Where’s the Money?

Charles and Amery

On May 16, 2011, a brand new Cadillac is discovered floating in Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Nearby, dead in the water, is the car’s owner, Charles Ewing, 55, a wealthy businessman from Mississippi with a big personality. He’s found carrying over $30,000 in cash and three guns, but a bag full of money —rumored to be a million dollars —is missing from the trunk of his car. Charles has been in town for five days, partying and spending money with two young women half his age, who claim to have no idea what happened. Law enforcement rules Charles’ death a tragic accident. But is it? Amery, Charles’ loving daughter, is determined to find out exactly how her father died.

If you have any information on the death of Charles Ewing, go to unsolved.com.

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  1. ben franklin

    Need to question the sales lady at the Cadillac store who sold him the black CTS. The scam artist lady who goes around the country scamming people. Skyler Braund was her name. Angel Schuck is her name now. She’s also gone by Dawn Mosely and many other names. Word at the car lots is that she was there at the hotel room that night. They say she started spending money after this happened.


  2. Linds

    If the girls were only there for the money why was there over 30k left on him when he was found? Very bizarre.


  3. Tami

    Has anyone looked into the financials of the Medical examiner? Or perhaps the financials of the Police department? It sounds to me as though someone is on the take, and that in fact Mr. Ewing was murdered. I am inclined to agree with his daughter that there was foul play here. His emotional behavior and his gregarious nature are not a reason to be rolled by a couple of chippies that are looking for an easy mark. I’m of the opinion that they lulled him into a false sense of security. I’m also of the opinion that the duplicity of those in charge of the enforcement of the law in the area is obvious and flagrant. I hope that you find the real culprits of your father’s death.


  4. RDW

    Sounds like he overdosed on something those women gave him and instead of calling 911 they decided to get rid of him and steal the money.


  5. MFD

    well of course the girls were there for the money! why else? he was “handsome” man? duh


  6. KTS

    I really feel like the girls had something to do with it. I really think that they killed him first and then placed his body into the water. After, they drove his car into the water to make it seem like he did it. They were just with him for the money.


  7. DCA

    I think it’s a stretch to say that the girls intended to get him to drive into the pond by giving him roofies, although that does seem to have been what wound up happening. I don’t understand why the daughter didn’t answer the fiancee’s Facebook message though. I’m guessing the fiancee was involved in the burglary though. But I can’t figure out why they would have burned documents in the driveway. That part is insane.


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