior year I believe. I didn’t know him well but I spoke to him from time to time. He was a quiet guy but friendly. Was strange to see this episode many years ago and see someone I knew. I told my wife “Hey, I went to high school with that guy!”. Always wondered what happened to him and decided to look this up and found this page. RIP Alan.


  15. Mariah

    I lived in lake wales as a kid. My brother was best friends with the kid who’s family moved in after the mann’s. He said weird things happened over there. He said it smelled of rotten eggs and there was this mysterious stain on the floor that no matter how hard they tried to clean would always come back. Also my childhood best friend lived a few houses away from this house and I always felt a weird feeling when being near this house there was something in the air around it that just had this strangeness to it its hard to describe.. I remember being young and this theory floating around about an old lumber yard and there was an accident there. I dont know if that is credible at all but it never really felt like that was the true story of what happened there. I do believe that the mann’s did in fact have these super natural experiences in this house.


  16. Elijah

    Does anyone know Allen’s wife from the show maiden name


  17. Ben

    Alan Mann recently died. This story pops into my head from time to time, and I looked up his Facebook profile again this morning.


  18. Brittnie

    Oh and to the commenter who said that Alan was sick and loves teenagers, have you forgotten that Alan was also a teenager since he was 19yrs old or did you not know that 19yr olds were also teenagers?


  19. Brittnie

    Just a few things to say, first I believe ghosts are absolutely real after living in a house built on an old Indian burial ground and seeing ghosts or entities everyday and night to the point we had to move out. Now secondly the accusations that a 19yr old is a pedophile for marrying a 16yr old is some figment of your own deluded mind. It is only a 3yr difference and is not illegal in any state as long as the parents give their permission and in any state where the legal age of consent is 16 parent permission or blessing is not required. You should be more worried about adults that are 30yrs old dating a 16yr old not two people who’s age difference is only 3yrs. A 3yr age difference isn’t even a big deal to law enforcement unless parents have made complaints. Rant over


  20. Emil Schattengeist

    Isabella Kramer (1898-1946), I’m getting that either her maiden name or her married name may have been “Moody”. A lot of times, it’s not the house itself that’s haunted but a particular item, like an antique or something. I’m getting that Isabella had a lot of mental problems in life, spent time in mental hospitals and asylums, I’m also getting she committed suicide. The activity escalated after you used the Ouija board, when you use them, its like opening a door and all kind of other spirits most likely came through


  21. Connor Mann

    This is Connor Mann “Alan Mann’s son.” Linda had written permission from her parents so therefore it was legal. No they are not still together they divorced and both remarried. However they do stay in contact and they both remember this vary vividly.if you don’t believe who I am just look me up on Facebook. If any questions you can message me and ask.


    • Jenny Irelan

      Hey, Connor, I used to babysit you and your sister many years ago, though you were a baby then so I know you don’t remember me. Sorry for your loss.
      I’m so glad you commented here! It upsets me so badly when people insinuate things about your dad based on Linda’s age. I was a teenager when I knew you guys, and your dad NEVER made me feel uncomfortable. He was never inappropriate to me. In fact, he was one of a very few “safe men” in my life at the time. So it makes me angry when people paint him differently. Thanks for speaking up for him.
      Also, when people say things like “carbon monoxide poisoning caused this” or “they were all high” I get really angry. I didn’t know Linda, but I knew the other 3 people and none of them were drug addicts. The experience profoundly affected them. As Connor said, Alan remembered it VIVIDLY and I remember him telling me about the experience. Even though many years had passed, even talking about it then affected him. It was the only time I ever knew him to be uncomfortable/anxious.
      Hope you’re doing well in life, Conner. God bless you, sweetie.


  22. No one

    I think it’s all with the family. But they all have issues. They didn’t let Linda talk because it didn’t happen! They are all sick besides Linda. Linda is 16 years old and Alan Mann is 19. But him in jail. Alan is sick and loves teenagers. The Mann’s are all in their own lives. No problem like this happens and Linda would remember it.


  23. Sue

    Fake as hell


  24. David

    What’s the address I wanta see that ghost for myself


  25. Tenarife

    The scariest thing for me was this guy married a 16 year old girl (isn’t that illegal?) and they were all living with his parents. As people mentioned on other forums, there is some real unintentionally funny moments, like the wife becoming sex-crazed and attacking her grossly over-weight husband. That seemed more like a fantasy of his than something that happened (and notice she was never interviewed to confirm this). Then the parents listening at the door of the sounds going on in their son’s and daughter-in-laws bedroom. Ewww!! Let’s hope that didn’t actually happen.


    • Jason

      Seriously. SUPER INAPPROPRIATE. I guess
      laws are different in FL. I liked at the beginning, the attractive female ghost calls his name. Gross.
      I was wondering if these two are still married?


  26. RAW

    Guess the 19yr old marring the 16 yr old has nothing to do with it…….


  27. Anonymous

    thats so friggin creepy, i dont know what to say


  28. Anonymous

    Oh, and a fourth reason I forgot to put down in the last part. The 4th reason I believe that “Isabella Kramer” is/was a girl demon is because she (presuming that all of the forms are of the same ghost) changed into at least 3 different forms, a young woman as seen by Alan, a White Smoky figure as seen by Alan’s Mom Sandra, and a Yellow almost Alien-like creature child as seen in the Acutal photograph taken by one of the Paranormal experts at the house. Plus, the bible describes how demons change shapes and disguises, such as “the devil being disguised as a “Snake” (Genesis 3), “Angel of Light” (2nd Corithians 11:14), and a “Dragon” (Revelation 12).


  29. Anonymous

    Yes, I do believe that the Family’s house in Florida was haunted by Isabella Kramer. However, I also believe that Isabella Kramer was a girl demon, for several reasons. First of all, on the show (or previews for it on Escape channel today), I remember distinctly hearing the announcer say “a Ghost with a Bad Attitude” when the lamp went into a vertical flame and disappeared. Secondly, Investigators could find no records of a woman named “Isabella Kramer” living in that area (which, even if the woman lived there decades or centuries ago there would probably be some record of them living in that area). Thirdly, the way Alan described his wife Linda smiling and laughing wickedly when she “Snapped” in their bed and he had to”hit” her hard three times for Linda to become “Conscious” again convinces me that Isabella Kramer was a girl demon. Also, I’ve heard several stories on TV, in the Bible & in some Christian/Bible Tracts, whew demons go and possess certain people & make them do & say things that they would normally never do otherwise.


  30. Anonymous

    I believe it’s demonic, as evidenced by the leaving and returning stronger; which correlates with these three Bible verses about demons. “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.” – from Matt. 12: 43-45


  31. Anonymous

    Oh sweet God, what an amateur mistake! Never use a Ouija Board in a haunted house! They always seem to invite demons!


  32. paranormal investigator

    maybe it is a place in the world where hell is opened up


  33. troy

    I think it true


  34. anonymous

    Maybe when Isabelle Kramer was alive- she was a visitor to the previous owners of that house. That’s why there’s no record of a person named Isabelle Kramer in that town. That’s my theory.


  35. Charity

    That is scary. I have been looking into unsolved hauntings for a while now and it still leaves a chill running down my back!


  36. Lori

    I have grown up in Lake Wales and I remember this story. I believe it to be true because I remember it making the news, newspapers, and I remember it on Unsolved Mysteries. There has to be evidence of serious encounters before Unsloved Mysteries will even consider getting involved.


  37. David Willsey

    Its completely true I knew the family.


  38. Markus

    I believe in ghost,poltergeist, phantoms, demonic entity’s, whatever you call them I believe them on this story. Not gullible but this has to be real


  39. Nicole

    How come there’s nothing when researching Isabella Kramer. I’d rely like to know how she died if anybody finds a link, please reply to my comment.


  40. Wendy

    The family should have prayers over the house.


  41. Alex McLain

    I rememberthis episode. Uses to always give me goosebumps


  42. Hassan Elghoul

    I rememberthis episode and it used to always freak me out watching it at night when I was a,kid. I really wish I can visit that house


  43. William

    I don’t think the house was haunted. I think the spirit was connected to Alan’s wife since it didn’t appear until after they married. It might have just been a poltergeist.


  44. Zoey Anderson

    Its possible that Linda was possessed by the spirit in the Ouija board, and that using the board increased the paranormal activity in the house.


  45. Christopher Racine

    That smoky figure that sat on the couch. Was a demon trying to masquerade as Isabella Kramer. Yes keep in mind that human spirits do exist. So when you die you either go to heaven or hell. It says in scriptures that demons masquerade as the spirits of the deceased. So no wonder the devil masquerades as an angel of light. Just saying because I had a friend William Kielblock that died from a drug overdose. To abusing prescription medications that were controlled substances. By injecting them into himself. So my friends moved into the same apt where he died. They started experiencing paranormal activity. Doors opening and closing by themselves etc. This same friend of mine opened the shower curtain on me. After he died and it freaked me the he’ll out.



    seriously these house excise. It’s hard to believe seeing is believing.


  47. Nick

    Using a Ouija board is not a good idea ever. If you have one, destroy it. Playing with the other side is an invitation to any spirit on that side, malevolent ones being the problem. Much like a stranger following you on downtown streets they probably won’t go away when you ask them to.


    • MeowMix

      It’s a Hasbro board game. They make millions of them. There is nothing “evil” or “magical” about it. You have as much a chance of “summoning” imaginary spirits with Risk, though I would predict that game brings out much more human malevolence.


      • Tenarife

        I think the scariest thing about this is their adult son married a 16 year old girl (isn’t that illegal because she’s underage?). I must admit I started laughing when she supposedly became ‘crazed’ and sex-hungry, climbing all over her grossly overweight husband who was still living at home. That seemed more like his sexual fantasy than anything else. I wish they would’ve interviewed the wife also to get her side of things. Maybe she knew it was all fake so she wanted no part of it. That was my first thought.


        • Melissa Joyce

          Apparently you did not watch the show. Linda was interviewed and made statements. He still lived at home because he wax working his way through college when he met Linda. She was in a bad situation at home and her Mother approved of the marriage. They were only 2 1/2 years apart.


      • Kathy

        Your comment is logical; however, I don’t think I would chance playing with the board. Would you?


  48. Ernest

    I think (just an theory of mine) that this house is tje samae as the house of Tallman’s house thet is still unsolved


  49. Levi

    I think it is true


  50. Christopher Racine

    I am a huge fan of Unsolved Mysteries. I also do believe in ghosts very much so. In Lake Wales, Florida is where the Mann family stayed at. My curiousity is where the address to that house is? I have been wanting to know so I can someday do research on that house. As well is possibly go down there fly. Actually see the inside of the house to determine if that family actually suffered a human spirit type of haunting. Or a demonic type of haunting. Because the scenes where Alan Manns wife Linda becomes possessed after using a Ouija board to contact. The spirit of Isabella Kramer because it stated on the segment that there were no records. Of any woman including Isabella Kramer that died in the house. Plus to add the scene of the lamp light bulb shooting out a giant flame then going back into the bulb itself. Then the scene where the house gets foul smells of rotting flesh. As well as the bad headaches. I just see that as a demonic force trying to take the form of this Isabella Kramer. That never existed. I can almost certainly put my finger on it. I would certainly like to find out whether that house was actually haunted by the spirit of this woman. Or was the Mann home possessed by evil spirits???


  51. alexis blockmon

    alexis blockmon I think this stuff is true no affense but for all you people who think that stuff is fake


  52. Zach

    This is a fake accusations


  53. dougal

    That I do believe is TRUE iv seen things myself nobody believes


    • Jessica

      I agree


    • Nevaeh

      I do think that this conflict is a very serious conflict.
      This could get out of hand! But seriosly a Ghost?!
      Either stop complaning or solve the mystery.


    • Amy

      The board released a dark entity that possessed your wife.
      The ghost never attacked until you started playing with the board.
      People who play with these boards can become possessed and they often have bad energy around them . I won’t even associate with someone who uses this form of communication . The Ghost may be a harmless female who past on the property from illness that is stuck . The bad evil stuff came out the board silly .