Is a satanic cult to blame for the murder of two Texas teens?

Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart

Their bones were found 17 miles from his car


Independence Day, 1988, was a reunion of sorts for Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly.  Each had recently returned to their hometown of San Angelo, Texas.  It was their first time together in months.  It was also the last time they would ever be seen alive.

Shane’s keys were left in his car

The next morning, a ranger discovered Shane’s car abandoned near a local lake.  Fast food wrappers covered the front seat.  The keys were on the dashboard.  Shane and Sally were nowhere to be found.  Louis A. Hargraves was a Lieutenant for the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Department at the time of the murders:

“There were no signs of a struggle and so consequently we looked at it…from a standpoint of two kids ran off and got married.”

That November, two skeletons were found near a lake, 17 miles from where Shane’s car had been abandoned.  Shane’s father, Marshall Stewart, was driving when he heard the call on his police scanner:

“I got out of the pick-up and walked over to the area.  Gut feeling is apparent.  It was… Shane, dressed exactly like he’d left the house that night.  And I knelt down beside him and told him that I had found him and we would take him home.”

Is there a connection to ritualistic parties?

The forces of nature had washed away all forensic clues.  But detectives were able to determine that both victims had been killed by a gunshot blast.

The discovery of Shane and Sally’s bodies were the culmination of a four month search which introduced their parents to a strange and frightening subculture.  Marshall Stewart and Pat Wade, Sally’s mother, discovered that their children were engaged in activities which many believed were linked to a satanic cult. In Sally’s case, it appeared to be part of a desperate search for acceptance in the wake of a painful and troubled childhood.

Marshall Stewart recalled the instant connection between Shane and Sally:

“When Shane and Sally met it was just like two people clicked on.  There was a bond there that was almost inseparable.  It was like the two kids were made for each other.”

Pat Wade remembered how much her daughter loved people:

“She would do anything for a friend.  Sally tried hard to please people.  She wanted people to like her.  She wanted people to respond to her.  And love her. I married and had Sally when I was very young.  So Sally and I spent a lot of our time growing up together.  We were like sisters when she was small.  And as Sally became a teenager, she became more and more rebellious and I had less and less role in her life.”

They had alerted the police about the cult

Soon enough, Sally began to attend ritualistic parties on a regular basis.  One evening, she invited her friend Helen J. Williams to join her.  Helen recalled what happened at the party:

“Sally went into a trance.  And it really scared me.  Half of me said Sally’s pulling a stunt, just ignore it. And half of me said well, maybe it’s, they’re kind of having fun… Sally really got to a point to where she thought nobody loves me. These people come along and they say okay we’ll give you that love, we’ll give you that companionship you need, you just come with us and do what we ask.”

When Sally began dating Shane Stewart, she introduced him to her “new friends”.  Marshall Stewart saw immediate changes in his son’s behavior:

“Shane started getting into fights.  One day Shane was getting the better of this guy.  His two friends jumped in and then he was thrown into the river.  So I told him, I said you should’ve learned a lesson, one not to fight and two beware of where you are, what you’re doing because people can always gang up on you”

In March of 1988, Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Counts received a call from Sally:

“She and her boyfriend, Shane, were members of this group and they were trying to get away from it.  She said there was a lot of drugs involved.  There was a lot of group sex. She also expressed that she had a weapon that had been given to her by another member of the cult.  And when he gave it to her, he told her and Shane that the gun had been used in a murder/robbery.”

By that time, Shane and Sally were living together.  They met Deputy Counts in their apartment to hand over the gun.  Deputy Counts recalled their meeting:

“Well during this meeting when I first met them face to face, you’d really think they were making this stuff up. But they seemed sincere.  After they gave me this weapon and we did some checking on it, it turned out to be a stolen gun, then their story became a little bit more credible.  They did express fears that, that they might be hurt, she and her boyfriend might be in some danger because it’s a very secretive type group and they knew the ins, they knew the secrets.”

Six weeks later, Shane and Sally moved out of their apartment and left town, separately.  But by early summer, both had returned to San Angelo.

In June, just two weeks prior to her disappearance, Sally made a desperate phone call to Helen.  She told Helen someone was trying to kill her.  Helen tried to counsel her friend:

“I said, nobody’s gonna come and shoot you.  I said what did you do?  She said well I really can’t tell you.  She just tended to exaggerate things.  So I really didn’t think much of it.  And I really didn’t think to call Pat and say, Pat, Sally’s in trouble, there’s something wrong.  I mean, I didn’t think anything about it.”

Police reconstructed the events which preceded their disappearance.  At 9 PM, Shane and Sally watched the annual fireworks display at Lake Nasworthy.  Four hours later, a fisherman spotted them at O.C. Fisher Lake, six miles away.  Randall Littlefield was an eyewitness:

“I heard them talking about they didn’t want to be with them people no more.  I listened a little bit more and they continued arguing and I got to thinking, well it’s just a bunch of kids out there drinking, partying.  And I turned my boat around and I left.”

It was the last time anyone saw Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly alive.

Were Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly murdered by their “friends” as a direct result of their cult activities?  Police are convinced that witnesses to the crime are afraid to come forward.

UPDATE: In June of 2017, officers pulled over John Cyrus Gilbreath on suspicion of possession of marijuana. A female passenger in the car with Gilbreath told police that Gilbreath was a drug distributor, prompting police to search Gilbreath’s home.

During the search, investigators found writings, audio tapes, and biological evidence that they believe are connected to Shane and Sally’s murders.

Gilbreath has not been charged in connection with the murders, but has been named as a person of interest.

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  1. anonymous

    I for one hope they break this case wide open no matter who was involved. A friend of mine who has passed away many years ago stated that many of the high school kids who he went to school with at Lakeview knew who did it but were afraid to come forward. I for one have always had a gut feeling the major barrier is Cover up. Somebody in San Angelo has a lot to lose if this case get solved. Too many errors on the earlier investigation were glitched. Why would the Kids in the truck who had Salleys’ wallet and drivers licence not investigated further.. I am sorry but it is illegal to have possession of someone else license and the police in San Angelo, Texas knows that. I would not put anything passed the San Angelo Police department during that time. They know or they had family involved and they are covering it up with all fours.


    • Michael

      I hope this case is solved, but I do not think it will be. I think honest investigators should speak to a Ex-Tom Green County Deputy involved in tampering with evidence that was fired from the Sheriff’s Office. I would give his name here, but I think this website might not post my comment. I worked with this Ex-Deputy. He made numerous statements to me referencing very serious things.


    • Michael

      Anybody that gives information on this case is guaranteed retaliation from San Angelo,TX law enforcement. My wife had numerous tickets dismissed by the judge.
      She then received letters stating she would be arrested if she did not pay the ticket. She would go down and show the dismissal letter from the judge. They would say— sorry– everything is clear. She did that 2 times over a year period. Then about a year later samething. She received a letter staing she would be arrested if she did not pay. Even though we had a letter from the judge dismissing the ticket/s – I paid cash for the ticket and was given a receipt. Now 4 years later my wifes drivers license is suspended because of the ticket that was dismissed by a judge and that I paid to be done with it. I called San Angelo,Tx court clerk on 03-12-18 and was told the ticket/s were cleared and paid. They stated the their computers had not sent the cleared tickets to the OMNI system…. My point is why wasnt the tickets “cleared” the 3 previous times. This situation has come back to life 4 times now. This is retaliation for reporting on the murders of Shane and Sally and numerous crooked cops in San Angelo,TX…
      Not to mention the attempted murder of my daughter by people connected to the Shane and Sally murder case.


  2. zsazsa

    Good news folks!!!
    The san angelo standard times reported today that a suspect in this case was arrested June 12.
    Th article reports that this ma, John Gilbreath, kept a ledger and hair samples etc.
    Fingers crossed that the families will finally get closure.


    • Michael

      Law enforcement is involved in the murder of Shane and Sally, so expect the case to be covered up. Cops in America are above the law. If they get into trouble Trump will pardon them.


    • Michael

      Unfortunately, I have no doubt that nobody will ever be convicted in this case. I’m positive local law enforcement is involved in the murders of Shane and Sally. Interesting what a Barnhart,Tx Deputy told me on a ride from Barnhart,Tx to San Angelo,Tx… I told him I was investigating a retaliation incident that involved my daughter almost being killed by what I believed was police involvement. He instantly told me to be careful because his agency and others had been told that San Angelo Police were involved in drug trafficking. He mentioned a high ranking police officer. The name he mentioned was interesting because my daughter’s suspect led me straight to him. Also this high ranking officer had lied to me when I sat in his office. The update mentioned above names a suspect of interest John.. If john is connected to this case, I believe he will never make it to trial. Unfortunately, I believe “The Code of Silence” will silence him. I don’t remember the Barhart Deputy name, but how many Deputys are there in that tiny town… Also of interest is the high ranking officer mentioned was accussed of threatening a witness. The drug informant had to be moved out of San Angelo for her safety… Also interesting I recently reported on a meth lab in San Anglo across the street from an elementary. When I reported it I mentioned that a married cop was having an affair with a woman that is connected to the meth lab ( her niece was the cooker) and her niece lived directly across the hall in the apartment next door. I reported it to the: SAPD/ TGCS (Remembering Shane and Sally website) they took the post down within minutes/ local news. Moral to the story— anytime a cop is connected to any criminal activity it instantly gets swept under the rug. Not one law enforcement agency contacted me about the meth lab.


  3. Michael

    Meth being cooked in a very small apartment building across the street from an elementary. A married cop having an affair with a woman in the same small building. The woman’s niece was cooking the meth. The woman knows her niece is cooking the meth. The woman is a drug user. The cop is total innocent and uninvolved I’m sure. LOL… There is a major problem with cops in San Angelo,Tx…. Whats the difference between “Organized Crime” and “The Code of Silence”? Please think about it..


  4. zsazsa

    Is there anything to the cult activity side of this story?
    I seem to recall the police saying it was disproved.


  5. Michael

    The FBI gets involved in a stolen NFL super bowl jersey but yet they will not take control of the Shane and Sally murder case. Is this America?
    I see where the FBI places value.


  6. Anonymous

    I’ve never understand the appeal of satanism and all that dark stuff, yet growing up it seemed to attract so many young girls that were my friends, girls that grew up in the boonies, hicks I guess some would call us, they get so bored and try to be cool. But it’s NOT cool, it’s sickening, the government is sickening, all of Hollywood is sickening, all politicians are sickening cause they are all in on it too.


    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. I left San Angelo and plan to never return there. I called the Texas Rangers one time because of suspicions with the probation personnel. No help from them. And I heard all about the corrupt lawyers, attorneys and public officials. It’s all about the Money. It’s less stressful for me to live in the country w/o a tv, computer, have cell phone data for limited use, no newspaper, magazines or radio.


  7. Michael

    Now lets talk about the second suspect in my daughters so called “accident”. My daughters nurse at one time lived directly across the street from someone that Shane knew very very well. I had been told over 20 years ago that this person that Shane knew very very well had committed the murders along with law enforcement. The nurse after my daughters so called accident made a weird post on her facebook page. The post was something to the effect “Satan is a friend of mine”. I made a print out of it and sent it to the Texas Nursing Board. And the person that Shane knew very very well drew a big star instead of taking notes when I approached him over 20 years ago. Also interesting is that I sat across the desk from a Texas Ranger in San Angelo, Tx who acted like a weirdo and lined up about 8 writing pens on his desk neatly spaced then he tried to stare me down in attempt to intimidate me. The Shane and Sally case is connected to Organized Crime. The nurse lived at another address at one time. The family at this address had a family member accused of the Sheila Elrod murder. These family members have organized crime convictions. Interesting because the neighbor that is friends with the doctor has a family member with a organized crime conviction. Coincidence that the doctor has numerous connections to a high ranking law enforcement officer and he is accused of making “burn” threats against a witness? Fellow police officers were accusing him. This means they are lying or he is lying… Since the doctor has numerous connections to the high ranking cop and he fooled me when I was in his office I conclude “Birds of Feather Flock Together”… Prisoners remind me of cops. Cops and prisoners both abide by “The Code of Silence”. Again, Michael Clay was burned alive and the SAPD was accused of murdering him. The doctor led me straight to a cop accused of making “burn” threats. Cops don’t investigate cops— they invoke “The Code of Silence”…. And intimidation and retaliation.


  8. Michael

    Approximately 2008 or 2009 I had started a new job in San Angelo,Tx. A coworker brought up the murders of Shane and Sally numerous times to me. I played dumb on the subject and I did not carry on the subject. Also several times she mentioned cult activity in San Angelo. I always acted uninterested. I thought it was more than odd that she kept pursing the subject. Odd because of course I had already reported to numerous law enforcement agencies what I had discovered about the Shane and Sally murders. All of the above with the coworker happened just before my wifes pregnacy. After my daughter was born I no longer worked at the place with the girl bringing up Shane and Sally – cult activity. I kept running into the xcoworker. She would ask about my daughter. I would vent about what happened to my daughter when she was born. I would state how mad I was at the doctor and the events that happened during the birth were weird. These same conversations with xcoworker happened over and over. Then I discovered the xcoworker lived directly across the street from the doctor. So I asked the xcoworker “why didnt you tell me you live across the street from the doctor”? She panicked and started talking very very fast. She was breathing very very fast. She stated she was friends with the doctor. She didnt make any sense. So the xcoworker brings up Shane and Sally numerous times to me. She tries to get me into the subject of cult activity. Then it turns out she lives across the street from the doctor. The doctor is one of my daughters suspects. Coincidence?
    Shane and Sally’s case is connected to cult activity/ Organized Crime / Law Enforcement.


  9. Michael

    Finally the FBI gets involved in this case. This comment is for the FBI agent assigned to this case.
    I called in a tip of Satanic evidence by the lake while Shane and Sally were still missing. The TGCSO would not follow up on my tip. So, I went to someone Shane knew very well. Instead of taking notes , he drew a big star. Then later A girl tells me that person and law enforcement murdered Shane and Sally. Then the Texas Rangers in Waco, Tx tell me to “watch your back”.
    Then in 2009 while by wife was giving birth. The doctor was not in the delivery room for up to about 22 hours of labor. The nurse was handling everything. Then when the baby was in the crowned position the nurse just leaves the room. After about 2 hours the nurse came back. My wife gave birth instantly because the baby was ready to come out 2 hours before. They had to call a code red and emergency staff had to revive my daughter. She was intensive care for 3 days and almost died. I filed a police report. Nothing happened. I investigated the doctor and nurse and they both had connections to this case. As a matter of fact–they both had connections to the person that had drawn the star. The person that Shane knew very very well. The doctor has direct connections to law enforcement. I sat across the desk from a HIGH ranking law enforcement officer. He argued my daughters case was civil not criminal. Later I discovered the HIGH ranking officer lied or misled me. He had connections to the doctor. Numerous connections. Interesting— “Birds of Feather Flock Together” . In other words Cult or you could call it organuzed crime. Oraganized Crime (Police Corruption) is supposed to be investigated by the FBI. This HIGH ranking officer has made certain “Burn” threats that are a matter of public record. As a matter of fact a witness was moved out of San Angelo because of the threats. Also interesting is that Michael Clay was burned alive in San Angelo. SAPD was accussed of his murder. What does it take to get this case and my daughter’s case investigated properly. Cops should not be above the law.
    Its not a coincidence that I was told law enforcement and a certain person murdered Shane and Sally– then my daughters suspects have direct connections to them. This is ORGANIZED CRIME.
    What happened to my daughter was a matter of chance encounter of Cult members/ Organized crime.
    Aside from the Shane and Sally case. The SAPD and local law enforcement would have had a axe to grind with me because I would not shut my mouth about “The Code of Silence” that I encountered. You are aware of that because I went to the FBI office and complained about a corrupt cop “A. N.” ..
    I now know why Shane and Sally were scared.


  10. Michael

    Sheila Elrod was murdered in 1980. A book was written about her murder called ” No Reason to Kill”. Sheila worked at a high value jewelry store. She was looking for another job because jewelry was missing from her job and she was uncomfortable working there. She was then murdered. Police convicted one man of her murder and blamed another dead man who had already died of natural causes…. What happened to the high value missing jewelry? Again Sheila did not want to work at the jewelry store anymore because jewelry was missing and she was uncomfortable working there…. The detective at the Sheila Elrod crime scene depicted her body at one location in his crime scene drawing. Later it was said that his crime scene placement of the body was a mistake. Interesting because the convicted killer during an interview years after her murder placed her body in the exact same place that the detective had originally placed her body in the crime scene drawing. So, a detective instantly after Sheila’s murder draws her body in a certain location. Then years after Sheila’s murder the convicted killer gives the exact location but then quickly corrects himself and places the body in the publicly accepted version. What is going on?
    Also the convicted killer admits to beating the polygraph in relation to his story about what happened concerning her murder.
    Also he had stated his gun went off and hit the ceiling at the Sheila crime scene. Police proved this was false.
    Also there was a palm print at the crime scene that had rolled over the edge of the broken glass. Police knew it belonged to a murder suspect. The palm print was never identified.

    Again, What happened to the missing jewelry where Sheila Elrod was working?
    Her murder sounds more like a “hit”.
    Shane and Sally turned in a gun that they were told was used in a murder robbery.
    Sheila Elrod was murdered in a murder /robbery that is just as “Fishy” as the Shane and Sally murder.
    Again— What happened to the high value missing jewelry where Sheila worked?
    This jewelry was confirmed missing. The value of the missing jewelry would have made it a felony…..


  11. Michael

    Sheila Elrod was murdered in 1980 in San Angelo,TX. The case was supposedly solved. Sheila was looking for another job. High value jewelry was missing from the jewelry store where she worked. She was then murdered. Police claim they solved the case by convicting one man and blaming on another man that was already dead of natural causes when he is announced as a suspect….. What happened to the missing jewelry? Again Sheila was looking for another job because jewelry was missing from her job…. All this information and more can be found in a book called “No Reason to Kill”. The detective at the Sheila Elrod crime scene depicts a drawing of the crime scene and places her body at a certain location. Later the drawing is said to be a mistake. Very interesting because the person convicted of her murder — placed Sheila’s body in the same location while being interviewed in prison years after her murder. The convicted killer quickly changed the body location to the publicly accepted body location in the jewelry store. So the detective and the convicted killer are making the same placement of the body but then they both change the body location? What is going on ?
    Again——- What happened to the high value missing jewelry? This jewelry was missing before Sheila Elrod was murdered.
    All of the above is in the book.
    The 2 people involved in my daughters so called accident have connections to people connected to the Shane and Sally murder — and the Sheila Elrod murder.
    This is organized crime.


  12. Michael

    All of the following can be found in the book “No Reason to Kill” written by a former SAPD Chief of Police:
    The book states that Sheila Elrod wanted to leave the high value jewelry store where she worked because there was jewelry missing. Ok — then.. What happened to the high value missing jewelry?
    The suspect that was given a plea bargain in Sheila Elrod’s murder , later admitted he beat the polygraph.
    The suspect said his gun went off when he broke the jewelry case and shot the ceiling at the Sheila Elrod crime scene. Police have proved this did not happen. It happened at a robbery in Abilene, Tx.
    While being interviewed in prison about the Sheila Elrod murder, the suspect gave a different location of the dead body but quickly changed it to another part of the jewelry story. This is interesting because the detective that arrived at the crime scene — depicted the same place but this was later changed and passed off as an error. So you have a detective and a suspect making the same error?
    Sheila Elrod goes to a lawyer’s office one day and is killed by a lawyer the next morning?
    The lawyer that killed her is dead of natural causes when he is identified.
    A palm print is recovered from the broken glass on the jewelry case. The palm print belonged to a suspect because it went around the broken edges of the glass. Police were so certain it belonged to a suspect that they started taking palm prints from suspects. The palm print was never identified.

    There is 3 main things that are not making sense in the Sheila Elrod case:
    WHAT happened to the missing jewelry?
    This was the reason Sheila was looking for another job.
    Why did the detectives placement of Sheila Elrod’s body change?
    Why did the suspects placement of the body mirror the detective’s placement of the body?

    Is the Sheila Elrod case related to the murders of Shane and Sally?c


  13. Michael

    Soon after Shane and Sally were murdered I tried to report information to local law enforcement. They would not take a report, so I went to someone Shane knew extremely well. I reported the information to this person. This person again–knew Shane probably better than anybody on the planet. This person sat down at his kitchen table with me. He had a yellow note pad. Instead of taking notes on the information I gave him– he drew a big star. I left his house instantly. I was later told that this person and local law enforcement murdered Shane and Sally….. So when in 2009 when my daughter almost died in a so called accident— I investigated. My daughter’s suspect led me straight to the “person” Shane knew extremely well and law enforcement….. Now I read on the facebook page –Remembering Shane and Sally– that the investigator has spoken to the the FBI recently about the case…. San Angelo Tx is in for an extreme wake up call if the truth about the murders of Shane and Sally are ever revealed……. Shane and Sally were murdered by law enforcement and a person directly connected to Shane. Also this person directly connected to Shane has direct connections to law enforcement. By the way a crime scene is supposed to be just that —- a crime scene.


  14. Michael

    Marshall Stewart/ Cops


  15. not saying

    cops know who





  17. Michael

    Michael Clay…Sheila Elrod…Shane Stewart…Sally McNelly…
    What do all these people have in common?


  18. dj



  19. Eric W Bohannon

    There are the whole law system there is and higher, locals are in the cult, and the cartels, and they run the town. Those in the cult are by themselves, declared unarestable, Of Course, not are doing EVIL Actions, backwards to what is Right.


  20. Michael

    San Angelo Law Enforcement murdered Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly… How do I know?
    Because I reported information to the Tom Green County Sheriff’s about cult-like ritual evidence out at the lake while Shane and Sally were missing and they never took a report. I reported it several times. I started investigating. I mentioned in a above post that a girl who lived close to both victims at the time said local law enforcement murdered Shane and Sally. Interesting because this girls life long friends husband has been a SAPD officer for a long time. Also interesting is a Waco Texas Ranger tells me to watch my back…. In 2009 my daughter was involved in a so called accident. I think it was attempted murder. Police would not investigate. So, I did. Both suspects in my daughter’s “accident” led me to law enforcement. But even more interesting is that both suspects had 2 people mentioned on this web page in common. Yes, 2 people mentioned in Shane and Sally’s story on “Unsolved Mysteries” were next door neighbors of both suspects in my daughter’s “accident”. Was Shane and Sally involved in a cult? Yes, but it is better defined as organized crime. Organized Crime run by local law enforcement…


  21. Michael

    Has law enforcement outside of San Angelo ever questioned Larry Counts about the murders of Sheila Elrod / Shane Stewart / and Sally McNelly ? Obviously not !


    • Stephania

      I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else

      know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re incredible!



  22. Shinji Kataoka

    Anything happened at San Angelo since the incident? I’ve tried to research and investigate on my own of the deaths of Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart, and most of the articles I’ve came across and the video from YouTube all suggested that both of them were murdered and was filed as a cold case. There was even a Facebook page tributing to the death of Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart. I believe both family members of these 2 wants the person(s) responsible for the murders to come forward through FB. Also, what about San Angelo? is it a safe place to reside? Or is it venerable?


  23. Michael

    I believe Shane and Sally were murdered by the same people that killed Sheila Elrod. A book written by former Chief of Police titled “No Reason To Kill” is about the murder of Sheila Elrod. Sheila worked with numerous off duty police officers at Everett Musick Jewelers. Here are some interesting facts about the case provided from the book.
    1.Palm print at the crime scene of Sheila Elrod. Page 242 – 243 states: “Some of the defining ridges rolled over the side of the glass, so they knew it was the suspect and not a customer”..Page 250 states: “Even now, after the case has been solved, the palm print has never been positively identified.” Page 303 states: “Louis Williams print did not match the one from the jewelry store. This left the Ranger and DA Steve Smith wondering just what did happen in the jewelry store that day. Who else was in the store with Louis Aubrey Williams?”
    I bet I know who was there.
    2. Suspect Louis Williams statements and evidence conflict.. Page 315 states: “Louis Williams confession brought a little confusion to the investigation.”…”he had mentioned several times that his .38 caliber revolver had gone off while he was breaking the glass on one of the display cases.”..”Byrne knew that did not happen at Everett Musick Jewelers.” (Jerry Byrne was investigating the case/ Texas Rangers)..”Such an event did happen on Tuesday ,July 31,1979, when someone robbed the Diamond Shoppe jewelry store , located at 3811 N 1st Abilene.” Page 317 states: “There was another discrepancy in Williams confession.The composite looked just like him. Williams had even described the unique mustache himself during his confession. Yet he repeatedly denied being at the store the day before.”
    Law Enforcement said that Harold Jones and Louis Williams killed Sheila Elrod.
    Law Enforcement either did not get all the suspects in Sheila Elrod’s murder or its completely planted evidence.
    One suspect Harold Jones (supposed shooter) was already dead when law enforcement identifies him as a suspect. The other suspects statements and evidence conflict.
    3.Page 247 states: “The inmate told a story about a group of people who, while dressed as security guards , committed a jewelry store robbery.”…
    While investigating my daughters “accident” I discovered that a former Tom Green County Sheriffs Deputy worked in 1979/1980 (*source city directory library) at K9 Security the same security company used by Everett Musick Jewelers in 1980. So, this security guard (deputy) would have had access to security guard uniforms mentioned on page 247 of the book “No Reason To Kill”. This guard/ deputy had direct contact with Shane And Sally. I do mean direct contact. He also was a neighbor with one of the persons that was involved in my daughter’s ” accident”. An “accident” that local law enforcement will not investigate..Over 20 years ago I reported information about the Shane and Sally murder to the Tom Green County Sheriffs Office/ SAPD/ Waco Texas Rangers (a person there told me to “watch my back”)..Also a female living Very close to where Shane and Sally’s parents lived told me local law enforcement was involved in Shane and Sally’s murder..I BELIEVE THAT IS VERY TRUE….


  24. Anon

    Not saying that something horrible didn’t happen to these two. But FBI has spent yet investigating and researching satanic cults, they have never found proof of satanic ritualism associated with murders.


  25. Michael

    The murders of Shane and Sally are directly related to the murder of Sheila Elrod in 1980. All three of these murders are being covered up by local law enforcement. The Sheila Elrod case has not been “Solved”.


  26. Sky

    I too am a San Angelo resident and yeah they can be lazy at investigating..


  27. Michael

    My child almost died under very strange circumstances. The SAPD would not investigate. Since then I have discovered both people that had something to do with my childs injury have the same person(s) in common…That person is a relative of one of the victims and directly associated with the Chief of Police in San Angelo. Sally and Shanes murder will never be solved unless the FBI takes complete control of the case…..I reported finding evidence to the Tom Green County Sheriff’s office while the bodies were still missing but they never responded…Should have kept my mouth shut. I think what happened to my daughter was a payback for reporting on the murders and a crooked SAPD officer…


  28. Nativia Cole

    ive been a san angelo resident my whole life. ive done my own research into this case. the police followed all the leads except two. 1.) two teens were pulled over for a driving violation. when police searched their truck, they found sallys drivers license. 2.) ive found that our police department has not once investigated into the cult. san angelo police department refuses to even attempt to check into sallys cult information before her death. its always been a touchy subject. i have a few friends whose parents were in the cult at the time of these murders & they have all informed me that have gone to the police to give them their facts but the police immediately dismisses the cult theory without any proper investigation. one of my friends even informed me that her mother had to leave texas in order to protect her because her birthday falls on a day in the cult calender that requires any children in which are born on that day are to used as a human sacrifice. so her mother went into hiding with my friend in 1989. she also informed me that the cult’s calender has multiple human sacrificial days. there is tons of evidence that leads to the cult as the prime suspect yet our police refuses to investigate. many residents of san angelo have said that the reason they refuses to investigate is because they were or are a part of this secret cult. that theory alone makes us wonder what else our police department is hiding