Condo Killings

On the morning of May of 29th, 2011, Beth Stephenson is alarmed when her parents, Bill and Peggy, fail to attend the weekly service at Union Baptist Church. Her concerns grow when she learns that her father was also a “no show” to volunteer at the “Trucker Chapel Ministry,” a weekly church service held for traveling truck drivers from all over the country. Bill is known as outgoing, helpful, and very reliable and if Bill didn’t tell anyone he was going to miss both services on Sunday, something must be wrong. A few hours later, Bill and Peggy’s bodies are discovered in their first-floor condo. The crime scene is so brutal and bizarre that the FBI has classified it in their top 1% of complex crime scenes. Who would brutally murder the loving, generous, and kind Bill and Peggy?

If you know ANYTHING or ANYONE that might help solve this case –even if you think it’s not important –contact Det. Cox and his team via email at or call (859) 334-8496d or toll-free at (844) 210-1111. You can also submit at tip to our website.

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  1. Law

    It’s been so long I feel like they could release just a hair more info, I can’t imagine this was the first or last time this person committed murder.


  2. Jennifer C

    How come the actual clip was removed, all I can do is download transcript?


  3. Liz

    I was thinking about the DNA found. If they were so meticulous to setup the scene, then it’s possible they staged the DNA as well. Used someone else’s. It really does sound so personal. Praying they find who did it. So sad to hear of good people getting murdered.


  4. Brandon Stephenson

    Thank you for keeping my grandparents story out there. I hope we have justice one day.


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