The Creatures of Hockomock Swamp

Gravel road in a forest

Located in the area known as the Bridgewater Triangle, in Massachusetts, the Hockomock Swamp is a 200-square-mile murky wetland with a bloody past and a perplexing present. For decades, local paranormal expert, Chris Pittman, has documented bizarre UFO sightings, cryptid encounters, and hauntings in the area. And now, for the first time, the Manzella family has come forward to speak of their bizarre experiences in the swamp’s mossy thickets and cemeteries—experiences that they cannot explain. Could the Hockomock Swamp be a portal to the unexplained?

If you have had a paranormal experience in the Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts, please go to

Photos taken by Fanny Manzella.

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  1. Ryan todd

    I’m listening to the episode on podcast right now and this is so similar to what I saw in Mobile Alabama the way she Describes the detail of the hair and body gives me chills I’ve done research and never Seen or heard of a story similar to mine until now


  2. Bob K.

    I grew up in the triangle not far from the “Nip”. Sometime in the summer of either 1977 or 1978, my best friend and I were heading through an overgrown path/road that power lines run over. It’s an short stretch that runs between Pine St. and Rt. 24 in Bridgewater. It’s just past where Old Pleasant St ends because it had been cut off when rt. 24 was built. We were heading to then, Howard Johnson’s on the southbound side to meet up with a friend who worked there. As we started through the brush we heard tree branches breaking and being snapped. Not little branches but larger trees and branches being trampled through and over. We froze in our tracks as whatever it was seemed to be getting closer. Next, there was the most chilling screech I have ever heard as it was about at the edge of the tree line. I t was more than enough to break our cement feet as we ran as fast as possible back to his house. After shaking through about half a pack of cigarettes and calming down, my friends sister told us she’d never seen anyone as pale and shaken as we were. He and I were pretty convinced we’d encountered what we had always referred to as the Hocomock Swamp Monster.


  3. Catherine B.

    When I lived in Myricks mass (part of Berkley Mass. ) I use to see the clan of devil worshipers going through the backfield behind my house with their black hooded capes on, chanting and carrying lanterns. Also, there were strange lanterns coming down the dirt road next to the church off of Rt. 79 in Myricks.


    • Trent Gobble

      Amazing!! What time frame was this?? I was out Coon hunting one night (fall of 88-89) and I snuck up on a black mass in the middle of the woods, WAY out in the woods and with all the Satanic Panic going on back then I was scared to death!!! Very very interested in hearing about your experience in more detail if you have time. Thanx


  4. A.K.S.

    I grew up in Abington, one of the points of the triangle. I’ve never had any UFO or bigfoot experiences personally, however, I have had my own involving what I assume would be Pukwudgies, once in the early 2000’s and again near my current home which is about 20 miles from Freetown about 3 years ago. My mother has also told me of a friend of hers that has had what they assume was a bigfoot type creature pound the roof of the car leaving dents, and remembers the attacks made on someone’s livestock just down the road from our family’s house that was supposed to have involved the infamous black dog, both occuring in the 70’s.


  5. RowanMoon

    This episode calls for a follow-up on Chris Pittman and his research: things that happened to him: his files disappearing, the helicopters, emails, etc.


  6. No Name

    Is this possibly connected to the Dover Demon? It seems like these events happened around the same area. For those who don’t know, two kids saw this white creature with tendril fingers, a large head and a glowing eyes in Dover, MA. Dover seems to be near the Hockomock swamp.


    • Christopher Balzano

      The boundaries of the Triangle are fluid. Even though Dover is pretty far outside those lines, there always seems to be little tentacles that reach out.


  7. NotWebster

    Hey, there’s a typo on this page. The hockomock swamp is a “200-square-MILE area” not a 200-sq-FOOT area in bridgewater mass. Just giving h you a heads up… I imagine most cryptids might need more than a 10x20ft area to call home!!


  8. Kimberly

    I believe her, but I strongly believe that the devil always uses things that throughout the years we created to believe and he manipulates our minds when it is him and his demons who hide is disguise.


  9. Ali

    Carol and I just listened to this together. It was fascinating. We know Fanny and believe every word of this.


  10. Natalie

    Love this thinks love to see ?well hear more of this


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