Missing from the Bridge

When James Roy Flint gets a call that a vehicle registered in his name has been involved in a one-car accident and has been abandoned on the Angelina River Bridge in Rusk County, TX, he rushes home to check on his wife, Kim, who usually drives that vehicle. Kim Flint is not there, the house is unlocked, and the family dog is running loose in the yard. Despite exhaustive searches of the area where the accident occurred, no trace of the 57-year-old wife and mother has been found and Kim’s family has questions: Did Kim, who suffered from depression, try to take her own life by driving off the bridge? Was she abducted from her home? Was she picked up by a bad Samaritan who stopped at the scene of the accident? And why did nobody see her on a busy highway in the middle of the afternoon? Kim’s family wants and needs answers.

If you have any information about Kim Flint’s disappearance, please call the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office at 903-657-3581, or submit a tip to unsolved.com.

UPDATE: Kim Flint’s remains were found in Rusk County on January 20, 2022, about a mile away from the crash site. Foul play is not suspected at this time.

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  1. Jordan

    Police recently announced that their located Kim’s remains.


  2. cdr

    This is now solved. Her remains were found and positively identified.


  3. Adam

    I get tired of law enforcement always blaming mental illness as the cause. Like Kim’s friend has said, why would she go to a bridge and not just do it at her house? I’ve seen cases where people jump off bridges and such but to drive into one? I truly feel like someone got into her home, she drove off and was trying to flee away from this guy in a white pickup truck. Where is camera footage? Nest cameras? So many unanswered questions..


  4. Julie Bounds

    She wasn’t planning on going anywhere that day . She had called her husband at work to bring her food home. Her son was coming in that day from a work trip . So know one knows why or what made her leave her home .


  5. Lisa Garcia

    I am with Barbara. Could someone have been chasing her causing her to drive 80mph ? Was it the white truck and why has absolutely nobody come forward of knowing who’s truck it is? I have personally walked miles and miles in the woods as well as driven hundreds of miles on back roads looking for clues. With her physical state she could not have walked to far into the woods and that fast. I truly believe if she was at the crash site she would have been found. Focus needs to be on this white truck. I pray daily for this family and that she will be found safe.


  6. David Crumpton

    I just heard the podcast. Did anyone investigate (no I am not trying to question anyone’s judgement or investigation) where Mrs. Flint went when she left her house? I am not a professional investigator but if you knew where she was coming from whether it be home or where ever it might be. you would get an idea of her mindset. You would also know if she was actually in the SUV. I don’t have any answers to these questions but for the family’s sake I really with I did. God Bless and I do know God is with her.


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