Murder in Boystown

On March 24, 2004, 31-year-old Kevin Clewer is found dead in his Lakeview apartment, located in the historic gay district of Chicago known as Boystown. Kevin has been stabbed 42 times and left on the floor of his bedroom to die. Investigators are able to piece together Kevin’s activities from the night before—he was bar hopping with his good friend, John. John says the last time he saw Kevin alive, he was with a mysterious man named, “Fernando” who he met that night. Despite forensic evidence left behind by the killer and a solid description of the last person seen with Kevin, the case goes cold—but not for Kevin’s brother, Ron. For over a decade, Ron has devoted his time to keeping Kevin’s story in the public eye and his efforts have paid off. In 2020, Kevin received a mysterious Facebook message from a woman claiming to know the man who killed Kevin. It is believed “Fernando” is now living in Puerto Rico.

Verifying the identity of the man calling himself Fernando remains the key to investigators cracking this case. He was described in 2004 as a white Hispanic male, approximately 25 years old and 5’7” tall, with a slim athletic build and a Hispanic or European Spanish accent. The suspect would be in his 40s today, and most likely does not use the name Fernando. Authorities believe he is currently in Puerto Rico.

Anyone with information about this suspect, or the murder of Kevin Clewer, is encouraged to call the Chicago Police Area Three Detective Division at 312-744-8261. You can view the original police sketch of Fernando, or submit a tip using Facebook at the pages “Chicago Police Area Three Cold Case” or “Finding Fernando—a 2004 Homicide Person Of Interest,” or by visiting our website.

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  1. Law

    This one broke my heart, first to make me cry. I hope they catch this man 🙁


  2. Anon

    This episode stops playing at 3:27 and will not continue. It stops on this website as well as the Stitcher app and Spotify.


  3. Pk

    2004 definitely some camera footage somewhere!!!!!


  4. Gina C

    This makes no sense. The police found AND interviewed Fernando. I believe it was report two or three times. He was released by the police as having no responsibility in the case. They didn’t say he was a person of interest. Nor, were they waiting on witnesses to come forward to charge him. Very sad misinformation was put out here or there to push agendas. There’s DNA, there’s no way you don’t know, it’s that whomever won’t pay. I understand this isn’t journalism but stop gaslighting the public. I understand your frustration and pursuit of justice. However, this is a juvenile way to put this out here. Especially, for the ones willing to share in your search.


    • Pk

      DNA is collected in B of I building upon entering a Illinois Prison. Not a county jail. So if “Fernando” was never convicted of a felony crime there is no DNA collected to put through their system (machine). If your words are correct 3 times he was questioned then I don’t see why there’s no pictures of the questioned party. When there’s a stabbing of that magnitude 42 times your sick individual and have to grown up around killing animals, playing with knives or Not sickened to see or smell blood. To swing a knife 42 times your definitely athletic built. I’d wanna see evidence collected,I’d wanna read every and any police contact cards of around that time either a month prior or month after. “Killer always returns to the scene” My neighbor who was a very smart detective from Belmont&western told me that when I was like 17 yrs old never I’ll never forget that. The guy in the picture at the cubs game looks small frame and athletically built also. Who’s that? The victim? Bar hoping gets you wasted drunk blacked out. At what time did the witness see them together? How long after was the victim found? How long did they say he was dead for? Did homophobia play a roll in the investigation? Gotta bring in detectives from exact type of investigated crimes and look at everything all over again!! I did not catch the year this happened. I can’t click back I’ll lose my typing I think. Where’s the murder weapon? Was the murder weapon from the house? When was the garbage picked up? I have a ton of questions!!! His job was doing what? I’d say bring in detectives from any state that investigated the same kind of crime!! Chicago will break your accent real fast. Did Chicago have puertorican parade at that time? Or gay pride parade? Cameras? Where’s the cameras? Anything missing from the house? How’d drinks get paid for card or cash? You sweat drunk!!! DNA Fills prison & empty’s them… Go back to the basics & that’s questioning people.. 42 times and the weapon didn’t cut the killer highly doubt it!!! Who’s this person that says oh he’s in puertorico? What? Where you getting that from? Questions… questions….questions… Was the killer a lefty or a righty? I can go on & on!!!! It’s late and my darn dog is laying on my sofa…


    • Abby

      They never interviewed Fernando because he was not there in the place they where like out of the Country and and they took to long till he fled again cause of of leak some how and if they keep working on the case there going to get some where cause now we have newer technology and they can use it but they don’t


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