Alien Abduction in Indiana

A life-long abduction experiencer, “Suzie,” recounts her multiple encounters, which began in the 1970’s at the age of 15. Originally from Porter County, IN, Suzie, who wishes to remain anonymous, recalls watching mysterious lights hover over Lake Michigan, and details the many times that she believes she made contact with something beyond our planet. From lost time, to strange personal encounters with beings that did not appear to be human, Suzie expresses what it was like to keep these experiences to herself for over 40 years, and what eventually led her to reach out to abduction researcher and counselor, John Budrys. Budrys also shares his thoughts on Suzie’s case, and what he has learned over the years talking to many “experiencers” like Suzie.

Through his website, John Budrys and other committed volunteers continue to provide a private, confidential resource for people who suspect they may have experienced alien contact. If you believe that you have had an encounter with aliens, UFOs, or other unexplained phenomenon, you please share your story at

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  1. Ash

    Looks like the little thing from a bugs life movie


  2. Sleep Paralysis

    I have sleep paralysis about once a month. The scared I have ever been was waking up not being able to move. I was awake but couldn’t even wiggle my toes. I saw a gray alien in my house and heard him leave my house. I have no recollection of what was done to me or where I was taken. Just waking up scared to death staring right him. Ugly SOB!!!!


  3. Kennedy

    I swear I’ve had a dream of this exact sketch but I thought it was a baby mermaid when I had dreams of it as a child?? So interesting.


  4. AnaMaria

    Something is going on… of that, there is no doubt. ALL of these people couldn’t be crazy or just making it up. One theory, as plausible as any reality perceived by victims of the paranormal, is outlined in the book “The Paranormal Conspiracy” by Timothy Dailey, PHD. I’m shocked by the number of people who readily believe in Aliens, BigFoot, Ghosts, or Skinwalkers, but draw the line at a belief in God. Read the book… if only to look at another point of view.


  5. tester



  6. Anthony

    This was a very underwhelming episode. I listen to every single one, but this one was very low effort. Her story lacked details and overall was boring.


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