Haunting of Bellaire House

After surviving two flash floods, Kristen Lee and her family are searching for a place to call their “forever home.” Lee spots a listing for a beautiful two-story fixer-upper in Bellaire, Ohio, and their offer is accepted. But not long after moving in, Lee and her family are terrorized by a dark, violent, paranormal force. The family moves out and tries to rent the house but they are unable to keep regular renters due to “strange occurrences.” Kristen decides to convert the home to a paranormal research center. Now, paranormal teams from all over the US conduct investigations and experience the house for themselves. Brandy Fulkerson, Sheri Imer, and Nichole Wilson share their eerie first-hand Bellaire House encounters and talk about the night the women believe they captured audio evidence of a conversation from beyond our realm.

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All three screenshots mentioned in the episode can be seen in the “Pod Theories” highlight on our Instagram.

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  1. Jay

    The face by the doorknob looks more like a hand to me, or a weird giraffe. No family photo? Suspicious, seems like the best photo to show, and we get two shots on a window, and a blurry hand.


  2. M

    May we get some of the pictures described in the podcast? The family photo etc. Ryan and Shane from unsolved spent the night here and experienced nothing.


  3. Marialana

    I wanted to see the family photo why is that not posted?


  4. Angela

    I see the haunted doorknob, but not the first family


  5. MichaelG

    If the EVP of the two ghost brahs chattin’ it up with each other is legitimate and not radio or walkie talkie interference it’s The Shining level creepy.


  6. Shawn

    Look at that haunted door knob…. Spooky


  7. Rich

    I want to see the picture of the family at the top of the staircase


  8. Stephanie C

    Audio please?


  9. Gina

    Why? REAL CASES, REAL PEOPLE, please. PLEASE! A humanitarian tragedy, you would choose, expend and invest precious time in delusion. Its bad enough the cases you feature are never going to be solved. Everyone knows who did it, yet yada yada. Entire towns? Then turn around years later family wants privacy?Do you really care about these families? Prehaps its mutural dysfunction where the family members wjo abandoned, ignored, and willfully blind get a soap box. Trying to absolve and justify their role played on the person being missing or tragically killed? All this time, and you’re still hanging onto old tropes to get by? Still the same lack of diversity.


  10. ro li

    where is the audio for this episode


  11. Kerry

    So photo 1 I assume was meant to be the face but it’s clearly a doorknob and latch.
    The 2nd photo of the “eyes” is hard to tell. It could be either a cat/possum or just reflection of the light on something outside.

    I’d like to see the family in the halls photos.


  12. Kyra

    Hi all! I believe the two dots near the center of the photo (CENTER: two red dots, in black area of photo) are supposed to be the focal point of the photo. ** in the episode I thought that we were supposed to look for something “not human” near the “lower corner” of the photo.** hope this helps??


  13. Deanne

    Would love to see more pics. Also


  14. Kevin W.

    Hi. I would love to see the pictures and other evidence collected and discussed for this podcast. This is a very interesting type of haunting and I hope this can be expanded upon for the next season on Netflix.


  15. Goose

    What is the first photo supposed to be? The second photo has the two dots on the bottom. I guess that’s the face…


  16. Angie

    I came to see the screenshots of the family too!


  17. Ashhhh

    Anybody know what I’m supposed to be seeing in the first photo? I thought it was at the bottom near the screenshotter’s self-view, but then I realized that’s a doorknob lol


  18. Ash

    Is it possible to share the photo of the family at the top of the stairs?


  19. Chris Davila

    lol i was wondering the same thing!! I also want to know if there is a link to their website to check out their evidence, like the evp.


  20. Leo

    Loved the episode– could you please please please add more screenshots or videos that were mentioned? Thanks!!


  21. Autumn

    Can you post the photos that were mentioned in the episode?


  22. Melody Dickes

    Can we see the screenshot of the family at the end of the hall? Soooo creepy!


  23. MG

    Is this the picture of the family she sees in the screenshot?


  24. Meaka E

    Where are the screenshot photos that she talks about?


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