The Haunting of Ball Cemetery

About fifteen minutes south of Springfield, Nebraska, and just north of the Platte River, a winding dirt road snakes its way up to an iron gate marking the entrance to Ball Cemetery. There is only one way in, and one way out. Trespassers have been greeted by a caretaker with a shotgun who lives nearby. But for those who dare to enter, the cemetery has much darker threats than a groundskeeper. For decades, it has been said that this dark and lonely plot of land in the middle of nowhere is haunted by mysterious entities that defy rational explanation. A paranormal investigator and a few daring eyewitnesses recount a myriad of experiences from within the cemetery. From disembodied laughter and possession, to strange symbols appearing on cars…. what, or who, is haunting Ball Cemetery?

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  1. Steve French

    Still think about this one every day.


  2. Nate p

    The “symbols” on the hood of that car is merely the ribbing of the hood itself. Likely, the insulation was missing on the inside of the hood, and the only thing keeping the frost/snow from melting uniformly on the hood of the car was the support ribbing from the hood.


  3. Inia

    Hey I wen’t to a cemetery in the woods! I had to take hike to get there! It was located at a campground and there was a lot of poison ivy and it was really creepy but nothing happened and everything was fine.


  4. Lindsey Walker

    Went there in HS, like most locals as almost a “right of passage”. I couldn’t get out of the car for that exact reason. My boyfriend, now husband, wondered around but didn’t go far. I’ll never forget the darkness and the TREES. It felt like 1,000 pairs of eyes were on you.


  5. Rich

    This is all fake talk from someone who wants to make a profit off of you one way or other. I live close to Ball Cemetery and have three mean dogs that run to the cemetery when they hear noise in there. Also, the sheriffs office has installed cameras at various locations that will read license plate numbers. Also, bring a couple spare tires as someone has scattered roofing nails on the road. One more thing, out of respect for the people that have been “laid to rest“ there please stay away unless you are a relative.


  6. Carrie

    If you check out find a grave dot com you can see a lot of pictures of the headstones in Ball Cemetery. As for the site being guarded, I think it just happens that the property owner lives on the road leading to the cemetery. Since the road ends at the cemetery, and you have to pass the house to get to it, they know the only reason you head down there is to trespass. I did notice that some people have been buried there as recently as 2012. I wonder how you arrange a visit if you have family there.


  7. DRWHO42

    This was fantastic! I would love for more podcasts on the paranormal and more episodes featuring this topic. It doesn’t have be the full hour.


  8. Amy

    I would love to see more pictures of the road leading to and the cemetery itself. Google images did not bring up much. Why is it guarded so heavily?


  9. Timothy Neitzel

    use to go out there a lot in high school. It is creepy at night how all the trees bend in towards each other. The care taker just scares most people away. I have gone there and had flat tires and go to fill them up and nothing was wrong with them. Have seen little hand prints on the windows too. Most people also don’t realize there is an abandoned mine shaft or some kind of cave located on the property behind the cemetery. It is a cool place to go see in the day light, but to get the whole experience of it go at night and listen to the wind rip through the trees. When we where in high school we would start at the front corner and try to walk and touch all four corners of the place. It has been a long time since I have been back there but still have family that live in Springfield. Hope people have stopped vandalizing it. Its a neat place


  10. Chris Tabery

    Love the first episode! I’m hooked!


  11. Kathleen Madsen

    Hey this is so cool!! Great idea!!


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