Fatal Fire

Kathy Blentlinger

At 3:30 one morning in 2007, Penny Smith is awakened by a phone call. The voice on the other end tells her that her younger sister, Kathy’s house is on fire. She isn’t terribly worried — she knows her sister is safe because she was spending the night at a friend’s house, but she heads to the scene of the fire right away. Once she arrives, Penny realizes she was wrong. Kathy’s car is parked in the driveway and investigators inform her that, sadly, Kathy perished in the fast-moving fire—a fire so hot that it melted the siding off a neighbor’s house. Even in the fog of their anguish, Penny and her brother, Monty Grover, know instantly that the fire was no accident —and the investigators confirm—the fire was purposefully set and her sister was murdered. Penny and Monty believe they know who set the fire that killed Kathy—it’s the same person who has set over 20 other fires in the small town of Mt. Sterling.

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  1. MJ

    It is incredible how our society makes excuses for evil and crazy people yet zero compassion or justice for the victims.
    With this cowardly trend there will be more of these type of behaviors.


  2. Mrs. Paula Norris

    Wow what a terrible ending. I sure wished she would’ve gotten justice.


  3. Jim Davis

    Why the hell don’t more people use the word nutjob? I hear hundreds of these type of podcast episodes and NOT ONCE does anyone ever use the word nutjob for these type of evil to society. Drives me nuts!


  4. Faith

    To Pissed off Citizen,
    First my condolences to Kathy’s family.
    Second, the fire starter may not be tried here, but she will one day answer to the Lord.
    Third, Pissed Off Citizen, you’ve used women improperly. Women more than one one. Woman is one person. You meant to say woman when referring to the fire starter.
    Blessings to the family of Kathy and all the citizens of Mt. Sterling


  5. Victim of boring episode.

    This was probably the worst podcast ive heard. There is no mystery here. Everyone knows who os responsible. Common sense. She died. Case closed.


  6. Ricky Ruler

    I don’t know but it seems the state of Illinois is featured in alot of these episodes… Seems like the state breeds alot of crazies…


  7. Justice Seeker

    This is not the place for slamming innocent people, it is for facts and information only. No one ALLOWED anyone to do anything, we are all responsible for our own actions. Please if you don’t know facts, don’t spread untrue statements!


  8. Justice Seeker

    Pissed off Citizen, this site is not about anyone spouting off lies about innocent people! This is about getting justice for Kathy! No one ALLOWED anyone to do anything… The person you are spouting off about, had no facts. You are only stating your opinion, definitely not facts!!! Did you listen to the whole Podcast? Or did you only hear what you wanted to hear? Stop having tunnel vision!


  9. Pissed off citizen

    Justice will never be served for dear Kathy or the families of the other fires that this person had been responsible for. Everyone, including this persons husband who was also Kathy’s brother, knew she was guilty. He let her drink herself to her death instead of turning in the facts he knew and sleeps with nightly.
    Many, in the hundreds, many families were caused much pain and loss because of this one women. No one spoke because the community as a whole was frightened by this Psychotic female. Afraid they would be next. A women that was also robbed by this demented women even hired her to work at a public place out of fear if she turn her away. I had to work with her, daily alcoholic, vodka all day every day. And her husband would let her put their children in a vehicle to drive off knowing she was intoxicated.
    I am glad that misery died a slow alcoholic death. But she should have been in prison decades ago. May she rot in eternal fires of hell.


  10. Diana Watkins

    We all know who killed Kathy , but can’t prove it . An now she ( the murderer will never be punished because she herself died from medical reasons . ) The murder has not only set fires in Mt Sterling she is also involved with fires set in Meredosia Illinois , including her own parents home . But there is no proof of these either . Makes me sick to know with our judicial system a criminals have more rights then the innocent . When there is so much sercomstantual evidence against one person for a specific type of crime committed over an over , a judge or jury can’t see it . . An yes Kathy was a friend an neighbor at the time of her murder .


  11. Nicole

    I pray for the family to finally get the answers they have awaited so long for its just going to take that one person or persons to do the right thing and tell what they know so the family can finally have the peace they so deserve


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