Blood & Oil

Janice Willhelm, in chair

In Centerville, Texas, a 911 operator receives an odd call from a man named Gerald Wilhelm. In a strangely calm voice, he reports that he just woke up from a nap and found his wife, Janice, dead in a pool of blood, in the same room where he was napping. Gerald claims she must have taken her own life by shooting herself in the neck and mentions that she was depressed and had medical problems. Local law enforcement quickly rules Janice’s death a suicide. However, Janice’s children, Wayne and Jennifer, can find no physical evidence to support that ruling and maintain that their mother was murdered. They believe their mother’s death has something to do with her oil rich farmhouse property.

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UPDATE: In September 2022, Wayne Robeson was found dead in his home. Though some speculate a professional hit, the investigation into his death is ongoing, and as of yet no official connection has been made between his death and the death of Janice Wilhelm.

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  1. Suspicious

    I think there is corruption in the police force. Is any of the police getting profit from the oil rig?? This is obviously a hit on the entire family. Why isn’t the fbi getting involved in this?!?!


    • William Mitchell

      I would have to agree. It’s the only thing that makes logical sense because they would be in a position to manipulate any of the evidence that was collected at the crime scene, or falsify records taken from the crime scene. I think the investigators that first responded to the scene should be investigated for these murders.


  2. Who knows

    This one is so sad and how absolutely corrupt this place is. How you find out who is behind this? You find the one with the power. This could be easily solved if you brought in real detectives and police officers. The ones in this town are all invoked with her murder.


  3. Kristi

    This is complete crap. How can this happen?!?!? Why aren’t these people in prison? If I lived there I’d help fight this fight. What a joke these corrupt people are. Money is the root of all evil. I’m so sorry they are going through this. Any update?


  4. Kelsey

    This is soo soo sad. I am so sorry for these children to have to go through this. It sounds like big oil went after this family hard, that would be my guess. Everyone had a part to play in this story but I think it was all under control of evil oil and greed.


  5. Ghost-of-Honesty

    @ Lisa …. and Keeling just happened to be there when J Grimes arrived on the 911 call?

    Mamie and Mary Seale both own minerals there

    Where did Martin and Christine get the money for those wrecker trucks?


  6. Lisa

    I just listened to this case and it’s so obvious what was going on, absolute corruption in this county. It was all planned out. The lady who notarized the Will should have been in prison for fraud, along with the officials involved. I would fight this to the bitter end if she was my mother. I wish her kids the best and pray that justice prevails one way or another. It’s just plain sickening


  7. dee

    🙁 her poor children will never have closure.


  8. Jordan

    Well, Wayne and Jennifer were failed by the police.


  9. Jack

    Internet search………. Janice Willhelm Texas murder. This has been a well documented case. Where are the Feds? Texas Rangers? This case gives some justification for defunding the police


  10. Irene

    Janice Willhelm was murdered there along with several other folks. The good ole boys that run this county got rich. There is a lot more to this story, search the victims name on the internet for more.


  11. Edgar Wyse

    This breaks my heart. I hope you find out what happened, and those responsible are prosecuted.


  12. K Ellis

    The sheriff at the time owned over 100 acres of mineral rights adjacent to the victims property through his wife. Her family had sold the land decades before but retained the minerals. The JP/County Coroner also did. They had her killed because she was holding up production and for retaliation they stole most of the family’s mineral rights. One member got his back through a lengthy civil process and a jury trial. The FBI needs to come in there but they will not thus far


  13. Thor

    Is there any update to this story?

    How does a person shoot themselves and then tuck their hands under a blanket?!!!

    One of the beneficiaries was the woman that “witnessed” the signing of the will and let me guess. The other was the sheriff.


  14. Me

    I honestly can not believe the injustice for this poor family! Make it right


  15. Sergio D.

    I’m obsessed. What a great continuation of the show, thanks for all you do!


  16. Mark s Pichler

    I would like to say that this podcast is a very great reboot of the original series & the haunting of ball cemetery is really one that gave me chills. And steve French is very good at narrating these stories. I listen to the podcast every Wednesday. Thanks for doing a great job on this reboot of unsolved mysteries podcast & keep up the great work!


  17. Annabel Lee

    Just another case among countless thousands of examples of police either ignorance, incompetence, corruption, and outright cover-up. For this reason, I’m trying my hardest to stop my grandson from becoming a police officer. The rare few good cop CANNOT change the overall corruption or just plain “ I don’t give a damn”attitude that permeates the profession as a whole. Photos existed showing her hands BENEATH a blanket, yet police actually believe she could’ve shot herself??? Seriously??? This is a travesty. The entire town should’ve protested and marched against this case until this monster was prosecuted!! One of the most shocking example of police corruption I ever heard of.


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