What Happened to the BBQ Man?

Daniel Moses, the beloved ‘Barbeque Man’ of Rich Square, North Carolina, disappears into thin air and his home is burned to the ground. The missing person’s investigation gets off to a slow start after his long-time girlfriend tells the family he has simply gone on vacation. When the State Bureau of Investigation takes on the case several months later, they uncover more questions than answers. Eleven years have passed with no sign of Daniel Moses, but his sister Shelia has kept the case alive, stopping at nothing to find out what happened to her big brother.

Daniel Moses was 59 years old when he was last seen at his home in Rehoboth, North Carolina on or around June 12, 2011. He is 6’3” tall and 200 to 220 pounds, with brown eyes, black hair, and a piercing in his left ear. If you have any information about his whereabouts, call the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office at (252) 534-2611, or submit a tip to our website.

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  1. Lola

    His sister has such a beautiful voice and cadence. I can feel the heartbreak from her voice. I want her to read everything I listen to.


  2. UNC

    Yo yo yo bbq man! Where u be at? Did yo girl do this? We know you can take care of yo business. I pray we find you bbq man


  3. Stef

    Oh, this family! This family hit me right in my heart. The sister seemed so loving, I truly feel for her! So heart wrenching! I hope and pray that they find him!


  4. Michael G

    The mom (according to his sister): “Child, I’ll be dead and in the ground when you find him.” Awww. It came to pass.


  5. Cindy C

    Surely the girlfriend had some help getting rid of the body after killing Mr. Moses, buried him on either his or her property, and then burned his house down to cover her tracks. Why else would she say that he uncharacteristically went on holiday without telling his family? I hope that the police reads our thread on this website, and finally gets cracking on this case again once and for all. Maybe get a search warrant to prove her guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt


  6. AnaMaria

    Love his sister’s voice narration! It’s obvious his girlfriend involved, apparently she has connections though, because police won’t bring her in cause she “ lawyered up.”Look at her behavior: She dated him 10 yrs and she’s not worried about him?? Wake up law enforcement!!! Take this woman in and lean on her! The letter in his trunk is not motive/evidence? Who cares if she’s lawyered up? Is that all ya’ have to do? Commit a murder, then lawyer up and cops let you go?? Put the case before a Grand Jury!


  7. Alison

    His girlfriend is 100% guilty of something! She needs to speak up and give this family closure. I am so sorry for the family!


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