A Killer Comes Knocking

Kanika Powell was a strong, young military veteran working with a top secret security clearance at a government lab in Washington D.C. She prided herself on being street savvy and on her ability to handle dangerous situations. But after a week-long series of strange, anonymous visitors knocking at her front door — including one man claiming to be with the FBI — Kanika is gunned down on her doorstep in broad daylight. Family and friends are shocked. They don’t believe she had any enemies but could the killer be someone she knew? Perhaps someone jealous of her new relationship? Or was her death tied to top-secret information at her workplace? Investigators continue to identify a motive for Kanika’s murder and unmask her killer.

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  1. Nat.

    I wish this case was profiled on the Unsolved mystery TV show..I believe it’s a past/current relationship or an actual hit..are there no video footage from the apt building..and DNA from cigarettes?


  2. Bill Blaski

    A real whodunnit! Are there videos of this so called delivery man, or fbi agent? Are there bosses that will step forward and tell us what she was working on? What was classified? I simply don’t believe the love triangle. This is clearly a murder for hire. I also wonder if the cigarillo’s were kept for dna? God Bless


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