Dead by Dawn

24-year-old Ronli Ratliff has sacrificed her dream of going to college to study art so she can stay in Mooresville, IN, and try to help her mother, who is battling drug addiction. On April 15, 2004, Ronli’s body is discovered in a burning home where she is staying
temporarily while her apartment is undergoing repairs, and investigators quickly determine that she did not die in the blaze, but was brutally murdered before the fire was set. Did the well-liked young woman who was virulently anti-drug run afoul of someone in the local narcotics scene? Was she the victim of a crime of opportunity or targeted because of something or someone she knew? Eighteen years later, Ronli’s murder is still a mystery, and the community is left to wonder if her killer was a cold-blooded stranger or someone familiar to Ronli.

Enough time has passed since Ronli’s murder in 2004 that the statute of limitations for many drug related offenses have expired. Authorities are hopeful this may encourage someone involved with the Mooresville drug scene at that time to come forward with new information. If you have any information that can shed light on the murder of Ronli Ratliff, you can report it anonymously to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office by calling (317) 572-8477, or emailing, or submitting your tip at our website.

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  1. Shellie Hirchert

    This evening your class will celebrate its 25th reunion. You are missed terribly, and tonight a candle will burn in your memory, and no doubt fond story’s will be shared in your honor.

    Much love to your family


  2. Kimberly

    Thank you Rebecca.
    Just knowing you remember and care means so much. Warms my heart.


  3. Rebecca

    This is so sad. I grew up in Mooresville, and graduated from the high school in 1983. I remember this case. My heart breaks for you.


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