Body of Evidence

When handsome logger Corey Scherbey is found dead, kneeling in front of his sofa, his parents Gladys and Ed are devastated. Police quickly rule Corey’s death an accidental drug overdose and do little to investigate. But Corey’s parents discover bizarre clues that convince them it’s murder, including bloody bare footprints throughout the house. Corey’s parents are determined to prove that their son was murdered.

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  1. Demi

    This is unbelievable, it wreaks of cover up. Our system is so sad.


  2. Optimus

    For this case to be closed so quick, wouldn’t surprise me if the police was involved in his murder.


  3. Liberty Guy

    We have a justice system that is very badly corrupted. I’ve been following this case from the beginning and am convinced the police are involved in Corey’s murder. A very close acquaintance who worked in the coroners department as a doctor told me that the coroners report was very sloppy and reeked of cover-up. He doesn’t want to be identified and that is why I am not giving my real name in this reply. – – -There are real consequences when you challenge the police or justice system.

    Our justice system needs to be gutted and rebuilt from the ground up!!!!!


  4. Susan

    Well I have reviewed the whole scene and I believe he was taken out for the money, that was being scammed out of him by RCMP Con. Robbie Drake and Richard Kramp for their construction business, that’s why they had him transfer 160 thousand dollars over to their bank account just prior to his death. The business was in financial problems, enough that Robbie Drake took his estate to small claims court for expenses on the new construction that he was a business partner with them. No contracts were found in the house, all paperwork gone and nothing pointing to the mortgage he had just taken out on his free and clear title of his home. He told his dad on Friday afternoon he was having trouble with the real estate but never went into detail as he had just gotten home from working. Then the woman there later that night when his dad dropped by with a couple of hamburgers and her saying I’m here, like she was waiting for someone to show up. Then all the funny stuff started showing up after Gladys found him that day, both Gladys and Ed were put into different police cars to be hauled off to the detachment for questioning, (pretty sad way to treat the parents after finding their son dead.) neither one of them given medical treatment for shock, just questioned and drilled and kicked out the door. Then Con.Derek Santosusso showed up at Ed and Gladys home the next day wanting permission to have the body of their son cremated, which Ed refused and informed him that he would have a Catholic burial. Then the coroner Nancy Wilson phoned Gladys and told her she was going to the RCMP as she did not know the cause of death and the next thing down the tube was the autopsy report months after the death stating it was a drug overdose but nothing in the autopsy report proved this to be true, no needle marks found and no blood left in the body at the time of the autopsy and no reason given but missed the large piece of hair and scalp left behind which Gladys found on the floor after the body was removed from the house which was DNA tested to belong to Corey. The pictures presented of the autopsy had two body bags both labelled unknown in the room and no toe tag and time of death, so therefore the autopsy was tainted and maybe not even done just a eyeball assumption to please the RCMP in Chillwack so they could close the case with their hands dirty covering up for fellow workers like Robbie Drake who also is believed to have attended the scene. Dr Green who Ed and Gladys hired for a second opinion of the autopsy report stated it was not an overdose and stated it was from suffocation but when the inquest was to start the chief coroner Madam Jansen refused to have Dr. Green testify at the inquest and informed Ed and Gladys the night before the inquest was to start ( the dirty tricks they played on them was beyond reason causing nothing but hardship). In the end the inquest was a one sided affair therefore the truth never really came out as to the cause of death as it was cut short and no evidence was presented on behalf of the Scherbey’s as they had counted on Dr. Green’s evidence. Dr. Danny (autopsy doctor that preformed the autopsy) started to stat at the inquest that if he had the picture Gladys had taken the outcome maybe would have been different but Jensen didn’t want to hear that and slammed down her gravel quickly and ended the inquest. Dirty hands all the way around and no investigation on these RCMP members and ex members employed as coroners. I side with the Scherbey’s that it was murder and rest my case.


  5. Tony

    Agreed. This just sounds like either the ball was dropped or is in the pocket of who is responsible. Sad.


  6. Kay

    Confusing – if there was blood, and the scene was as gruesome as described, how was it ruled accidental overdose? Local LE dropped the ball on this one.