Two Dead Wives

Paula Kalosky

One February morning in 1999, beloved sister, wife, and mother, Paula Kalosky, is found dead in her home with a single bullet to her head. Her husband, Robert Kalosky, tells police he was out running errands and, upon returning home, discovered her body. Paula’s death is quickly ruled a suicide. Her brother, John, rejects the ruling, knowing that Paula would never take her life—she loved her young son and she was looking forward to her upcoming college graduation. John theorizes that Paula discovered Robert’s affair with their friend, Sandra, and knew that in a divorce, he would lose custody of their son and access to Paula’s finances. Could this have been a motive for murder? Robert is never arrested and marries Sandra soon after Paula’s death. John finally gets the medical examiner to change Paula’s manner of death to “undetermined” but no investigation ensues. Then in 2018, 20 years after his sister’s death, John is shocked to learn that Sandra Kalosky, Robert’s third wife, has been found dead in the very same home where Paula died. Could this be just a tragic coincidence?

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  1. Kam-Ho Zeng

    Robert Kozlowski did it, Duhhhh.

    My favorite episode and ain’t no coincidence. If Kozlowski is still alive and will have a 3rd Marriage. There will be a 3rd Death!!!


  2. Susie q

    All seems fishy to me.


  3. DP

    I listened to this one… and its the first one I’ve been compelled to comment on. As much as I hate to say it… I think this one is more of a brother filling in the blanks with what he wants to believe and not the truth. I think Paula did commit suicide. While, I’ll agree, most women don’t use firearms to commit suicide… but its also not a 100% won’t happen sort of thing. Its also not uncommon for mothers to commit suicide either… so his logic there, I believe, is flawed. I think as much as he says he “doesn’t desire justice”… I think he does… and I think he’s zeroed in on an easy someone to blame and uses too many statistics to make his argument. The defense made a really good argument… there is no real concrete evidence to prove she was murdered… plain and simple. Its a tragic story… but I think this one IS a suicide. I know what you’re thinking though… what about Sandy? Sandy was murdered… likely by Kalosky. Now why do I think Paula wasn’t compared to Sandy? Simple. Its also not uncommon in these stories to have someone who has a relative that dies… gets that cash and goes… “Huh… this is pretty good.” He needed money again and decided to use the horrible way to get it and killed Sandy. I feel for the brother and the children… but Paula committed suicide. Just because something is improbable, doesn’t mean its impossible… and until you have the evidence to prove it… its suicide.


    • Local

      The police failed to even properly investigate the murder of Kalosky’s second wife Sandy which was beaten to death by an intruder with absolutely no motive including robbery. The home was in the process of foreclosure with Kalosky having no job or income, Sandy is suddenly and conveniently murdered, Kalosky comes into all this cash pays off all debts the police investigation ends with no one ever being charged. That’s the true injustice here. It’s easy to provide your own narrative when you don’t know all the facts.


  4. Felix Vasquez

    I hate to sound like I’m victim blaming, but she found out he lied about who he was and that he was married. She should have had more sense than to stay with the guy. It’s unfortunate that so many women meet their ends because they don’t heed red flags. It’s also unfortunate that there are so many terrible men out there who prey on these women.


  5. Erica

    He lied about his identity in 1980.
    He married the babysitter who would be significantly younger than him
    And 2 out of 3 wives die violently. No coincidence, he did it!
    Did he have an addiction? Was he still a vending tech? I can’t wrap my head around how he could kill them for an amount of money that is not very significant.
    Also, what are the police missing that would give them solid evidence to charge him with murder!


  6. Someone

    That’s my home town. Bob Kalosky murdered them both.


  7. Taylor Kristine Graham

    I wish all murdered women had a brother like John, who will stop at nothing to find the truth. His last line about seeing his sister again made me cry.


  8. Michael Rios

    What about Robert’s first wife? Maybe she wanted revenge for being divorced for Paula. I mean it’s my theory if she may have been following him since.


  9. Nicole Saxbury

    I really hope the family can finally get some answers that they so much so deserve it is just going to take just one person that might have information to come forward


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