Island Justice

In 2017, Desiree Gibbon, who was vacationing in Montego Bay, Jamaica, left her hotel room on Thanksgiving night with nothing but her iPhone and her room key. Two days later her body is discovered 4 miles away, badly beaten and her throat slashed. The investigation goes array almost immediately when evidence from the crime scene is left in the hotel room of the victim. With the arrival of Desiree’s parents comes an adversarial relationship with police. Now, almost five years later, not a single person has been identified as a potential suspect. The Gibbon family is desperate for answers. Who killed Desiree and why?

Desiree Gibbon was found murdered in Anchovy, Jamaica on November 25th, 2017. There is a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the capture of Desiree Gibbon’s killer or killers. If you have any knowledge about this case, please submit a tip at

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  1. Lisa

    It’s horrible when you think it can be family. I would think her family out of all people would have protected her especially when in another country. I hope the Desiree’s parents gets their justice. Sleep in paradise Desiree.


  2. Katrina D

    I’m currently watch Desiree episode of Still A Mystery. It’s well edited. Her mom Andrea comes off racist in the Unsolved Mystery podcast. As a Black woman, her mother’s choice of words and tone when referring to Jamaicans and skin tone is extremely off putting and I wonder if that played a role in how the case is being handled.


  3. Bill Blaski

    I posted about the uncle, but it never made it. Did they investigate the uncle adequately? DNA, bank accounts, friends, etc.


  4. Bill Blaski

    The mom seems to implicate the uncle. Did uncle have an alibi? Has uncle given DNA, did uncle have defensive wounds? Did uncle leave the hotel att anytime after Desiree left? Did uncle have any large cash withdraws? Is uncle willing to take a polygraph? Did forensics look at uncle’s phone? Did the uncle have a girlfriend or female companion that will give DNA? I would think the Jamaican authorities have multiple confidential informants that work the streets in Montego Bay. Who are these CI saying committed this horrible murder? God Bless this family and I pray you will find answers.


  5. Andrea Gibbon

    Thank you so much for covering this case. I am hoping to get Justice for Désirée.


  6. Raymond

    So sad. The Jamaican authorities don’t seem too interested in helping solve this.


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