Bigfoot: Face to Face

When Walter Padilla moves to Willis, Texas in 2017, he’s looking for a change of pace in his life. So, when a coworker at his new job suggests they two of them head out on a paranormal investigation in search of Bigfoot, Padilla is quick to agree —sounds fun. But this trip tuns out to be anything but fun when the first-time paranormal investigator comes face to face with a 9-foot creature that he believes to be the infamous Bigfoot. Subsequent investigations at the same location uncover compelling evidence that there is something, possibly a group of these creatures, lurking in the forest of the Sam Houston National Park.

If you have had an experience with an unknown creature, or have had any paranormal encounters, please send us your story.

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  1. Cody

    In April of 2022 Me and my friend were walking back to his house and his house is back in the woods we heard this very deep and very very loud cow like bellow that you hear in the podcast episode and there wasn’t any cows in that direction and the wind was blowing the opposite direction it was way to loud to be a cow anyway


  2. AmmaRD

    I was in the woods of Roane County WV in 1992 and had an encounter with big foot. I was at the mouth of two electrical rideaways. I look up on one mountain and saw a black bear. We decided to go up the other pipeline it was a 15 min walk to the top. The forest was very quiet considering it was squirrel season and they were usually everywhere. After walking in the woods for another 15 min that’s when my sighting happened. We saw a big foot 50-75 yds ahead of us walking away from us with his back turned towards us. This creature was 8-8.5 ft tall with shaggy brown fur. His steps were massive and he made very little noise. To this day I try to analyze if this could have been a man, but too many things would have had to been in play and this was 92. I would love to take the BFO to this place and show them my sighting. This land used to be in my family, but is no longer. I am a believer!


  3. This is Berk

    So…no video evidence? Thermal imaging? Night vision device? Didn’t have a biologist sample/test the pile of poop?


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