The Creatures of Hockomock Swamp

Gravel road in a forest

Located in the area known as the Bridgewater Triangle, in Massachusetts, the Hockomock Swamp is a 200-square-mile murky wetland with a bloody past and a perplexing present. For decades, local paranormal expert, Chris Pittman, has documented bizarre UFO sightings, cryptid encounters, and hauntings in the area. And now, for the first time, the Manzella family has come forward to speak of their bizarre experiences in the swamp’s mossy thickets and cemeteries—experiences that they cannot explain. Could the Hockomock Swamp be a portal to the unexplained?

If you have had a paranormal experience in the Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts, please go to

Photos taken by Fanny Manzella.

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  1. RowanMoon

    This episode calls for a follow-up on Chris Pittman and his research: things that happened to him: his files disappearing, the helicopters, emails, etc.


  2. No Name

    Is this possibly connected to the Dover Demon? It seems like these events happened around the same area. For those who don’t know, two kids saw this white creature with tendril fingers, a large head and a glowing eyes in Dover, MA. Dover seems to be near the Hockomock swamp.


  3. NotWebster

    Hey, there’s a typo on this page. The hockomock swamp is a “200-square-MILE area” not a 200-sq-FOOT area in bridgewater mass. Just giving h you a heads up… I imagine most cryptids might need more than a 10x20ft area to call home!!


  4. Kimberly

    I believe her, but I strongly believe that the devil always uses things that throughout the years we created to believe and he manipulates our minds when it is him and his demons who hide is disguise.


  5. Ali

    Carol and I just listened to this together. It was fascinating. We know Fanny and believe every word of this.


  6. Natalie

    Love this thinks love to see ?well hear more of this