The Winward Family’s Ghost

In 2008, Faye Winward, a single mother, with four children, is ready for a change and decides to move to a condo in downtown Upland, California. The entire family is excited when moving day arrives, but on their very first day in the new condo, Summer, the youngest Winward child, is overcome by the feeling that she is being watched by someone? Something? Days later, Faye’s son Dillon hears a deep, evil disembodied laugh while taking a shower. And that laughter kicks off a series of terrifying paranormal encounters for the Winward kids, ranging from nightmares to sightings of spirits to incredible poltergeist activity. Faye isn’t convinced their home is haunted until she has her own frightening paranormal experience. And that’s when she starts to look for a new place to live.

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